swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 32)


Thanks for your comments friends and thanks for silent readers. Here is the last part . Lovely and Deeksha , I tried my best to add Raglak and Swasan scenes.
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Let I start the episode.
Aditya and Uttara is laying down in entrance of house in severly injured state where Arjun is laying unconscious in driving seat of car.
Ragini(screams): Aadi..
Laksh, Swasan and others come there. Everyone is hell shocked and call them.
Sahil runs to Aditya and checks his pulse meanwhile Sumi and Shankar checks Uttara and Arjun. Suji and Ap starts to cry where Raglak and Swasan stands as numb.
Raksh sees his parents state and starts to cry. Jothi tries to pacify him with moist eyes.
Sahil: uncle, we need to operate them immediately.
Dp: I will inform police about this.
Sahil(strict at the same time pleasing): no uncle. No one never know about this.
Sahil , Laksh and Sanskar takes Adittra and Arjun to sahil’s hospital.
inside Operation Theatre,

Sumi and Shankar removes the bullets from Adittra’s body while Sahil treats Arjun.
Outside ot,
Ragini hugs Laksh and sobs.
Ragini: I don’t want to lose him Again Laksh. please do anything.
Laksh stands helpless.
Laksh rubs her back: nothing happen to him, Rago. He never went away from us.
On other hand, Ram and Suji cries by seeing their daughter’s state. Shyam is silently crying.
After an hour,
Sahil comes there.
Sahil: Arjun is safe.
At the same time,
Shankar comes outside.
Shankar: both are safe.
Sahil: uncle, we want to shift them to house.
Ragini: Sahil, are you hiding anything from me?
Sahil nods his head down.

Ragini: See me, Sahil. I want to know.
Everyone stares sahil with Question.
Sahil: I can’t say anything now Bhabhi, now we have to shift them to house. This place is not safe for them.
Swara holds Sahil hands.” Please tell me the truth, Sahil.”
Sahil jerks her hand and takes Shyam and Shankar to shift Adittra.

At night,
Adittra and Arjun shifted to Shankar’s house.
In Aditya’s room,
Aditya is laying in bed and strips are connected with him.
Ragini caresses Aditya’s hair while Swara stares him with moist eyes.
On other hand,
Laksh and Sanskar, Suji and Ram takes care of Uttara.
Dp is discussing with Shyam about the incident.

In Another room,
Arjun wakes up and try to observe the surrounding. Sahil comes inside.
Sahil: you are safe Arjun.
Arjun: Bhai.. bhabhi…
Sahil: they are safe now.
Arjun releases a long breath.
Sahil injects some medicine and Arjun again starts to sleep.
Meanwhile Aditya wakes up and sees Ragini.
Aditya: Rago maa(weakly)
Ragini: aadi…

Aditya: Arjun…
Ragini: he is safe Aadi.
Aditya closes his eyes and again starts to sleep.
The next day morning,
Aditya wakes up and roams in house.
Aditya sees Uttara in a room and goes to ear her.
Aditya kisses her in forehead and uttara wakes up.
Aditya holds her hand and both have a cute eyelock .
After few minutes, in hall
Aditya and Uttara comes there. Arjun also present there.
Dp: Aditya beta, is everything okay?
Aditya and Uttara sees eachother .

Uttara: bade papa, now everything is okay. There is no thing for scared.
Ragini: but, you both..(moist eyes)
Aditya: Rago maa, I make everything normal. So don’t worry. Leave this now itself.
Everyone nods half heartedly.
Again the house is busy with marriage preparations.
It’s mehandi.
Mehandi lady puts mehandi for Jothi.
Jothi: Ragini di, show your hands also.
But Laksh interrupts her.
Laksh: she gives her hand only for me.

