swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 30)


Thanks for your comments friends and thanks for silent readers. In this episode, I use Aditya for Ragini’s choti and Aadi for Ragini’s son. So don’t have confuse inbetween this.
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Let I start the episode.
Judge gives permission for Uttara to argue case in side of Shyam. Sanskar and Ram is overwhelmed by seeing Uttara at the same time they are sad by seeing her against them.
Uttara: can I ask some questions to Mr.Sanskar?
Judge: you can.
Uttara: Mr.Sanskar what happened there? Say it correctly.
Sanskar told about attacks and what happened there.
Uttara:So, are you confident that Mr.Shyam killed your bhai and others?
Sanskar is hesitated” till, my heart doesn’t accept that”
Uttara: your honor, I want to ask some questions to Inspector.
Inspector comes and stands in witness side.
Uttara: Inspector, can you confident that Shyam did all the murders?
Ins: yes.
Uttara: what are evidences for that?
Ins: he hacked Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari’s bank account with his laptop. I confirmed this through IP Id.
Uttara: can you have any other evidence?
Uttara: your honor, Mr.Shyam is trapped in this.
Varma: your honor, Mrs.Uttara is trying to deviate us from the case. Can you prove it?
Uttara : I will prove it, Mr.Varma. your honor, I want to replay the video.
On another side,
Ragini wakes up and sees unconscious Laksh near her.
Laksh starts to open his eyes.
Laksh: Rago..
Laksh hugged her tightly.
Laksh: I scared that I lost you. why you drove that much fast? And I saw your car blast.
Laksh make his hug so tight.
Ragini:Sanskar called me and told me to go old MM with in a hour. But car is stopped in middle. I get down to check the car. I felt dizzy and I don’t know what happened after.
Ragini: where we are?
Raglak observes the room which is lavish.
Laksh goes towars window and opens it. Laksh and Ragini decides to go out through window.
They stopped by hearing a voice”Rago maa.. Jeju…”
Raglak turns and sees Aditya who stands with his smile.
In MM,
Suji: I will see Vicky is wake up or not.
A voice comes there”No need Sujatha”
Everyone is shocked. Dp walks towards them and he is having Vicky in his hands.
Vicky:Dadu, you are so sweet.
Dp: haan Vicky. go and play with Swara maa.
Vicky goes and hugs Swara.Dp goes towards Raglak, aadi and Raksh photo and removes Varmala from them.
Dp:there is no need of crying here Annu. Our son and our poutha’s are not dead. They are safe.
Annapurna still numb. Everyone stands like a statue.
Dp goes towards her and holds her.
Ap sees Dp with moist eyes. Dp wipes her tears” I am alright and Laksh and Ragini are also safe”
Sahil comes out from shock first.
Dp: how can you think that I will try to kill you?
Sumi:bhaiya..(cries) but..
Dp: yes sumi. I paid that goon because he helped me and saved you and your son. But you…
Dp asks Sumi with pain.
Sumi: bhaiya please forgive me. I am a bad behan. I doubted you.
Dp walks towards Sumi and caresses her hair.
Dp: forget it sumi. You are my Sumi, my behan. I can do anything for you.
Sumi: bhai…
Dp:Shyam is your son, Sumi.
Everyone is stunned.
Sahil:but Sanskar killed him.
Dp: its all our plan, gentle man and my enemy is trapped in this. I can only say everyone is safe.
Sahil: uncle, what is happening here?
Dp: wait until evening Sahil. You will get clear everything. First of all, we should leave MM Soon . all of you follow me.
Dp leans to Vicky” Vicky, we are playing hide and seek. Hide behind this chair”
Everyone is confused with Dp. He is perfectly alright but he is in paralytic till yesterday. But everyone followed his orders. They leave MM as soon as MM occupied with fire.
Everyone is stunned.
Swara: Vicky..(shouts)
Dp: he is safe , Swara. you will see him in half an hour.
Ap: please Durga ji, tell me what happening here.
Dp: I can’t tell now,annu. Now we are going to safe place. Here, you will get your answer.
