Thanks for everyone support . belated happy new year wishes my dear friends . Astra, there is a teaser which gives you a complete idea about Past . thanks for everyone wishes and Asra, in some dynasties, there is a procedure to give a man as a prey to god for the victory in their war. In Mahabarat, Pandava’s gave Aravaan as a prey for their victory because of Lord Krishna’s insistence. It’s one of step in war’s in ancient times before the war starts .Nishag comes under Mahishmati Samraj and Ganthanan comes under Mayankpur samraj.Both Nishag and Ganthanam shares their corner with Tanishkant. They are not main villains, just a characters for two episodes but hold a important place.Bharathi, I hope you enjoyed a lot in your home town because we can spend our time with our family and relatives in this type of gatherings. God bless you with lot of happiness in your life. Thanks for your comments bharathi, lovely, Vk, astra, asra, chandu, ammu, Dharani, nikky, Mica, a, Raglakholic,fairy, anju, kiddoo, deeksha, Ragzteju, malu, s, yshi, megha, ammu, crystal and also silent readers.
Let I start the teaser.

Scene 1
In a kalimaa temple,
A boy and girl sit in mandap with a expressionless face. a man chants mantra’s and ask boy and girl to stand up. Both obeys his words and starts to take Sapthapathi and boy fills girl’s mang with sindoor and put mangalsutra in her neck.
A dagger stabs man’s chest in while injures boy’s hand. both boy and girl falls unconscious.

Scene 2
In a battle place,
Ragini and Uttara fights ferociously with Sword and Axe in their hand. a javelin thrown by a unknown soldier from backside.
A boy comes in middle and takes javelin in his shoulder, falls on ground.
“Lakshya…”Ragini shouts while Uttara shouts”Aadi…”

Scene 3
“Maharani Raginidevi ki jai ho! Maharani Raginidevi ki jai ho!” people chanting Ragini’s name and praises her.
Ragini sits in Rani’s attire in throne . Vishnu puts Crown in her head and gives a sword . Aadi smiles to her while Ragini looks him with a painful eyes.
Aadi blinks his eyes and signs everything will be alright.

Scene 4
A boy and girl sits in a mandap and smiles heartfully. Priest chants mantra’s.
“who will do kanyadaan?” Priest asks.
“I will”Ragini comes before and sits. Laksh sits beside her.
Laksh and Ragini sits in mandap with happy faces and Laksh and Ragini do the kanyadaan of Swara to Sanskar.
Rp , Dp and other elders throws holy rice to Swasan as a sign of blessings.

Scene 5
A boy and Lady exchanges the garland and moon witnesses it their happiness.
“soon, I will marry you infront of everyone and I will give your position” boy said while looking into Girl’s eyes.
Girl blushes and hides her face in boy’s bare chest and boy hugs her .
At the same time,
A another girl starts to drown herself in the fast stream river.
“ please come back. Don’t be mad” a man shouts and sees her helplessly.
That girl turns and gives a faint smile and her face faded in the stream.
Boy shouts her name and jumps in river.

Scene 6
a boy sits in the mandap. Bride walks under the red chunri and stands beside the boy.
“Rajkumari, sit beside Samrat .”Priest said.
“ I am rejecting Samrat Lakshya.”Girl says and puts her garland which she wears , in the Fire.
Everyone looking her shockingly.

Scene 7
At a full moon night,
A 9 month pregnant lady sits before Kalasamhara moorthy and pants heavily. Her hands and legs are bleeding because of bruises . She stands with so much difficulty and walks towards cave. Snakes leave from her way and she takes Rudraveena in her hand, sits before Shivji’s idol.
“I will save you at any cost” girl1 said and caressed her baby bump.
With so much difficulty, she sit and start to play the veena. The Vibration of rudraveena starts to fill the whole place.
“Rudraveena…”Another girl muttered and runs.

