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Thanks for your comments friends and thanks silent readers. Mica, thanks for you pizza and parathas. It’s yummy. All apart, I really heartfully thank you my friends. Your comments are my energy booster. It influencing me more. I splitted Last episode into three parts. It’s last episode part 1.
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Let I start the episode.
At midnight
Raglak enters house with kids and Aditya returns his house.
Sahil returns jothi to her room and walk towards his room and sees Aditya.
Aadi turns and gun is falls from his hand.
Sahil takes his gun and stares his questioningly.
Ragini:Sahil.. Aadi.. what are you doing at this time?

Laksh stares them questioningly.
Sahil turns by placing the gun in his pant back side.
Sahil: bhabhi.. bhaiya..
Aditya comes near Sahil” can I ask the same question Rago maa? What are you doing with Jeju at this time?(teasingly)
Ragini blushes but she hides” it’s late . both of you go and sleep”
Raksh runs to Aditya” papa..”
Aadi and Vicky yawns” mumma, let sleep”

Laksh takes Aadi and Ragini takes Vicky and moves towards their room. Aditya sent Raksh with them.
Sahil sees Aditya questioningly and grabs his hands and moves to his room.
Aditya’s POV
Sahil throws my gun to the bed. I know what he want to ask. I didn’t have courage to expose myself.
“ what is this, Aadi? What is the need of this? Sahil asked me.
“ I am Underworld don, Sahil” I said him with painful voice.
“ what ?” sahil asked. I observe his shock. He never expected this, I know.
“ haan, Sahil. When we felldown into river, a man saved us. He is the original king. Sultan is a drug smuggler and he wants to sell drugs in Kolkatta. King is against of this. So he decided to kill him. I promised him that I will take care of Arjun, his son . until I will kill his rival, it won’t be safe for Arjun. So I start to act as King and hides original’s King death” I explained him.
“ is Uttara know about you” Sahil asked me.
“ yes. only Uttara and Arjun knows about me . for outside world, I am a best neurologist and dean of Arjun chains of hospitals.” I continued.
Sahil put his hand on my shoulder friendly that he will always support me.
“ Rago maa never know about this” I requested Sahil and he accepted.
I start to slept.

On other hand,
Arjun is driving his car. Someone follows his car and Arjun notice it through rear mirror.
A man shoot his car tyre and somewhat Arjun stopped his car.
Arjun come out of his car and starts to run from there. Arjun takes his gun and shoots some goons. Arjun slips and the goon catches him. one goon twists his hand backside and put handcuff. Arjun tried to get out from his grip. Another goon injected drug in his neck and he falls down unconsciously. A van comes there and takes unconscious Arjun from that place.

The next day morning,
Sanskar wakes up from floor and sees Swara who is sleeping peacefully on bed.
Sanskar(in mind): how could I impress her? Ok first I will ready.
Sanskar takes bath and switch on the hair dryer . the next minute , Sanskar face covered with white powder.
Swara giggles by seeing this and take a photo in her mobile.
Swara:Sansku, you look cute.
Swara laughs after a long time and Sanskar stares her lovingly. Sanskar walks towards Swara and pinned her in bed inbetween his hands.
Swara:Sansku, leave me. till you didn’t propose me.
Sanskar: you are so beautiful.
Swara blushes.
At that time, Aadi and Vicky stormed into room.
Swara and Sanskar get up from bed. Sanskar composed himself.
Aadi and Vicky sits in Swasan lap
Ragini and Laksh follows Aadi and Vicky.
Ragini: Good morning Shona.
Swara:Good morning Rago.
Raglak and kids sees Sanskar and laughs.
Laksh:Sanskar, what is this?
Sanskar: you can ask from your saali sahiba.(pouts)
Ragini feels happy again seeing Swara naughty.
Ragini: today only my devar looks cute.

Aadi and Vicky sees eachother: cute…?
A voice comes there” cute… monkey looks like really monkey. Hey naa Rago maa”
Raksh enters the room along with Uttara.
Uttara taps Raksh head” Raksh, he is your choti mama”
Laksh remembers what happened yesterday night.
Laksh:Uttara, your son is like you.
Uttara: yes bhai. when I am seeing you doing situps I can’t control my laugh.hey naa Bhabhi..
Ragini blushes.
Laksh: how can you know?
Uttara: I saw it when I was checking Garden CCTV Footage.

