swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 8)

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Again I disturb you with past and present.
Previous Episode:
Laksh and Ragini fell down in canal. Laksh struggles in water to and he got a wood to float.
He ties Ragini with him and Laksh swims in water
Laksh: Ragini open your eyes. Laksh taps her cheeks.
. The speed of water is so high he can’t resist speed and a wood feel down in his head. Laksh went to unconscious state.
Laksh wakes up.
Laksh(in mind): ouch! It seems like hospital. Rago? Ohh what happened to ragini?
A person who aged near 60 come inside the ward.
Person : Don’t worry Mr. you are safe and the Lady with you is also safe.
Laksh take a deep breath.
Laksh: can I know where am I?
Person : My wife see you both in the banks of hugley . it’s a village near howrah. And I am Shankar. I am a doctor. I am come here for a camp.
Laksh: thank you. Can I see Ragini?
Shankar: yes. You can see her. She will wake up in one hour.
Shankar helps Laksh to go Ragini’s room.
Laksh holds Ragini hands and cries” sorry rago. Because of me, you lost your family”
Laksh close his eyes in pain but he sees Vicky’s innocent face while closing his eyes. It increases his pain.
Laksh sobs and Shankar come near towards him.
Shankar: beta don’t cry. Everything will be alright.
Laksh: no because of me, she lost her family our Vicky.
Ragini wakes up and sees Laksh.
Ragini: Laksh
Laksh holds Ragini’s hands.
Laksh : Ragini
Ragini: who am I ? which place is this?
Shankar: calm down beta. Calm down.
Ragini: I can’t remember anything.(cries)
Laksh: rago..
Ragini sees Laksh.
Ragini: I only remember him(points Laksh) and a name Vicky. Other than that I can’t rememeber anything.
Shankar: nothing to worry beta. Shankar injects medicine to ragini and Ragini sleeps.
Laksh cries internally.
Shankar: beta, can I know anything about you?
Laksh gives a weak smile.
Laksh: we love each other. We thought that My family accept her. But they planned to kill her whole family and do it. I was able to save my Rago only. I am not able to save my Vicky. Now I am searching a safe place for us.(without any expressions)
Shankar understands the pain.
Shankar: I am going to Tamilnadu. You can join with me.
Laksh gives a confused look.
Shankar: beta, I built a hospital in Bhavanisagar, Tamilnadu. I need a person to manage the administration. Can you help me?
Laksh: How can you trust a stranger?
Shanker: hope and trust run the world, beta. And I see your loyalty in your eyes.
Laksh nodded.
After two hours , Ragini wake up and sees Laksh who sleeps by holding her hands.
Ragini takes her hand and Laksh wakes up.
Laksh: Ragini
Ragini: who are you?
Laksh: Rago, I am your husband.
Ragini: but I can’t remember anything.
Laksh: Ragini Can you trust me?
Ragini sees Laksh eyes and says” I trust you”
Ragini touches her head due to pain” ouch! It’s paining “
At that time, Shankar with his wife enters the room with the food.
Shankar: beta it’s alright. The pain will be vanished in two days.
Shankar’s wife: I am Sumithra. You can also call me as sumi maa.
Ragini: sumi(thinks) I think that I already know the name.
Sumithra: beta, don’t take stress. And Caresses Ragini’s hair.
Laksh takes food in plate and feeds Ragini. Then he gives Medicine to ragini.
Ragini again start to sleep.
Outside Ragini’s room,
Laksh holds his hand before “ thanks sir. Without your help, we may lose our life”
Sumithra downs his hands” beta, it’s not like that and I heard about you from Shankar . and I also happy that you accepted our offer”
Laksh: but aunty, will your children accept this?
Shankar: she is my child and for her, I am her child. So don’t worry.
Laksh realizes that they are childless and feels sad for them.
Laksh: you are a beautiful couple uncle.
Sumithra blushes and Shankar nods.
The next day
Laksh discuss Shankar & sumithra with Ragini’s condition.
Shankar: don’t tell anything now. If she remembers automatically, it’s fine. But don’t force her.
Laksh: ok sir.
Shankar: you can call me as Uncle.
Laksh: thanks
The next day,
Raglak, Shankar, sumithra goes to kolkatta.
Laksh put a gungatt to hide Ragini’s face and he changes his look as a Punjabi. Shankar buys a English newspaper and shocked by seeing headline.
Laksh also sees the newspaper and signs to hide the newspaper from Ragini.
The train starts to move. Ragini places her head in Laksh’s lap and sleeps. Laksh remembers about Vicky and tears rolling down from his eyes unknowingly.
