Hi friends and sissies… Thanks for all your support friends and sissies and Raksha, I am sorry for disappointing you .About Aadi’s relationship with Ragini, it’s still need to go through some layers. Yes, whatever you said is true. In Aadi’s life, Uttara hold a part as his lover and wife and Kavya as his foster sister. Ragini is his twin sister whom he didn’t meet for years. But, you couldn’t keep one with you just for the responsibility and about Swasan marriage, you will know within the next two episode. when we started, we planned past would run based on Ragini and present would run based on Laksh . Actually, we planned present as completely opposite from past. But, we will try our best to make this story would be liked by everyone. We didn’t get hurt by your comment raksha, indeed we are very happy that we have a such a reader like you for our story. How much we are happy means , getting best employee award in our office. Ok, now we will continue our story.
Story starts…

“Maa… is ragini only my lover or did I marry her?”Laksh asked Ap while Sanskar and Dp looked at Laksh, worriedly.
Ap bent to take plate and avoided eye contact.
“no Laksh… you loved her. When you took her to our house along with Uttara for introducing to us , you all got into accident. You didn’t married her.”Sanskar lied.
Swara turned and looked at them in shock.
“then, why did I say her as wife?”Laksh sat in a chair and hold his head. His facial expression changed as he started to feel pain in his head.
Ap hugged him and caressed his head.

“I should loved her that much . that’s why I thought her as my wife even I didn’t married her … “Laksh said while looking aimlessly.
Swara looked at Laksh’s face , a unknown pain she felt in her heart and walked out from there fastly without getting anyone’s attention as she can’t go through.
In Outhouse,
Swara closed the door and slanted against the door. Tears flowed in her eyes.
Flashback starts…

The Day of Ragini’s marriage with Aarav…
“uncle, you know about me. Though my income would not be that much, I will keep my Rago’s life always happy. Can you give Rago’s hands to me?”Laksh asked directly once Aarav’s family left
Ragini looked at him shockingly while Shekar looked at her with hope.
“I will marry Laksh, Appa if you wish”Ragini said without any expression…any love, any rejoice as she could marry her love… without anything.

Shekar stood with a new energy while Sahil was trying hard to understand what happened now.
“Pandit ji, when will be the next muhurt?”Shekar asked.
“the day after correctly one week…Pandit said.
“ The marriage will happen in the same mandap after the week…”Shekar said, hold Ragini’s hand and left the mandap.
Swara wiped her tears , tapped Sahil who was just standing frozen.

“Is it Laksh going to marry our Rago ka?”Sahil asked.
Swara tapped his head.
“I never thought my brother would be this much dumb. Kumbakarn..!”Swara teased with smile and side hugged him.
The environment slowly turned to normal.

In Ragini’s house,

At night,
“Swara, Take this dinner to Laksh. I don’t think today he will come here…”Sumi said.
Swara took the plate and came out of her house. Ragini came out of house without getting anyone’s attention and stopped Swara in the way to Laksh house.
“Swara, you can return back to home. I will take today”Ragini said.
Swara thought for a minute and then gave the plate.
At Laksh’s house,

Ragini stood infront of the door which was already open, hesitated first , then she went inside .
Laksh was sitting nearby window and staring at the sky.
Ragini put the plate on the table . By the sound, Laksh turned.
“Ragini..”Laksh stood from his place, came near to her.
“do you pity on me, Laksh?”Ragini’s question made laksh stop in his place.

“Even when that Aarav married another girl, It never hurt my feelings. But when asked my hands from my Appa, just by pitying on us, I just felt to bury myself in the ground, Laksh… I hate you Laksh…”Ragini said and turned to leave while Laksh hold her hands, pulled her towards him.
Ragini tried to get away from his grip but laksh increased his grip, captivated her between his hard chest and wall.
Ragini felt his hot breath in her face and looked at Laksh as its new side to her.
“just tell me again what you said before…”Laksh said in a deep voice.
“I … hate…”Ragini’s words struck in her throat while Laksh looked deeply into her eyes.
“ Do you think that I asked your hand just by pitying on your situation? No… Ragini… I can’t see tears in your eyes…I love you Ragini… I love you ”Laksh said while Ragini eyes widen in shock and happiness.

