swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (intro and episode 1)


Guys this is Balaji and I give the intro of my second FF Love me or not. In this I portray six characters.

Ragini Gadodia- a 22 year aged girl who loves her family especially his chotti bro Vicky a lot. She always cares for her family. She is best in Kathak and she is studying for doctor.
Laksh- a 23 years aged business man. He completed his Degree one year before and started his career in his father’s company. He loves his mother a lot and kind hearted person.
Vikram @Vicky- he is 10 year aged naughty boy who loves his sister Ragini and he can do anything for her. Actually his biological parents died in a accident and his chacha and chachi adopted him and always consider him as their son. He doesn’t know about it.
Swara – a 24 year aged girl who lives with his chotti bro Aditya . She lost her parents in a accident when she was eighteen and always hates boys due to some unwanted incidents in her life. She loves aditya very much and she can do anything for her. She is best in singing.
Sanskar Maheshwari- a 24 year aged handsome business men. He returned to India few days before.
He can go to any extent to get the thing if he wishes to get.

Aditya- he is 15 years aged boy who always loves his sister Swara a lot. He is helping minded and very intelligent. He is very good in playing chess.
In my second ff, I deal with two different time periods past for RAGLAK and Present for SWASAN and the base of this story is Romantic thriller and I planned it for 17 episodes.
Hope you enjoy it.
Let I start first episode.
Past Time period
It’s pleasant morning
Person: Vicky Rago get up, otherwise you are late for going to school and college.
Ragini& Vicky:Sumi maa, please
Sumi: if you not get up, then your breakfast will be upma.
Ragini& Vicky: no!
Ragini gives towel to Vicky and put his uniform in bed and then she rushed to her room and get ready.
Time 8:30 AM
When she comes to dining hall, Vicky is waiting for her. Ragini sits near to Vicky.
Shekar(father of ragini): good morning rago
Ragini: good morning papa
Vicky(whispers in Ragini ears): di, today is upma. What can we do?
Ragini winks at Vicky.
Suddenly her phone starts to ring.
Ragini: hello kk I will come immediately.

Ragini(turns to Shekar): papa, I have to go ranjana’s house immediately. I will drop Vicky in school.
Shekar: kk rago take care. What an unluck today your mom is cooking Chappathi and paneer butter masala. What can you do? You are getting late.
Ragini glares Vicky. Vicky giggles
Ragini: papa nothing is important than mom’s breakfast. I will inform ranjana.
Shekar taps her in head” I know about your hike fake call. So don’t repeat that prank again. I need something new from my rago”
Sumi sees that and have a smile in her face.
Ragini takes her scooty and drops Vicky in school.
At school enterance
Ragini holds vicky’s ears but it’s not give pain to him.
Vicky: Di please release my ear.

Ragini: why are you lied to me?
Vicky: I just want to play with you.
Ragini: playing with me. haan kk. You do not deserve chocolate today.
Vicky(makes puppy face): Di
Ragini: kk. Ragini gives chocolate to him and bids bye to him and went to hospital.
At Laksh’s home
Laksh: maa, mirchi is waken or not
Maa taps his head” why are you calling your dad as mirchi”
Laksh: his face always like the man who ate mirchi.kk. maa. I am hungry.
Suji Maa: your favourite poori and chenna masala

Laksh: thanks maa. Side hugs her.
Suji Maa feeds Curd with sugar. Maa: all the best . today is your first day in office.
Laksh takes blessings from his mom and go to office.

The Morning
Swara wakes up and go to Aditya ‘s room. But he is not there.
Swara: (shouts)Aadi
Aadi: di I am here (answers from kitchen)
Aditya comes from kitchen and have a hotbox in his hand.
Aadi: di I cook upma today. Please have a breakfast and then go to your work.
Swara: how many times I said you to not cook?
Aadi: di,I am cooking for me to escape from your horrible cooking. Please learn how to cook tastily. Afterwards I will stop it(teasing tone)

Swara smiles and observes his care towards her. Her eyes become moist. She completed her B.Com and working in a super market as an accountant. Every day she comes home at 11 PM. She works hard for aadi’s higher studies.
Aadi: di I am getting late. Bye
He takes his cycle and go to his school.
At Maheshwari Mansion
Sanskar stands before a photo . this is his brother dev’s photo. He is died in a accident before 5 years and police doubts his death as murder.
Sanskar(in mind): bhai today is my first day in office. Bless me.
He goes to dev’s room. After his bros death , his mother Annapurna stays in Dev’s room and stopped to speak with others.
Sanskar goes to Dev’s room.

Sanskar: maa, it’s my first day in office. Bless me.
Annapurna puts her hand in his head and then takes. She didn’t utter a single word.
Sanskar eyes become moist and he leaves from the room. He goes to office .
While he travel to office, he sees a scene.
A motorcycle hits a cycle and cycle boy fall down.
Motorcycle man not apologizes to the boy not even stops his bike but he fall down due to loss of control over bike.

The boy goes to near Motorcycle man and helps him to stand and take his bike and out a side stand.
Boy: take care uncle. Your family is waiting for you. So don’t rash drive.
Motor cycle man: maaf karo beta(forgive me). I hit you and not helped you but you helped me.
The boy smiles and leaves the place.
Sanskar can’t understand the boy’s behavior and thinks about it” why he helped that man who hit him and not helped him”
Sanskar(in mind): why are you thinking about it? Concentrate on your work. It’s your first day in your office. You have to prove yourself.

At evening
Sanskar goes to Park.
Sanskar see the same boy who is sitting in the Park chair and telling stories to the child.
He is surprised by seeing him because in this age boys are spent their time in playing sports, roaming in city,etc.
But he is very different. He spent time with children.
He wishes to know about him.
Sanskar, the son of business tycoon, wishes to have an introduction of unknown boy, first time.
Sanskar go to near him and gives his hands” hello I am Sanskar”
The boy accepts him and shake his hands “ hi I am Aditya”

Sanskar: can I ask something?
Aditya: yes.
Sanskar: why you helped that bike man in morning? Even he hit you and can’t help you.
Aditya: I learned it from one person. He even helped his rivals and make it them as his friend.
Sanskar have a smile by hearing this .
Sanskar: you are very different, Aadi. Can I call you like that?
Aditya:you can., sansku. And laughs by seeing Sanskar reaction.
Sanskar is shocked by hearing his name like this.
Sanskar: what? But have a smile in his face.
Sanskar: kk, are you come to park daily?

Aadi: except Sunday I come to park daily.
Sanskar:kk bye see you tomorrow.
Sanskar(in mind): I met a strange boy and became his friend in a day. But he is so different.
Aditya returns to his house and prepares chappathis and chenna for his di.
Swara returns home and so tired.
Aadi: di, tiffin is ready. Go and fresh up. He pushes swara to bath room and come to kitchen to arrange things.
Swara freshened up.
Aadi serves her and starts to speak about the bike man.
Swara: di, today I get a new friend . his name is sansku.

Swara laughs” what a different name SANSKU”
Aadi: actually his name is Sanskar but I shortened as Sansku.
Aadi smiles by remembering Sanskar expression .
Swara caresses his hair” go and get some sleep”
Aadi: kk di.good night
He sleep with smile in his face.
Swara wipes her tears.(in mind)” Sorry aadi. I can’t give you a peaceful life. For me, you suffered a lot. You even cook for me”

Precap: RAGLAK and SWASAN meeting

Guys hope you like my second ff. Please comment if you don’t like the track.
Negative and Positive comments are also welcome.

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