swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 6)


I know that you have question about the link between SWASAN and RAGLAK. I will reveal the link in this and next episode.
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Let I start Episode 6.
Laksh is happy that his family accepted his love and they will come to Gadodia’s house.
Laksh come to Gadodia’s house and informs about his family arrival.
Ragini is tensed about her in-laws.
Laksh goes to vicky’s room.
Laksh: Vicky
Vicky is happy while hearing Laksh’s voice.
Vicky: laksh
Sumi: he is your jeju, Vicky. Don’t call him by name.
Vicky become sad.
Vicky: are you marry my di?
Laksh: yes. And pulls his cheeks. Vicky take away Laksh’s hands.
Laksh is hurted by Vicky.
Laksh: am I not the correct one to your di? Do you not trust me?
Vicky: you are correct one to my di and I trust you. But..
Laksh: but.
Vicky: you will separate my di from me. Vicky turned to see window.
Laksh: you can also stay with us.
Vicky:how can I stay in my di’s Sasural?
Laksh thinks about it.
Laksh: I promise you Vicky. Even after our marriage you have the same rights to your di.
Vicky: promise
Laksh: pakka promise
Vicky hugs and smiles” thanks jeju”. Laksh hugs him.
Ragini is happy while seeing this.
Ragini: you are one who loves his saalaa more than his patni.(teasing tone)
Vicky : di. Vicky sees Laksh and they both hugs Ragini.
Vicky& Laksh(unison): you are the one most important in our life.

Ragini eyes become moist by happiness.
Ragini:kk. Laksh do our family accept me?
Laksh is happy while hearing our family.
Laksh: they should like you. Who will hate my angel?
Ragini places her head in Laksh’s chest/
Ragini: am I your angel?
Laksh sees Ragini eyes and they have a little eye lock” yes. You are my angel”
Sumi(from hall): Ragini. Come and get ready.
Ragini: haan maa
Ragini goes and get ready with red green anarkali salvar.
After 15 minutes,
Laksh mom, dad, chacha and suji maa comes to gadodia’s house.
Shekar, Sumi and Vicky greet them and Ragini is in her room.
Vicky takes blessings from elders.
Laksh mom: I wish to see my bahu.
Sumi: Vicky, come with your di.
Vicky take Ragini to hall.
Mom: you…!(surprised)
Laksh is tensed by seeing his mom’s expression.
Ragini: aunty aap?

Laksh: do you know both each other?
Mom: yes. She helped me one time in hospital. I am very happy with your selection Laksh. she is very beautiful girl from her heart.( caresses Ragini’s hair)
Ragini takes blessings from elders.
Laksh mom and suji maa puts their bangles in Ragini’s hands.
Sumi and shekar are happy with Laksh moms.
Laksh dad(in mind): no this marriage won’t happen. It’s not helpful for our business.
Vicky observes Mirchi’s feelings.
Suji maa: kk. Can you come to our house tomorrow to discuss about marriage?
Shekar: ofcourse behanji.
They leave the house and Laksh takes blessings from Shekar and Sumi and then leaves the house.
Ragini sees Laksh from vicky’s balcony.
Ragini is so happy and get ready to hospital.
Ragini informs about her marriage to Manik.
Manik is very happy.
Manik:congrats Ragini.
Ragini: thanks bhai.
Manik: I wish to know onething, how my friend proposes you?
Ragini thinks about that night and blushes.
Ragini: chalo bhai
Manik: haan my behan Ragini blushes oh my god
Ragini runs from here and go to her cabin and thinks about laksh.
Here Laksh decides some important things . He sees his lawyer and ask to ready some documents. Lawyer is surprised by Laksh’s decision.
Lawyer: are you really want to do this?
Laksh: yes. Don’t tell about this even to my father until I reveal this. Please uncle.
Lawyer: kk Laksh.

The next day
Sumi , Shekar and Vicky goes to Laksh’s house.
Laksh’s mom, suji maa, Dad and chacha welcomes them.
Laksh takes blessings from Sumi and shekar while Vicky takes blessings from his di’s inlaws.
Suji:you are so cute, beta
Vicky: thanks aunty. You are so sweet . Suji smiles.
They sit in sofa’s in hall. Suji serves them tea. While serving a cup of tea dropped in Vicky’s shirt.
Suji: sorry beta
Vicky: it’s ok aunty.
Laksh takes him in his hand” come with me to clean this”
Vicky:kk jeju. I can walk jeju. So let me to walk
Laksh: no.