Laksh takes one mehandi cone and takes her hand.
Everyone sees him amazed.
Swara hits Sanskar in shoulder.
Swara: Sanskar, study from your jeju.
Sanskar pouts to her and takes a cone.
Laksh starts to draw design in Ragini’s hand. Ragini stares him lovingly.
Laksh puts the design and hides his name in the design. It’s flower and leaf design.
Suji: wow Laksh it’s superb.
Everyone is praising Laksh.
Sanskar starts a indo Arabic design. Swara hands looks like beautiful in this mehandi.
Ap: Sahil, find your name in mehandi and Sanskar find your name in Swara’s hands.
Sahil takes Jothi’s hands and tries to find his name. Jothi sees his face eagerly.
Laksh(whispers in Ragini’s ear): Ragini, find my name in your hand.
Ragini tries to find his name. finally she find it and points it to Laksh. Laksh hides his name in flowers.
Sahil: I didn’t…
Jothi makes sad face. Sahil smiles..
Sahil: I find it and traces his name.
Jothi is happy and kisses him in his cheeks forgetting about surrounding. Sahil face turned into crimson red.
Suji: Swara only you are remained.
swara tries his full effort but she finally found it. he splitted his name in the full hands.
Sanskar smiles and kisses her without get anyone attention.

At night,In terrace,
Sahil, Laksh and Aditya stands. Sahil told everything to Laksh.
Sahil:Aadi, is every problems are solved?

Aadi: well, yes as well as no.
Laksh: Aadi..
Aditya(smiles): well I killed Sultan. But if someone recognized me, it will be a great problem,jeju.
Aditya: we decided after marriage, we are going to settle in pune. I already shifted headquarters of arjun chain of hospitals to pune.
Laksh: we got you now. We can’t live separately from you.
Aditya: jeju, but I can’t risk your lives.
Sahil signs Laksh not to speak.

Sahil: ok. Aditya. But you will stay in SK mansion.
Aditya returns a smile.
The next day, It’s Sangeeth..
Ragini wakes up and sees her mehandi. It’s more darker.
Laksh: if Mehandi is darker means that girls husband loves her more than him.
Ragini blushes and ran to bathroom.
Ragini smiles and and taps her own head.
At evening,
Swaragutt dances for mann dola re dola. Then Raglak starts to dance. Laksh holds Ragini’s waist and made a eyelock. They both dances for ang laga dera.

The next day , it’s haldi.
Shankar arranged another house and sent groom side to that house.
Ap makes Sahil sit in a chair.
Ap, Ragini and Uttara applies haldi in his face.
Aditya intentionally fall haldi in sanskar face and take it safe. No one didn’t allow Swasan and Jothi and Sahil to meet. Swara ignored Sanskar’s call.
Finally at marriage day,
Uttara did a ghat bandhan .Jothi and Sahil take pheras and sahil fills her mang with sindor and make her wear Mangalsutra.
Sanskar searches Swara but he didn’t find her.
Sanskar(in mind): Where is Swara? ahh! Once I find her, I will surely punish her, sweet punishment.
Sanskar smiles unknowingly.
Ap takes Sanskar and make him sit in mandap. Sanskar is confused.
Sanskar: maa, what are you doing?
Dp: we didn’t see your marriage. So, we decided your remarriage.
Sanskar is surprised and overwhelmed.
Swara comes mandap in redgreen bridal saree.
Ragini did a ghat bandhan. Swara and Sanskar take pheras. Sanskar fills mang and Swara stares him lovingly. Both share a deep eyelock.
Swara(whispers to Sanskar): you married me with my consent. So remove your guilt from your heart.
Sanskar is very happy and have moist eyes.
Ragini and Laksh sees each other and smiles.
Raksh always sits with Adittra because of insecurity in his mind.
at night,
Sanskar enters the room and Swara sits in bed. The room is decorated with rose. Sanskar removes her veil. Swara blushes and raises her head and stare him lovingly.
Sanskar : Swara…
Swara blushes and nods her head down.

Sanskar: I really lucky swara…
Swara: no I am lucky.
Sanskar: no I am..
Swara: no I am..
They continues this for five more minutes…
Sanskar: ok. we both are lucky..
Swara: that’s good , my cutie.
Swara pinches his nose. Sanskar pinches her nose.
Suddenly they hear a thunder sound.
Sanskar hugs Swara tightly.
Swara: sanskar..are you scare for thunder sound?