“I love you Laksh…”Ragini said unknowingly which made Laksh lose his grip.
Ragini tried to leave but Laksh hold her hands in surprise, then took her face in hands.
“just tell me again what you said before…”Laksh said the same sentence with love and concern.
Ragini hide her face in his chest and hugged him while blushing hard.

“ I love you Ragini… but I don’t know why or from when? I just love you … when I came to propose you, you gave me your wedding invitation… you don’t know Ragini how much pain I have felt. I couldn’t do anything because your family became my family before a long day ago. I couldn’t do anything which might hurt Shekar uncle’s feelings Rago.”Laksh said while hugging her tightly.
“ I also thought to propose you before a week. Do you know how much I gathered my courage to propose you? but at that day only, Aarav’s parents came and finalized my marriage. I couldn’t do anything against my Appa’s happiness, Laksh .”Ragini said while hugging him even tighter.
Swara entered Laksh’s house as it’s been long time and coughed intentionally by seeing their position.
“Swara…”Laksh released his hug while Ragini hid behind his back while blushing , slowly peeped out.
Swara raised her one eye towards Laksh while winked at Ragini.
“Rago..!”Laksh called her name while she ran to her home while blushing.
“Don’t tease her , little monkey”Laksh said.
“As your wish, elder monkey”Swara said.
“Elder monkey?”Laksh looked at her questioningly.

“haan… you are going to marry this little monkey’s sister, elder monkey. By the logic, you could be also elder monkey. Isn’t it?”Swara asked with playful smile in her face.
“I can never win against you in speaking, Maharani!”Laksh hold his hand above his head.
“you should be thankful to me,friend.”Swara said how she stopped the marriage excluding Aadi’s part in it..
“But still, you shouldn’t go alone into his room. What if he tried anything wrong…”Laksh thought gave him a chill in his spine.

“ohh my friend, your friend is not that much fool. So, don’t worry and be ready for marriage rituals. Tomorrow , I and sahil will clean this house…”Swara said while gave a disgusting look to the room.
“Bachelor’s room would be like this only…”Laksh said without letting go of his pride.
“I know. … I know… ok, I will come tomorrow…”Swara said and left.
“ is my house looking that much bad?”Laksh thought while giving a look to his house.
“no..not at all!”Laksh just shrugged his shoulder and immersed himself in his thoughts of Ragini.
Ragini was laying on her bed, blushing hardly by remembering what happened in Laksh’s house.
Swara entered her house and directly went to sumi and shekar’s room.

In Sumi-shekar’s room,

“Sumi, so many things happened in one day…”Shekar said thoughtfully.
“but, everything will be good. Laksh will take care of our rago. He is very good boy”Sumi said.
“hmm.. did you see Aadi? I didn’t see him from morning. Even I don’t have his number .”Shekar said.
“he will never come again,Appa”Swara said while closing the room door.
“Swarau..”Sumi pressed her name.
“ I told him that he can stay with us as our cousin. But , If he wants to be Rago ka’s brother, he can’t stay with us. Rago ka is this family’s elder daughter, she will remain the same .”Swara said.
“Swara..!”Shekar stood from his bed.

“she is my sister. I will never let anyone to snatch our rights on Rago ka from me or Sahil, Appa. You can scold me how much you want. But it’s my decision…”Swara said sternly and went out of the room.
Shekar looked at the door worriedly.
“ I never knew my Swara would be this much sensitive and stubborn…”Shekar muttered worriedly while Sumi expressed the same.

The next day,
Shekar and Sumi came to his house.
Shekar hold his hand to thank him with tears in his eyes.
“Uncle, why are you doing like this? I always wanted to be part of your family. now it’s going to be true and about Rago, I will take care of her as my maharani ”Laksh said.
Shekar just smiled.
“then don’t call me uncle. I am your mama (In TN, the father in law also called as Mama in short of Mamanar) and she is your athamaa now. Haan… laksh can you tell your parent’s name for invitation?”Shekar said while taking the pen.

