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Story Starts…
In Pune,
At Ragini’s home…,
Aadi entered the house.
“Aadi!”Uttara hugged him in happiness while Aadi wrapped his hands around her waist.
“Hhuhmm!”Ragini coughed intentionally which made them depart.
“I will make something for you ,Aadi”Uttara said hurriedly and ran towards kitchen hurriedly.
Aadi walked near Ragini, Kneeled towards her.
Ragini caressed his face while Aadi pressed her hands against his face.
“what happened, Aadi?”Ragini asked and saw the bandage in his hand with blood.
“Aadi!”Ragini spelled his name worriedly and hold his hands gently to analyze the bandage.
Aadi took back his hand back,” it’s nothing Rago maa…”Aadi said.
“come, we will go to garden…”Ragini said and drove her wheel chair to garden while Aadi hold her wheel chair, took her to garden.
“Weather is so nice, Aadi…”Ragini said after inhaling the air.
“hmm Ragomaa…”Aadi said in a deep thoughts.
“so now tell me. what made my Aadi’s face lose his shine, today?”Ragini asked.
“I lost the tender …”Aadi said.

“To whom? Maheshwari?”Ragini asked.
Aadi nodded no.
“Sahi Industries…”Aadi said.
“Laksh?”Ragini murmured in shock.
Flashback starts…
In Laksh’s room,
Laksh was sitting on a bed which was completely decorated by flowers while waiting for Ragini.
Ragini entered with milk glass.
Laksh smiled , took the glass from her hand and put it on table.
“Maa said that we have to share the milk first”Ragini said nervously .
“hmmm…”Laksh said while looking at her lovingly.
Ragini suddenly bent towards Laksh feet while Laksh jumped two feet backwards in shock.
“Rago, what are you doing?”Laksh asked.
“Amma told me to take your ashirvaad as it’s part of ritual. First bless me…”Ragini said in the same position.
Laksh hold her by her shoulders and made her sit in bed.
“you are my Sahi rago!”Laksh said while Ragini looked at him confusingly.
“Sahi!”Ragini muttered confusingly.

Laksh took ragini’s palm in his hand.
“See me Rago. You are not only my wife Rago, you are my friend with whom I can share my happiness, fears, worries, sadness and everything.you are the one who making this incomplete Laksh to complete Haan rago… you are my Sahi, Rago. Without you , I am just a corpse without a soul..”Laksh said.
Ragini closed his mouth and then hugged him.
“Don’t speak about that this time ”Ragini said without even taking the word.
“you are my Sahi, Rago! You are my soul , you are equal to me and I am your husband , not master.”Laksh said.
“hmmm… since, we are married, I can’t call you by your name. how can I call you now? can we give nickname to each other only just for us to call?”Ragini asked to change the topic.
“ok from now , I will call you as Sahi! My Sahi!”Laksh said lovingly while kissing Ragini’s forehead.
“so, what is my nick name?’Laksh asked after breaking the hug.
“ I didn’t decided till now..”Ragini said.
“what?”Laksh pouted.
“hmm.. can we finish this milk first?”Ragini asked.
“hmm… “Laksh said and sipped a little and then gave it to Ragini. Ragini finished the whole while Laksh was making the pillow wall.
“what is this?”Ragini asked confusingly.
“Appa, Marriage is not the only thing in life. I will study further and I will be independent Appa. isn’t it your words, sahi?”Laksh asked.
“haan..but..”Ragini started.
“ I want to make my Sahi’s words true. I want to see you as an independent who can even challenge the world if it needs. I will never let our marriage affect your studies… our dreams Sahi. So, until you complete your studies, it will be a barrier between us and no touching touching…”Laksh said and lay on other side of pillar wall.
Ragini lay on another side of bed and looked at Laksh.
Laksh signed to close her eyes, Ragini closed her eyes and then Laksh fallen in sleep.
Ragini opened her eyes, throw the pillow wall. Slowly , she went near to Laksh, put his hand on her waist.
“ I am the luckiest girl to have you as my husband, Laksh. I love you da My Purusha(hubby)”Ragini smiled while Laksh hugged her tightly in sleep.
“what I am feeling?”Ragini struggled to know about her new emotions. Slowly, Ragini dozed off in Laksh’s grip being felt relaxed ,safe and an unknown comfort which she felt in Laksh’s hands.
At Morning,
Ragini woke up first and saw laksh who was sleeping peacefully by hugging her with a frozen smile in his face.
Ragini caressed his face with her fingers very slowly and carefully to not disturb his sleep.
Laksh moved in sleep and he was going to open his eyes.
Ragini closed her eyes as she was sleeping.

