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Thanks for your comments Dharani. Astra, I am happy that you liked my surprise. Bharu Thangachi, en nee Kadhai elutharatha kodumai nu solra? En first story lam padichina azuthuduva. Practice makes perfect . that’s it .Deeksha, my hand is better now. Sorry for making you wait. Asra thangachi, we all are fine. How are you ? how is your studies? And you are my intelligent sissy. Thanks for your comments Ammu,lovely,follybraverl,ammu,arjuna ,priya. Thanks a lot for supporting me even after I am irregular. Thank you very much friends.
I want to know about Ragini’s characterization in past? Based on your views, I will play her character in present. Please reply to this question.
I know you all have so many questions.
1. Why did Laksh marry KavyaKavithayini?
2. Why did Kavya accept the marriage?
3. Why did Sanskar safeguard the marriage?
4. Why did Swara kill Sanskar whom she loves most in the world?
5. Why did Swara played veena if that veena belongs to Ragini?
6. Am I missed any of your doubts?

At Dp’s house,
“Maa.. Annu told me that you wanted to discuss something “Dp said while sitting besides Parvathi and massages her leg.
“Durga… I hope Annu already told you what happened in park”Dadi said.
“Maa.. Laksh is just a kid. May be he lied. ”Dp said.
Dadi stood up from bed.
“no Durga. I know about Laksh. he never made fake promises whatever the situation is”Dadi said.
Dadi saw garden through window.
“Laksh… what is he doing in garden in this time?”Dadi asked a bit loudly.
Dp walked fast and stood beside Dadi, saw laksh who was sitting on bench in garden.
In Garden,
“Old uncle, where did you go when my mom and Dadi came to park?Because of me,Sanskar bhai also get scolded by maa. Everyone thought that I am lying”Laksh complained.
Old man smiled.”I had some emerjency work at that time. That’s why I left.”
“ok..ok.. tell me. After that what happened to Sahil and chotu?”laksh asked.

“Sahil sacrificed his life for Chotu. He spent all his life just to rise Chotu. Both the samrat’s heartbroken after knowing the end of their children. Sahil asked them about the decision of war. But they refused to tell.Later, Whatever Ragini said became true, Chotu raised as Tanishkant prince. On the age of 16, Rp and Dp combined both their nation and pleaded Sahil to let their Grandson Chotu rule their samraj also. Sahil left the decision in chotu’s hand. Chotu accepted but he put an condition that he will rule their nation from Tanishkant. They also accepted. Finally, Mayankpur and Mahismati came under Tanishkant and Sahil made Chotu as Samrat. Chotu lived happily”Old man finished the story.
“hmmm..! Finally, chotu lived happily”Laksh asked with a broad smile.
Old man nodded his head.
“wait! till now I didn’t asked your name. what is your name? how did you come here inside house? It’s not easy to enter…”Laksh asked.
Old man smiled mysteriously.
“Vishnu…”Old [email protected] said in a very low voice.
“Laksh…”A voice made Laksh turn.
“Dadi maa…”Laksh turned.
“Laksh.. what are you doing here?”Dp asked.
“Papa… I met the same person whom I met in park. He just finished his story”laksh said.
Dp and Dadi looked everywhere. Laksh also searched Vishnu through his eyes.
“Again he vanished. I wish to introduce him to you all.”Laksh said.
A fear traces had shown in Dp and Dadi’s face.

“what did he tell you? I mean that story..”Dadi asked while holding Laksh hands.
“haan.. he told me about A story of Rajparivaar. Even the prince name is also Laksh… but he also died with his friends and Ragini.”Laksh pouted while remembering the story.
Dadi hugged Laksh tightly with scary face.
“Maa…”Annu come downside with little Uttara in her hand by seeing them in garden.
“Annu… Take Laksh with you. don’t let him go out of your sight… Sanskar also”Dadi said in a authorative tone.
“Ji maa…”Annu obeyed and passed a confusion look to Dp and Dadi.
“Bh..ai…”Uttara spelled in her baby voice and raised her hands.
“Uttu..”Laksh bend towards Uttara and tried to lift her.
Annu smiled by seeing their bond and took Laksh and Uttara to her home.
“Maa…”Dp called dadi .
“Nothing is correct here Durga.”Dadi said while looking the garden.
“Something is happening Durga. If it’s a sign of danger.. no… we already lost so many people. I can’t bear any other loss. Please we will go anywhere… but I don’t want to stay in this place”Dadi added.
“Ji maa… I will shift my business and our house to Kolkatta. I will enquire about this. I will never let anyone to play with our family”Durga promised.
“it will be good for everyone”Dadi said.
Both ,Dp and Dadi got inside of their house.
Vishnu again appeared on sky.
“run… how much you can run? Run.. but you can’t escape. she will come to get her answers…”Vishnu smiled sarcastically.
“ once she get her answer, she will make all your life hell for your sin, Rajmata… May be my time has come to leave you all … but she will come … she will definitely come” Vishnu said, turned into Star, remained in sky.