“Anna…”Laksh stopped in middle and got himself in his past.
“what happened Laksh?”Sumi asked concernedly.
“nothing aunty.. sorry Athamaa… Ramprasad Sharma and Sujatha”Laksh said.
“Ram Prasad Sharma and Suja…”Shekar missed his pen and his hand started to shake.
Laksh didn’t notice as he bent to take pen. Sumi hold Shekar’s hand and signed to control himself.
“Mama…”Laksh extended his hand to give pen.
“ok Laksh, from day after tomorrow , the rituals will start”Shekar said and Laksh nod his head.
Outside of Laksh house,
“ what will happen if they were the same ?Shekar asked tensedly.
“it happened before so many years ago, Shekar. Ramprasad’s family was completely destroyed. No one is not alive now in that family . so, don’t worry. Moreover, until we are alive, we won’t let that Durgaprasad touch our Rago.”Sumi said in a determinate voice.
Days rolled…

At the day of marriage,
In Marriage hall,
At Groom’s room,
Laksh and ragini did their ganga snaan and Laksh was changing himself in dhoti while Sahil was biting an apple.
“Arre mera Sahil! Help me. how can I wear this?”Laksh asked while showing dhoti in his hand.
“wait! what a man you are! You even don’t know how to wear this simple dhoti”Sahil sighed fakely, smiled inside and tied dhoti.
Laksh put two steps but suddenly stopped.

“what happened Laksh?”Sahil asked worriedly by seeing Laksh’s expression.
“Dhoti is getting loosened .”Laksh said while holding dhoti.
Sahil hold his head as what he can do further while Shekar came inside.
“Laksh,Sahil, we are getting late”Shekar said.
“APPA, Laksh don’t know how to handle dhoti. Now what can we do?”Sahil asked.
Shekar understood the situation in a moment and murmured something in sahil’s ear.
Sahil came with small rope and then Shekar tied the rope along with dhoti in Laksh’s waist, hid it properly as rope was not visible outside.
“Mama, can I wear pant inside or some ¾ pants?”Laksh asked .

Sahil laughed loudly by seeing Laksh’s expression while Shekar tried to control his laugh.
“Mama… it’s not good. You are also laughing by seeing my condition”Laksh complained like a child.
“now it’s ok. it won’t get loosened”Shekar said.
Laksh walked inside the room to check and then gave a satisfactory smile to shekar.
In Bride’s room,
Ragini was looking beautiful in the red cotton bridal saree.
Swara was putting kajal in ragini’s eyes while Ragini was lost in Laksh’s thoughts, smiled.
Sumi looked at Ragini happily by seeing her happiness.
“hmm… rago ka. Don’t forget it’s not free service , you have to do the same in my marriage.”Swara said after pinching in Ragini’s hand.

“to whom I will do , other than my this cute’s sister…”Ragini said while caressing swara’s face.
“hmm..but why not can you and Laksh mama stay in our house after your grahapravesh? Even maa is insisting the same”Swara said.
“no Swara… if I ask him, he will definitely accept. It won’t be good for Laksh’s respect . “Ragini said.
“but…”Swara pouted.
“Swaru, I accept we won’t see any difference in this. But the society will not look the same.”Ragini said.

Swara made a sad face.
Ragini stood and cupped her face.
“ I am not going anywhere far away from you all. Just I am moving to our opposite house. moreover, will you be sad on your Ragoka’s marriage?”Ragini asked .
Swara hugged her and hid her tears.
“ok, ok… come, my friend is waiting you for you “Swara said with a smile.
At the entrance of Marriage hall,
Laksh was standing there for the ritual of Kasiyathra

“Groom, you have to say that you are going to Kasi to became saint”Pandit said.
“but why should I have to lie like that?”Laksh asked which made everyone laugh.
“Laksh, it’s a ritual. Once you said like that, Sahil will stop you and invite you to marry his sister. but you have to insist on going to kasi, then at the third invitation , you can accept and come inside the mandap”Sumi said.
“will you stop me?”Laksh asked Sahil through his eyes.
“I don’t know”Sahil signed by shrugging his shoulder.