Swara stands in the middle of broken bridge. In One side of the bridge, she sees Aadi’s innocent face. Another side , she sees Sanskar, her lovely husband with a heart broken smile.
Aadi: diii..
Sanskar: Swaraaa
Swara confused to decide which direction she want to go. Her hubby or her brother.
She stepped towards Sanskar and Aadi’s side broken down and Aadi starts to fall down.
Swara: Aaaa..aaaa.ddd…iiii…(yells)
Sanskar come out from study room and sees swara’s worried face.
Sanskar: swara swara what happened?
Swara: Aadiiii…Aadi.. fell down from bridge.(stammers)
Snaskar realizes that swara had a bad dream.
Sanskar: Swara see me nothing happen to our Aadi. He is sleeping in his room. You have a bad dream. That’s all.
Swara places her head in Sanskar’s chest and Sanskar feels Swara’s shivering.
Sanskar feeds water to swara and Rubs her back.
Sanskar: one minute swara
Sanskar takes his mobile and d something in it.
Sanskar: swara see this.
The mobile shows some location and heart beat level , BP level.
Swara sees Sanskar with a question mark.
Sanskar: I attached a tracker in Aadi’s wrist. if he went out this area or if there is any abnormal change in his health, then It will notify me with his current position. See his health condition is normal and he is in our house.
Swara relaxes herself.
Swara: sanskar can you sleep here?
Sanskar is happy while hearing this.
Sanskar:kk(hides his happiness)
Swara holds Sanskar hands and sleeps calmly.
The next day morning,
Sanskar wake up early and get ready for jogging. He goes to Aadi’s room and sees Aadi is not in his room.
Sanskar checks his phone but it notifies Aadi’s is in house. Sanskar goes to his room.
Sanskar shakes Swara” swara swara”
Swara: what happened Sanskar?
Sanskar: Aadi is not in his room.
Swara is worried “ what’
Sanskar: help me to search him. he is already weak . if he faints, ohh! No
Swara and Sanskar searches Aadi everywhere in house and garden.
Swara: we can search him in Dev ji room.
Sanskar: Bhaiya’s room?
Swara and Sanskar opens Laksh’s room and Sees Aadi’s sleeps in Laksh’s bed.
Sanskar: what is he doing here?
Sanskar wakes up Aadi.
Aadi: Sansku
Sanskar: why are you sleeping here Aadi?
Aadi: I feel comfort here. And I swear I never touch Laksh ji ka things. Please(puppy face)
Sanskar nods.
Sanskar: Get ready for jogging.
Aadi: I am so tired . I will come tomorrow please.
Swara: I will accompany you.
Sanskar surprised and in mind”harray sanskar, you got lucky prize”
One hour later
Swara comes to kitchen and he sees Aadi is spraying something in plate and then washes.
Swara hides in corner and sees Aadi is iding the solution and then Aadi goes from kitchen.
Swara enters the kitchen and takes the sample of solution in plastic bottle and then goes from kitchen.
In dining Table
Sanskar: swara what’s today breakfast?
Aadi comes with a plate which have upma and swara comes here.
Aadi: poison
Sanskar: if you even give poison, I will accept it. because it’s far better than your di’s cooking.
Sanskar takes the plate and swara jerks by remembering Aadi’s spraying solution in plate.
Swara drag the plate and starts to eat.
Sanskar: it’s not good swara. My friend specially made for me.
Aadi: sansku, can you take this plate? I have enough upma in hotpack.
Swara(in mind): ohh! He sprays Poison in plate naa. I have to stop sanskar.
Swara: sanskar, why can we eat in single plate? I heard that if couple ear in single plate, their bonding should be increasing.
Sanskar ‘s happiness beyond the limit. One side that his Aadi behaves normal and Another side swara come closer to him.
Sanskar: swara, you gave me sweet surprises.
Sanskar get ready to office and surprised to see swara.
Sanskar:Swara, are you going outside?
Swara: I am going to office. We have to finish that project naa. I am the responsible for that. Until the project is completed, I will come to office. Don’t dare to stop me.
Sanskar: I am so happy with your decision swara.
Swasan goes to office. Annapurna sees them with a smile on other hand one sees them with full of anger in his eyes.
At evening,
Swara enters Sanskar’s cabin.
Sanskar sees swara” swara this work take more time. So you take my car and return it to driver”
Swara:kk sanskar
Swara decides to go temple. It’s already evening so Aadi didn’t try to kill sanskar.
Swara goes to nearby temple and worship god.