Laksh opened his eyes and saw Ragini whom he was hugging. Her hairs were moving in air which made Laksh couldn’t see her face properly.
Laksh set her hairs,”Good morning Sahi!”Laksh said while making her close to him and leaned towards her lips.
Ragini closed her eyes tightly being nervous while Laksh stopped in a midway and smiled. Laksh took her head carefully from his arm and put it on pillow and carefully detached himself from Ragini.
Laksh bent towards Ragini and kissed her in forehead.
“Just two years Sahi…”Laksh told himself and tapped his head, smiled sheepishly, went out of the room.
Ragini opened her eyes and smiled widely.
“Dei purusha! Yen da nee evlo nallavana iruka ?(Hei hubby! Why are you being this much good boy?) but , I am not a good girl ”Ragini murmured.
Ragini got into bathroom and took a hair bath. Then, she draped herself in a blue saree.
Laksh entered room with coffee and stood behind Ragini.
“Sahi!”Laksh called while seeing her face in mirror reflection.
Ragini turned while her long hairs slammed against Laksh’s face. Laksh inhaled the scent of her hair.
Ragini took the tray from his hand and put it on table, then encircled her hands on Laksh’s neck while Laksh put a hair comb between their hips.
“Do you think this comb will stop me?”Ragini asked sensuously .
“sa..hi..!”Laksh stuttered.
Ragini moved further which made plastic comb bend, finally thrown out.
Ragini smirked , hold Laksh’s vest and made him collide with her.
Laksh put his hand on her waist while Ragini pushed him .
Ragini turned to put her earrings casually while Laksh hugged Ragini from back, digged his face on her neck, started to kiss.
Ragini closed her eyes but Laksh stopped in middle and walked away from Ragini.
Ragini opened her eyes and gave a playful smile to Laksh.
“Dei Purusha, neethu no touching nu orutharu sonnaru. Avan yarunu theriyuma?(yesterday someone told no touching. Do you know who it is?)”Ragini said.
“why are you making it hard,Sahi?”Laksh asked being in full conscious.
“it’s your punishment “Ragini said, turned to mirror for completing her make up.
“Punishment!”Laksh asked being surprised.

“haan… how dare you say no touching touching?”Ragini asked while putting bangles in her hand.
“what?”Laksh asked in shock.
“en chella Purasha(My cute hubby)!”Ragini pulled his cheek.
Laksh rubbed his cheeks in utter disbelief.
“yenna paru da en chella Purusha!(See my eyes hubby!) You have to hug me everyday while I’m sleeping as yesterday and you have to wake up me with a kiss. You have to give me special gifts at special occasion Never dare to put that pillow wall inbetween us and if you don’t do one single thing, I will worsen your punishment. Moreover, I know how to complete my studies”Ragini said while looking into his eyes and pushed him which made Laksh fall on the bed.
Ragini went out of her room while blushing for her act.Laksh looked at the ceiling, recollected what happened. A cute smile shown in his face.
“I love you Sahi… ahh! I am going to be mad”Laksh said while ruffling his hairs.
Flashback ends…
“haan Rago maa… Laksh jeju won the contract. But, who is Sahi? I never knew such a person in his family”Aadi asked.
“it’s my name which only Laksh have the right to call me. but, he lost his memories. then how can he?”Ragini said.
“Actually I got to know that he was getting flashes. May be this name got deeper impact in his subconscious mind.”Aadi said.
“then, it would be dangerous to Swara and Sahil if Laksh get a flash about them. We have to make Laksh far away from them. what if anyone know about them? no… let me meet her Aadi.”Ragini worried.
Aadi hold Ragini hands.
“Rago maa… I will take care of them. do you trust me naa…?”Aadi asked.
Ragini nodded.
“Aadi… I made lunch… come soon…”Uttara called them from inside.
Aadi stood while Ragini hold his hands.
“when this game become harder to you , leave it. don’t get torn yourself in this.”Ragini said.
Aadi smiled at her concern.
Both got into the dining room.
Aadi made Uttara sit in a chair and he started to serve all.
Ragini smiled by looking at this.
Flashback starts…
The day after marriage,

