swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 9)

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RagLak was travelling in train to Chennai along with Shankar and sumithra
Ragini sleeps in Laksh’s lap. Shankar and Sumithra knows that Laksh is a business man.
They talk in a low voice.
Shankar: are you a business man?
Laksh: yes
Sumi: your family thought that you are dead.
Laksh: it’s better for me( expression less voice)
Laksh caresses Ragini’s hair.
It’s noon,
Laksh wakes up Ragini to eat food.
Shankar buys food for all.
Laksh feeds Ragini.
Ragini: now I am feel well. I can eat myself.(childishly) Laksh remembers Vicky by ragini’s action. His eyes become moist.
Laksh: Rago..
Ragini silently eat the food.
Laksh gives her medicines. Ragini takes it.
Ragini: Sumi maa, can I sleep your lap?
Sumi: haan beta! And signs Ragini to sleep in her lap.
Shankar: you can sleep her lap if you call me as Papa.
Ragini shows a smile in her face. Ragini: papa move from sumi maa. I want to sleep in her lap.
Ragini sleeps in her lap. Sumi feels the mothership and sings Laali.
Laksh staring Ragini and guilt in his heart increases.
Laksh(in mind): sorry rago I never get into your life. I snatched your family and I am the reason for Vicky losing his life. And tears roll down from his eyes.
They reached Bhavanisagar, Tamilnadu in five days. In these five days, Laksh pampers Ragini as a child and Ragini starts to accept her surroundings and Ragini is attached to Shankar and sumi.

In shankar’s house
It’s a beautiful bungalow with a garden full of roses.
Ragini sees the Garden and remembers something. Laksh feels something different with ragini.
Ragini: ouch it’s paining holds her head.
Laksh holds Ragini and sumu shows their room.
Laksh make Ragini sleeps and come outside.
Laksh: uncle, thanks you very much and holds Shankar’s hand.
Shankar: beta, if you again say thanks, then I will not speak with you.(fake anger)
Laksh: Aunty..
Sumi: beta I never longed for a child. But when Ragini slept in my lap, I feel that I am also a mother. Please don’t treat us as a stranger.
Shankar side hugs Sumithra and kisses her in forehead.
Laksh smiles. Days start to roll
RagLak learns Tamil.
Ragini have nightmares and Laksh is the one who can control her at that time.
One month leap, Laksh joined as administrative head in Shankar’s hospital. It’s his first salary.
Laksh and Shankar entered into Shankar’s house.
Laksh: Aunty… Rago…
Ragini comes near to Laksh and hold her hand in Laksh’s neck like a garland” why are you late?”
Laksh: sorry rago, I have so much of work today.
Sumi comes with coffee to all.
Laksh gives Salary cover to Sumi and takes blessings from sumi and Shankar. While Laksh takes blessings , Ragini also bent for blessings.
Shankar& Sumi: thirkayushman Bava( live for long life)
Sumi: Ragini place this in pooja room near Ganesh idol.
Ragini: kk sumi maa
Ragini goes to Pooja room.
Laksh: uncle, can you speak with that doctor for appointment?
Shankar: he will come here for a camp after a month.
Laksh: kk uncle
Ragini comes here.
Laksh: rago I am very hungry. Please give something.
Ragini& Sumi: you both are come late so today you have to cook for us. And gives hi fi to each other.
Laksh: sumi maa it’s not fair.
Ragini: everything is fair in family. Go and cook for us.
Shankar: sumi, why don’t we go outside for dinner?
Sumi: go and cook for us. Sumi pushes Shankar and Ragini pushes Laksh to kitchen,
Laksh and Shankar have a smile in their face. Laksh starts to cur veggie’s and Shankar prepares masala’s for cooking.
They have their dinner with lots of fun and happiness.
In night Ragini’s room,
Ragini: I am so lucky laksh to get such an caring hubby, loving maa and papa. I am the happiest person in the world.
Laksh remembers shekhar and sharmishta.
Laksh holds Ragini’s hands and Ragini places her head in Laksh’s chest.
The days rolls like that in RAGLAK ‘s life with Shankar and sumithra.

