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Previous Episodes:

Let I start the episode.
Ragini sits in palinquine and soldiers start to walk. Ragini sees a saint .
“Stop”Ragini ordered and soldiers put the palinquine carefully. Ragini comesout and wishes the saint.
“Shivji will bless you with Victory Maharani “ Saint said.
Ragini smiles and gives a confused look with last word.
“I am just Rajkumari of this desh… not Maharani. My Aadi is going to be Raj of this desh. Bless him also ”Ragini said.
Saint smiles faintly and walks towards temple.
“No one will change their fate Maharani”Saint said in a little voice.
“why why I am feeling Restless?” Ragini said to herself.
A Soldier comes forward and bow his head down.
“Rajkumari…”Soldier called by seeing her lost in another world.
Ragini comes out of her thoughts and sees the moon unknowingly.
In Sanskar side,
Mens pushes a rock and a secret way opens. Man unties ropes from Sanskar hand which connected with log, throws him in his shoulder, get inside. Another man closes the way and walks in opposite side.
Swara didn’t see clearly in dark and moon light helps her little bit .
“where they gone? Only one men is there. What about that group?” Swara thought.
Man walks faster by hearing the sound of leaves which was in ground.
“ I should knock out him”Swara said to herself and runs behind him.
Man turns with Sword to fight, Swara takes her sword and made him sword fall down, takes her dagger, stabs man hand and leg, finally make him fall on ground, sit on him.
“who are you? who is that Rajkumar?what is your motive?’Swara shooted her question while man moaned in pain.
“even you kill me, I will not tell”Man said while trying to escape from Swara’s grip.
A pure evil smirk shown in Swara’s face.
“ I think you know about the punishment for the culprits which was gave in Tanishkant.Do you want your ending as that same?” Swara asked while stabbing the men in shoulder and making the dagger wound depth.
Man eyes widened.”who are you?” Man asked with so much struggle.” Is she Mohini(Ghost)?” Man asked himself which make him shiver in fear.
“Are you going to say or I will make my word real”Swara asked with so much devilishness in her voice.
Man shakes his head no.” he is Rajkumar Sanskar. We were taking him to give as a prey for kalimaa at tomorrow.”
“now where is he?”Swara asked.
“I will show”Man said and points the way. Swara drags him by his hand while he shouts in pain because of wound.
Swara comes to the point where the secret way is hidden. Man stands with difficulty and pushes a small rock, the way opens and he falls on ground as he can’t stand.
“who send you?”Swara asked.
“Ganthanam Maharaj…” man said and breath’s heavily and sees little bit blood from her palm..
“she is normal human. But I am scared” man thinks himself.
Swara gets inside and pulls the rock, the secret way is hidden again.
“go. Your ending is waiting there”man said and smiles wickedly while wolves starts to surround him by smelling the blood.
Man try to stand but a wolves jumps on him and catches his throat.
A wolf starts to howl and other wolves follows it , which makes man shout fade away.

On the another side,
“Wolves…”Laksh heard wolves howl and muttered.
“yes Rajkumar.. we should be very careful. Take your sword in your hands” Aditya man1 said while taking his sword out.
“but it should be in deep forest”laksh said while looking the surrounding.
“we are in deep forest Rajkumar and we will reach nation side after two days” Aditya man 2 replied.
Uttra turns her head and sees, laksh and her surrounded by eight mens of Aditya and thinks.
“what is the need of travelling through the forest?”Uttara thinks .
“wait! Aadi gave a message to Laksh and said to me, it’s rajragasiya. Why he didn’t gave it to me? what is the need of sudden travelling? He even let me to speak with Rago maa. Is he hide anything?” Uttara mind popped questions.
Uttara yawned.” I am so sleepy and I already so much tired in preparations of maha purnima. Is there any place to take rest?” Uttara asked to one of Aditya’s men.
“Devi… we will reach a temple in one hour. We will take rest there”man 1 said.
In Tanishkant,
Ragini’s POV
I entered my room and closed the doors. I twirled myself and jumped into cot. I smiled but I don’t know . wait! Why I am smiling like mad. This Laksh naa..
“why are you thinking about him? he gone Ragini” my look alike said to me.
“Distance never separate true love. He is mine that’s why I am thinking about him” I replied while removing my jewels. I hold my earstuds and earchain to remove.
“Do you forget how you lost your maa baba?” another look alike asked me.” are you ready to lose your choti’s also” it’s continued.
“no… I can’t lose my choti’s.”I said to myself. While clutching my cot corner.
“Rago di… “Swara come infront of me.
“Swara…”I stand in surprise. What is she doing here?. She must be in her way to Mahishmati.
