swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 5)


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Let I start episode 5.
Ragini and her family went to kuldev temple. Manik drives the car. Shekar sits in front seat and guides Manik. Sumi, Ragini, Laksh, Vicky sits in Back seat. Vicky sit in Laksh’s lap and place his head in Laksh’s chest and Ragini places her head in Laksh’s shoulder. Laksh places his right hand in Vicky and left hand in Ragini’s shoulder.
Laksh stares Ragini and Laksh with so much of love in his eyes.
Laksh(in mind):I don’t know why I feel like this. I think that they are my family. I justify this that I love ragini but why I feel Vicky as my son? I don’t know. But now he is important in my life.

Laksh kisses Vicky in his forehead and hugs him tightly. Ragini notifies this and feels happy.
Soon they arrived Kuldev temple. It’s far from village and in hilly region.
Ragini takes Vicky from laksh.. Sumi and Shekar does the pooja.
All prays to god.
Ragini:(in mind) kali maa, please cure my Vicky. I can’t see him in this state.
Laksh:(in mind) Kali maa, Make this family always happy and I wish to become one of this family.
Vicky(in mind) kali maa, today I take high risk in my di’s life. Please save her.
Sumi and shekar sit in temple Mandap.
Vicky: Ragini didi, why can’t we play in Temple’s garden?
Ragini: kk Vicky
They started to play ko ko.
Suddenly Vicky hits Ragini’s leg with stone.
Ragini: maa and bents and holds her leg with her hand and a knife falls down near Ragini.
All are shocked except Vicky and Manik.
Manik throws three Knifes to the killer. Knifes at

tacks killer in his leg.
Killer: haa! And fall down.
Laksh caught Killer and removes his mask.
All are shocked by seeing Killer’s face.
Shekar(whispers): Rajat are you alive? Why did you try to kill ragini?
( Rajat is vicky’s father)

Rajat moans in pain.
Vicky goes to near Rajat and presses the knife more deeper. Rajat growls in pain.
Vicky: it’s paining na. when you stabbed my mother, she is also feels that much pain naa, haan. Bolo what you feel now? Pressing Knife more deeper.
Vicky’s eyes become red and Ragini stops him and hold him in her hand.
All are shocked by hearing this.
Flashback starts
Sumi and Uttara are sisters and they married Shekar and Rajat , who are cousin brothers.
In vicky’s real home, he was eight years aged.
He was more attached to his mother.
He wake up in middle night by hearing different types of sound.
He goes to kitchen and sees his father stabbing his mother,Uttara.
Uttara : please leave me and my son. I don’t tell anyone about your plan. Please
Rajat: sorry Uttara, you should die and stabs her again.
Uttara sees Vicky and signs to hide.
Vicky always scared about Rajat and he hides .
Rajat goes outside the house.

Vicky goes near to Uttara.
Vicky:mumma(cries by seeing her blood)
Uttara: Vicky, you father is not a good man. Escape from here. Go(shouts)
Rajat came here.
Rajat: is it not so simple uttara? And hits her head with rod
Rajat sla[s Vicky hardly and Vicky hit in table. Vicky went to unconscious state.
When he wakes up, he is in car and Rajat drives the car and uttara’s body in back seat.
Vicky: papa, please leave us. Please(cries)

Rajat smirks and push Vicky out of the car.
Vicky: mama(yells) and rolls in road.
When he wakes up, he is in hospital and shekar says that uttara and rajat died in accident.
Vicky feels so sad for his mom and so happy for his father.
To reduce the sadness in his heart, he transforms him into naughty boy.
When he met with accident while saving Ragini, he saw Rajat in car.
So he confirms that Rajat try to kill Ragni and he investigates about that. He saw some documents in Shekar’s alamira and the documents – Shekar transfers all the properties to Vicky and Ragini’s name.
Vicky understands Rajat plan. If ragini and her family is dead, then all the properties of shekar will comes under Vicky’s name. he can easily control Vicky and acquire the properties.
Flash back ends

Manik told this to everyone and calls police. Vicky continuously stares Rajat and he remembers his and his mother’s painful moments.
Vicky(yells): maa and then faints
Laksh hold him in his hand. Sumi and shekar, Ragini rushed to go near Vicky.
Laksh shakes Vicky: Vicky Vicky
Ragini checks him.
Manik: Let him sleep, he need this.

Laksh’s POV:
He is just ten year old boy. He is still a child. But he bears so much of pain in his heart. he saw his mother’s murder by his own father. He lost his childness. He still try to save his sister. He did not deserve that much of pain in his heart.
Laksh stares fainted Vicky and tears rolling down from his eyes.
Police arrests Rajat and shekar and Manik go along with police to register the complaint.
Laksh put Vicky in front seat and Ragini and sumi sit in back seat. Tears rolling down from their eyes.
Anyone not utter a word. Silence occupied the space between them.
They reached the house . Sumi remembers her memories with her sister Uttara and she goes to her room.
Ragini worries about vicky’s mental state and thinks about the pain which he bears in his heart for two years.
Laksh take Vicky to his bed and put him in his bed. Laksh wipes his tears.
He comes to hall.
Laksh: Ragni and touches her shoulder.