After 1 month,
Laksh takes Ragini to meet a specialist.
RAGLAK enters doctor’s cabin.
Laksh: good morning doctor.
Doctor turns to see Patient and Shocked.
Doctor: Lakshhh… Ragooo
Ragini is surprised.
Laksh: Manik..
Ragini: do you know both each other? And taps Laksh’s head.” Laksh why didn’t tell that this doctor is your friend?”
Manik is shocked and understands Ragini is the memory loss patient.
Laksh signs Manik about Ragini.
Manik: Nurse take her to scan lab.
Manik takes MRI Scan for examining Ragini’s head.
Ragini feels so tired due to tests .so, she take rest in hospital bed while Manik and Laksh are speaking in outside.
Manik: Lakshi am so happy to see you both alive. I just want to inform to your family.
Laksh : No manik. They are the reason of Ragini’s condition. They tried to kill my ragini to stop the marriage.
Manik(stunned): but.. but.. your rivals were try to kill you.
Laksh shows a different smile.” It’s not rivals. It’s my own family. They don’t want a middle class girl as their bahu”
Manik: I don’t get you. But your death rumour made many things in your family. Your maa get imprisoned in your room by herself. Your papa went to Kasi and your suji maa didn’t bear the news and she taken into mental asylum.
Tears rolled down from Laksh’s eyes.

Laksh tells all the truth to Manik.
Manik(holds his hand and punches his hand in Anger): I will never leave anyone. I will show the hell to that man.
Laksh: my family already broken and in hell. Now what can you do?
Manik: lakshh..
Laksh: please take care of my mom and suji maa. Inform me what’s happening in their life. Please take my responsibilities towards Sanskar.
Laksh holds Manik’s hands.
Manik: I promise you Sanskar. I should with Sanskar as Raj Bhai whenever he needs me.( Manik full name is Manik Raj Mehra)
Laksh takes a deep breath.
Laksh: what about Rago?
Manik: I prescribe some medicines to her. It’s sufficient to her. But don’t force her to remember.
Laksh nods and Manik hugs him and leaves.
Laksh informs Shankar about Manik’s arrival and his relationship with him.
The next day,
Shankar arranged a pooja to adopt Ragini as their daughter. Laksh and Ragini don’t aware about that. They considered the pooja as a normal ganesh pooja.
At night,
Sumithra, Shankar , RAGLAK sits in the garden and Sumi feeds Ragini.
Laksh: sumi maa, it’s not fair. You feeds Ragini only. You can’t consider me.(childishly)
Ragini: my mom feeds me dear husband. Don’t be jealous.( shows her tongue)
Sumi feeds Laksh. Laksh mades different faces to Ragini.
Shankar: ohh! Laksh we decided your marriage date with Ragini in a week.
By hearing this, Ragini blushes and ran from here.
Laksh(shocked): but uncle she didn’t get her memory back.
Shankar: what’s the problem Beta? If I advised you to take her to native, you refused that and points her safety. We accepted that. But, what happened inbetween you? I never ask a question. But why you refusing her to marry?
Laksh decided to tell the truth and told about him and Ragini and how his family kill her family.
Shankar and sumithra are frozen.
Laksh: whenever I get closer to Ragini, only one face come into mind. It’s my Vicky. It always remembers my family’s betrayal and Ragini’s sufferings. She lost her family because of me. I feel that I am betraying her by hiding the truth. I can’t marry her with the guilt in my heart.
Shankar: but beta, if you refuse her now, then it also make her mental condition worse. Please accept it. atleast marry her and told the truth.
Laksh thinks and nods.