“Rago di.. do you forget what I said?” Swara asked me. yes, whatever she said, it’s true.
“Rago di , don’t confuse yourself. We lost our elders, it doesn’t means, it will continue. Don’t lose Laksh Rago di. he only know how to keep you happy ”she said.
I closed my eyes. I see my LAKSH face. he is smiling . his attractive smile…
“mea tumse pyaar karta hu Ragini..”he said. I raised my hands and try to cup his face to say I LOVE YOU LAKSH . but he is not there.
Am I imagining him? Ragini.. you are going to be mad in your love. But why I imagining like this.
“Lakshya..” I spelled his name . I don’t know why I am blusing. But I am loving this. I love to be loved by Lakshya. My papa always said that what we saw in Mahapurnima, it will happen. Is The marriage of shivparvathi denotes our marriage. Am I going to marry Lakshya. Ragini… you are become totally mad in Laksh’s love.
“Laksh… I want to see soon to say about my feelings”I said and walked towards the cot while a maid entered.
“Rajkumari… Rajkumar Aadi and Sahil wants to see you..”maid said while bowing her head. what ? they both want to see me at this night. Is they didn’t get sleep or longing for Swara like me. even I want to keep her. I should talk with Samrat Dp soon.
“hmm” I just nodded and she left after wishing me again. I sat on cot.
“Rago maa..di” Aadi and Sahil called me in their own style and sit either side of me. I take both their heads in my lap and caressed their heads.
“do you both didn’t get sleep? You both should be tired after so much works” I said.
“Actually we both want to apologize” Aadi said. But what they did they want forgiveness.
“di.. we made you drink a potion which suppress your thinking capability and you will act what you thought yourself” Sahil said. But why they both did this.
“I know Rago maa, you may think why we both did this. But you are so stressed. That’s why only. We will ready to accept your punishment” Aadi said. I just caressed their hairs. They always think about me.
“just sleep ..” I said to both of them. they closed their eyes and I start to sing the lalli. They falled on deep sleep. I caressed their face. suddenly Aadi turned and his hand.. his hand have the some skull mark. But this skull mark , I have seen before. Where… haan it’s in that sagatham spies hands. Why he wear this? Am I left anything about Aadi? is he gone to Sagatham?. I put both of their head in cot and I started to walk. But I felt something in my hand. I turned to see, Aadi hold my last finger with his last finger. I walked towards him and pecked his forehead lightly.
“ I should know about your hidden pages of life, Aadi” I said lightly.
I walked towards secret way which lead me to Aadi room. I entered his room and I stumbled because of a table in my way . A doll fallen and parted away as head and body. I see a shiny cloth inside the body part of doll . it’s a silk clothes and I take it in my hand, opened it.
“war plans…” Literally I didn’t expected this. I opened all the clothes. It’s all war plans which will lead to conquer tanishkant easily. But why Aadi made this. No he never betray me . something is behind this. Is he going to stake people’s freedom . is he going to surrender himself . but for what? I opened the last cloth . for the first time, I feel my hands are shivering .cloth is fallen down in my hands.
“ you shouldn’t do this Aadi. you shouldn’t do this to me ” I muttered. I felt wind speed is increasing rapidly as a sign of storm. I walked towards the balcony. I hold my head with my hands and leaned towards the pillar. I just try to recollect what all happened in this single night. Everything is seem to be perfect… very perfect but it’s not . I failed … I failed completely to understand my Aadi . I can see the lightning behind shivji and closed my eyes in pain. I never thought such a situation will raise in my life. A long drop escaped from my eyes unknowingly. I walked inside . I kept all the clothes inside doll and make it look previous.
I walked towards my room and lay on cot in my old position. I stared Aadi who is sleeping like a kid. He is my kid and I always think he is just a kid. But he grown up very much than I thought.

Swara’s Pov
I am walking soo much time in this way. When I come a point, there are three ways. I decide to take the straight way which have fresh foot marks. I don’t know why they selected Rajkumar Sanskar. By Laksh bhaiya’s words, I can observe Rajkumar Sanskar is smart but how he falled in this trap. Moreover why Ganthanam Maharaj want to give Rajkumar Sanskar as prey. What is his benefit? Haan.. rajkumar Sanskar is the only heir. If he is not alive, then throne will be heirless and they can instigate riots against throne.but how they built this secret way. I see some lights . this secret way is in end and I stare the surrounding. There Mahishmati Flag is drawn in wall with Nishag flag. What is happening there? The way is correct. That peoples… I see the people who is taking Rajkumar Sanskar. Is Nishag also helping Ganthanam? Is they both planning against Mahishmati? No I first inform this to Samrat as soon as possible. But Rajkumar Sanskar… I can’t leave him like this. First I should save Rajkumar Sanskar.
