swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 7)

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Let I start episode 7.
Swara and Aadi reached the temple.
There is no one temple which is abandoned one.
Swara: Aadi, why you remain silent even you know that shantlier may fall on Sanskar?
Aadi: because I want his death.
Swara is frozen by Aadi’s answer.
Swara: Aaa….aaa…dddd…iii
Aadi: no I am not Aadi. My name is [email protected] Vikram
Swara:no no. but you saved us.
Aadi: no. I saved you because you try to save him. I don’t want anything happen to you. I have no option so I saved him.
Swara goes near to Aadi and take his face in her hands.
Swara: you are my Aadi. Not anyone. You are my sweet , innocent choti.
Aadi pushes her forcefully” I am not Aadi. I am just Vicky. Take it in your mind”
Swara falls down in floor and injured in head.
Swara: ouch! Touches her head.
Aadi is worried by seeing blood in her head.
Aadi: di…
Aadi @ Vicky goes near Swara and tie his handkerchief in her head.
Tears rolling down in Aadi and Swara eyes unknowingly.

Swara: it’s you Aadi. It’s your real behavior. You love me.
Vicky wipes his tears.
Vicky : Haan Di, I can’t see your pain. But the pain burns in my heart force me to take revenge from Maheshwari’s.
Swara: I can’t understand Aadi. Why you want to take revenge?
Flashback Starts
Vicky’s birthday
Shekar, Sumi and Ragini greets Vicky.
Ragini: Vicky, can we cut the cake?
Vicky: no di, we will cut it in evening . Jeju will come in evening.
Shekar, Sumi, Ragini and Vicky go to KULDEV temple.
They reached temple.
Ragini calls Laksh” where are you Laksh”
Laksh”I am on the way Rago with a special gift for Vicky”
Ragini cuts the call with a smile.
Suddenly she feels immense pain in her head.
Ragini: Maa…(yells in pain) and touches her head . she feels the blood in her head.
A goon stands with iron rod.
Sumi and shekar , Vicky sees Ragini’s condition.
Sumi & Shekar :Rago…. Vicky: di…
Suddenly Sumi and shekar falls down on the ground.
Some goons hit them in their head with rods.
Ragini: Maa… Papa…
Vicky in middle state whether he go to save his di or his parents.

A goon come near Vicky and stabs him with a knife.
Vicky: di..
Ragini stands and try to go near Vicky and a person puts his leg in the way and Ragini falls in ground and shockes by seeing person’s face.
Ragini: uncle….., you done this. Why?
Person: what can I do beta? My son loves you. If you are my bahu, it’s not good for our business. So, you should be dead. Don’t worry I also send your family with you.
A goon hits Vicky with iron rod and Vicky yells in pain and rolls down in ground and some bushes hides him.
Ragini holds the person legs.
Ragini: uncle, Please leave us. I will never come in laksh’s life.
Person: sorry beta, my son never marry anyone until he see your dead body. And kicks her.
Person: see your beloved parents are dying.
Person holds Ragini’s hair and forcefully turns her head and signs a goon.
Somegoons take sumi and shekar and put them in their car.
Sumi& Shekar: we trusted you. You accepted the alliance. Why you do this to us?
Person: sorry shekar ji. My son forced me to accept this alliance. But don’t worry. You can’t see your’s children death. And he smirks.
A goon light a match stick and put it in diesel tank of the car. The car is exploded. Sumi and shekar burnt alive in the car.
Ragini: maa… papa… she fully breakdown.
Vicky sees that in the bush and tears rolling down from his eyes but he can’t do anything. He has so much of blood loss and he is just 10 year boy.
A goon pulls her hair and go to near canal.