At morning,
Laksh was getting ready while Ragini entered their room.
“Laksh, how much money you have I mean savings?”Ragini asked.
Laksh opened his wardrobe and gave his debit card to her.
“Pin is xxxx. Buy whatever you want”Laksh said.
“Look at me, purusha. We have to plan a budget. so, we can save money and use it in needful situation”Ragini said.
Laksh made her sit on bed and came with some documents.
“See Sahi! These are the shares which I bought . From this, we will get 10k-12k per month.Those are the fixed deposit , from this we will get another 7k per month. Totally, my income per month is 17k per month. About Savings, I don’t have faith on saving. But somehow, we have 1 Lakh in my savings account after all spending some money for our marriage. Now tell me, Sahi!”Laksh looked at her face.
“hmm.. ok. you already have gas stove and some utensils. Still, we have to buy some . ok, let’s go to the market”Ragini said.
Ragini and Laksh hold their hands and went to market. Ragini bought some essential things and some important jewels for her mangalsutra.
At afternoon,
Ragini was cutting onionsfor making Sambar while Sahil and Swara entered.
Because of onions, Ragini eyes sheds tears .
“Arre Laksh! how can you let my Rago ka cry?you promised me that you will take care of my sister as your queen when you were asking my consent”Sahil said while punching in Laksh’s arm.
“come in Sahil”Ragini welcomed him.
Sahil turned to her.
“and why are you cooking? Maa is cooking for all of us. I came here to take you . Maa said it’s a ritual.”Sahil said.
“I know Sahil. I have to cook for him(Laksh)”Ragini said.
“Laksh mama will also eat with us.”Swara said.
“Sahil Swaru, why can’t you join with us?”Ragini said while serving to Laksh.
Laksh started to eat and signed no to Sahil.

“no Rago ka. Maa today cooked a lot. I will eat aftersome time”Sahil said.
“Then , Atleast you taste it Swaru”Ragini said while Laksh extended his plate.
Swara took a taste and swallowed it after struggling because of bad taste.
“It’s superb Sahi…”Laksh said while Swara signed as it’s very good.
“Sahi?”Sahil asked confusingly.
“come, it’s my name only. After ten minutes, Yamganda will start”Ragini said and went outside with Sahil.
“Laksh, my deep regrets to you !”Swara wiped her tears fakely.
“Don’t dare to tease my Sahi!”Laksh said.
“I will try…”Swara said.
In Shekar’s house,
Ragini was sitting in middle of Sumi and Shekar and both fed her.
“hmmm… you are eating good food. But Laksh mama… I am feeling pity for him”Swara said.
“He liked my cooking”Ragini said while eating from Sumi’s hands.
“Saltless Sambar! Semiboilded rice! Other than him, who will eat your food?”Swara said teasingly.
“is it why Laksh signed me to not eat?”Sahil said and then bit his tongue.
“Did he signed to you but bot to me? wait! I will take care of it”Swara said.
“I should have tasted it before serving”Ragini said in guilt.
“Maa… I will come…”Ragini said and walked towards her house while Sumi hold her hands to stop.
“you should not go to your house until Laksh come here to take back”Sumi said.
After that, Ragini didn’t take food. To change her mood, Sumi took her to her room.
“Rago, do you like this chain and those jewels(Nanal, mango shaped and banana shaped petals to put in mangalsutra)? Tomorrow, we will change your mangalsutra to this gold chain and attach these jewels in mangalsutra”Sumi said.