Inside Forest…
Laksh POV
“Rajkumar …Devi… you both can sleep inside. We all will safeguard you” One of the soldier said.
“and don’t worry about poisonous insects or snakes. This mandap is surrounded by Tulsi and various herbal plants. Take a good rest, tomorrow morning we will start our journey”another soldier said while other six take their positions to safeguarding.
“Bhai… I am getting sleepy. Come inside”Uttara said while Laksh is looking her emotionally as she is calling him bhai.
Uttara get inside Mandap while Laksh followed her.
“Uttara… I will sleep there. You will sleep here”Laksh said while Uttara looking outside and then nods.
After few moments,
Laksh is sleeping deeply while Uttara walk towards him without making noise and try to take the message cloth which was given by Aadi.
Laksh wake up with jerk while Uttara close his mouth.”it’s me Uttara. Leave it “
Laksh relases his hold from cloth.
“what are you doing ? it’s belong to Samrat. Aadi said it’s important.”Laksh said in a low voice while try to stopping Uttara.
“Rajkumar … suddenly Rajkumar Aaditya sent away from Tanishkant that too in midnight and made us travel through forest. Don’t you observe it’s strange?”Uttara asked which makes knots in laksh forehead as he is thinking deeply.
“and this mens are not belongs to our sena. Because only important spies knows the way in forest .”Uttara continued while opening the cloth. The log which burning for giving heat also gives some light. Uttara sits near to fire and start to read .
“Mahishmati Samrat ka Tanishkant Rajkumar Adityavarma ka Pranam…
Sagatham will announce a war against Tanishkant at anytime. But this time, we can’t help each other because Nishag and Ganthanam betrayed both their samraj. They hold their hands against us. I sent back Mahishmati Rajkumari Uttara and Rajkumar Lakshya to you as the situation is not good now . announce a war against Nishag and try to get the control back before it goes out of your hand. I already sent my mens to Mayankpur also. hope everything will be sorted out soon.”
Message ends with Tanishkant Rajmutra of Rajparivaar.
Uttara sits in shock after reading the message as she got know her life’s biggest truth. “Am I mahishmati’s rajkumari? But…” because of shock, a cloth in Uttara’s hand mistakenly fall in fire. Laksh panicked by seeing this.
“Uttu…”Laksh called Uttara by shorting her name. Uttara stares him intensely his eyes.
“you can call me bhai…”Laksh words ringed in her mind.
“what happened Uttara?” Laksh asked worriedly and concernedly. Uttara closed her eyes tightly while Ragini, Aadi smiles to her and senapathi Ugrasena caresses her face.
“Sagatham is going to attack Tanishkant soon and Nishag , ganthanam both are helping Sathagam and betrayed Mahishmati and mayankpur.”Uttara said subconsciously.
“Ragini…”Laksh muttered while Uttara said”Rago maa…”
“I don’t care about my truth. It’s my duty to serve nation. Tanishkant mera desh hei, mea Senapathi Ugrasena ka putri hu. Nothing or no one will change it even they want ”Uttra said to herself while her mind raising so many questions about her identity.
“now we should return to Tanishkant”Laksh said while standing but Uttara holds his hands.
“I am going to Nishag and you are going to Mahishmati not Tanishkant”Uttara said determinately while Laksh looks her confusedly.
“See me bhai. they are Aditya mens and they will obey only Aditya’s words. I have to escape from them and I should enter Nishag palace at any cost”Uttara said and walked towards outside.
Laksh takes his dagger in his hand and follows Uttara.
“Mahishmati Rajkumari Swara is in danger. Now only I got Rajkumar message. We have to go nishag. I divide our group into two of six and two. One will accompany Rajkumar Laksh and another group will accompany me to save Rajkumari Swara”one of Aadi men said.
“Swara…”Laksh gives a shocked expression while Uttara analyzing his expression.
“we both have to go Nishag”Laksh said in a tone which no one can’t refuse him.
Laksh and Uttara comes outside while hiding. Six mens left in their horse while two stand for safe guarding. Laksh and Uttara sees each other and take their daggers on their hand and blow it on men’s head which make them knock out.
Laksh goes inside forest and come with some banyan fings , ties mens hand back, put them in his horse as he can’t leave them in forest .
“now we should follow horse foot prints”Uttara said while looking the way in which other mens left, with the help of buring log. Laksh walks behind her with his horse and others horse.
In Nishag Palace,
Rajat and Arjun stand before a long big table where the map drawn. Arjun takes some of clothes , displayed before Nishag and Ganthanam Maharaj.
“Arputh! Adhi Arputh Yuvraj!” Ganthanam Maharaj appreciated openly and surprised by seeing his plans.