A week after,
Their marriage is happening at a temple in a simple manner.
Laksh put three knots in a yellow thread which holding gold in this( THALLI).
Then they surrounds agni three times and then Laksh puts METTI in Ragini’s leg finger.
Then they take blessings from Shankar and sumi.
They returned to home.
In first night, RAGLAK room
Laksh is waiting for ragini.
Ragini comes with milk.
Laksh makes Ragini sit in the bed and takes the glass from Ragini , put it in a table.
Laksh: Ragini, I want to say something.
Ragini: what laksh?
Laksh: until you get your memory back, we can’t live as a husband and wife.
Ragini is shocked first then” kk. But you have only two years for that. After even I didn’t get memory back, we should move on in our life”
Laksh nodded.
Ragini put her jewels in the box which is given by sumithra.
Ragini put her head in Laksh chest and then sleeps.
Days starts to roll, there is no change in RAGLAK life. Ragini is so happy with Laksh even they didn’t started their life.
Manik frequently informs about Maheshwari’s to Laksh.
After one year, one day Ragini is watching tv program which giving details about temples.
Anchor: this is one of the ancient temple which is 50 km far from Kolkatta. The main goddess is Kali maa. And then it shows the temple surroundings and near by canal.
Ragini’s head paining more and she rolls in floor due to pain.
Ragini: Maa… Maaa…aa(yells)
Sumi comes from kitchen and shocked by seeing Ragini’s condition. Sumi takes Ragini in her lap and try to calm down her and then calls laskh.
Sumi informs Laksh and Shankar and Shankar gives a medicine which calm down Ragini and Ragini sleeps.
Sumi, Shankar and Laksh are worried about Ragini.
Laksh called Manik and inform him about her condition. Manik takes flight to Coimbatore and then travelling to Bhavanisagar.

The Next day
Ragini wakes up and see the surroundings.
Ragini(in mind): where am I ? and she thinks and recalls everything- her family murder, Laksh saved her, Shankar and Sumi’s love and care, her Marriage with Laksh
Ragini holds her head and sit in bed.
Laksh enters the room.
Laksh: oh rago, finally you wake up. Take this coffee.
Ragini splashes the coffee in Laksh’s face. Laksh is shocked.
Ragini: how dare you to marry me after your so called chacha killed my entire family? He didn’t show mercy on 10 year kid?
Ragini cries and Laksh touches her.
Ragini removes his hand and push him” don’t dare to touch me. I never forgive you. Why did you enter into my life? Because of you, I lost my entire family”
Ragini starts to throw the things around her.
Shankar and sumi enters into Ragini room and they understands Ragini get her memory back.
Sumi: Rago.. and sit near her.
Ragini places her head in sumi’s lap and says” Sumi maa I don’t want to see him”
Sumi rubs her back and caresses her hair. Laksh goes outside the room . Shankar touches Laksh’s shoulder.
Tears rolling down from his eyes” uncle it’s happen which I wished don’t happen in my life. Now she hate me “
Shankar: she also loves you beta. Patience is very important to you , now. Because she lost her family.
Laksh nodded.
Shankar: Manik will arrive airport in 1 hour. You can go and pick up him.
Laksh takes his car.

In RAGLAK room
Sumi: why are you hate him?
Ragini: I lost my whole family. His chacha killed them mercilessly. My parents were burnt alive.
Sumi: Laksh also lost his parents.
Ragini is stunned while hearing this.
Ragini: what are you saying sumi maa?
Sumi: his suji maa lives in mental asylum. His mom imprisoned herself in his room and his papa went to kasi to spent his remaining life. His family is completely broken.
Ragini become numb.
Sumi: I don’t justify his chacha. But what is Laksh’s mistake? He loves you and considered your family as his family. He saved you by putting his life into dangerous. He even sacrificed his wealth and working as a Administratior in our hospital.
Sumi: he loves you Ragini. He can do anything for you. Please don’t punish him for his chacha’s sin.
In the road, Laksh drives the car. Tears coming from his eyes continuously.
It makes his vision blur and he accidents his car with another car even though he put a brake last minute.
Shankar receives a call.” Hello what”
Sumi: what happened? Who is in the call?
Shankar: laksh car met accident.
Sumi: what!!!
Ragini is frozen by hearing this.
Ragini hears this” Maa I want to see him. please”
Sumi , Shankar and Ragini rushed to Hospital.
Manik come from ICU.
Ragini sees Manik.
Ragini: Manik bhaiya!!
Manik eyes are lifeless.
Shankar: how is Laksh Manik?
Manik: he counts his last minutes.
Ragini run into ICU . here, Laksh lays on bed and so many wires are attached with his body.
Ragini goes to near Laksh and hold his hands and kneels down.
Ragini: Laksh don’t leave me, alone. I can’t live without you. Without you I am a lifeless body Laksh. please don’t leave me. if you want to leave this world, then take me with you. Take me with you, Laksh(cries)
Laksh opens his eyes and sees Ragini” Ragini see me . Nothing happen to me. I have a small scratch in Head that’s all“
Ragini: nothing happen to you naa
Manik: I lied you Ragini
Ragini stands and go to near Manik and slaps him Hardly.
Ragini: have you not have any sense bhaiya? How can you lie like this?
Manik: if I didn’t lie, you never confess your feelings with Laksh. you will punish him for his chacha’s mistake.
Ragini walks back and hit in wall.
Manik: that make your both life as hell. Ragini I think you know about his family condition now. Now he is also familyless.
Sumi: they are not familyless. They have us. I am Ragini’s mother and Shankar is his father. Never forget it.
Manik: sorry aunty. I don’t wish to hurt you.
Shankar:it’s ok beta
The next day Laksh discharged from hospital. Ragini never utter a word.