Vicky: you are so stubborn jeju.
Laksh: then you? Vicky pulls his cheeks.
Laksh takes Vicky to his room. Vicky sees the picture – Raglak and Vicky is in the picture. It’s seems like perfect family.
Laksh: change your clothes.
Vicky: but jeju I don’t have any other clothes.
Laksh opens his alamira and take a dress for Vicky. Vicky is surprised and change his dress.
Vicky: jeju, please don’t mistake me but it seems like your father is not happy with your decision.
Laksh nods” but I will take care of this”
Vicky nods.

At the same time, in hall
Suji:it’s the first marriage in our house after a long time. So it should be grand.
Laksh maa: pandit ji, tell us the date for engagement.
Pandit: After a week, there is a date for engagement.
Sumi and Shekar agrees.
Sumi: After 5 days, there is my son’s birthday. So, we have a pooja in Kuldev temple. If you come with us, we will be very happy.
Laksh Papa:sorry, we have some important work.
Sumi and Shekar feels a little bit awkward but they don’t show in their face
Shekar: kk .we will leave
At that time, Laksh comes to hall with Vicky both have a smile in their face.
Sumi takes Vicky in her hand.
Shekar and sumi leaves Laksh’s house.
Laksh: suji maa, I have to meet my friend. Bye
Laksh go to Ragini’s hospital.
Ragini: Laksh aap yaha?
Laksh: come with me now.
Ragini: where ? why?
Laksh: you trust me naa. Then come with me.
Ragini: kk
Laksh takes Ragini to a place. Ragini surprised.
Ragini: why are we here? To Lawyer’s office
Laksh drags Ragini inside the place. Here She sees Manik and her friends.
Laksh: Ragini sign it in the documents after reading the papers.
Ragini signs it and then Laksh signs it.
Laksh: are you not read the papers?
Ragini holds Laksh’s hands” I trust you Laksh more than me”
Lawyer: All the procedures are completed.
Laksh: Thanks uncle.
Laksh tells Ragini about the papers. Ragini is surprised and overwhelmed and tears coming from her eyes.
Laksh: Manik. Keep the papers safely.
Manik:kk, I will protect this more than my soul. Kk satisfied(teasing tone)
Laksh punches Manik in his shoulder playfully.
RAGLAK arrives Gadodia’s house.
Vicky sits in chair in hall looks like very sad.
Laksh: what happened Vicky?
Vicky: jeju, it’s may month.. All my friends are gone to vacation. I felt so boring in house.
Laksh: can you come with me to my office?
Vicky: but your papa didn’t allow me.
Laksh: no Vicky. He didn’t come to my office. So, don’t afraid.
Vicky accepts to come to Laksh’s office.
3 days leap
Laksh comes to Gadodia house and take breakfast with them and have fun with them. He drops Ragini in her hospital and take Vicky to his office. Even though Vicky is small, he learns the procedures and flow quickly.
The Day before Vicky’s birth day

At evening
Laksh takes Ragini from her hospital.
Vicky is sleeping in Car’s backseat.
Ragini observes that Laksh is going to different path.
Ragini: where are we going?
Laksh stops the car and put the blindfold in Ragini’s eyes.
Laksh: don’t open until I say.
After some time rolls, Laksh stopped the car,
Vicky is sleeping and Laksh try to wake up Vicky.
Ragini: Let him sleep Laksh. I think he is tired.
Laksh takes Ragini out of the car and then opens the blindfold.
Ragini is surprised by seeing the surrounding. It was a beautiful rose garden and in the middle the Tables and three Chairs are arranged.
At that time, Vicky is wake up and opens the Car dash board for water. He sees some documents and read it.
Tears rolling down from his eyes while reading the document. The document says about RAGLAK registered marriage and adoption of Vicky as their child.
Laksh gives his hand to ragini and Ragini holds his hand both go to nearby floor.
Laksh starts the music. The music is very light and romantic.
Soon, RAGLAK starts to dance. Ragini searches her in Laksh’s eyes and Laksh searches him in Ragini’s eyes. They have a long eyelock. Both don’t want to break the eyelock
Laksh(whispers in Ragini’s ears): I love you Ragini(so much of love in his words)
Ragini blushes and run towards table and Laksh chases her.
Laksh goes near to Ragini and whispers in her ears” I will wait for the time to confess your love”
At that time , Vicky enters the Garden. RAGLAK sees him and go near towards him.
Laksh: sorry Vicky, we don’t left you alone in the car. Are you scared?
Vicky: jeju calm down. I am not scared. But this place is very beautiful. Haan naa di.
Ragini: haan Vicky