Swara(in mind): kali maa, I want both my sanskar and Aadi. Please make everything alright.
Swara leaves the temple , return to her house. she sees some goons chasing a girl.
Swara stops the car and go to near the girl.
Goon 1: get away from here. Otherwise you should regret for this.
Swara counts the number of goons. It’s four.
She starts to fight after few minutes, goons lay down on the ground and moans in pain.
Swara: get into the car.
The girl obeys her.
Inside the car,
Swara: what’s your name?
Girl: Lavanya
Swara: why did the goons chasing you?
Lavanya: I don’t know. They kidnapped me before two weeks and threatened my BHAI to marry a girl forcefully. I escaped from them before a week . I and my bhai were hiding in a place. I come out of that place to buy foods. They saw me and after you know..
Swara: what’s the place you want to go/
Lavanya says the way.
Lavanya: thanks dii.please have some water. Bhai….(shouts)
Her bhai comes outside and shocked to see swara.
Swara:(whispers) Sahil…
Sahil: sss…swara
Swara: is she your behan?
Lavanya: do you know each other?
Swara: the one he forced to marry was me.
Lavanya shocked and Sahil downs his head.
Swara: sahil, I want to know the truth now.
Sahil take a deep breath.
Sahil: the day before I proposed you, my behan was kidnapped by someone. They forced me to do that. they threatened me If I refused then they would kill my behan and you. I haven’t any other option. They was watching us very closely. That’s why they easily attacked you in hospital.
Swara recalls the man who tried to stab her in hospital.
Sahil: I don’t know why they tried to kill you or mess up your life with me.
Swara recalls Ragini’s end.
Sahil: sorry swara but I don’t have any other ways to save you and my sister. when sanskar sir married you, I really very happy. Because I know your crush on Sanskar’s sir. He can save you .
Swara(in mind): ohh! What happening in my life?
Swara: sahil don’t feel guilt. You are one and only best friend for me. sorry because of me, you troubles a lot. Even you lost your job.
Sahil: don’t worry about that. I will take care of it. take care of Aadi. He is very sweet and also smart.
Swara returns to Maheshwari Mansion at 10.00 PM.
Sanskar: swara where are you gone?
Swara: I met a friend in temple(lied)
Annapurna: swara you scared me a lot.
Swara: sorry maa( holds her ears and make puppy face)
Aadi holds Swara’s hand and tears rolling down from his eyes.” Don’t scare me.”
Swara is happy after seeing her brother back.
Sanskar: even why don’ t you attend my call?
Aadi sees wound in Swara’s hands.
Aadi: dii.. how did you get wound?
Swara: nothing like that Aadi(hides her wounds)
Aadi takes her hand and drags to his room.
Aadi’s room
Aadi: how did you get wound?
Swara: haah ! I fought with goons to save an innocent girl.
Aadi: please don’t take risk. Di .. kk.
Aadi take a deep breath.
Aadi: I promise you that I will never harm Sanskar. I can’t let you to suffer. He is also my friend. He trust me. I don’t want to return a betrayal. But I will leave this house after my birthday.
Swara is happy and sad with his decision.
Swara: but Aadi .. I can’t live without you.
Aadi shows a weak smile.
Aadi: if I am stayed in this house, my revenge in my heart force me to harm this family. So, it’s better to leave this house.
Swara(in mind): I am always tracking you ,Aadi. Thanks for Sanskar”
Swara hugs Aadi. Tears rolling down from both of their eyes.
After an hour
Swara is in Swasan room.
Sanskar hugs her from back and whispers” today you scared me. don’t do that again”
Swara: sanskar, when did you love me? After our marriage or before that
Sanskar: Actually, I love you when I saved you from Accident. Till that I love you, even I said about it to Aadi. But at that time, I didn’t know Aadi is your choti. I shared all my feelings with him.
Swara: After Aadi, who knows that you loving me?
Sanskar: my Badepapa, I always share everything with him after my bhai’s death.
Swara (in mind): is Sanskar badepapa trying to remove me from Sanskar’s life? But why?
For the sake of business. but he is kasi naa.
Swara sees Sanskar who is sleeping by holding her hands. A drop of tears escaped from her eyes.

Precap: entry of Main Villian in Swasan’s life and Laksh struggle to get back Ragini’s memories.
guys if you don’t like the track, please comment me. rasha asked a doubt why AP can’t identify vicky. the reason is AP saw vicky mostly three or four times and at the age of 10, he was small but at the age of 15, his face and body was completely changed due to the growth. negative and positive comments are welcome.

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