Laksh Sharma was adopted son of Maheshwari family. Sanskar,Ap,Dp,Parvati Maheshwari alias Dadi are the members of maheshwari family. Laksh was a car racer and refused to take position in company. In the race, his car brake was failured. He escaped from this attack but had been taken to hospital. Maheshwari’s arrived to hospital. Inspector arrived there and arrested Sanskar for trying to kill Laksh. Laksh gave statement infavor of Sanskar and made him got released. At night,Dadi went to Laksh room. Laksh threatened her that he would destroy Sanskar’s life as she did. He remember his joyful days with Sanskar and Uttara Maheshwari who meant to be dead. The next day, Ful moon day, Laksh accepted to come to company and learn business under Sanskar. Aman, Friend of Sanskar and PA of Sanskar, got promoted as a head of UK region leaves India. Swara and her brother Sahil reached Kolkatta and staying in Swara’s friend house. Swara joined as PA for Sanskar and got shock by seeing Laksh. Sanskar misunderstood that she shocked to see him as Owner of SM industries and remembered their funny encounter. At night, full moon started to rise in sky. Laksh felt an immense pain for a moment at midnight. Maheshwari’s thought to clear Laksh problem as soon as possible. Swara and Sahil were not good in terms. Sahil got medical seat in reputed college. He shared his happiness with Swara unknowingly then maintain silence. After a while, he opened his suitcase and took a photo in which RagLak was shown in bridal attire.On Other hand, Swara confused with Laksh behavior and decided that not let Sahil to know about laksh. At the same day, laksh harmed one of his employee brutally.
At 6’O Clock ,
Sahil came out of the room.
“Swara, we have to go search a new rented house. It’s your friend house. As you know, we can’t stay here for a long”Sahil taunted.
Swara smiled while Sahil stared her with little bit anger.
Swara raised her hand in air.
“I will just fash my face. then, we will go.”Swara said without changing smile.
Sahil gave an you are impossible look while Swara refused his look .
After five minutes,

Swara came out without washing her face and searching something.
“what are you searching?”Sahil asked .
“I don’t know where I kept my face wash. Ohh Kalimaa! What can I do? what will happen if I get any pimple? Oh no! pimple in my face… I can’t imagine”Swara exclaimed in a dramatic way while Sahil searched the face wash.
“Oh!”Sahil took out the face wash from luggage.
“Kalimaa Thank you so much ….”Swara folded her hands and raised in air multiple times.
“you can act like Rago di… you are not Rago di…”Sahil mixed poison in his words.
“I know.. I will be ready in five minutes”Swara said with the same smile and got into washroom.
Sahil stared Swara and left the place with painful smile.
In SM industries,
Sanskar had been checking an file while Laksh entered his cabin.
“Arre Bhai…how many hours will you work continuously? Wrap up soon… we will return to house”Laksh said.
“ it’s for an important deal, Laksh. we should grab this deal at any cost”Sanskar said in serious tone.
Laksh sighed.
“hmm! Boring work … I wish to be in car race. Shhhh! Speed.. thrill…”Laksh imagined as he is in car race.
“Laksh… you decided to be trained in Industries work by yourself. Don’t deviate from your decisions.”Sanskar said in a little bit strict tone.
“Ok boss”laksh replied then put his finger on his lips and sit like a LKG Student .
“You…”Sanskar struggled to control his smile.
“you…”Laksh asked then again put his finger on his lip.
“You will never change…”Sanskar smiled and sighed.
“Haan… with this smile , now wrap up your work soon, we will see it tomorrow… let’s go” laksh hurried.
“Haan.. Haan.. give me half an hour. Then we will go.”Sanskar said.
“Ok bhai… only half an hour”Laksh reminded and sat on a chair beside Sanskar and started to play with table weight to kill the time.
On Other side,