It’s a full moon day.
The trio sits in a circle in the ground.
Laksh makes Vicky sit in his Lap.
Ragini feeds Laksh , Laksh feeds Vicky while Vicky feeds Ragini.
They eat lunch with so much of love in between them .
Laksh drops Vicky and Ragini in Gadodia’s house and then returned to his house.
The next day, Vicky’s birthday
Shekar, Sumi and Ragini greets Vicky.
Ragini: Vicky, can we cut the cake?
Vicky: no di, we will cut it in evening . Jeju will come in evening.
Shekar, Sumi, Ragini and Vicky go to KULDEV temple.
They reached temple.
Ragini calls Laksh” where are you Laksh”
Laksh”I am on the way Rago with a special gift for Vicky”
Ragini cuts the call with a smile.

The Next day
Aadi wake up early and go to Kitchen and make chappathis and paneer butter masala, Basanti for breakfast and then he makes coffee and put it in Flask.
Sanskar wake up and comes to his room from study room.
Swara hugs a pillow and sleeps. Sanskar admires the beauty of swara.
Sanskar(in mind): she is like an angel. Yes she is a angel to my life. But how can I keel her with me?
Aadi knocks Sanskar door.
Swara wake up and sanskar go to opens the door.
Sanskar is surprised by seeing Aadi with coffee tray.
Sanskar: Aadi why are you taking coffee to me? where is the maids?
Aadi: calm down sansku. I refused them. May I come in?
Sanskar makes a way for Aadi.
Swara: good morning Aadi
Aadi places tray in Teepai and swara put coffee in cups.
Sanskar,Aadi and Swara takes the cup.
Aadi: di,Sansku when is your reception?
Sanskar spit the coffee.
Aadi: why are you reacting this much? You are married and we want to announce your marriage naa.
Sanskar& Swara: yes
Sanskar: Aadi I already decided about that. The day after tomorrow is our reception.
Aadi is happy.
Sanskar: Aadi can you join with me for jogging?
Aadi: kk sanskar. One minute
Aadi(whispers in Swara’s ear): di, I make chappathi , Paneer butter masala and Basanti for your rasoi.
Swara: thanks aadi(whispers in Aadi’s ears)
Sanskar: what is the secret that you are hiding from me?( with a smile in his face)
Aadi: sanskar you promised me that you can’t come in between us.
Sanskar smiles and go for jogging and Aadi accompanies him.
While Jogging
Aadi: Sansku, Can I know about our family?
Sanskar sit in nearby chair.
Sanskar: Nothing to tell about my family Aadi. My bade maa loved me more andmy maa loved my bhai more. My DEV bhai was killed by his rivals along with my bhabhi. My maa can’t bear his death. Her mental condition is shattered. So, we admitted her in mental asylum. My bade maa accused my bade papa for DEV bhai’s death. Because of the guilt in his heart, he went to Varanasi(Kasi). My bade maa stayed in my dev bhai’s room and my papa takes the control of office and I went to US for studies. I can’t have anyone love and care for these five years. Some girls shows fake love for my money.