A pure smirk seen in Arjun face while Rajat is proud by seeing Arjun’s plan.
“ we will win this war. Nishag and Ganthanam Maharaj make ready your sena. We will attack Tanishkant after two days”Arjun said while standing in balcony and stare his big sena which was camped in Nishag.
Nishag and Ganthanam Maharaj left from there.
Rajat put his hands on Arjun shoulder.”Really your plan is perfect Arjun. no one will plan like this.”
“one is there Pithasri Aparajith. …Nowadays I miss him so much. We did wrong by allowing him to go”Arjun said with a pout then smiled by remembering their funny and lovely moments.
“we are rajparivaar Arjun. if we don’t love or not, we always keep our words. I promised him that I will fulfil wish”Rajat said while recollecting Aadi’s wish to return his nation.
“but this prey… I didn’t like this pithasri. Even we did so many wars. We never did like this”Arjun opposed.
“but I promised Guruji I will obey his words one time when he saved you one time and he always care about us. His words never gone wrong”Rajat said.
“whatever you say, but my heart didn’t convince pithasri”Arjun openly said and left the room.
“even I don’t like that Arjun”Rajat murmured himself.

The next day morning,
“why I am feeling this much difficulty to open my eyes”Sanskar thought while try to open his eyes. Finally he succeded open his eyes.
“where am I ? why this place is so much dark?” Sanskar hold his head with his hand as his hand and legs are free.
“that goons tried to attack me and I defend myself, attacked them. but what happened next?”Sanskar thought.”First I should escape from this place” Sanskar decides and stands.
“why my heads are spinning?”Sanskar shakes his head twice and feels better, runs from temple while Swara knocked out two soldiers who safeguards the temple, sees Sanskar running. Swara follows him while calling his name by forgetting the surrounding.
Sanskar runs fastly but stumbled because of a stone in his way. He sees a dark foot and raised his head. a dark short figure stands before him with sword.
“he is the same which I saw in dream”Sanskar thought. A dagger hit tantrek hand which makes the sword fall down.
Tantrek raised his head and sees Swara directly through her eyes while he touched Sanskar shoulder, Sanskar fall down unconscious.
“why I cant able to move ?”Swara thought while Tantrek give a wicked smile.
“Stop there..”Tantrek said in a stressed tone which make Swara froze where she stands.
“see my eyes Rajkumari”Tantrek said and swara try to avoid the eye contact.
“See my eyes Swara!”Tantrek said in very stressed tone which makes Swara see his eyes with jerk. Tantrek looked swara eyes for a minute.
“Take Rajkumar Sanskar and follow me”Tantrek ordered and Swara obeyed his words being hypnotized by Tantrek.
In Tanishkant ,
Ragini’s POV
I felt irritation in my eyes because of Sun rays falling on my face. I wake up and stares Aadi who is sleeping by holding her last finger, who is my world… but I have to play the game with him which he started. I am going to punish you Aadi. it’s very difficult for me to punish you Aadi but you forced me to do this. I will punish you in that way you will never think to do this again.
Aadi cuddled his face in cot as he don’t want to feel sun heat. I climbed down and dragged the screen . his face shown a curve in sleep. I walked towards him and caressed his hair.
”Ragini what are you doing? You have to punish him”my mind snapped me . I tried to take my hands but I can’t.
“I am going to give chances to you Aadi. if you don’t backoff, I will punish you definitely “ I whispered. Aadi opened his eyes and smiled by seeing me.
“Rago maa, don’t you sleep? Is we both disturbed you?” Aadi asked me with the guilt of disturbing my sleep.
“no Aadi, After a long day, I have a peaceful sleep” I lied perfectly but he seems to be not believed. He can easily caught my lies but why I can’t. his face become sad while Sahil put his head on my lap.
“Di..”Sahil called me to get my attention.
I looked him.” you can’t lie. We are sorry”Sahil said. Even though they both lived far away from each other, they always both paired up in all their mistakes even one didn’t have any hand in that mistakes. They always support each other.
Aadi pushed Sahil and put his head on my lap. Sahil smiled and I take his head on another side. Both are still kids even their moustache didn’t grow properly. But the circumstances made their life to lose their childhood and made them become mature.yet, they will became like a child infront of me. I smiled by seeing their love towards me. I blessed to have Aadi and Sahil as my choti’s.
“For your smile, I can do anything”Aadi said. Yes, he is true. He can do anything anything for me. but now this love become a problem. I should do anything .what will I do now?
Sahil shaked me and I come out of my thoughts.
“what happened di?”Sahil asked me.
“no Sahil nothing” I smiled faintly” go and get ready for the court” I make them stand.