In another room,
“Sahil, this sound.. it’s belongs to Rudraveena”Aadi said in shock.
“we have to go” Sahil said both starts to travel in their horse.
Girl 1 labour pain starts and veena falls from her hand.
“maa…”her painful voice echoed in that place and she starts to throw her legs in air because of pain.
People comes to the place. A cloth which is in shivji’s idol falls on her. Ladies take that cloth and covers her like a wall with painful eyes. Someone’s eyes sheds tears by seeing her state. A old lady take care of her.
A baby’s crying voice heard by everyone while Girl 2 reaches the place and girl 1 close her eyes, her hand falls on ground lifelessly.
People bows their head down while Girl 2 walks hesitatingly and prays which she thought shouldn’t be true.
A womes comes towards her and handover a baby boy to girl 2.
“Rajkumari give birth to Baby boy. Lord Shivji born to her as her son”women said and hides her tears with her moni.
A lighting happens which helps Girl 2 see girl 1 face clearly . Girl 2 kneels down because of all her energy drown away by seeing Girl1’s state.
Sahil and Aadi reaches the place.
“Di…”Sahil muttered and runs, takes Girl 1 face in her lap and continuously taps.
Aadi walks back and bumped with nearby Tree in shock . his shocked face turned red in anger.
“ I will avenge you Mahishmati and Mayankpur for whatever you did. I will punish you for your sins . It’s my promise ”Aadi roared and cuts his palm with his dagger , sheds blood in Tanishknat sand while seeing Girl1 face. Girl 2 stare him with painful expression.
Rain started and Girl 2 hugs Baby to herself to save baby from rain and her tears mixed in rainwater while Girl1 blood mixes with Rain water. Baby starts to cry louder and Girl 1 hand moved little bit while hearing baby’s cry .

Scene 8
Prologue and end of past.

Scene 1
Laksh enters MM with thinking face.
“Laksh, they are Sahil and Swara. they are going to stay in Out house”Ap said while Swara holds Sahil hands tightly.
“ hi Swara what a surprise ? is he your brother? hello Sahil, I am Laksh… Laksh Sharma…”Laksh gives his hand for handshake while Sahil looks him shockingly.

Scene 2
In a Hospital,
A man is laying on bed with bandages in his head.
He slowly opens his eyes and shocked to see the person who is sitting beside him.
“Sir you “Man 1 stammered and sees his hand which is tied in bed clamps.
“don’t you expect me here afterall whatever you did with my choti bhai?” Man2 asked while taking a short knife in his hand.
Man 1 terrified and try to shouts while Man 2 holds his mouth and injects something in him. soon, man 1 falls unconscious.
“Happy journey…”Man 2 waves his hand and comes out.
Man 2 attends the call through bluetooth .
“Laksh is coming there with wardboy’s disguise and I hacked all the Cctv’s and freezed for an hour. ” Other side said.
Man 2 smirked and comes out of man 1 room . .
Laksh, who hides his face walks to man 1 room and Man 2 hides his face with hanky and acts as coughing while Laksh crosses him.
Man 2 face lightened by seeing Laksh and the next minute, his eyes become so dark.

Scene 3
In a dark room, A large frame of maheshwari family photo hanged on the wall. A girl enters the room and takes the frame in her hand, throw it on floor with so much hatred.
Frame is broken with huge sound and glass pieces scattered in whole room. Girl takes the photo and put fire on both ends and blows off the fire while it reached laksh’s face.
“you shouldn’t make me to love you Laksh”Girl said and a boy walks inside, put the light on . a room is shown which was filled by Laksh’s various pictures and boy looks that girl worriedly.

Scene 4
Sahil have Swara in his shoulders while Laksh have Sanskar in his shoulder. Both Swasan is in bridal attire and have garlands in their hand.
Sanskar winks at Swara which makes Swara blush. Laksh and Sahil plays by chaging their heights while Swasan try to exchange garlands.
Maheshwari smiles while seeing their family happiness

Scene 4
A girl walks on a lawn angrily.
“Rago maa…”Aditya try to reduce anger of Ragini.
“you told me that this marriage never be happen Aadi. how did you let this marriage happen?” Ragini asked him angrily.
“Rago maa..”Aadi said and bow his head down by seeing Ragini’s anger.
“Aadi.. Ragini…” a voice comes and both turns sees a girl comes towards her.
Both changes their face expression.
“what happened? Why are you both so tensed?” girl asked.
Ragini smiles Fakely.” Nothing Uttu. Just a business tension.”Ragini said and walk towards house .
Uttara looks at Ragini confusedly.
Aadi side hugs her.
“So, Mrs.Aditya Singhania , why can’t we go a long drive?” Aadi asked her to distract from her thoughts and nuzzles his nose in Uttara’s neck.
Uttara turns and encircles her hand on Aadi’s neck.
“not now Aadi.we can go after sometime. First , go and reduce ragini’s tension. I can’t see her like this. Go…”Uttara points the way to house and pushes Aadi little .
Aadi shrugs and then smiles.
Uttara smilesby seeing Aadi’s smile and Aadi holds uttara hands in his hands. Both walks towards house while Aadi looks Uttara with guilt in his eyes.