“why are they making me to take risk? He never please anyone ”Laksh asked himself and released a long breath.
“ I am going to kasi…”Laksh said those words finally.
“Mama… mama… don’t go for kasi now. I will let you marry my sister”Sahil said while Laksh was looking at him surprisedly.
“no.. I will go for kasi”Laksh repeated.

“Mama.. don’t go for kasi now. I will let you marry my sister”Sahil said with smirk.
Laksh confused by seeing the smirk.
“no… I will go for Kasi…”Laksh stuttered.
“Arre Laksh.. come. I will let you marry my sister…”Sahil pulled him inside while Laksh hold his dhoti safely.
Everyone smiled while sumi tapped Sahil’s head playfully.
“oops! It doesn’t loosened”Laksh murmured.

Pandit made sit Laksh in a chair for patha pooja. Sahil bent towards him , took his foot and placed it in a copper plate.
Laksh widened his eyes by seeing this as he didn’t know about those rituals.
“Life time choice as you are going to marry my sister. Enjoy!”Sahil said.
“Athamaa, I like this ritual most.”Laksh murmured in sumi’s ear who was giving him handfan.
Sumi smiled as she knows the exact relationship between Sahil and Laksh.
“Sahil, wash your mama’s feet with water. Then, put this haldi and kumkum”Pandit said.
Sahil washed Laksh’s feet three times, put the haldi also.

Laksh grinned at him . Then, Sahil pinched his feet while putting kumkum dilak in his feet.
“Auch!”Laksh suppressed his pain, kept a smile and looked at Sahil who was smirking at him.
Sahil stood, offered a foot wear and then opened Umbrella, hold it over Laksh’s head.
Laksh walked towards the mandap and sat in mandap, while Sahil sat next to him.
“what are you doing here?”Laksh murmured Sahil’s ear.
“I won’t leave your hand that much easily MAMA!”Sahil winked his eyes while Laksh gave a confusing look.
“Someone can tell Bride to come “Pandit said.

Ragini came out of her room along with Sumi and Swara while laksh stared her forgetting about his surrounding.
“Auch..!”laksh exclaimed in a low voice as Sahil pinched his hand.
“I know my Rago ka is very beautiful. But it doesn’t mean you can stare her in mandap. Atleast , have some self respect. Don’t let Swara di tease you “Sahil murmured in Laksh’s ears.
Ragini sit in the left side of laksh. Laksh hold her hands while Ragini returned a smile. Laksh lost himself in her smile.
“he never change…”Sahil smiled to himself.

“mappilai thambi…Mappilai thambi…(Groom..)”Pandit called twice which made Laksh came out of his world.
In a broad sand plate, soil was filled.
“Put this grains in this…Manaponnu(Bride) help him ”Pandit said.

Laksh and ragini put the grain in sand plate and showered some water.
Pandit started to chant mantra’s and made raglak gave aguthi to fire.
“Manaponnada appa amma vango…(Bride’s father and mother can come)”Pandit said.
Sumi and Shekar came sit beside Ragini’s side for Kanyadhan. They did the kanyadhaan.
Laksh took Thali(Mangalsutra) in that in his hand and tied the first knot in Ragini’s neck.
“Mappilai thangachi adutha mudichi podungo(Groom’s sister can put the next knots)”Pandit said.
“Uttu!”Laksh murmured unknowingly while Swara put the next two knots.
“ I am being bored as Rago’s sister. so now on I will be your sister”Swara said with smile.
Laksh took kumkum in his hand and applied it on Ragini’s head by encircling his hand to her head.
A long tears escaped from ragini eyes and she tightly clutched her mangalsutra.
Everyone throws sacred rice towards Raglak as sign of giving their blessings.
Sumi put the angavastra in Laksh’s shoulder and tied it’s end with ragini’s saree pallu.
“Groom and bride can stand up”Pandit said.