They nodded and left.
I get ready myself and sit before mirror. Laksh’s anklet made some sound. I took the anklet in my hands.
“now Rajkumari Raginidevi is needed not Ragini “ I said to my self and put the anklets safely in drawer.
I wear my armour and made myself as Rajkumari Raginidevi’s attire. I feel something is hardening inside. But it’s needed and it will make everything better.
At the court,
Ragini is walking in the middle of Aadi and Sahil.her eyes look straight and walked like a lioness. Courtiers bow their heads while thinking about Ragini’s attitude today and yesterday.
Sahil stands in Uttara’s place but where she stood before.
“we sent Uttara to Mahishmati for an important work with Rajkumar Laksh”Aadi whispered in Ragini’s ears while Ragini nods as an acknowledgement.
Aadi stand near throne and I sit in throne.
A soldier come before and bow his head.” Rajkumari ka jai ho! Sagatham messanger came here to see you”
“let him to come inside…”Ragini said with attitude.
Messanger comes inside and Ragini offers a seat to him.
“Tanishkant Rajkumari ka pranam…
Sagatham is wishing to capture Mahishmati and Mayankpur. As you know, we have to cross Tanishkant in this. If you hold your hand with us, it will be good for you . Otherwise no one can’t save your nation from a disaster.”
Messanger completed while all the courtiers shocked by messanger’s tone and all the courtiers looks my face. his tone induced anger inside me. but my papa always said don’t let your anger win over you. I just put my one leg on another and hold either side of my throne.
“Are you trying to threatening me?” I asked him calmly while I give an intense look to him. his hands are shivering . I think my look gave him a chill in his spine. He is trying to look brave but inside he is just a coward.
“no..”he stammered which results in a different curve in my face.
“good… we will see in battle field soon” I answered and clapped my hands.
“ji Rajkumari…”Two soldiers come infront of me.
“take this messanger to our nation’s corner where we share with sathagam . most important treat him with respect.he is our athithi now”I said and signs Messanger to go. Messanger left the court.
“Senapathi..!”I called and Senapathi Ugrasena comes infront of me.
“Rajkumari.. sena is ready to face war at anytime. I positioned all our part of sena in Sagatham point and filled Fort with equipments. I already collected food and water. It’s enough for a year for our people.”Senapathi said to me. Everything is ready. I see Aadi’s face who is standing with satisfactory smile.
“even I sent messages to Mahishmati and Mayankpur”Sahil said. They all expected this war means they should get the news before itself.
“when did you got the news about war?” I asked senapathi.
“that culprits blurted out about this. But at that time you are not well and Mahapurnima function is also there. So Rajkumar ordered us to keep it as a secret”Senapathi said. I just nodded while Vishnu mamasri get inside.
“Mahamantri Vishnu will take his position back. “I announced while Mamasri sit in his position. All courtiers are shocked to see Mamasri because only me and Senapathi knows about the truth. Till I didn’t reveal the truth.
“Mahamantri Vishnu didn’t betrayed me. I made an illusion that Mahamantri betrayed me and I put him in underground jail. But the truth is he is not a traitor and he went out from Tanishkant , because he need to take care of Swara and Sahil,Aadi” I said which made everyone silent and see Mamasri with respect in their eyes.
“ well! Rajkumar Adityavarma will hold responsibility of this war as Yuvraj of Tanishkant . Still I ruled this nation under the name of Rajkumar Adityavarma. Now he will take his position back. Make ready all the arrangements for Yuvraj pattabishek which is going to be held on tomorrow. now onwards I leave the throne” I said and stand from the throne while looking Aadi. he is shocked, he didn’t expected this. It’s my game Aadi. I will bind you with throne and it’s responsibilities.
Inside Forest,
Laksh walks fast along with Uttara while Aadi mens wake up.
“Rajkumar Lakshya… what is this?” Aadi men asked angrily.
“ I know that you both will never let us to travel Nishag to search my behan swara. I don’t know any other way”Laksh justified his action.
“if you both promise us, that you both will help us, then we will free you or else we will leave you in nearby temple”Uttara said in a strict tone. Both Aadi mens sees each other and sighs.
“ok. we both promise that we will help you “Aadi mens said in unison but with stern tone. Laksh releases his hand and return their horses.
Aadi mens observes the surrounding.”we will reach nishag with in four hours. So what is the plan?” one of the men asked.
“ I will search Swara and Uttara will help me in this. You both have to find Nishag king and kill him the next moment when you see him”Laksh said in ordering tone.
“It’s not that much easy” a voice come from behind.
In Tantrek place, at nishag
Swara enters with Sanskar and put him near Kalimaa idol. Tantrek snaps his finger in which Swara also falls down unconsciously.