Ragini places her head in Laksh’s lap and cries.
Ragini: Vicky didn’t deserve this laksh. He didn’t.
Laksh consoles her.
Laksh: Ragini, get some food for Vicky.
Ragini go to kitchen make upma and Laksh goes to Sumi’s room.
Laksh: aunty
Sumi: beta,
Laksh understands her pain.
Laksh: aunty I understand that you have pain for your sister. but you need to spend your time with Vicky. It will help to reduce his pain.

Sumi: Haan beta
At that time, Ragini shouts.
Laksh and sumi rushed to Ragini.
Ragini: Maa, Vicky is not in his room, I searched everywhere in the house.
Laksh: aunty we will check outside.
Sumi informs Manik and shekar through phone.
Laksh and Ragini searches outside the house and streets.
Ragini’s eyes welled with tears.
After one hour, Laksh sees Vicky in a street.
Vicky walks aimlessly .
Laksh touches vicky’s shoulder.
Laksh: come with me, Vicky.

Vicky: where?(his voice didn’t express any feelings)
Laksh:to your house, to your family.
Vicky: I didn’t deserve that house
Laksh takes Vicky in his hands.
Laksh: it’s your family , Vicky. They love you a lot.
Vicky: but I am a cursed one. I am always unlucky. I am the son of merciless man.First I lost my mother and now I am reason of troubling my di’s life. If I am not with them, then problem never occurs in their life. I didn’t deserve the family.

Laksh observes the pain in Vicky’s words.
Ragini also hears that.
Ragini: Vicky, you are not unlucky. You are the lucky charm for me. without you, I don’t have happiness in my life. You are not the son of merciless man. You are son of our papa.You are my brother,idiot. How can you decide to leave us? Without you, we are lifeless bodies.(cries)
Ragini hugs him tightly and Vicky cries badly. They reach their house.
The next day, Laksh decides to return his house.
Ragini is in garden. Laksh goes to near Ragini.
Laksh: Ragini, today I return to my house . I promise you that I don’t disturb you again. But, let me when I come here to see Vicky please.
Laksh goes from here.
Ragini holds his hands. Laksh turns to ragini’s side.
Ragini: laksh, I don’t know that I love you or not. But , I know one thing your love make me to love you, Laksh. I don’t know why I feel comfortable with you .
Laksh bents and raises his hands
Laksh: will you marry me?
Ragini blushes and nods.
Shekar sees that.

Shekar: Ragini
Laksh: uncle
Shekar: beta, I am not enemy of love. I know that you are good. But, I also need your parent’s permission. If they accept Ragini as bahu, then I didn’t have any problem.
Laksh: thanks uncle
Laksh goes to see Vicky. Vicky just stares the floor.
Laksh: Vicky
Vicky turns to see Laksh. Laksh go to near Vicky and caresses his hair.
Laksh: Vicky, can you come with me?
Vicky nods without making any questions.
Laksh informs Shekar and murmurs something in Shekar’s ears. Shekar nods.
Laksh takes Vicky and goes to an orphanage.

Vicky sees the board of orphanage.
Vicky: why did you get me to orphanage?
Laksh: come with me, Vicky.
Vicky sees children playing there and some handicapped children.
Laksh: Vicky, these children didn’t see their own parents and they don’t have family. But still they enjoys little joyness which they get. Their life is not so simple but they still have a smile , Vicky.
Vicky observes Laksh’s words.
Laksh: you have papa, maa and loving rago. I know the pain you bear . just forget about that pain. Give happiness to your family.only your smile can bring the smile in their face including me, Vicky.
Vicky nods and hugs laksh” thanks laksh”
Laksh hugs Vicky tightly and then take him in his hand” can we go ?
Laksh take Vicky to amusement park. They both enjoy a lot. Laksh become happy when seeing vicky’s smile back. Laksh and Vicky become very closer to each other.
At evening,
Laksh and Vicky returns to house. Shekar,Sumi and Ragini eyes become moist when seeing vicky’s smile.
Laksh takes blessings from Shekar and sumi and leaves the house.
At Laksh’s house,

Suji maa, Laksh’s maa and papa and his chacha sits in hall.
Laksh enters into the hall.
Suji: beta, how is your friend ? fine naa
Laksh: he is now fine suji maa. I want to tell something important.
Maa: bolo laksh
Laksh: I love a girl.
Suji:is she beautiful?
Laksh: she is very beautiful both in her heart and her face.
Papa(Mirchi): is her father is a business man or politician?
Laksh: no. but she have a caring and loving father( anger tone)
Papa: then it’s better to forget her,
Laksh: so, it’s your final decision.