In Court,
Uttara: I will prove , your honor. Mr.Sanskar, are you called police?
Sanskar: no
Uttara: but in this video, police arrived at the nick of the time. How can is it possible, Ins?
Ins: a caller told me about this. I can’t know about their identity.
Uttara: ok. can I know what is your monthly salary?
PP: Your honor, Ms.Uttara asking unnecessary questions.
Uttara: it’s very important question Mr.PP.
Judge : objection overruled.
Ins: merely 20000
Uttara: but how can you buy a mansion in Mumbai, Inspector and it’s cost merely 1 crore.
Ins: you are lying.
Uttara: your honor, these are documents which proves my statement. Two days before, a mansion is registered in Inspector wife’s name and he signed in it.
Uttara submits the documents and judge is checking the documents.
Uttara: it’s clear that it’s a trap and moreover I have another evidence which proves my statement is correct.
Everyone is the court is eagerly listening.
Uttara: your honor, the incident is happening it in a cliff side and it is an isolated area. But how can a person record it this much clear. How can you got this evidence Mr.PP?
Pp: someone sent me through postal.
Uttara: what an answer Mr.pp? You didn’t even check the reliability of this video. But I have a reliable video.
Uttara gives a cassette. At that time, Varma’s phone shows a message. Varma opened it and sees “MISSION COMPLETED”
On another side,
In a room,
A person enters the room with Vicky in his hand.
Vicky: arjun uncle, where are you taking me?
Arjun: you can see them.
Aadi and Raksh beats him and Arjun leaves Vicky down.
Arjun: I am good boy. Why are beating me?
Raksh: I want to go Rago maa. Until you accept to take us to my rago maa, we will hit you.
Aadi: Vicky beat him.
Vicky too follows Aadi’s order.
At Raglak side,
Ragini and Laksh stunned Aditya alive.
Ragini slowly walking towards Aditya and cups his face and sees his eyes.
“Rago maa” Aditya called Ragini name with so much of love .
Ragini sits the place where she stands. She felt that her strength fully vanished.
Laksh holds her shoulder and Ragini holds his hand and stares Aditya.
Aditya comes to near and takes Ragini’s face in his hand”Rago maa..”
Ragini raises her hand slowly and caresses his face”Aadi..”
“Rago maa” Aditya said this one word.
Ragini bursts and hugs him. her sorrow, her pain which she have in heart in those years is outcoming as tears.
“Rago maa, I am with you and I never leave you”Aditya said.
Aadi turns to Laksh” jeju..”
Laksh hugged him and also Ragini. They share a group hug.
Aditya: Rago maa.
At that time, a voice comes there”Bhai, save me”
Aditya smiles”Rago maa, lets go. We have to save a person. Otherwise…”
In Court hall,
Uttara shows a video to everyone. But paused it.
Uttara: before showing it , I want my important witness in witness place.
A burqua faced man walks and stands in witness place . Uttara resumes the video.
In this video, PP speaks with someone but only PP face is shown.
PP:Don’t worry My friend, we will trap that Sanskar in shyam murders case. We are going to kill that shyam but that charge will fall on Sanskar. What an plan, my dost?
PP is hell shocked and Uttara resumes the video in middle and smirks to PP. Varma’s body starts to sweat.
Pp: it’s fake. Don’t trust your honor.
Uttara: these are the documents which proves the cassette is real one.
Uttara submits the document and signs the witness.
The witness removes his burqua.
Everyone is hell shocked by seeing Shyam alive.
Uttara: let see the person who is talking with PP.
Uttara resumes the video.
Video starts..
Person face is revealed.
Sanskar: uncle(shocked tone)
Varma:haan My dost, they can’t guess that we are behind this. (smiles devilishly) once we killed everyone except Vicky we get their properties as I am trustee. Sanskar also shifted his properties on Vicky’s name. we can get two properties one is Great Vishnuprasad Maheshwari’s wealth and another one is Maheshwari Industries. by using one stone,we can pluck two mangoes.
Varma smiles devilishly.