Aadi understands the pain in his words.
Aadi rubs his shoulders.” We are with you sansku”
Sanskar hugs him” you are the only one whom I can share my feelings. I don’t know when I see you , I feel you are very closer to me. the time I was spending with you , I felt that I am with my bhai. you both thinking are same”
Aadi: don’t be emotional Sansku. It’s not suitable for you a crying baby(teasing tone)
Sanskar wipes his tears.
Sanskar: Be ready at 10 AM. We want to go some places.
They return to home and Sanskar goes to his room.
Aadi goes to Dev’s room.
Aadi: Aunty..
Annapurna: who are you beta?
Aadi: I am sanskar’s saalaa. Aunty ji, I want to speak something.
Annapurna: bolo beta
Aadi: aunty, I understand your pain . you lost your son. But please understand the reality. What’s sanskar‘s mistake? . His mother is in mental asylum because she can’t bear Dev ji death. Even his father didn’t care about him. He is only concentrated on business.
Sankar is feeling like an orphan. He loves you more than the world aunty. What you returned to him? You didn’t care about his life. You didn’t care about him. Please aunty, still you have time . please don’t make him life as worse. He didn’t deserve this. Sanskar is longing for you, aunty. After that , it’s your choice
Aadi leaves the room.
Annapurna eyes welled with tears.” I am the sinner, beta. “
Swara, Sanskar and Aadi sit in dining table
Sanskar heard a voice” can I eat with you?”
Sanskar is surprised and whispers” maa”
Annapurna caresses his hair . Aadi and Swara take blessings from her. Aadi feels more happy.
Sanskar makes Annapurna sit in the chair. Swara serves her.
Annapurna: Aadi, your food is superb especially Basanti.
Sanskar is surprised and Swara and Aadi is shocked and little bit embarrassed.
Sanskar: but maa swara..
Aadi is interrupted.
Aadi: thanks aunty. How did you know that ?
Anna Purna: I heard it from maid.
Sanskar: aadi can you cook?
Swara: he cook better than me.
Sanskar: it’s the secret you both hided from me in morning. Maa one minute
Sanskar go to his room and come with some keys.
Sanskar: I need you very much maa. I want to see as a queen of this house again.
Annapurna hugs him” sorry beta. I let you to suffer for long period”
Sanskar: maa nothing like that. Maa we are going out to temple.
Annapurna: take care beta
The trio leaves the house.
Sanskar stopped in a house.
Swara: whose house this?
Sanskar: my bhabhi

Sanskar goes inside and Aadi tells swara about sanskar family . Swara feels bad for sanskar.
They entered the house. In hall there is photo – in this five people are so happy.
Sanskar: Aadi Come here.
Sanskar bents down in before the photo to take blessings. Swara do the same.
Aadi sees the photo and his Head start to paining. But Aadi hides it from Sanskar.
Sanskar: Swara , whenever I feel sorrow I come to this place. I feel more relaxed. Swara sees the photo and shocked.
Sanskar takes them to a temple which is near a canal.
Sanskar goes to near Canal and bents down.
Sanskar: Bhai I am married now. I have a family. But I miss you a lot bhai. I am still searching the murderer . if I caught him, I will make his life as hell.(shouts in anger)
Swara touches his shoulder and suddenly Sanskar hugs her.
Swara: Calm down sanskar. Rubs his shoulder.
Aadi’s pain increases. He sees some scenes a couple burnt alive and a boy winces in pain and the another couple jumps to the canal.
Aadi can’t bear the pain.
Aadi(shouts): Diiiii….. and he roll down in ground and winces in pain.
Swasan worried about Aadi.
Sanskar take him to hospital.
Dr.Raj admits him in ICU.
Swasan both cries by seeing Aadi’s pain.
Raj comes after an hour from ICU.
Sanskar: Raj bhai, how is he?
Raj: he is ok, now. come to my cabin.
In Raj’s Cabin
Raj: is he lose his memory, before Mrs. Maheshwari?
Swara takes a long breath.
Swara: He is not my own brother. Before five years, I saw him with so much of scars and wounds. We admitted him in hospital. My parents lose hope that he would be alive. Because he have adeep wound in his head..
After three days, He wake up but he lost his memory. My parents decided to adopt him and they named him as Aditya and he grown as my brother.
Sanskar is stunned by hearing this.
Raj: I think that some incidents provoke him to remember his past. He is in critical condition. He can remember past but there is a possibility to forget his present I mean the past 5 years.
By hearing this, Swara is crying badly. Sanskar hugs him and Swara places her head in Sanskar’s chest and sobs. Sanskar feels the hot due to swara tears. Sanskar consoles swara. But he is also shattered.
Sanskar(in mind): Kali ma,Don’t separate him from me.
Sanskar: now what’s his condition?
Raj: his physical condition is ok. but I can’t tell about his mental condition. After he will wake up, I can say about him.
A Nurse knocks the door.
Raj:come in
Nurse: Patient is wakeup sir.
Raj, Swasan rushed to see him.
In ward
Swara: Aadi
Aadi: di
Swara feels relaxed that he remember her.
Aadi: di, I want to return home. Please Sansku
Sanskar sees Raj and Raj agrees.
Raj: give this medicine regularly
At evening Aadi is shifted to Maheshwari Mansion.
Annapurna is tensed by seeing Aadi like this.
Annapurna: what happened to him, Sanky?
Sanskar explained Annapurna about his condition.
Annapurna: Kali maa. Please cure him .
Swara stayed in Aadi’s room to take care of him.
Annapurna entered Aadi’s room and caresses swara’s hair” beta, He will be alright. Don’t worry”
Swara hugs her and cries.
Aadi wake up in one hour. At that time, Sanskar enters Aadi’s room.
Sanskar: Swara, I decided to resume our reception.
Swara nods.
Aadi: don’t need to resume. Please do all by our plan.
Sanskar: But aadi, how can we celebrate when you are not well?
Aadi:please don’t resume(he struggles to speak)
Sanskar:kk I don’t resume. Are you happy?
Aadi nods.