Sahim enters the room.” Good morning everyone”
Uttara: wah Bhai! I thought you will wake up late.
Uttara winked at Sahil. Sahil is shocked first and then blushes.
Sahil: I will come after. And ran from the place.
Laksh: Rago, we have some important work.
Ragini understands.

Raglak goes to his room.
After an hour, everyone present in Dining hall for having breakfast. After BreakFast, in hall.
Dp: Sumi, jeju.. I ask Jothi hands for Sahil. They both love each other.
Sahil and Jothi is shocked. Jothi nods her head down. Sahil tensedly sees Sumi and Shankar face.
Sumi sees Jothi and then Says” we are ok , bhai. we are lucky to have Sahil as my son in law.”
Sahil and jothi hugs eachother in happiness.
Ragini:Sahil, it’s public.
Sahil and jothi broke the hug and Jothi face turned into crimson red.
Aditya: I booked private jet for Coimbatore and all are leaving in one hour. I did every arrangement and tomorrow is your engagement at our village . after that, marriage will be in six months.

Sahil(shouted): no…
Laksh remembers his marriage.
Aditya: don’t worry buddy. I am just kidding. Marraiage is after two week.
Sahil(to laksh): bhai, we did your marriage after two days of your engagement. Please help me.
Everyone laughs at his open request.
Laksh taps his shoulder.
After an hour, everyone is ready except Uttara and Aadi.
Dp: Aditya beta, why didn’t you ready?
Aditya: uncle actually we both have some work. We will come at tomorrow evening.
Uttara( to Raksh): be a good boy. Don’t disturb mom.

Raksh: mumma, I will stay with you.
Aditya(kneels): Raksh, we will come at tomorrow evening.
Raksh: promise
Aditya: promise.. Aditya hides his tears.
Aditya and Uttara kisses Raksh forehead and bids bye to them. Aditya gets promise from Sahil that he will take care of his family in his absence.
After departure of Maheshwari and Sengupta,
Aditya: Uthu, it’s dangerous. Even I will die.
Uttara holds Aditya’s neck

Uttara: even death can’t separate me from you Aadi.
Aditya loads his gun and Uttara loads her gun and check it.
Aditya: track Arjun and ensure his safety.
Aditya and Uttara goes to Sultan place and Aditya wears his burnt face mark.
On other hand, After few hours,
Everyone arrives Shankar’s village. Shankar shows everyone room.
At night,
In Swasan room,
Swara waits for sanskar. Suddenly someone blindfolds her. By the touch, she identifies the person.
Sanskar placed his fingers on her lips.
Sanskar: now don’t speak anything.
Swara is already wearing a white anarkali.
Sanskar starts to unwear her ear studs and bangles.
Swara:Sanskar what are you doing?
Sanskar kisses her lips.

Sanskar: I already told you don’t speak. Otherwise it should be your punishment.
Sanskar make her sit in a chair.
Sanskar takes some bangles and make her wear it. they are pearl bangles and make her wear pearl earings.
Sanskar kneels and take Swara’s knee.
Swara feels ticklish” sanskar, you are tickling me”
Sanskar takes a gold anklet from his pocket and put it in her feet.
Sanskar stands and make her hair free .
Sanskar takes Swara in bridal style and walks.

After few minutes of walk,
Sanskar leaves her down gently and takes her blindfold.
Swara is surprised to see the surrounding.
It’s a jasmine garden and jasmine are bloomed and spreads the scent. Swara just inhaled the scent.
She stands near a pool. She stunned to see her in water. She is look like an anjel in that white designed anarkali and that pearl set.
She turned and see Sanskar who is also wear white tuxedo. A cold breeze blows between them.
Swara slowly walked towards him.
Sanskar kneels down.

“Swara, you are like a sun and I am earth. My life is based on you. You are my breath, my life . Without you, I can’t live even a second. I know I forcefully married you. I thought that I married you because I want to save you and Aadi. But the unknown truth, you affected me, my soul. I want you safe and comfort in my embrace. Later I know that I love you from my bottom of my heart. I don’t know how to describe my love to you. but I want you make happy and I want you always with me. I want to give all the happiness of world to you. can you accept me as your better half?” Sanskar confessed his feelings.