Ragini caressed the chain.
“maa… I like it. I can take this chain as your gift. But I can’t attach it in my mangalsutra. I will wear this yellow thread only until Laksh buy a mangalsutra chain for me. About those jewels, I already bought it. Can you mix these jewels with the jewels you bought for me?”Ragini said while giving a box.
Sumi looked at her .
“what are you thinking maa?”Ragini asked.
“I’m just thinking when my Rago became this much matured girl who is mostly concerned on her husband’s pride”Sumi said with smile.
Ragini hugged her and placed her head on Sumi’s Lap.
After an hour,
“laksh!”Shekar wondered by seeing Laksh that much soon as he had to come tomorrow to take ragini .
Laksh bent to take his blessings.
“Mama… I came here to take my Sahi.. Rago back “Laksh said while hiding nervous.
“this much soon… but… she is sleeping”Sumi said while coming to hall.
“ohh! Ok I will wait in her room until she wake up and then we will leave…”Laksh said hurriedly and went to Ragini’s room which made all laugh.
In Ragini’s room,
Laksh was staring Ragini’s face for more than half an hour.
Ragini opened her eyes and saw Laksh.
“it would be a dream… how can Laksh come this much soon?”Ragini murmured in sleep and turned other side.
Laksh smile became wide and hold her hands.
“ I wish this time would be frozen…. So,I can live in this beautiful world forver which you created for me,Sahi. I love you Sahi … ”Laksh muttered slowly.
Ragini opened her eyes and hugged Laksh suddenly. Both were sheding tears without any reason.
Swara and Sahil peeped into the room as it’s a long time after Laksh entered the room.
“Swaru di, Rago ka just came to our house just before two hours. Moreover they are married yesterday only. Then, why are they getting emotional as they were loving for hundred of years and meeting after years of years?”Sahil sighed.
“why can’t we ask them directly?”Swara said with a smirk.
“wah! Waah! Even Laila-Majnu couldn’t love each other this much. Wah! “Swara said loudly.
RagLak broke their hug and didn’t look at Swara and Sahil’s face as they were embarrassed.
Sumi entered the room and understood the situation.
“Swara… Sahil.. I kept pakoda in hall. Go and take it before your Appa finish it all”Sumi said .
“Pakoda..!”Swahil whispered and ran towards hall while Swara winked at Laksh before leaving.
Laksh smiled.

At Hall,
Sumi served Laksh Vada, pakora and payash. After eating, Laksh was washing his hand in kitchen basin while Ragini was waitng at hall.
“Dei Purusha! Seekram va da! (hey hubby! Come soon) After that Ragukal will start then evening, I have to stay here for the whole night “Ragini shouted and then hold her mouth while Sumi was busy in glaring her.
“Maa.. do you need this?”Swara offered a stick while Sumi took it in next moment.
Ragini was running in garden while sumi was chasing her.
“even I thought you would be matured. What is this calling your husband without any respect?”Sumi asked while chasing.
“Maa.. . Avan yen purushan(he is my hubby), then, it’s not good to beat a married girl”Ragini said.
“still I am your mother. I will beat you if you make mistake”Sumi said in that tom and jerry game.
Laksh came out , puzzled by seeing this and went inbetween Sumi and ragini.
“Leave Laksh. Today, I will beat her. Then, she never make this mistake”Sumi said.
“Athamaa… first leave that stick…”Laksh made Sumi leave the stick while ragini hid behind Laksh.
“now tell me what is the problem?”Laksh asked.
“how can she call you without any respect?”Sumi said.
Laksh laughed while Sumi thought as did she say any joke.
“Maa… even I thought it’s some other serious issue. I only said her to call me whatever she want. What is wrong in it?”Laksh said.
Sumi sighed.
“you are spoiling her, Laksh”Sumi complained.
“Am I spoiling you Sahi?”Laksh asked ragini.
“no..no..”She nodded her head innocently.
“See maa… even she is saying that I don’t spoil her”Laksh said childishly.
Sumi finally smiled while ragini tapped Laksh shoulder.
“what ,Sahi ?”Laksh asked.
“we are having only five minutes”Ragini reminded.
Laksh took Ragini in bridal style and run towards his house.
“Laksh.. carefull…”Sumi shouted.
“we are coming after some time…”laksh replied while running.
“Laksh, I can walk on my own”Ragini said.
“I don’t want to take risk. I already stayed two hours without you. I couldn’t stay further”Laksh said which made Ragini chuckle.
Both reached their house.
“now what is the time?”Laksh asked while putting Ragini down.
“still only 1 minute is left”Ragini said and Laksh took a long breath.
Ragini hold his hand and both enter their house by keeping right leg first as it’s their grahapravesh and smiled by looking each other.
Flashback ends…
“Rago maa… Rago maa…”Uttara called Ragini twice after observing that ragini didn’t take her food and smiling.
“haan..”Ragini came out of her world and looked at Uttara and Aadi.
“Rago maa.. are you ok?”Aadi came towards her and asked worriedly.
Reality hits Ragini that Laksh was not with her. She put a smiling mask.
“nothing Aadi. Just some good memories…”Ragini said.
“ok rago maa… come, I will feed you today”Aadi said.
“No Aadi! it’s ok. “Ragini refused.
Aadi hid his dejection in his smiling face like his sister.
Soon, They finished their dinner.
In Ragini’s room,
Ragini was holding Laksh’s photo in her hand.
“how are you , My purusha? You wouldn’t live without me for even two hours. How are you living for the past two years?”Ragini asked to Laksh who was smiling in photo.
“Rago maa, please cry to reduce your pain. let your tears sooth your pain . I can’t see you in this state”Aadi said after closing the door.
Ragini smiled bitterly.