Nishag king and Ganthanam king comes there after Soldiers are informing them about intruder(swara).
“who is she?”Ganthanam Maharaj asked.”Rajkumari Swara…”Nishag Maharaj said in shock.
“haan … Rajkumari Swara hea. She is going to cut his head at the completion of pooja”Tantrek said
“what?” ganthanam Maharaj exclaimed .
“only she can kill him. it’s their fate”Tantrek said calmly.
“even I can kill him”Ganthanam Maharaj challenged which produces a smirk in Tantrek face.
“you can’t. if you want, you may try” Tantrek said and Ganthan maharaj take sword in his hand, raised his sword with force. Suddenly a snakes come before and hissed furiously.
“we are not Sathagam Samrat Tantrek . you can’t fool us with your tricks”Nishag Mahraj said sternly.
“hmm.. can I say your life’s biggest truth?” Tantrek asked while Nishag Maharaj gives an don’t care look.
“you are the one who backstabbed Tanishkant Maharaj Rudraveer and sent your mens to kill his family inorder to take over his nation because of the order from…”Tantrek paused while Nishag Maharaj shocked completely.
“how do you know?”Nishag Maharaj muttered in shock.
“you killed maharaj Rudraveer. Even you didn’t say to me.”Ganthanam Maharaj asked while Nishag Maharaj composed himself and starts to walk.
Ganthanam Maharaj stared Tantrek and then the way Nishag Maharaj goes.
“Say your friend, don’t go before Rajkumari Ragini in war. He will be dead if he do this and don’t let samrat and Yuvraj Arjun to come here .”Tantrek said and walked inside.
In Tanishkant,
Ragin enters Kavya’s room while she sings bhajan to Kalimaa.
“Kavya..”Ragini called Kavya softly.
Kavya opened her eyes , turned and sees Ragini who is standing in the entrance of room.
“Rago di”Kavya muttered and standup.
“Di, is anything important ? If you called me through maids, I will come myself”Kavya said.
Ragini smiles and sit beside her which makes Kavya also sit.
“Kavya, do you see this Durgamaa idol?”Ragini asked while staring Durgamaa idol.
Kavya looks her confusingly with non understanding expression.
“Kavya, See Durga maa, she have so many weapons at the same time she also have abhayamutra in her hands to save good peoples. She is destroying bad peoples to save good ones. Each and every women is the avatar of shakti, kavya. She is giving birth to a baby, save and take care of her beloved ones and the same time, she punishes them to take them in correct way. she will destroy anyone in anger if she knows they are threats for her beloved ones. A women can create at the same time she can destroy anyone”Ragini said while Kavya remains her expression same.
Ragini smiled a little bit.”Kavya, I know you grown up in temple. You don’t know about outer world. it’s not the same which you thought. Good and bad ones are mixed there like that culprits who take that innocent soul. You have to fight against them. tanishkant is going to face a war. Anything can happen now but you should never hesitate to punish anyone who try to misbehave with you”Ragini said and put a dagger in Kavya’s palm.
Kavya looks the dagger and then Ragini , finally holds it tighter which produces a smile in Ragini’s face.
In forest,
“it’s not so easy”A voice comes from behind.
Laksh, uttara and others turns in shock. Other Aadi’s mens are standing there in normal people disguise.
Laksh and Uttara identified them easily. At that time, a pigeon sits in one of Aadi’s men shoulder. That men take the chit and his face turned into very serious one.
“what happened?”Laksh asked while observing that men’s expression.
“Sathagam sena’s part camped in Nishag. They are going to attack Tanishkant from both sides tomorrow.”men announced which make everyone spellbound.
“but there is no way. Sathagam and Nishag parted away by mountains.”Laksh said.
“Tunnels..”Uttara muttered which make Laksh realize the possibility.
“And Rajkumari Swara and rajkumar Sanskar both in their hands. They are going to give them as prey tonight to Kalimaa”man continued which makes Laksh froze at his place.
“Swara…Sanskar…’Laksh murmured in shock.