Sahil and Swara were walking on the road.
“ we saw more than five houses and three flats. Till now, you didn’t finalized anyone Sahil.”Swara complained.
But ,Sahil didn’t pay any attention and continued his walking by checking google maps.
Swara kicked the ground.
“Aahh!”Swara hold her leg because of pain.Sahil turned and saw the stone,Understood what she did.
A bell sound occupied the place.
Sahil looked the nearby temple which was crowded by people.
“We will sit in this temple for a while”Sahil said and supported Swara to stand.
Swara holded Sahil’s hand .with his support, she climbed the stairs of temple.
Both sit in the temple.
“Swara , sit here . I will buy things for pooja.”Sahil said after looking the surrounding.
“Hmmm”Swara nodded.
Sahil climb down the temple stairs.
Swara looked the surrounding to avoid getting bored and then saw a little kid bumped with an middle aged lady. The lady missed her pooja plate.
Swara walked towards the lady and helped her to collect her pooja things.
“Thank you beta”The lady thanked swara.
Swara returned her a friendly smile and helped her to sit.
“what is your name,Beta?” the lady asked.
“Swara…”Sahil who arrived there and looked her questioningly.
“my name is Swara and he is my choti,Raj..Sahil raj”Swara introduced herself and sahil.
“Pranam aunty…”Sahil said .
“Thank you beta for helping me”the lady said again.
“Arre aunty… we are humans. We should help each other if we can”Swara said.
“Beta,Are you new to this place?”the lady asked.
“how did you know,Aunty?”Swara asked.
“your tone of language is different and I never seen you here before”the lady said.
“Haan Aunty… we are from Tamilnadu . he got seat in xxx medical college and hospital and I am working in…”Swara said but Sahil interrupted.
“Swara, we have to go”Sahil said.
“now again, I have to walk for searching house”Swara sighed.
“if you are searching for house, there is a vacancy . I can refer you if you want . note the address.“that lady said and Sahil note down the address in phone.
“Thanks aunty”Sahil thanked the lady.
“Swara, can we go”Sahil murmured in Swara’s ear.
“Ok aunty. We will meet if we can”Swara said and walked towards Kalimaa’s idol.
“Annu , who is she?”Dadi asked the lady who came at that moment by searching Annu.
“Her name is Swara”Annu explained how she met Swara.
“She is just like our Uttu maa. The same smile…”Annu said while was remembering Uttara.
“Annu…”Dadi hold Annu’s hand supportively.
Annu turned and hide her tears.

“Maa, It’s getting late. We should return now”Annu said and walked towards down.
Dadi looked Kalimaa’s Idol.
“I did the sin, Annu. Forgive me, we lost our Uttu because of me”Dadi murmured.
“Maa…”Annu called Dadi from distance by observing her absence.
“I am coming ,Annu”Dadi signed and walked towards Downside.
At Swara’s side,
Swara and Sahil folded their hands, stood before Kalimaa’s idol .
“Maa, I have already lost my beloved people in my life. “Sahil opened his eyes and looked Swara.
” Please, always keep my di safe and happy. Please …”Sahil prayed.
“Maa, mera chotu start his new phase in his life. Please stand beside him and don’t let our past affect his future. Please maa..”Swara prayed.
“Swara, we are getting late.”Sahil said in a stern tone.
“haan… haan.. now can we go, Boss?”Swara asked while bowing her head.
Sahil suppressed his smile and turned back, started to walk outside of temple.
“Arre, I am also coming , wait”Swara shouted and ran behind Sahil.
“Ouch!”Swara holded her legs in pain,Sahil stopped by Swara’s scream and walked towards her.
“Just before, you hit stone by your leg. How you forgotten this ?”Sahil asked and hold her hands to support her.
“ok.. ok… can we continue our new house hunt?”Swara asked.
“we will continue Tomorrow evening. Now we will return to your friend’s house.”Sahil said.
Both walked towards their residential place.