“tears… to sooth my pain… no Aadi. I will never cry for anyof my loss.The pain … the pain I am going through , it’s my base for my revenge… for destructing that family… I will never ever let the pain go out of my heart even if it’s burns me”Ragini said in a rage.
Aadi took a step aback by seeing her anger which he saw for the very first time.
“Rago maa…”Aadi put a step before.
“let me alone for some time Aadi…”Ragini turned her face.
“I will definitely punish the real culprits Rago maa. But my heart is not ablte to accept that Uttara’s family is the culprit. I will find the real culprits and I will punish them Ragomaa…”Aadi said to himself and left the room.
In Kolkata,
In Dp’s room,
“how many days are we going to lie like this?”Annu asked.
“then, what can we do maa? Can we tell Laksh that his wife and uttara was murdered? I can’t maa. I couldn’t even imagine how will he react? I can’t lose him. from the start, We lied to him. we don’t have anyway than continuing this lie”Sanskar said.
“Sanskar is saying correct, Annu. Now only he started to live a normal life. Even if he was acting as smiling for us, he was smiling. We will make him as our old laksh…”Dp said.
In SanLak’s room,
Laksh was opening their wardrobe and took a photo in which Ragini and Uttara was smiling.
“I don’t remember any memories of you , Sahi! Even I don’t know when I started to call you as Sahi!why did you enter in my life ? why did you leave me? why do you make me smile just for the sake of my family? why do you make me live a fake life where even my emotions which I am exhibiting are not real? Why do you make me live like a corpse ? what is my mistake,Sahi?why do you make me torn between my love and my family?”Laksh asked Ragini who was smiling in the photo.
Being frusturated Laksh kicked the wardrobe. A cover falls from the wardrobe .
“Ting..!” a silver toe ring fell from the wardrobe.
Laksh took the ring in his hand. he started to get his flash.`
Flashback Starts…
The day after raglak’s marriage…
Laksh was laying on the bed while reading his engineering Signals and system’s book.
Ragini came inside with a glass of milk.
“Dei purusha! First drink this milk…”Ragini said.
“hmmm… how can I refuse my Sahi’s order?”Laksh said in a husky voice and drunk it in on go.
Ragini sat beside Laksh foot and took his toe in her lap.
“hey Sahi! What are you doing?”Laksh asked while trying to take his toe from her lap.
“chup! Let me do my work…”Ragini said.
Ragini put a toe ring in Laksh’s toe finger and then gave a satisfactory smile..
“what is this?”Laksh asked.
“See my purusha! It’s always tells me that you are mine. If any Lady sees your foot, she will understand that you are married.”Ragini said.
“ohh! I never know my sahi is so much possessive about her purusha.”Laksh said teasingly.
Ragini turned her face being anger.

Laksh closed his book ,sat beside her and hugged her.
“will Sahi keep her anger on her purusha? It’s bad naa Sahi! If she keep her anger, her purusha will be sad… very sad….”Laksh said in a deep voice.
Ragini tapped his arms with a smiley face ,turned and encircled her hands on Laksh’s neck.
“Sahi can’t keep her anger against her purusha. Her purusha also should understand his sahi’s feelings”Ragini said.
“Sorry…”Laksh hold his ears.
They both hit their foreheads against each other and smiled.
“wait! I will take our dinner here…”Ragini said.
“wait! I will help you…”Laksh said while Ragini was walking out of the room.
Flashback ends…
“Sahi..!”Laksh extended his hand while Ragini faded away in air with smiley face.
“what is happening with me?”Laksh asked himself as he couldn’t understand.
Laksh saw the cover and took it in his hand. A photo fell from the cover.
Laksh took it with a trembling hand.
In the photo, Laksh was filling Ragini’s forehead with sindoor.
“Did I really marry her?”Laksh hold his head in pain and sat in floor. photo fall from his hand.
“Maa…”Laksh shriedked in pain but in a very low voice. Laksh started to have his hallucination.
Suddenly, he himself see in a very big room which was decorated with two boys photo whose are in the age of 8 and 12 smiled in the photo.
A mid thirty year lady ran towards him.