Teaser ends…
Hello friends, it’s the flow of past and present . Are you interested? Share you views and can you able to identify the boy and girls in scenes in past and present?. I know you have plenty of questions. For All the answers, stay tuned with Swaragini-Love me or not season 3. If you have any objections in present, please inform now itself .Sara is signing out. Take care and keep smiling.

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  1. Awesome Akka Ur r amazing

  2. Confused but amazing teaser

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    And lastly belated happy new year………..

  4. Astra

    Totally confusing..but very interesting..! How much interesting means, my nerves in mind are bulging with tension..! Haha…plz update soon if possible. I don’t have idea..who is who..can’t guess..

  5. Dharani

    awesome sara i am very eagerly waiting for the further story happy new year to u

  6. Very much interested in past
    Please complete past fast.nanri

  7. Deeksha

    Ohhh God…!!!!!!! What was that….?????? Such suspense ans twists….?????? But I loved one thing….. Swasan marriage in both present and past…..!!!!!!! Huhuhu….!!!!!!

    Coming to past….
    Scene 1
    No idea about that….. The boy may be adi and the girl may be uttara……. Maybe they are forced to marry in order to save someone….!!!!!! Don’t know….!!!!!!

    Scene 2
    Maybe laksh took that dagger and adi might have thrown that dagger towards ragini….!!!!!!!!!

    Scene 3
    Well don’t know why adi said that everything will be fine….??????? No idea about it…..!!!!!! Maybe some rajneethi….!!!!!!

    Scene 4
    Well this scene made me happy….!!!!! Huhuhu…. Swasan marriage….!!!!!!

    Scene 5
    Well this one confused me a lot….!!!!! It could be adi…..!!!!!! No… No…. Maybe swasan…?????? Or maybe raglak…..!!!!!!! And the girl who drowning….??????? Don’t know….????? Maybe obsessed lover….??????

    Scene 6
    Don’t know why ragini rejected him….????? Again maybe rajneethi…..!!!!!!!!

    Scene 7
    Huhuhu…. Ragini is pregnant…..!!!!!! Hope it is laksh child…..!!!!! No I am sure that it is laksh child only….!!!!!! And the girl arrived later is swara or might be uttara….!!!!!!!!! But at last ragini is alive…..!!!!!!

    Waiting for it….!!!!!!!

    1. Deeksha

      Well present….?????? I will try but not sure….!!!!!! Here it goes….!!!!!

      Scene 1
      No idea….!!!!! Seriously don’t know…..!!!!!!! U will only have to say…!!!!!!

      Scene 2
      Well laksh will save that man 1… I think…. But somewhere I am thinking that it is Sanskaar…..!!!!!!! Don’t know…..!!!!!! Or it might be adi or sahil also…..!!!!!!!! Man 2 might be some new villian….!!!!!

      Scene 3
      I am sure that the girl is ragini….!!!!! And the man entered is sahil or adi…..!!!!!! Well excited to watch the hatred cum love story of raglak….!!!!!!

      Scene 4
      Again I loved this scene…..!!!!!! Swasan marriage…..!!!!!! Huhuhu….

      Scene 5
      Well this scene….????? Let me think…..!!!!! Maybe ragini doesn’t wanted swara to get married to Sanskaar for ragini sake….. That’s is the reason why she is so tensed……!!!!!!! May be may not be…..!!!!!!!

      Well these are my guesses…..!!!!!! Let’s see whether it is true or not…..!!!!!! *fingers crossed…..!!!!!!

      Continue soon dear when you get time….!!!!!!!!! Lots of love ???????