In Raglak side,
Aditya:Rago maa, come with me.
Aditya takes them to a room.
Aditya opens the room and make first Raglak go inside.
RagLak sees Aadi, Vicky and Raksh beats Arjun.
Kids: mumma..papa..Rago maa…
The trio hugs them”Rago maa, this uncle is very bad. He didn’t let us go from this room and he also take Vicky in this room”
Raksh sees Aditya and slowly comes towards him. the river scene flashes in his mind.
Aditya kneels down and matches Raksh’s height.
Raksh:papa..(slowly calls Aditya)
The next second,Aditya takes him in his embrace”Raksh..”
Raksh wipes his tears” papa.. I miss you..”
Aditya: I also miss you Champ.
Ragini and Laksh is in different emotions.
Ragini: is Raksh your son?
Aditya: haan Rago maa. He is my son. Aditya caresses Raksh hair.
Raksh: papa.. I named mamaoni as Rago maa. You are copying me.
Ragini comes towards Raksh.
Ragini: I am your bua,Raksh not mamoni.
Raksh: no rago maa, you are my mamoni.
Aditya: he is correct Rago maa. Uttara is his mom.
Laksh shocked.
In Court,
Uttara:well now I proved my cousin Shyam is innocent and my bhai Sanskar didn’t kill him. it’s all our trap to catch the real culprit. Mr.Varma , now you can’t escape from Law.
Uttara: everyone misunderstood that Kabir killed me but the fact is Varma is behind Kabir’s deeds. He is the master planner. First he tried to marry my bua and take over the properties. But it failed. Even he tried to kill my bua. Then, he planned. He snatched Laksh bhai from my bademaa and he made my papa to adopt Laksh bhai.
Ram remembers how Varma gave Laksh to him and how he convinced him to adopt Laksh.
Uttara: then, he tried to kill me because I am his first hurdle but fortunately I escaped. But I lost my memory. When I got my memory back, Laksh bhai was in coma. I tried to find the culprit along with husband Aditya Kapoor…(Uttara paused and sees Varma)
Uttara: my husband tried to get help from him. but he even sent goons to kill us. He is an animal. Even he killed his own brother Kabir. And he is the one who hacked Maheshwari’s account from Shyam’s laptop .Then we planned to expose him and now I proved he is culprit.
Varma stand there with a shock but soon, he composed himself and smiles devilishly. The next second, Vrama takes Uttara at his gunpoint.
Everyone is shocked.
Varma: yes It’s me whom tried to kill Maheshwari’s . Uttara, you can save your bhai but before few minutes I killed your whole family in a bomb blast.
Uttara(acts like shocked): why are you doing like this?
Varma: I am taking revenge for your dadaji’s deeds. He snatched my parents properties. So I decided to take revenge. Even though I didn’t get your properties, I killed your whole family even Sengupta.
Varma sees police who are surrounded him” if you don’t let me go, I will kill Vikram Maheshwari also”
Uttara smirks which is only noticed by shyam. Varma felt pain like a antbit. The next moment, Varma loosened his grip and Uttara escaped from his grip. Varma falls down and he have a paralytic attack.
Police takes him to hospital.
Still everyone can’t come from what happened.
Uttara: your honor, all my family members are safe. I will make them present tomorrow in court.
Judge accepted it and declared his judgement” I advice police department to dismiss Inspector and take necessary actions. I announce PP and Mr.Varma as a convict. I order police to arrest pp and Varma and I prefer Bar council to cancel their license. I free Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari from all charges. The court is adjunt”
Judge goes from this place. Now Ram,Uttara, Shyam and Sanskar is present.
Sanskar and Ram walks towards Uttara and Shyam. Sanskar sees uttara with moist eyes.
Sanskar: uthu..
Sanskar hugs her.Ram caresses her hair.
Uttara: bhai..papa..
Uttara: bhai, everything is alright. Stop crying. Then buddy will tease you as crying baby.
Sanskar breaks the hug and goes to Shyam, folds his hands before.
Sanskar:I even tried to kill you. I .. I .. if you can, please forgive me.