“Maa..”Laksh said.
The lady suppressed her tears and bent towards him.
“Laku is good boy naa. Now mumma and Laku is going to play a game with papa. You are going to hide. Until mumma call you, you shouldn’t come out, Go…”Lady said.
Laksh nodded like a child and hid behind the bed. Lady fade away in air.
Suddenly , laksh heard another voice.
“Laksh! where are you? see, uncle is here to see you. come out…”A voice ringed.
“Maa told me not to come.. but.. that uncle is papa’s friend naa… I will make him join in this game…”Laksh said himself and came out.
Laksh raised his eyes to see him,”Uncle…”Laksh called slowly and softly.
That man bent towards Laksh.
“Uncle, I and mumma were playing a game. Don’t tell to papa that I’m here…”laksh said in a low voice.
That uncle smirked, banged Laksh head against the bed hardly.
“Aaah..!”laksh’s scream filled the entire MM.
“Laksh…”Sanskar, Ap and Dp murmured and ran towards the room while Dadi was already entered Laksh’s room .
Dadi hugged Laksh who was falling unconscious.
“Don’t dare to touch him…”Dadi’s voice ringed in his head.
Laksh digged his face in Dadi’s lap being scared by that uncle who he was hallucinating now and fell unconscious completely. But the fear was left in face.
In Outhouse,
Sahil woke up from sleep as he was heard Laksh’s scream and switch on the light.
“what happened Sahil?”Swara asked while rubbing her eyes as a disturbance in her sleep.
“Nothing Swara ka… I think I heard some scream…”Sahil said.
“may be you had a bad dream… Sahil! Sleep!”Swara said in the middle of sleep.
Sahil nod half heartedly and switch off the light.
In MM,
Sanskar entered the room first and took Laksh in his hand.
“Laksh…!Laksh..!”Sanskar tapped across Laksh face while he felt a hot, liquid Laksh’s blood in his hand.
“Laksh..!”Sanskar murmured and took him in his hand.
“maa.. I am taking to the hospital. I shouldn’t leave him alone…”Sanskar said and ran towards his car while Dp,Dadi and Ap followed him worriedly.
Sahil opened the out house door while feeling weird and saw Sanskar coming with Laksh in his hand.
“Mama…”Sahil muttered and ran towards Sanskar.
Sanskar looked at Sahil.
“I have to go Hospital soon…”Sanskar said in the verge of tears.
Sahil took Laksh in his hands while Sanskar opened the car door.
Sahil put Laksh in the car and tried to control the blood loss.
The trio got into the car and Sanskar raced fastly to hospital while others followed them in another car.
In a aeroplane which is inbetween Pune-Kolkata
Aadi sat on his seat .
“You are always come at the last moment.”A familiar voice complained him.
“Dadu!”Aadi turned in surprise.
“what can I do? My grandson became so busy even he don’t have time to meet his pitiful grandfather”Dadu said dramatically.
“Dadu..!”Aadi pouted.
Dadaji gave him a cover.
“nowadays, I am getting bored of this cover Dadu.”Aadi sighed.
“what is it?”Aadi asked.
“About Ragini’s culprits…”Dadu said.
Aadi looked at him shockedly.
Aadi opened the cover hurriedly and gets the devan photo in it.
“Sorry Aadi. I verified with all my contacts .Everythings are against Maheshwari’s. The Hitman whom was ordered to kill Ragini, was sent by Devan. he didn’t have any enmity with Shekar or Ragini . After that incident, even he got multiple promotions in Maheshwari Industries . Recently , he was also died in a mysterious way”Dadu finished.
Aadi closed his eyes, Ragini’s painful face and her voice occupied his mind.
“the people who made my Rago maa life not less than a hell, I will make their life as hell, Dadu.”Aadi said.
“but Uttara… think about it once Aadi”Dadu hesitated.
“I already thought a lot,Dadu. now I am going to execute it what I planned for them without any hesitation”Aadi said determinately.
In Hospital,
Laksh was admitted inside while Sanskar and Sahil was waiting outside worriedly.
Sahil was standing while suppressing his tears.
“Sanskar..!”Ap touched his shoulder while suppressing her tears.
“maa… tell him not to play like this… I want him maa”Sanskar cried openly.
“don’t worry Sanskar. Nothing will happen to our Laksh!”Ap consoled Sanskar as well as herself.
Rajat came outside .
“now you can see him. before that, can you all please come to my room?”Rajat said and left..
Sahil was not able to see Rajat’s face .
“Aunty , uncle… I will take care of Laksh. you can go!”Sahil said.
In Rajat’s cabin,