  8. it’s so awesome amazing excellent superb excellent mind blowing brilliant no words to describe and love and respect all raglak ff writer that they keep their favorite couple alive and plzzz guys write more and regular bcoz we missing raglak badly and see Swasan ff are very much in comparison to raglak And bit jeleousy in me bcoz I am crazy raglak or temish fan

  9. Interesting episode

  10. bharathi aju

    Akka Samma bt confusing..hehehe..ena akka sudden ahhh Evalo periya teaser… super..ahhh its true Akka I enjoyed a lot in my hometown..unga Indha past and present oda explanation Sammaya irudhuchu akka…scene 1 super bt yaar nu Sathiyama guess panna Mudila akka..hahaha..scene 2 la yaar o javelin throw panaga okay bt ragini laksh nu kathuna uttara Adi nu kathuna soo yaar daan naduvula vandha Adhu oru confusion…Bt rendu perum ku Edhum aga kudadhu …..scene 3 la ragini ah maharani ahhh honor panraga okay Bt y she is looking sad and painfully..Adi yen avala feel panna vendam nu soldra…so idhu 2nd doubt..scene 4 awwww swasan marriage Samma Samma Samma they are one always..ragini nd laksh doing gathbandan super super..all are blessings awesome..happy moment of the family…scene 5la first pair yaar nu terila Bt 2nd pair ragini nd laksh nu nenaikura I gussed it bt not conform if it is wrong means Sry…scene 6 la vara rajkumari ragini nu nenaikura Bcoz ava daana laksh ahhh love panra ana rajya oda naladhuku daana avana avoid panra soo the girl may be ragini…scene 7la vara girl conform ragini daan Bcoz pona episode la neega daana kamichiga ragini Veena vasikuradhu soo conform ava daan..and second girl may be uttara or swara confused lita..Adi nd sahil feeling na conform ragini daan..Adi furious agi kai la cut panra scene pathu andha girl feel panna nu soldriga la soo may be uttara..coming to present..scene 1 swara nd sahil y laksh oda house la vandhu stay panraga..avugala yen ap intro kudukuraga laksh ku..swara yen sahil oda kai ahhh apdi pudikura..sahil yen laksh ahhh pathu shock agura soo lita confused..scene 2 unmaiya sona Sathiyama onumey Purila..Sry akka Purila nu soli ungala hurt pani irudha..scene 3 la girl ragini nu nenaikura bt conform ahhh terila…andha boy yaar nu guess panna Mudila akka…scene 4 Marubadiyum swasan oda happiness super…Bt marriage aguma agadha nu tension ahhh iruku..scene 5 la ragini yaar marriage pathi soldra swasan marriage ahhh???sari Adi yen avala console panra..ragini yen Adi ahhh titura..soo engayum doubt iruku..then Adi nd uttara married wow super…Samma Samma…and ragini Adi enna maraikuraga uttara kita irudhu..y Adi feels guilty..finally ellam doubt um keta akka..Ayooo I need rest Evalo type panita..I took half an hour to type this..my god…neega Nejamavey super akka Evalo type panriga…paaahhhhh Sathiyama enala mudiyadhu akka..hats off toooo all the writers in tu…Aprm akka oru small request Adi ku oru person ahhh Soluga akka I mean oru celebrity soo that I can imagine easily..pls if u can if Noo means its okay…Aprm Evalo vishayam neega epdi reveal panna poriga nu nenacha ley tension ahhh iruku..Ungaluku Evalo responsibility iruku Indha story ahhh correct ah eduthu poga..Samma akka neega..all d best fr the story continuity akka..avalo daan akka idhuku mela enala type panna Mudila inum edhachum solanum naa na next episode la soldra..bye take care..miss uuuu..love uuuu akka..Evalo doubt nu Enakae countings terila adhan next ku lam number solala..hehehe..Seri elathayu clear paniduga..love uuuu akka

    1. Akka oru help …tu la epdi register pannanum nu Soluga akka…romba nerama try panra Bt epdi nu terila soo pls explain pannuga akka

  11. Awesome
    But totally confused

  12. Asra

    awesome akka…sathiyama enaku yeadhuvumey theriyala akka…enaku oney onu than theriyum labour pain oda irundha ponu ragini nu….Vera yeadhuvum enaku theriyala akka….present la uttara uyir oda than irukala….sooooo much confusion akka…unga upcoming epic’a pathathan puriyum….ungala madum yeapadi akka ipadi oru promo kuduka mudiyuthu…u r really genius akka….waiting for ur update…tkcr akka…

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    it’s dam amazing… loved it so much… superb chappy

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