Shyam pulled Sanskar in a hug.
Shyam: you didn’t shot me, Sanku. I am the one who pressed the trigger. Stop crying and now it’s time for happy,Sanku.
On other hand,
Raglak and Aditya hears car sound.
Aditya: rago maa… jeju you can go hall. They need you first.
Raglak goes down with Aadi and Raksh and Sees dp and others.
Laksh: chilli..!
Laksh frozen in the place. Dp walks towards Laksh and taps his head” are you missing my scolds then ready to hear it afterwards”
Laksh hugs Dp with moist eyes.
Swara: Rago..
Swara runs and hugs Ragini.
Sahil: bhai.. bhabhi..
Sahil goes towards Laksh”bhai..”
Laksh turns and sahil hugs him” I felt that my world was destructed. Why are you scared us?”
Raksh goes to joe and hugs her. Joe stands with support of walking sticks.
Raksh: mom.. I miss u.
Joe takes Raksh in her embrace and hugs him tighter.
Ap and Suji are happy by seeing their family safe.
Sahil: bhabhi why didn’t you tell your plan?
Ragini: I didn’t plan it.
A voice comes there” it’s my plan,Sahil”
Sahil and Swara becomes numb.
Sahil&Swara(whispers):Aadi.. and then turns.
Swara holds Ragini hands for support.
Sumi,Shankar and jothi sees him happily.
Aditya walks towards Swara.
Aditya touches Swara shoulder.
Aditya: bander..
Swara sees him moist eyes and slapped him by remembering past how he tried to commit suicide.
Sahil holds him and makes him stand.
Sahil slapped Aditya hard and little bit of blood oozing from Aditya’s lip.
Sahil shakes him” how can you do this Aadi? Why are you gave us that much pain? How can you think that we will think you as a burden? Tell me dammit.in these 7 years, a single day I didn’t sleep without tears. Answer me”
Aditya sees with moist eyes. Sahil and Swara hugged him tighter.
Tears flowing from trio.
Ragini and Laksh adores their bond.
Aditya breaks the hug and goes towards Jothi.
Aditya: jo. I am bad bhai joe. I can’t ..
Jothi: bhaiya, it will be cured in a month. It’s not at your fault bhai.
Jothi wipes the blood from Aditya’s lip. Sumi and Shankar holds his hands.
Aadi and Vicky sees them with confused face and Arjun sees with a smile in his face.
At that time, Uttara enters that house with Sanskar, Shyam , Ram.
Raksh sees Uttara and runs to her” mumma”
Uttara sees Raksh with moist eyes and takes him in her hand and twirls him.
Uttara: raksh..
Raksh: mumma…
Suji stunned to see Uttara. Sumi and Shankar are happy to see Uttara.
Uttara hugs both of them.
Dp takes Shyam’s hand and goes towards Sumi.
Dp:Sumi, there is your son.Shyam.
Shyam and Sumi sees eachother .
Sumi and Shankar just stand numb.
Shyam hugs her.
Everyone sees it with moist eyes.
Uttara comes towards laksh and holds his hands.
Uttara: bhai..!
Laksh: Uthu!
Laksh caresses her cheeks.
Sahil: atleast now tell what happening here?
Aditya: ohh! My friend wait . now tell, what you know about us?
Sahil tells which Jothi told.
Aditya: actually I went to see Varma for getting help from him to save Laksh jeju. He also promised me that he would help me. but he sent goons to kill us. We both fell down in River. After sone days, we wake up in a hospital and we are severely injured .
Uttara:Arjun’s papa helped us and he promised us that he would save our family.
Uttara wipes her tears.
Aadi: but he passed away . I took all his responsibilities about Arjun and his hospital and I got help from his friend and planned all.
Uttara: I met Shyam and got his help. We all planned everything and trapped him.
Aditya: I cured uncle and explained all my plans. He also helped us.
Swara:whose house is this?
Uttara: it’s our house bhabhi.
They enjoyed a quality family time and got settled everything. Now it’s night. Arjun shows everyone room.