Sanskar : haan…
Swara cups his face and Sanskar sees her eyes. They both starts to travel in another world where they both only live.
Sanskar starts to make swara as him and Swara makes him as her.
On other side,
Raglak room.
Ragini makes kids sleep in other room and comes to her room.
Laksh sees her lovingly.
Ragini sits in bed. Laksh sits near her foot and takes it in his hand.
Laksh starts to massage her foot.

Ragini: LAKSH, why are doing this?
Ragini tries to take her foot but Laksh hold it tightly.
Laksh: don’t dare. You are working from early morning. Just close your eyes.
Ragini starts to sleep .Laksh stops his massage and lays next to her.
Ragini turns and puts his hand on his shoulder and digs her in his embrace.
Laksh smiles by seeing her antics and puts his hand on her and starts to sleep.
The next day,
Sumi, Shanka and others except Adittra and arjun, Raksh goes to Kolkatta. Adittra goes to pune along with Raksh and Arjun.
At evening
Arjun is playing with Raksh and Aditya thinks about Ragini and Swara.
Uttara is cooking . they hear a door bell ringing .
Uttara: Aadi.. see who is.
Aditya: haan haan Uthu…
Aditya opens the door and surprised to see the whole Maheshwari’s.
Uttara comes there with a knife in her hand.
Uttara: who is this, Aadi?
Uttara is surprised and put her knife down.
Uttara: maa.. papa.. bademaa.. badepapa..
Ragini: Aadi.. how can you decide to leave me?(moist eyes)
Aditya: Rago maa..
Aditya hugs her.
Laksh and Sahil hits Aditya: we are going to stay here. Don’t dare to send us away.
Aditya: jeju..
Laksh: you are my Aadi.
Sahil: you are my buddy.
Laksh: if any problem comes means, we will face it as a family.
Aditya hugs them with moist eyes.
Laksh: we are a family, Aadi. We will always stand for you.
7 years Later,
In a Room,
Ragini sits in front of a mirror. She starts to wear jewels. Laksh sees her through the mirror lovingly and comes near to her.
Laksh puts his face in her shoulder.
Laksh: I love you rago.
Ragini smiles and turns.
Ragini: ohh! My hubby. You are 42 years old but still..
Laksh: my heart and my love still young Rago.
Ragini circles his hand through his neck.
Ragini: I love you Laksh.
Laksh leans towards her and starts to kiss her. At the minute, Aadi and Vicky storms into room.
Raglak broke the kiss.
Aadi: mumma papa.. Swara maa calls you.
Laksh(mutmurs): I have my own villains for my romance.
Ragini taps Laksh head.
Ragini: Say her that I am coming.
Aadi and Vicky runs outside.
Laksh(pouts): Rago, only one kiss.
Ragini comes near Laksh and kisses his cheeks and runs.
Laksh: rago it’s not fair. I am your hubby not bf..
In hall, Sparsh(Swasan son), Sanskarti(Swasan daughter), Rohit(Jothi-Sahil son), Sid(Adittra son) , Diya(Raglak Daughter)are playing. Aadi, Vicky and Raksh are supervises the arrangement. It’s the naming ceremony of Arjun and Aarohi’s new born baby boy.
Ragini goes to a group.
Ragini:Shakti, is everything is ready?
Shakti is shyam’s wife.
Shakti: haan di, it’s ready.
Jothi: Ragini di, panditji is arrived.
Raksh: all of you just sit. Take this first.
Aditya make them drink water.
Raksh: relax
All nods.
Priest comes and starts the pooja. Aditya stands in stair and sees the scenario.
Aditya’s Pov:
Well it’s been 7 years over after we settled in Pune. In these 7 years, so many things are happened. I started my own hospital . later, Sahil, Arjun and me are merged our hospitals group .Laksh jeju and Sanskar jeju shifted their business to Pune and merged their companies. All the elders Dp,ram uncle, Annu and Suji aunty, Sumi maa and Shankar papa are supported me, loved me and care for me.Sumi maa and Shankar pa always treats me as their own son. They filled my parents position in my life. Sanskar jeju always supported me.LAKSH jeju always treated me as his own brother. Even so many things are changed, still cat fight between my raksh and Sanskar jeju is not changed. Raksh always tease Swara and Sanskar jeju by