At that time, Laksh enters the temple and shocked to see burnt car and Ragini near canal with a goon.
Laksh: Ragini and run to near her.
Goon push Ragini to the canal. Ragini starts to fall down and Laksh jumps to canal.
In air, Laksh tries to hold ragini’s hands and he holds Ragini hands.
Ragini feels someone holds her hand and open her eyes.
Ragini: Lakkk…ssshhh
Laksh: Rago…(cries)
Ragini: I love you laksh. .
Both fall down into the water.
Person: Laksh!!!( yells)
Goons hold him.
Goon: sir, it is more deeper. Definitely, they would be dead.
A goon kicks Vicky and he starts to roll down on mountain slides.
Flashback ends
Swara become numb by hearing vicky’s past.
Swara: Aaa.aa..ddd…iiii
Aadi knells down in ground.
[email protected]: they killed my family, my di and my jeju mercilessly. They betrayed us. They burnt my mom and papa. My mom can’t bear pain but she burnt alive. How much pain my maa and papa felt? How much my di pleased him for mercy?
Aadi’s eyes become red and punches the nearby wall.
Swara: in this what’s Maheshwari’s mistake?
Aadi: my jeju ‘s real name is Lakshya Dev Maheshwari, elder son of Maheshwari . Maheshwari killed my family for the sake of their business. That’s why I want revenge?
Swara: but, what’s Sanskar mistake in this?
Aadi smiles evilly. “ he is the only hope of Maheshwari’s. I want to destroy their hope. Good or bad, I make the family little happy and give a hope to live. But I give the sorrow to them which they can’t bear in their life. I will make their life as hell. I should take revenge for my di.
Swara: then what I am to you?
Aadi: Dii
Swara: do you also destroy your di’s life?
Aadi: but you don’t love him.
Swara: I love him or not. Now, he is my husband. He loves me a lot. Can you kill your di’s husband?
Aadi: why did you want mercy on Maheshwari’s? they don’t deserve it.
Swara: I don’t ask mercy to Maheshwari’s. but please show mercy on me. I can’t live without him. I love him from core of my heart.(cries)

[email protected] Vicky(in mind):What can I do now? My heart burns in revenge. I wish to kill their hope. But, he is also hope for my di.
Ohh kali maa!
[email protected] takes some decisions.
Aadi: kk di.I should not kill him in night but in morning, you should always with him. Even you leave him a minute, I should kill him. After three days. It’s my birthday. it’s also my family’s anniversary. If I am not able to kill him in these three days, I should left from your life and I never harm him and I never return into your life.
Swara: but Aadi, how can I live without you?
[email protected] Vicky: you can decide that. But you can choose one of us.
Swara’s POV:
I never expect such a situation will come in my life. Now, I want to choose my husband or my brother. Even though I don’t love sanskar, I care for him. he fulfils all his promises. Till now, he didn’t take his rights as a husband.No I can’t see Aadi as a murderer. what can I do? I should accept his proposal. It’s the only way to save both of them.
Swara thinks and accepts Aadi’s proposal.
Aadi and Swara returns the home,at evening.
Sanskar:(worried face) Aadi, Swara. How many times I call you? I am so worried.
Sanskar holds Aadi’s hands but Aadi removes his hands. Sanskar is upset by Aadi’s behavior.
Aadi go to his room and Sanskar stares the direction Aadi goes.
Swara touches sanskar’s shoulder.
Sanskar: why Aadi behave like this?
Swara understands Sanskar’s pain.
Swara: nothing to worry sanskar. He is not well naa. That s why he behave like this. Come with me, we have to prepare the lunch.(lied and remembers Aadi’s proposal)
Sanskar: kk. Haan what?
Swara: you are my husband naa. Come with me and help me.

In kitchen,
Sanskar helps swara.
Swara: cut this veggies.
Sanskar: the successful business tycoon is cutting veggies. Haan it’s so bad.
Swara: nothing bad. You do it for your wife.
Sanskar is happy while hearing this.
Sanskar: what you said?
Swara realizes what she said.
Swara: you do it for your wife(stammers)
Sanskar pins Swara in wall.
Swara: I want to cook.
Sanskar: you can cook.
Swara: you blocked me.
Sanskar sees Swara’s eyes and Swara sees his eyes both have a eye lock.
Sanskar: I love you swara
Swara:I love you too sanskar(unknowingly)
Sanskar takes Swara and swirls in air.
A person sees with so much of anger in his eyes.
Swasan hears a sound and Sanskar makes swara stand steadily.
They both finished the lunch and take it to Aadi’s room.
Swara knocks the door.
Aadi: come in.(Sees swara)
Swasan enters the room and Swara puts the tray in table and Sanskar come near to Aadi and caresses his hair.
Aadi feels little bit guilt but the revenge in his heart vanishes the guilt.
The trio starts to take their lunch and sanskar try to make Aadi laugh.
Swara sees that with the pain in her heart.

Precap: a truck tries to hit Sanskar’s car and Swara sees Sahil in an unpredictable manner.

guys if you want to throw tomatoes to me, i will accept it. sorry for giving tragic past for RAGLAK. Their re entry in last episodes. positive and negative comments are also welcome.

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