“can you tell me what happened exactly?”Rajat asked.
“when I passed his room, I heard some weird sound from his room. I entered the room. Laksh was banging… his head against the bed. I hugged to stop. He looked like he was scared by seeing someone.”Dadi said.
“Hallucination and self harm…” Rajat released a long breath.
“ Mr.SanskarMaheshwari, I think that I have to admit Mr.Laksh as a In Patient again”rajat said.
Sanskar stood up from his chair in shock and hold Rajat by his collar.
“how dare you to say like this Dr.Rajat?”Sanskar screamed.
Rajat looked at Sanskar without affected by his anger while others tried to separate Rajat from Sanskar’s hands.
Inside Laksh’s ward,
Sahil entered and hold Laksh hands.
“what happened to you, Laksh? Don’t fall sick. I can’t see you like this. How can you be careless? See, you are making me to worry.”Sahil scolded Laksh and caressed his bandage.
“Sahil..!”Laksh called Sahil with the same affection and love ,which he used to be, in a subconscious state.
“Mama…!”Sahil murmured shockingly.
To be continued…

Friends and sissies , if you dont like it or if i am boring, please tell me because the response is getting low…. please share your views either it’s postive or negative… take care Sara is signing off.

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  1. Nice waiting for next part

  2. Nice waiting for next part

  3. it’s very interesting


  5. Lovely7

    This part is really treat for raglak fans? loved it
    Waiting for more raglak scenes and revealations

  6. Awesome update

  7. Loved it, keep going. It’s not boring

  8. Elizabethlovely


  9. Awesome dear

  10. Superb part

  11. Awesome episode

  12. Deeksha

    Awesome dear..!! But a request.. Swasan scenes are very less infact there were no scenes.. Could you please add them..

  13. Kitkat

    i m a regular reader of ur ff…. story is really fantastic and lot of suspence….. just loved it…..

  14. Jiyani

    Awesome dear…Loved it…don’t end soon

  15. Awesome

  16. Shivu213

    Amazing superb & I specially love the way in ur all ffs u show the sanlak bond is awesome???

  17. Asra

    it’s amazing akka….flashback ellam superbbb akka…raglak scenes ellamey semma ya irundhuchu akka…ragu va sumi adika thorathunathu semma akka…ragu va laksh thukidu odunathu semma akka…love them akka…dadu cover kudukiratha vida madanga pola….dp illa ragu kola try panathu pina yaru…laksh China vayasula kola try panathu yaru….omg confusing…eagerly waiting for nxt one akka…
    akka Indha story ya yaravathu boring nu soluvangala…semmmma interesting story akka…na unga story’a romba romba romba love panren akka…tkcr akka…

  18. Loved this part.n mostly raglak scenes are fantastic. I have a question in promo kavyakavitayni take a vow that her soul will be in that temple only until raglak get married there in that temle then how can she is present in this birth as a human because still that temple is abdoned right? Pls answer me only if it doesn’t ruin ur mystery ok.

  19. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

  20. Interesing

    1. Sry it’s interesting dear

  21. Simply superb di…don’t dare to say that,it’s boring…post next soon di

  22. Awesome

  23. Laashya

    Lovely episode

  24. Awesome superb amazing

  25. Awesome

  26. Sorry for the very late comment, but what to do, my exams finished yesterday only. As usual outstanding episode dear and Raglak scenes are really beautiful. Loved it a lot. Please don’t say it’s boring, it’s hurting me. This is one of my favorite Raglak ff. I loved all your stories. I always wish to read more more Raglak stories from your side because I’m a die heart Raglak fan and also I loved your story lines. So please continue. Love you dear and take care

  27. Excellent di

  28. Please give the link of all previous episodes next time n u didn’t give episode number to this part please do it dear wrna jab number se episode padhne jao to we will not get it in proper sequence dear. Update soon . eagerly waiting to know what will happen next.

  29. Awesome dear, loved it

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