Laksh is adopted son of Dp and Ap. Sanskar is elder bhai of Laksh. Uttara is younger sister of Sanlak whom considered to be dead. Dp advises Laksh to come office but he simply refuses and announced that he changed all his shares on Sanskar’s name. someone tried to kill laksh by failing his car brake’s in Car race. Laksh escaped with the minor injuries. Laksh is admitted in hospital and everyone arrived at hospital. Inspector comes there and arrests Sanskar for attempt to murder Laksh. Laksh saved Sanskar . at night, Dadi comes to Laksh room and Laksh threatened Dadi that if she tries to do anything against him, he will sent Sanskar to jail. He continues that he will take revenge for what she did with him. Dadi left and Laksh behaves normally with Sanskar. Sanskar recalls his beautiful memories with laksh and Uttara and worries about Laksh that he loses his mental stability for few minutes, at the full moon day. The next day, Laksh accepted to take charge in office but he will work under Sanskar to get training in office matters. Swara and Sahil reaches kolkatta while Swara wonders how she got job in SM(Sharma Maheswari) Industries. Swara and Sahil stayed in Swara’s friend’s room. Swara joined as PA of Sanskar and sees Laksh, shocked and faint. Sanskar told Laksh about their tashan and misunderstood that she fainted because of fear. Sanskar promises Swara that he will never mingle Personal and professional matters. Swara needs that job so she decide to work at the same time , she should never let Laksh meet Sahil and decides to investigate about the Laksh relationship with SM Industries. Laksh doubts that Sanskar takes extra care on Swara.
Swara’s POV
“is Laksh alive? is he didn’t recognized me? what is his relationship with this company?” my mind snapped this questions to me. if I get this answers, I can know what happened that day… that day I lost my everything. but Sahil.. no Swara, After a long struggle, you get your Sahil back. No I can’t lose him again. I should resign this job and go away from Laksh. but another job is not assured and now Sahil needs money for educational expenses. Pillayarappa… now what can I do?. This white monkey (Sanskar ) also seems good and I can’t get like this another offer again. It’s so confusing. I walked towards my boss that white monkey’s cabin and knocked twice. The door is slightly open.
“you are fired. Get lost…” that white monkey roared. I closed my eyes in fear… no it’s not me. he fired some another one. I opened my eyes because of sudden realization and a man come out with sad face.
“May I get in sir?” I asked politely and he signed to come in.
“what is your decision Miss…?” he try to remember my name.”Miss.Swara…” I reminded my name.
“ I will join from tomorrow sir.” I said.
“ok. Miss.Swara but don’t be late. I always expect punctuality and perfection in work. Hope you will gothrough soon. You may take leave half day” He said in a authorative tone.
“ I will sir” I assured him and leave the cabin.
I relased a long breath. I don’t know why I feel I get into lion’s cave . how can I work with him that too full day with him . I think he even don’t know how to smile… always remain stern kanchi(rice water)
In Aman cabin,
Aman comes inside with a sigh.
“this Sanskar naa… again he fired an employee. Now I want to call for interviews”Aman sits his chair with pout face while Laksh laughs.
“Are you laughing? Your bhai always fire any of his employees everyday. I am tired Laksh.”Aman said while leaning towards his seat back and closed his eyes, then open his eyes.
“Laksh, I know I don’t want to say. Just take care of him. he don’t know how to control his anger. Don’t let him to fall in any trouble”Aman said worriedly.
“Aman bhai, just chill. He is just strict to his employees but he also care for them naa”Laksh said while Aman chuckles.
“Don’t say strict. Even that word is can’t describe Sanskar. Khadoos…”Aman said.
“Khadoos?You are fired”a voice comes from behind.
Aman and Laksh turned and see Sanskar who is hiding smile in his face.
Aman see his watch casually.” Sorry ex boss. I already resigned. Now you can’t fire me. Time is now 2 :01 PM”
Laksh chuckled by hearing Aman.
“ohh bhai! you know naa Aman bhai is how much punctual. See him now He is head of London branch and our papa is his boss. Hei naa Aman bhai”Laksh said and both Aman and Laksh gives hi-fi to each other.
Sanskar left a smile with sigh and hugged both, sit in the table.
“what are you doing here? Go and help nishu bhabhi in packing.she is so much anger on you.”Sanskar said and put the call recorder on.
“Sanskar, this is nishu. Tell your friend to arrive home within ten minutes, otherwise I will kill you both to make me stuck in packing alone”Nishu, Aman’s wife yelled in phone and sanskar’s pleadings played in phone which makes Aman face pale.
Laksh controls his laugh but failed. Aman pouts.” Now I am gone…”
They heard a knock sound. Sanskar get down from table and goes out with Laksh. Swara gives a relief.
“Get in…”Aman said.
Swara get inside.”Sir, Receptionist Said that you asked me to come “
“Yes.Miss.Swara, this is CEO sir’s schedule and it’s”Aman gave a list.
Swara takes in her hand and her eyes widened.
“Sir..”Swara shocked.
Aman smiled” Miss.Swara, this is not to do list for CEO Sir. He expects be punctual and perfection in work. Just take care of this list and best of luck”
Swara and Aman have an professional handshake.
“Thanks Sir for your help”Swara said in a professional tone and left the office.