Papa: yes
Laksh: kk and go to his room and calling someone.
The next day morning
Pandit ji comes to Laksh’s house.
Suji: pandit ji, aap yaha? Is anything important?
Laksh: I called pandit ji.
Maa: for what, laksh?
Laksh: to do the pooja for become “SANYASI”
Papa: what?
Laksh: I can’t give her position to anyone and her father never let marry her without your permission. So it’s better to take sanyasam.
Pandit ji start the rituals and Laksh sit in pooja.
Laksh is so strong in his decision.
Laksh papa never expect this and Suji and his maa pleases Mirchi to accept Laksh’s love.
Papa: kk. I accept this. Call them to meet me.

Pandit ji stops his pooja and Laksh goes to Ragini’s house.
In Ragini’s house
Laksh comes to Ragini house and takes blessings from Shekar and Sumi.
Shekar: laksh aap yaha in early morning?
Laksh: my parents accept my love, uncle. They want to meet you today. They are coming in one hour.
Ragini, Shekar and Sumi are happy and Ragini tensed to see her sasural.
Swara enters Aadi’s ward. Aadi sees Sindoor in swara’s mang.
Aadi: because of me, you married that sahil naa.(sad)
Sanskar: I married Swara , Aadi.
Aadi is surprised.”but di, how can it possible? Yesterday I know that my friend sansku is your manager. But..”
Swara: I love him Aadi(lies) and sees ground.
Aadi: di, yo didn’t tell about that. Today I am very happy di. My best friend is my jeju now. Sansku, can you investigate who tries to kill di, yesterday?
Sanskar: I complaint in police and police search him. Leave that matter aadi and I will take care of it.

(sanskar holds Aadi’s hands) you scared me most.
Aadi: Sansku see me I am ok now.
Aadi and Swasan leave the hospital.
They reached Maheshwari Mansion, at evening.
A maid takes Aarti for Swasan , Swara kicks the Kalash and places her leg in Haldi plate and walks towards pooja room.
Aadi stands outside the house and sanskar sees that.
Sanskar:come in Aadi
Aadi resists” jeju, it’s my di’s sasural. I can’t stay here. it’s not give respect to my di. I should return to my home.
Sanskar drags Aadi inside.
Sanskar: first I am your friend Sansku and then your Jeju. And it’s also your house. Take this in your mind.
Aadi: sorry sansku. But I will stay here for only one month. When my school is reopened, then I will return to my home.
At that time , Swara lights diya in pooja room.
Sanskar: swara, come and get blessings from Papa.
They goes to Sanskar papa Ram Prasad’s room.
Sanskar: papa
Ramprasad turns and sees SWASAN.
Sanskar: papa(stammers)
Ram Prasad: it’s kk beta. If you do anything, there should be valid reason. Go and take blessings from bhabhi.
Ram prasad blesses both.
Sanskar takes swara to dev’s room.
Swara opens the door. The room is filled with dust.

Sanskar: maa
Annapurna(bade maa of sanskar) turns and sees swara.
Swasan takes blessings from Annapurna.
Annapurna: god bless you both
Annapurna takes her bangle in her hand and give it to Swara. Then she stairs his son Dev’s photo.
Swasan leaves the room.
Sanskar: swara, I will tell about my family after some time.
Swara nods because Sanskar is very emotional.
Aadi sits in sofa and feels uncomfortable.
Sanskar and Swara understands his feelings.
Sanskar: Aadi, come with me. I will show your room.
Aadi nods and Sanskar shows his room which is opposite to swasan room and near to Dev’s room.
Sanskar: aadi, you should take rest.
Sanskar make him sleep.
After 2 hours
Swara goes to kitchen and make Halwa and Upma for Aadi and Sanskar. Swara takes food for both and goes to Aadi’s room.
In Aadi’s room, Sanskar wake up Aadi.
Aadi freshup . At that time , Swara enters Aadi’s room.
Swara: Aadi, I made upma and Halwa for you.

Aadi:di, why can we all take the lunch together?
Sanskar sees Swara and Swara agrees.
Sanskar: Why not aadi?
Soon, they finished their lunch and Aadi shares some funny moments in school.
Sanskar laughs after a long time whole heartedly.
Swara gives Aadi’s medicine and make him sleep.
Swasan leaves Aadi’s room .
In Swasan room,
In Maheshwari Mansion, Each room have a study room itself.
Sanskar: swara you take the bed. I will sleep in study room.
Swara nods.
Sanskar: swara one minute. I keep my promise. But ,We should be very careful in front of Aadi. He is very smart. If he knows about the truth, then he will feel guilty. It’s not good for his health.
Sanskar goes to study room and sleeps in couch. Swara sleeps while remembering her marriage with sanskar.

Precap: RAGLAK travels to Kuldev Temple .

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