At laksh’s side,
Sanskar was driving his car towards his house while laksh sat besides him and humming “humma” song.
Laksh opened windows of cars.
“Laksh, close the window. AC will not work, properly”Sanskar instructed.
“then, off the AC bhai”Laksh said and then switched off car’s AC.
“Hmmm… see Bhai, today the air is so moist…. Don’t you feel good while breathing natural Air than AC?”Laksh asked.
“haan… haan…. Mera guru. Now let me drive”Sanskar said while Laksh gives a smile, leaned on seat , closed his eyes.
Flashback starts….
“Sahi… Sahi… please stop here…”Laksh said while running behind Ragini.
Ragini stopped, turned and put her hands on her hip.
“Ohh! Lakshu… Just see the fresh leaves of tree…(inhales the air) how much this air enriched with flower’s scent… I always love this spring season”Ragini said dreamingly.
Laksh hugged her from back.
“is you love only Spring season?” Laksh hissed in Ragini’s ear and kissed her ear lobe.
“Laksh… what will happen if anyone see us like this?”Ragini said while she was trying to remove laksh’s hands.
“Sahi! We are married now and it’s my garden. No one can’t say anything about us”Laksh replied while increasing his grip.
Ragini turned towards Laksh .
“but it’s an open space”Ragini said.
“hhmm? Is it the problem? ”laksh asked while looking into Ragini’s eyes, smiled naughtily.
“hmmm!”Ragini said and realized what she said. Her cheeks turned red because of sudden blood flow.
“Sahi!”Laksh spelled with so much love in his voice.
Ragini slightly raised her head.

Laksh leaned towards her lips while Ragini closed her eyes .
“Mama..(jeju).. Rago…”Two voices are coming from inside house.
Ragini suddenly pushed laksh and ran inside house.
Laksh smiled sheepishly and played with his hair.
Flashback ends…
“screech…” Car stopped suddenly with sound.
Laksh opened his eyes with jerk.
“what happened, bhai?”Laksh asked worriedly by seeing Sanskar’s confused face.
“Someone tried to kill our senior manager. Now only I got information. I have to go SP office”Sanskar said.
“Ok bhai. first we will look into this matter”Laksh said.
“no Laksh. first I will drop you in house. We will reach within five minutes”Sanskar said and started car.
“ok…”Laksh said.
“bhai.. I want to ask something”Laksh said.
“why are you asking permission,Laksh? what is this new habit?”Sanskar asked.
Laksh smiled a little.
“bhai, you said that Rago was an orphan. I had some flashes. In that, not only Rago, there were other two persons… but I couldn’t neither recognize their faces nor remember about them…”Laksh said while holding his head, felt some pain in his head.
“Didn’t you take your tablets?”Sanskar asked while checking the box in car, took a tablet and gave it to laksh.
“Take it”Sanskar handover both Tablet and water.
Laksh swallowed the tablet and had water.
“how many times I told you to not skip tablet”Sanskar said.

“Arre bhai… don’t switch into scolding mode. I already have Hitler in home. Moreover…”Laksh stopped in middle as he observed that they arrived inside house gate.
Laksh came out of car.
“Moreover ..?”Sanskar asked.
“it makes your face like rat”Laksh said
“you.. Laksh…”Sanskar detached the seat belt and acted like to open the car door.
“bhai.. no.. maa…”laksh ran inside.
Sanskar smiled and shook his head, stared the way in which laksh went .
His phone ranged again.
Sanskar come out of his thoughts and attened the call.
“Sir, SP has arrived “one of his employees said.
“I will be there in half an hour”Sanskar answered, drove his car towards district SP office.
At swara place,
Sahil and Swara reached their friend’s house and saw her friend was waiting for her.
“Astra, are you waiting here for a long time? Sorry…”Swara said.
“Arre Swara, I just arrived here. I should informed you first. Then, how is kolkatta?”Astra, Swara’s friend asked.
“it’s very good Astu. Thank you for your help. You helped me a lot”Swara said.
“Ohh! Swara… you are my friend. But you still thanking me. it’s not correct”Astra said.
“you both continue. I will be here after some time”Sahil interrupted and left.
Swara stared the way for a second.
“Kolkatta is a very good place Astu. I am liking this place a lot”Swara diverted Astra’s mind from Sahil.
“haan… you will definitely like this place. I know how much you like sweets and here… this Bengali sweets…hmmm”Astra imagined a plateful of milk sweets.
After a while, at the end of their conversation,
“Swara… haan.. I forgot why I came here. Tomorrow I came here to invite you and Sahil for breakfast. Please come and convince sahil also. I don’t know why you both are refusing to stay here. I made ready this flat just for you . it’s one of best which we have.”Astra complained.
“Haan… I know Astu. But we can’t stay here. You refused to take rent from us. so Sahil decided to stay in another house. You know naa Sahil never changes his decision once he decided. Whatever it is, I am staying in kolkatta only. We can see each other”Swara said.
Astra nodded and left.
In SP office,
Sanskar and Sp was in middle of conversation.
“I hope you will find the culprit soon”Sanskar said .
“Yes Mr.Maheshwari. he is ASP Arjun . He will handle this case”SP said while seeing Arjun entered into room and saluted SP.
Sanskar stood from his seat and had a handshake with Arjun.
“Nice to meet you, Mr.Arjun. incase you need any help, I am happy to help you in this investigation.I hope you will finish this case soon”Sanskar said.
“Definitely Mr.Maheshwari …”Arjun said.
Sanskar left the SP office.
At Swara’s side,
Sahil entered into house.