In Raglak room,
Laksh: Rago, please speak anything. Don’t kill me with your silence.
Ragini: I can’t live without you. But the same time, I can’t forgive your family. If you want to live with me, you will sacrifice your fathership.
Laksh: I can’t understand Rago.
Ragini: I will never give birth to a child. You can break our relationship. But, I will never give VAARIS to your family.
Laksh is stunned and composed himself, soon.
Laksh: I want your presence with me. it’s enough to me, Ragini.
Ragini sleeps in one side of bed and Laksh holds Ragini’s hands and sleeps.
Years start to roll down there is some changes in RAGLAK life. Ragini accepts Laksh but she refused to give birth to Laksh’s child. She take medicines for that.
Four years leap
Manik calls Laksh.
Laksh: haan Manik
Manik: sanskar married a girl named Swara who is working in Maheshwari Industries.
Laksh: what? Is Chacha accepted that?
Manik: seems like he accepted that. I want to say something about Sanskar’s saala Aadi.
Laksh: what?
Manik: when I treat him, I saw the mole in his shoulder and Vicky also have the same mole. He is the adopted child where Swara’s parents saved him in the mountain where Ragini’s family murdered.
Laksh: is that Rajat alive?
Manik: he is in jail.
Laksh: do the DNA test and if it is positive or not, also have eye on chacha. We can’t trust him.

The next day morning,
Sanskar wakes up and sees Swara is sleeping in his embrace. Sanskar smiles and kissed her in forehead.
Swara opens her eyes” Good morning Sanskar”
Sanskar fresh up and goes for jogging.
Swara goes to kitchen and here Aadi sprays something in plates. One plate colour is changed into Green.
Aadi punches the wall with anger and his eyes become red, break the plate. Then he washes all the plates with water.
Swara is hidden in nearby corner. Aadi goes from kitchen.
Swara calls Dr.RajManik.
Swara:dr. Raj I need a help from you. Can you come to MM for breakfast? And don’t inform to Sanskar about this.
Manik:kk Mrs.swara
Swara: thanks
After one hour , [email protected] Raj come to MM.
Sanskar: bhai Aap? And hugs him.
Manik takes blessings from Anna purna.
Manik: I just came here to see Aadi’s wounds.
Aadi: I feel better now.
Swara serves Sanskar and Aadi whereas as Annapurna serves Manik.
Soon, they finished Breakfast.
Manik checks Aadi’s wounds and gives some medicine.
In SWASAN room,
Manik: why did you called me swara? Is anything important?
Swara gives the solution sample to Manik” I want it’s result today itself. Please It’s urgent”
Manik nods.
Soon Swasan go to office.
At noon,
Sanskar: swara you need to go Mr. Khanna’s office to attend their presentation.
Swara: kk sanskar
Swara thinks about the solution and walks without concentration in path. She fell down while her leg slipped.
Sanskar sees that.
Sanskar: swara be careful. Today, you are not well. So I attend that. You stay in office.
Swara nods and Sanskar leaves the office.

