Hi my dear friends and sissies, I am sorry to be late but my work is like that. I am going to transfer to kolkatta soon from Ahmedabad for a project and I am going to live there atleast two years because of my project. And I also hope no one forget about me.Asra sissy, we all are fine even di’s hand is healing now and bharu sissy, how are you?. sorry I lost your ff now, just give me a link. Astra sissy, you also give me your Veerevenkata sathya…..Lakshya’s story. I missed a lot .
Ok, now get into this story.

Past …
At the night ,
In the lawn of Tanishkant palace,
Ragini walks in the lawn and stands near the pool. The moon’s reflection shown in the pool.
She sits nearby pool while thinking about Aadi.
“why am I feeling restless?” she asked herself. Unknowingly , she saw the moon’s reflection in the water of pool.
“Lakshya..”Ragini spelled Laksh’s name as she saw Laksh’s smiling face in refelection of pool and turned anxiously.
Her smile changed into a sad one as she didn’t see Laksh there.
“Didi…”she heard Sahil voice from a little bit far from her place. She put a smile in her face which hides her pain in her heart itself.
“Di, all the preparations are done. From Tomorrow, Ganthanam is the part of Tanishkant. You have to be there tomorrow.”Sahil said .
Ragini caressed Sahil’s hair which makes Sahil look Ragini different.
“Didi, don’t worry .Aadi would be fine”Sahil try to gaveconfidence to ragini and himself.
Ragini released a long breath while thinking about Aadi.
“he should be Maharaj at this time, not me”Ragini said.
Sahil stand silently as he is also thinking the same. A long silence occupied the place.
“Do you know where the Mahishmati Samrat is located now?” Ragini asked.
“They are in the border of Tanishkant and Mayankpur maharaj and Sanskar entered into their Samraj. “Sahil said.
“Didi,where is Uttara?”Sahil asked Ragini as he didn’t see Uttara for a long time.
“She is gone for very important work. She will return before Aadi arrives”Ragini answered while walking towards her room.
Sahil nodded his head and left as he thought Ragini need some time to be alone.

On the other hand, in the camp of Mayankpur,
Sanskar is walking in cross in his camp.
Swara’s depressed face come infront of his mind.
“Am I doing correct? Am I forcing her because I am married her already?”Sanskar thought himself.
“no Sanskar. You should talk with her”his mind dudged him.
Sanskar walked towards the entrance .
“but how can I meet her before marriage? It’s not correct”Sanskar hesitated.
“yes, it’s not correct”Sanskar decided and sit in the cot .
“I will wait for day when you accept me Swara”Sanskar said and smiled. With the smile, he started to sleep.
At Tanishkant palace,
Swara is seeing the moon while a long drop is escaped from her eyes.
“Swara…”Ragini’s voice filled the room.
Swara immediately wiped her tears before Ragini sees.
“haan Didi”Swara said while looking down.
Ragini walked towards Swara and raised her chin.
“Are you scared about your marriage?”Ragini asked with avery soft voice.
Swara nods no as a little scared kid.
“ Are you not happy with this marriage?” Ragini asked with worried voice as it’s her sister’s life.
“no di nothing like that.”Swara replied in hurry.
Ragini smiled by seeing Swara’s expression and hugged her a little bit.
“Sanskar is a not only a very good warrior also very good person. He will always keep you happy.”Ragini said while kissing Swara’s forehead.
“I should tell the truth to Sanskar once the marriage is completed”Swara thought .
“Do you when I met Sanskar in a first time…”Ragini started to tell about Sanskar and Swara listened eagerly may be the eagerness of knowing about her husband.
Time rolled…
Ragini stopped her speech while seeing Swara’s smiling face who is sleeping peacefully and left the room.
The moon is travelling in the middle of sky.

At the border of tanishkant,
A masked person stands nearby camp and stares the camp of Mahishmati. An unknown expression is shown in his face may be pain.
.A satisfactory smile shown in the person’s face and started to walk towards Tanishkant. Suddenly Laksh rides his horse very fastly and takes the person into horse.
“Leave me …”Person stressed her tone .
“not now sahi!” Laksh answered with a smirked smile while removing the mask of Ragini.
Ragini looked Laksh with an shocked face as she never seen him like this while Laksh rides inside the forest.
“Leave me Laksh…”Ragini stressed while she is trying to escape from Laksh’s grip. Laksh tightens his grip and put his face on Ragini’s neck curve.
A moment, Ragini lost her speech.
“Laksh…”Ragini spelled Laksh’s name but her voice didn’t come out as she start to lose control on her.
“you love me ,Sahi! Why are you not accepting it? even if you want to stay away from me, I will never allow you ” Laksh said to ragini.
“I am not for this normal things,Laksh. I meant to be my nation and my life for my choti’s. I want to be with them only”Ragini expressed .
“ok, Sahi! Do one thing which I am asking you now. You shouldn’t refuse it”Laksh asked a promise. Ragini looked into Laksh. the truthfulness and love make her nod.
Laksh start to ride his horse into his nation.
On other hand,
In the camp of Sathagam,
“I can’t understand Aparajith! Tanishkant is your nation. You have every qualities to be a king, then why are you refusing it?”Arjun asked frusturatedly but Aadi give a smile to Arjun.
“Don’t smile Aparajith! Even you made your hand paralysed by using the situation and the skill Varman which you learnt. I don’t know why are you doing this.” Arjun said and walked in cross.
Aadi smiled”even Sahil has every qualities to be a king. it’s better to make him as a king”
Ok, you will make Sahil as a king. but how many days you can live like this?” Arjun asked.
“For my whole life”Aadi said with a smile and left Arjun’s camp after make Arjun stand as a statue.