Laksh, Ragini and Sahil stood up.
Sahil hold Laksh hands while Laksh and Ragini locked their last fingers. Sumi took a bronze lamp in her hand and stood beside Sahil.
Sumi walked first with Lamp while Raglak and Sahil followed her to take pheras.
They completed the pheras.
Then, RagLak walked towards Ammi(Grindstone).
Ragini put her left toe on Grindstone, Laksh hold her toe and put a ring in her second toe finger.
Ragini smiled while blushing.

“Are you seeing the arunthathi star?”Pandit asked while Laksh gave are you mad look.
“Laksh, it’s a ritual. You have to say yes”Sahil murmured in his ear.
“Yes..”RagLak said in unison while holding each other’s hand tightly.
“Vivaah samporna hogaya…”Pandit said.
“Laksh.. Ragini come with me…”Sumi said.
RagLak followed her to a room .
In Room,
“Laksh, have this banana and milk and then give the remaining to Ragini”Sumi said.
Laksh took it in his hand hurriedly as he was so hungry.
Laksh took a little part on banana and milk and then gave the remaining to Ragini.
Sumi looked at them satisfactorily.
Ragini took a bite and then smiled.

“what happened to Rago ka? Why is she smiling for eating banana?”Sahil asked Swara.
“you can’t understand Kumbkarn… it’s only we can understand…”Swara said .
After some time, Nagavalli Kalyanam started( in this, only both side family will be present not any neighbors nor relatives).
RagLak sat opposite to each other.
“Give them Krishna…”Pandit said.

Sumi gave a baby Krishna idol to Ragini and Ragini took it in her pallu.
“hmm.. that krishna idol is your son. Bride and groom can make a swing and make your son sleep”Pandit said.
Ragini made a swing by using her end of pallu while Laksh helped her. RagLak started to swing and sang laali for Krishna.
Laksh and Ragini looked at the idol emotionally as it’s their son.
“Elder can ask what they want…”Pandit said.

“when are you both give our grandson? When will we can have our grandson in our hand?”Sumi and Shekar asked in unison.
Ragini’s face totally turned into crimson red while Laksh tried his best to hid his blush.
“hmm.. elder can take back the idol…”Pandit said and sumi extended her pallu. Ragini hesitated to give but finally gave as it’s part of ritual.
Pandit show a plate which was having Athirasam(Sweet which made up of jaggery and rice flour), Vada and papad.
“Bride can feed her groom and vice versa ”Pandit said.
Ragini took the sweet, fed Laksh while Laksh looking at her lovingly.
Laksh also fed the sweet .

Ragini fed the vada for the second time after removing chilli from it.
Laksh fed her vada without checking it. Ragini bit green chilli but smiled for hiding.
Ragini fed him vada again while Laksh fed her the sweet.
“ok, the next ritual…”Pandit said while offering papad plate infront of them.
Ragini took two papad and broke it on Laksh;s cheeks head whild Laksh smirked at her after taking papad in his hand.
“no..no..”Ragini said while Laksh broke it on her head but before touching her head, he crushed it but it looked like he broke it on her head.
“Ok, the final ritual in this Nagavali marriage…”Priest said.

Sumi put a large vessel with full of milk and put a ring in milk.
“See, who is taking the ring? They will be the most powerful one”Sumi said.
Ragini and Laksh put their hand in vessel to search ring.
“Rago ka will win..”Sahil said.
“no my Laksh mama will win”Swara showed her tongue.
“Rago ka..”Sahil stressed his tone.
“Laksh mama…”Swara stressed her tone than Sahil.