After one hour Swara feels restless.
Swara calls Sanskar.
Swara: where are you Sanskar?
Sanskar: I am coming to office, swara. Meeting is successful.
Swara hears something unusual sound .
Swara: what happened Sanskar?
Sanskar: a truck …. A truck… And sanskar cuts the call.
Swara immediately takes her car and goes there.
When she travels in the road, she sees Sanskar car in smashed condition and stops her car.
Swara (yells): Sanskarrrr
Someone touches her shoulder and she turns” Sanskar” and hugs him.
Sanskar: swara nothing happen to me. see me.
Swara hugs Sanskar tightly.
Sanskar takes her in his embrace and drive her car to his Farm house.
Swara phone rings. It shows Manik.
Swara: hello
Manik: hello Swara, the result is came. The solution is a poison identifier. If the poison in the utensils, it will turn into green colour. How can you get that?
Swara cuts the call.
Swara(in mind): who is trying to kill Sanskar? She thinks. No it’s a trap for me. if I am well, I should attend the meeting instead of sanskar. But sanskar’s badepapa is not in Kolkatta naa. Then who did this? One minute, Aadi never says that Sanskar’s badepapa killed his sister. then it’s Sanskar’s papa ohh! No
Sanskar reached Farm house. He confused that there is no watchman present in the house. Swasan entered the house and hear a gun shot.
Sanskar calls police” inspector it’s me Sanskar Maheshwari. I hear a gunshot in my farm house. Please come soon”
When sanskar cuts the call, a message is arrived. It’s message from Aadi’s tracker. The message says Aadi’s current location in Sanskar’s Farm house and his Heartbeat and Blood Pressure is abnormal.
Sanskar is shocked by seeing the message .
Sanskar: swara come with police

he runs into house and sees Aadi tied in a chair and a gun shot in his arms and shocked to see his father with a gun,in hall. Ram Prasad can’t see Sanskar because he is standing in his back side.
Ram Prasad:( slaps Aadi) you are ruined all my plans. When I got know that sanskar loves his employee, I tried to marry her with Sahil. But accidentally Sanskar married her. When I tried to kill her in hospital, you saved her and police also looked into the case. When I tried to kill her in Reception by a gun man, the shantlier falls down. Again my plans are dropped. Then , you know about me and saved your sister from my poison.
Sanskar is frozen by hearing this.
Aadi shows a weak smile in his face.
Aadi: you never able to kill my di. I know about you very well. I collected all proof’s against you. If you try to kill my sister, it will automatically sent to supreme court.
Ram Prasad: do you think that I am an idiot? I have mens they take blame on their names and my lawyer definitely prove me as a innocent. Haan I forget to told you something. I killed your sister one hour before in a car accident( laughs evilishly)
Aadi: no no it can’t be happen.(yells)
Ram Prasad again slaps him.
Ram Prasad: don’t worry I will sent you to your sister. and presses the trigger.
Sanskar realized the situation and pulls his papa Ram Prasad.
But the bullet passed into Aadi’s shoulder.
Police come inside along with swara and arrests Ram Prasad. Sanskar unbound his ropes and swara taps his cheeks.
Swara: Aadi.. Aadi..
Aadi lightly open his eyes and sees swara
Aadi: sansku please take care of my dii..
Aadi faints and Swara(yells): Aadi
Sanskar take Aadi in his hands and put him in a car and drives to hospital.
Vicky @Aadi travels in a darkness. He can’t know where he is going. But he is still going into deep darkness. Suddenly he sees a light. He goes towards the light. He sees his sumi maa and shaker papa.
[email protected] Aadi: maa.. papa…

At the Same time, in shankar’ s house Ragini sees her in mirror .
Ragini’s POV:
I am very lucky to have Laksh as a husband. Even I refused to give world’s best happiness , he loves me and stills care me. though he longing for a child, he never expressed his feelings to me. today I will give his special gift. Yes, my heart finally accepted him. I am happy to carry his child in me. I wish that my beloved one should born in my vomb ( and touches her belly)
Ragini waits for Laksh but he comes very lately
Ragini sleeps in couch in sitting position. At that time, he receives a call.
Laksh: hello manik is anything important?
Something told in other side.
Laksh: what? And a tears rolled from his eyes.
Screen ends with Laksh crying face.

Precap: it’s up to you

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