In Sanskar’s cabin,
Sanskar is checking details of his current projects in his laptop while Laksh start to yawn.
“Bhai, I am so bored. Now I will leave. I already asked driver to take my bike here . bye ”laksh said and starts to leave without giving any heed to Sanskar’s voice.
Sanskar sits by holding his head.”suddenly what happened to him?”
After some minutes, his senior manager entered his cabin without knocking.
“what the hell?”Sanskar shouted but seeing senior manager state , he stopped.
“sir, I have to go… family emergency…”Senior manager said stammeringly in tensed state.
“Are you go by own or I will call company driver?”Sanskar asked.
“no sir. I will take care, thanks”Senior manager said in hurry and left.
Sanskar immersed in his work .
At an isolated road,
Senior Manager Devan drives his car fastly. His phone ringed and by seeing his phone display , he get so tensed.
“ I am coming . I will do whatever you say. Please leave my son…” he pleaded while a bullet hit his tyre. He tried to control his car but resulted in failure. Car rolled in road. A man who wears completely black with balck helmet walks towards car from nearby bush. He takes the bullet which hit the car tyre and sees Devan who is lying in the pool of blood and struggles for his life. He broke the windshield of car, drag him out by his har without caring the glass pieces which was piercing devan’s body.
“Aaah!” Devan yelled but due to weakness, his voice comes very low.
Man thrown him in road mercilessly .
Devan see him with widen eyes.”you..!
Man laughed wickedly. “it’s me only “
“please leave me Laksh sir… please… why are you doing this” Devan pleaded.
Laksh looked him with expressionless face.
“ok. give me a single reason to leave you alive”Laksh said while tapping gun at devan forehead and walked around him.
Devan looked at him pleadingly .
“you didn’t get single reason naa. Do you remember how you broken my little family”Laksh asked and postured with his hand little.
Devan looked at him shockingly.” I didn’t lost a single memory which you given”Laksh said while holding devan head and hit it in road floor brutally.
Devan tried to yell but Laksh hold his mouth with his gloved hands.”shhh! don’t scream. Why are you disturbing others?” Laksh pointed the nearby cat and birds which scared by the scenario and putting a finger in his lip and showed not to scream.
Tears starts to flow from devan’s eyes because of pain .”don’t worry. I will not kill you that much easily” Laksh said and hit his head in road again which make Devan knock out fully.
“I will save you and make you live as lifeless body the same way you made me to live without my sahi. SAHI!” Laksh spelled the word and cried loudly.the next minute , his eyes turned reddish “It’s my revenge… it’s Lakshya’s revenge for snatching his sahi from him. I will make everyone life as hell ” Laksh said and laughed loudly , wickedly.
A man who witness it by binaculor , gives a satisfactory smile and leave the place in his bike.
At swara’s side,
Swara enters the room after tiring journey and sees Sahil who is sitting before Laptop.
Sahil turns and sees Swara and walks inside, comes with two cup of coffee .
Swara takes one cup .
“how is your job? Is it ok? “Sahil asked while sipping his coffee and staring the laptop.
“hmm! It’s ok”Swara replied.
“what about your college interview?” Swara asked.
“ I did my best . hope I will get the seat”Sahil said and again immersed himself in clash of clans. A silence starts to occupy the place.
Sahil takes his laptop and goes to terrace .
While climbing stairs,
“ there are some house address which is available for rent. If you are free at evening, we may go”Sahil said and continued climbing.
A sad smile appeared in Swara’s face.
Suddenly , Sahil runs towards her and takes her in his hand,twirls happily.
“di, I get a seat in best medical college in kolkatta…”Sahil said happily and make her stand.
“Arre Raj! You get a seat!”Swara exclaimed in happiness. The previous awkwardness in their surrounding is left. They forget what happened between them in past.
Sahil suddenly left his hold on swara while Swara is holding his hand. Sahil releases Swara hold and get inside the another small room where he kept his bag. Swara looks Sahil with moist eyes.
Sahil opens his bag and takes a photo which was carefully wrapped , hugs the photo.
“Mamu, Rago do you know I get seat in best medical college in merit . my dream is going to be real but I want you both beside me”Sahil said to the photo in which Sahil sits beside Ragini and Laksh, in which Laksh ties the THALLI(Mangalsutra) in Ragini’s neck.

share your views on my track in both past and present. see you soon,keep smiling and take care. sara is signing out.

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  5. missed u and yaa hope u will be regular and again awesome no words to say actually in TU now we get only Swasan ff so plzz try to give raglak ff ts ss more bcoz raglak fan missing and this is only way raglak fan connect to raglak and raglak ff writer plzzz give us favor and yaa big Wala thank u to all raglak ff writer plzzzz

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