Inside milk vessel,
Laksh hold Ragini hands and put ring inside her hand while Ragini shoved in his hand. they fight by sacrificing to each other.
“Are you going to take it or not?”Ragini asked Laksh through her eyes.
“no.. you take it”Laksh answered through his eyes.
“take it..”Ragini ordered.
“no..”Laksh refused.
Swara and Sahil stopped their fight and looked at Raglak’s eye sign language.
“Pandit ji, even the sun sets, they won’t finish this ritual. Come , we can go”Sahil said teasingly.
Ragini put ring in Laksh’s hands and raised it over the vessel.

“hey..! my Laksh mama won”Swara giggled and showed her tongue to Sahil.
“Rago ka!”Sahil pouted.
“Sorry Sahil!”Ragini said.
“it’s ok”Sahil said half heartedly.
In LAKSH house,
Ragini kicked the kalash and got into house.
“Rago, lit the lamp”Sumi said.
Ragini lit the lamp and everyone worshipped god.

After some time,
At evening,
Laksh was sitting on the roof top while smiling to himself.
Sumi touched his shoulders to gave him coffee.
“Athai maa.. if you called me, I would come by myself. Why are you stressing yourself? ”Laksh said.
“what are you thinking Laksh?”Sumi asked.
“ just thinking about rituals Athai maa that are so fun…”Laksh said.

Sumi gave a warm smile.
“Each and every ritual hold a lesson Laksh. Just take , when you were tying thalli (Mangalsuta) in Ragini’s neck, Swara put the remaining knots in the position of your sister. That means, Ragini is not only responsible for you also for your family and your family is also responsible for her happiness. Then next, the pheras. I hold a lamp infront of you and sahil hold your hands. That means, whenever you cross dark paths in your life, as a elder we will show you to get a right path. Whenever you are having difficult situations in your life, Sahil promised that he will be with you to overcome the hurdles as your brother-in-law. You promised Ragini that you will never leave her at any situation.It’s that ritual meaning laksh. then, about putting ring in Ragini’s toe by placing her toe on the grind stone, it signifies your relationship will be strong. seeing Arunthathi nakshatra tells you that you both should lead live a life Arunthathi and vasisht maharishi.”Sumi stopped while Laksh gave a deep look.

“but today I was very happy Laksh. though you were hungry, you thought about Ragini first .when you mistakenly feed her vada with chilli, she hid her pain but you fed her sweet to reduce her pain. I trust you Laksh even in difficult situation, you will keep my Rago as queen of your house. you will understand each other and live happily. You both never leave each other’s side . Now I can be relaxed Laksh.”Sumi finished while caressing Laksh’s face.
“I promise you athaimaa I will keep my Rago as my queen”Laksh promised.
“maa… “Swara came there by calling Sumi. Sumi wiped her tears.
“haan Swara”Sumi said.

“maa… we have to make Ragini ready for first night. Neighborhood aunties are calling you for making Rago ka ready ”Swara said.
“go, I will come…”Sumi said. Swara came down.
Sumi gave a smile to Laksh and then left.
““I won’t leave your hand that much easily MAMA!, I am being bored as Rago’s sister. so now on I will be your sister”Laksh remembered Sahil and Swara’s words and thought about Sumi words.
“Finally, I got some people who can truly love me as my family… just for me…”Laksh said and wiped his tears.
Flashback ends…

Swara wiped her tears by hearing door knocking sound.
Swara opened the door and saw Sahil who was standing nearby door.
“Are you crying?”Sahil asked worriedly by seeing Swara’s red eyes.
Swara punched in his arms,” I am not a cry baby like you . I am just having headache“Swara lied.
Sahil touched her forehead to check the temperature.
“ I’m ok Sahil. Just a head ache!”Swara said .
“ok, then take some rest. I will make something for tonight.”Sahil said and pushed her towards her room.
Swara smiled, lay on her bed. Slowly, her eyes closed.

Precap:RagLak marriage life with Uttara’s entry and Aadi’s entry in Swasan life.

Hope I didn’t bored with marriage episode. Please share your views and criticism is most welcome. take care sissies and friends…. Sara is signing off…

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