The next day, Aadi wake up . but he never speaks to anyone except swara. Even Sanskar tried to speak him. But aadi is refused.
The Reception Evening
In Maheshwari Mansion,
The house is fully decorated with Rose . because Swara loves Rose.
Annapurna and Ram Prasad Maheshwari welcomes everyone.
Swara wears the Red mixed with green leganga and Sanskar wears a Sandal colour sharwani.
Both are lookalike made for each other. Aadi is also present there.
Swara and Sanskar stand in the middle of the hall.
Annapurna calls Swara to introduce others and vice versa. Sanskar stands alone in the middle.
AP: they are Mr&Mrs. Mehra
Swara greets them.
Swara searches Aadi and sees Aadi. But swara feels something different in Aadi. The smirk.
Swara sees smirk in Aadi’s face and the direction he sees.
Swara sees the break in Shantlier chain and shantlier will fall on Sanskar’s head.
Swara rushed to near sanskar and pulls him , both are fall down to floor.
The shantlier falls down and broken into glass pieces and but Aadi saves Swasan from broken pieces of glasses by covering them.
Aadi mouns in pain because some glass pieces stabs into his body.
All are shocked. Sanskar realized the situation. Dr.Raj also come for reception.
Raj: Sanskar take him to his room. uncle, buy these medicine as soon as possible.
Sanskar takes Aadi to his room.
Ram Prasad buy medicines and give it t Raj.
Raj removes glass pieces from Aadi’s body. Aadi holds Sanskar hands and shouts in pain.
Raj dresses the wounds and inject medicine to Aadi.
Raj: I didn’t know why he suffer like this.
Sanskar feels so much of pain in his heart.
Swara and Sanskar stayed in Aadi’s room.
Sanskar sleeping while he holds Aadi’s hands.
Swara’s POV:
I saw the smirk in Aadi’s face. He also saw the chain in broken and it can fall on Sanskar at any time. But , he not try to save sanskar. No no He saved us. No no. He saved me not sanskar. Is he trying to kill my sanskar? No my aadi is not that much cruel to harm his friend, his jeju . He can’t harm others. Ohh! What can I do now? How can I get the truth?
Swara head is paining while thinking about this. Swara sleeps while holding Aadi’s another hand.
The next day
Swara decided something.
Swara goes to Dev’s room: maa
AP: What beta?
Swara: maa I want to go temple. What happening in this house is not good.
AP: You are correct swara.
Swara: I wish to take Aadi with me.
AP: But beta, He is not fine.
“I am fine aunty”Aadi
AP: beta but
Aadi: please Aunty, I am going with my di. Not any other
AP: kk beta
Swara takes Aadi to temple where Sanskar take them.
In car , both didn’t utter a word.
Swara and Aadi reached the temple.
There is no one temple which is abandoned one.
Swara: Aadi, why you remain silent even you know that shantlier may fall on Sanskar?
Aadi: because I want his death.
Swara is frozen by Aadi’s answer.
Swara: Aaa….aaa…dddd…iii
Aadi: no I am not Aadi. My name is [email protected] Vikram
Screen freezes on Swara’s frozen face.

Precap: [email protected] Aadi challenges Swara to Save sanskar from him

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