After some time,
“Uttara..! “Aadi exclaimed as he saw Uttara in his camp.
Uttara give a smile.
“what are you doing here?”Aadi asked in a surprise.
“Rago maa sent me to be with you in the whole travel. Come we will have a walk”Uttara said and dragged Aadi with her outside.
“you will never change chipkali..!”Aadi smiled and start to walk with her.
“I never…”Uttara give a meaningful smile and walked towards nearby river.
On other hand,
“Sahi..!”Laksh called Ragini gently to wake up her as she slept by placing her head in Laksh’s bare chest.
Ragini revolved her eyes to see the surrounding.
“Shiv Alaya!”Ragini surprisingly looked Laksh. Laksh offered his hand to help Ragini to jump from his horse.
Eventhough she can get down from her horse on her own, she hold Laksh hands and jumped.
Laksh holds Ragini hands with so much love and walked towards nearby pool (Pushkarani) to have a bath. Both of them entered into water by holding their hands, dipped three times and get up to cleam themsleves, walked towards mandir.
On other hand,
“the stream is so fast naa, Aadi”Uttara asked while holding Aadi’s unparalysed left hand.
“Haan Uttu!”Aadi answered by seeing the speed of stream which is flowing in river.
Uttara suddenly released her hand and run towards the stream.
“Uttu! Stop there,Don’t be mad , what are you doing? You don’t know how to swim in this kind of fast streams?”Aadi exclaimed.
“If you want, Save me Aadi”Uttara said in a determined tone and remembered the convo which she heard the conversation between Aadi and Arjun.
Uttara stepped into river and started to herself drown inside it. Aadi unparalyzed his hand by using varmam skill and jumped into river to save Uttara.

On the other hand,
Laksh holds Ragini hand and takes infront of shiv ling where two mala’s were kept in a plate.
A lamp produces light inside the temple.
Laksh takes one mala in his hand and put it in Ragini’s neck , takes the sindoor,.
“I am Chandra kul ka Yuvraj Lakshya is marrying you by taking mera Kuldev Chandranath and this chand as a witness. I will wait for you even upto my whole life! But I never marry anyother girl other than you ,Sahi!”Laksh announced his decision and put the sindoor in Ragini’s forehead while Ragini is looking Laksh with a shocked expression.
“Sahi!”Laksh called Ragini and hold her by her shoulders.
“why are you loving me this much even though you know it doesn’t have any future?”Ragini asked.
“I love you Ragini and you also love me. it’s enough… how I married you now by this moon , I will marry you by taking Agni as a witness infront of everyone. I will wait for you …”Laksh said softly.
“don’t love me this much… don’t make me feel guilt.”Ragini said in a crying tone.Laksh hugged her little bit and patted her shoulders.
“Sahi! I get what I want. Let’s go. Sahil and Swara may get tense if they know your absence in the palace”Laksh reminded take and Ragini in his hand, gently placed in his horse.
Shubdev whinned little bit as it sees his owner is smiling happily and Chandra roared.
“Chandra…”Ragini surprised.
“go to your responsibilities Ragini. but don’t forget I will always be with you”Laksh said. Ragini maintained silence for a minute while Chandra start to run towards Sathagam end point as it’s a short cut.
On the another hand,
Aadi took Uttara out of the stream and make her vomit the water.Uttara opened her eyes and sees Aadi who is looking so tensed.
“Aadi..!” Uttara coughed in between and spilled some water.
Aadi hugged her tightly.”Are you alright naa uttu?” Aadi asked worriedly.
“I am fine.. Aadi..”Uttara replied in a dry tone.
“why did you do this? Are you mad to jump in a stream?”Aadi asked.
“then what is this Aadi?why are you doing this?”Uttara pointed his hand which makes Aadi silent.

Uttara stood up.”you promised me Rago maa that once you get fine, you will come back to Tanishkant. your hand is fine now you have to come with me”Uttara stressed each and every word.
“how did you know about this?”Aadi asked Uttara.
“I followed you and get to know everything. I can’t understand why are doing like this?”Uttara asked.
“I can’t tell you Uttara”Aadi refused.
“what did you can’t tell?” a voice comes there.
“Rago maa..”Aadi and Uttara muttered in shock and turned.
Ragini and Laksh are climbing down from the horse.
“Aadi don’t have any issues. He lied…”Uttara disclosed in middle which makes Ragini more shock, her vision frozen on Aadi’s hand.
“Rago maa…”Aadi stepped before but stopped by seeing Ragini signs him to stay there itself.
“you lied to me, Aadi. you lied to me.”Ragini chanted as being hurt and climbed into Laksh’s horse, rides faster.
“Veera…”Aadi exclaimed and his horse starts to come towards him. he climbed in it, takes Uttara with him and ride it.
Ragini entered into palace and directly goes to court. Aadi entered court with Uttara.
“rago maa..”Aadi started while Ragini cut him in middle.
“why did you do this Aadi?”Ragini asked in a painful tone.
“I told him the truth that Sahil only receives the throne”Vishnu said while entering the court.
“what?” Ragini exclaimed and looked Aadi who is maintaining silence and misunderstood that Vishnu told the truth.
“But you promised me that you would never tell the truth that he is your son”Ragini said in misunderstanding
“am I not Maharaj rudraveer’s son?”.Aadi asked in shock.
“till now I didn’t disclosed the truth, Rajkumari. You yourself told the truth”Vishnu said and left the court , leaving Ragini and Aadi alone in the court.

Precap:Last episode of past-part 1
Friends only two parts are left for past. After that , I will continue with present. I will upload weekly once till march 22 after that weekly twice. Bye ,See you again friends and sissies. Balaji is signing out.

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