“where did you go? I am calling you for a long time”Swara worried.
Sahil looked Swara and took kulfi from his bag.
Swara tried to take it from Sahil’s hand but he taken back.
Swara looked him questioningly.
“if you want this, you have to dress your wound”Sahil said strictly.
“but, it will give burning sensation… no”Swara clinged.
“ok… I will eat this”Sahil said while opening the wrapper.
“ok. I will let you dress my wound. But now let me to eat”Swara pleased.
“I know who you are.. cheater cock”Sahil said and took dettol, cotton roll, aimment from his bag , a bowl of water and cloth.
“Sit here…”Sahil pointed a seat.
Swara sat and Sahil cleaned her foot.
“Take this”Sahil handover the kulfi.
Swara started to eat meanwhile he finished the dressing, left the place silently.
Swara observed Sahil’s absence and went to his room, saw he was sleeping, sat beside his bed.
“I don’t know Sahil why you act like changed. You may hurt me sometimes intentionally even though you didn’t wanted to. I don’t know the reason and I don’t need it. whatever it may be, I will get my chotu back . I will go for any extreme…”Swara said while caressing his hair.
Sahil turned in sleep . Swara went out from the room silently.
Sahil opened his eyes.
“I am hurt di whenever I hurt you. I should be supportive to you when we lost. But I have to stay away from you for you… just for you”Sahil murmured and slowly sleep occupied him.
In Hospital,

Doctor entered his cabin where Sanskar was waiting .
“what happened Mr.Maheshwari? you called me at this time”Doctor asked.
“Laksh got flashes about his past. He didn’t take his medicine properly”Sanskar said.
Doctor thought for a while.
“we can’t do anything Mr.Maheshwari. Laksh has a strong feelings for ragini. That’s why he didn’t forgot her even when he lost his memory. The tablets helped us to restrict him from getting his memories. but I don’t think it will help now. “Doctor said.
“what will happen if he get any panic attack? Already he is going through immense pain in full moon days”Sanskar said.
“I tried my best,Mr.Maheshwari. Incase you get know about his past, it may help us to save Laksh .give this medicine if he get into any panic attack. rest is in god’s hands. “Doctor said.
Sanskar didn’t replied, stood from his seat and left Doctor’s cabin.
Sanskar’s phone ringed and shows Annu’s number.
“Maa…”Sanskar said.
“Sanskar beta… it’s getting late. When will you return?”Annu asked.
“I will be there in an hour maa.”Sanskar answered.
“haan beta… come soon… do you observed that our laksh returning to normal? I wish that he will be recovered soon”Annu said.
“haan maa… we will get our old laksh “Sanskar said and cut the call.
“we will get our old Laksh at any cost ,maa”Sanskar said and dialed detective’s number.
“hello Mr.Maheshwari…”Detective said.
“did you find about Ragini’s brother and sister or not?”Sanskar asked.
“Mr.Maheshwari…”Detective started.
“I don’t want any reason. I want their details with in a month. Otherwise, you know what will happen to your career”Sanskar threatened.
“their details should be in your table within a month,Mr.Maheshwari”Detective promised.
Sanskar cut the call.
“I should know what happened in your past, Laksh. for that, I have to find them.”Sanskar said to himself and left the hospital.
To be continued…
Friends and Sissies, please answer to my question about Ragini’s characterization in past. Thanks tellu updates for re-posting my article in swaragini page . Sara is signing out.

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