calling them Monkey in private not public. He always irritate them but the same time, he always love them. My thoughts are cut when I heard a baby cry. Shyam is trying to control his 3 months old daughter Nakshatra. Shakti his wife taunts him and stops baby cry. But he side hugs her and stares his smiling baby face. I am happy when I am seeing his happy face. I disturbed with some pleasing voice. It’s sahil, my best buddy. Sahil is trying to convince Jothi. Still he need practice to convince his wife after did a mistake.poor boy! Then I see Rago maa, my maa who welcomes the guest and Swara Bandar who helps her.They are really gift by god. Without them, my family is an incomplete one. We always do prank in Sanskar jeju and Sahil. We are partner in crime. I see Aadi, Vicky and Raksh. They together do all work. Aadi is like Swara prank loving , Vicky is like my Rago maa silent but at the same time intelligent and Raksh is matured. Even though they have differences, they share a very good bond like me,Rago maa and Swara.Then I see Arjun, my choti. The bond between us is very different.He is very happy by seeing his son. It’s his son naming ceremony. Aarohi is a nice girl. She adapted this family as her own one. I feel someone touched my shoulder. I turned , it’s Uttara. My love , my life . she is standing with my daughter Ragya. I sidehugged her and walks towards Priest and sit near to arjun.
Priest tells that to give a name to child. Arjun gives his child to me.
“Name him, Bhaiya…” he said. I see Aarohi and she smiles to me.
“bhai, we are eager to hear his name” she said.
I become emotional, I see baby’s face. It’s glows like sooraj. I announced his name as Sooraj. Everyone become happy by hearing his name. kids are clapping and speels his name. Raksh takes baby from my hand and carefully put him in cradle. Kids surrounded him and starts to play with him. happiness filled in our VRINDAVAN in which there is no place for hatred. Yes we named our house as VRINDAVAN. Here, we are connected by hearts. The relationship made by heart always very beautiful , it’s pious like rain and it always stand for us.
Hello friends, finally I am finished MY SEASON 2 of LOVE ME OR NOT. I don’t want to drag my story. I know already it’s lost it’s charm that’s why I lost most of my readers and it’s not successful as it’s first season. I failed to satisfy you. I whole heartedly thanks all my readers who encouraged me.
I thanks to fairy, anjel, kakali, chandu, g.chandu, lovely,faima, snehahari,rizna,prajna, shana 98,nikky gupta,j,s, anu, Ragzteju,akshata, dhivya, ammu, lisa, hemalatha,afra 96,sreevijayan, mica,Anuann, ragini, lol,anjali,arjuna,nikky,rock leon,deepu,anu,paru,deeksha, xavia,ashnoor,sanya,deepti,s,jjjjjj,sekhu, malika. I didn’t replied in TU , I am sorry for that. But I read your everyone comments. It’s motivating me and kindles me to think about different plot.
If I missed anyone, please forgive me. without your support, I can’t complete it friends. I specially thanks to S Priya who pointed out my strength. Both the seasons, I take Heart relationship as a theme and my main lead is Aadi in season 1 and in season 2, I made Swara and Ragini in which Aditya and Sahil plays a vital role in Swasan and Raglak life. I tried to give equal importance to key characters.
Friends I wrote five ff meri pyarri behan-swattaragini, Loveme or not season 1, Swaragini,Abigya-my life, swaragini,dabh,,tei- it’s my promise maa and last this.
Friends I have some questions. Please honestly answer for this.
1)are you really liked this story? Is my stories ok? are you really liked my plots?
2) is my writing style ok? please suggest me about improvisations.
3) which character you liked the most in this?
4) rate this based on 10.
Please answer for this and silent readers please comment, I want to know how many peoples reading my story. It’s my request.

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