Swara is become dumbstruck and unknowingly nods her head with moist eyes.
Sanskar happily hugs her and takes a bracelet from his pocket. It’s is a leaf design bracelet at the end, the leaf looks like two SS connected together.
Sanskar hugs her from back and make her wear the bracelet in the same position.
Swara turns and holds his neck by hand like a mala and Sanskar holds her waist and make her tight. The distance between them is very low and they have a intense eyelock.
Sanskar lead her towards a tree and Sanskar slant on the tree and Swara sits in his lap. Sanskar hugs her and Swara placed her head on his chest. They slept in the same position.
On other hand, in Raglak room,
Ragini makes all the children sleep.
Ragini stands near the window and stares the moon. Today is full moon day.
Laksh hugs her from back side.
Laksh(whispers in ear): Rago..
Ragini: Laksh, like that moon my family is also completed. I am very Laksh. that’s why I got you and Aadi in my life.
Laksh looks her lovingly.
Ragini wears a red saree and because of cold breeze, hair dances in her face.
Laksh pushes the hair oneside and sees Ragini’s face which is glows like a full moon.
Laksh look into Ragini’s eyes which looks like dark brown see. Both getinto a deep eyelock.
Laksh takes her in his hand and moves to another room.
Laksh places Ragini in bed gently and Ragini turns face another side because of shyness.
They both consummated .
The next day morning,

Ragini wakes up and blushes by seeing Laksh. she takes bath and sit before mirror. Ragini starts to wear yellow saree which increases her beauty. Laksh wakes up and sees Ragini lovingly.
Laksh comes to her and holds his hand. Ragini misses the saree. Laksh takes the saree and and make her wear by his hand. Laksh looked into Ragini’s eyes while make her wear saree. Laksh takes Sindoor and fills her mang. A singl tear of happiness coming from Ragini’s eyes.
Laksh wipes her tears and kisses her gently. Laksh breaks the kiss after a minute .
Ragini goes to kitchen, prepares coffee to elders and health drinks for kids.
Swasan wakes up and comes to home quickly.
Ragini and Swara takes cares of arrangement of engagement. They decided to follow both culture for marriage.

At evening,
Ap, Dp, Suji, Ram, Sumi and Shankar welcomes guest. Swara and Ragini takes care of guest and gives drinks to everyone.
Jothi wears a green silk saree and suitable emerald jewels.she looks like very beautiful. Sahil comes there in silk dhoti and silk shirt.
Sahil is mesmerized to see Jothi.
Laksh and Sanskar pulls Sahil legs. Shyam is look very happy. He accepted Sumi and Shankar.
THE Engagement starts…
Dp, Ap, Laksh , Ragini, Aadi, Vicky stands for Sahil’s side and Sumi, Shankar , Shyam, Suji, Ram , Swasan stands for Jothi’s side.
Everyone misses Aditya and Uttara and waits for them. Priest advises its late.
Dp and Shankar exchanges plates. And priest announces the marriage date.
Jothi and Sahil kneels and takes everyone blessings.
After that , Sahil and jothi exchanges their ring.

Then dancing starts…
Ragini and Swara dances for nagada sang dol. Then Sanskar and Swara dances for vaha vaha Ramji.
Raglak dances for Manwa Laage.
Finally everyone dances for London Dhumukada including Kids .
After guests are gone out,
Ragini: Swara, why did Aadi didn’t come?
Jothi: Aadi bhai didn’t come to my engagement. I will not speak to him.
Swara: Rago, his phone is not reachable.
Sahil is tensed.

Inside Living room,
Raksh is sitting Sadly because he is missing his parents. Aadi and Vicky are trying to lighten his mood.
Aadi switch on the TV.
In the TV ,
the anchor tells,” yesterday there is a big clash between Underworld don Sultan and King. in which Sulltan, King and King’s son were killed. Police arrested Sultan’s whole group.”
Sahil is dumb by hearing this.
Ragini(screams): Aadi..,
Everyone comes to there.

Aditya and Uttara is laying down in entrance of house in severly injured state where Arjun is laying unconscious in driving seat of car.

To be continued…

Friends only two parts are left. Hope you enjoyed it. please give your suggestions about story and who will suitable for Aditya’s character.

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