In a terrace,
Sumi, suji and Ap feeds everyone.
Aditya receives a call.
Aditya: Rago maa, maa I have to go. In hospital, there is an emergency.
Ragini nods.
Aditya signs Arjun to follow him.
In an isolated place,
There are some mens rolls in ground. They are badly beatened. They moans in pain.
King comes there. Because of burnt scars, that people can’t see king’s face. Goons surrounded the place.
That mens sees King.
Men 1: please forgive us.
King(holds his ear): forgiveness… you are messed with my people. Did you think I forgave you?
One man holds King’s leg.” Please show some mercy on us. We didn’t know they are your mens Please…”
King kicks him “ take it clearly in your small brains. If I see you again in this kolkatta, it’s the last day of your life not only you even for your family”
Mens are scared very much and that man moves backward.
King(orders his goons): clear this mess now it self.
King comes outwards and removes his mask. Arjun comes near to him.
Arjun: bhai, that Inspector and Pp should be behind bars and I make them loose all their properties which we gave them as bribe.
King smiles to him and takes his mask which gives him burnt face look.
Arjun: bhai..
King: I know what you want to say,Arjun. Let destiny decides about it.
Arjun nods.
On other hand,
In Swasan room,
Swara stares the moon and Sanskar enters the room.
Sanskar slowly walks towards Swara and hugs her from back.
Swara: Sanskar…
Sanskar: haan Doll!
Swara: doll!
Sanskar: your nick name. can ‘t you like it?
Swara broke the hug “ I like it.. but”
Sanskar: but…
Swara throws pillow in couch and Sanskar stares her confusingly.
Swara: I know you forgot what I say. Until you propose me that I will accept, you will sleep in couch.
Sanskar:Swara.. it’s not fair.
Swara: everything is fair in war and love.
Sanskar pouts and Swara hides her giggle.
In Raglak room,
Ragini and Laksh lays on bed with Aadi and Vicky.
Aadi: mumma, I want Icecream.
Vicky: I also.
Ragini: it’s already late. It’s not good for health.
Laksh: don’t worry. We will go.
Ragini: Laksh…
Laksh signs Aadi and Vicky. the trio(pouts): Rago.. mumma..
Ragini: hmm! Ok.
Ragini and Laksh comes down and opens the main door .
Raglak and kids hears a voice”Rago maa”
Raglak turns and sees Raksh.
Raksh holds his waist by his hands” what are you doing?”
Aadi(whispers in raksh ears): we are going to eat ice cream
Raksh: ice cream! It’s not good at night. Mum(going to shout)
At the nick of time, Laksh holds his mouth and goes outside.
Laksh kneels down” please show some mercy on your mamaji. I really need Icecream”
Raksh: but it’s wrong. You may get cold , fever,..
Raksh: ok . but you will do 10 sit ups. Hey naa Rago maa…
Ragini: you are correct Raksh. Do 10 sit ups now or we will shout.
Laksh remembers ..
Flashback starts..
Laksh, Sanskar slowly jumps inside MM and stands under their balcony.
Sanskar: bhai, where is rope? It’s missing.
Laksh: no what are you saying? If anyone see us,, it will be great problem.
Sanskar: I already told you that we don’t want to go Late night parties.
Laksh: first we come out of this problem.
Laksh phones shows a message.
Laksh:Sansku, uttara sent a message.
Laksh opens the message” do 50 pushups now, other wise I will wake up bade papa and papa”
Laksh and Sanskar saw their balcony. Uttara and Shyam stands their with smirk.
Laksh:Shyam, I will never leave you.
Sanskar:bhai, we don’t have any other way now.
They finished their push ups and Uttara throws rope . they climbs up.
Uttara: if you did this again, I will increase the punishment, bhai.come on Shyam.
Flashback ends
Laksh finishes his punishment.
Raksh: ok, now we will go.
Laksh: what?
Raksh:I also want Icecream Mamaji. Come , we are getting late. Rago maa, tell MAMAJI to come fast. If mom sees us, she will definitely make us drink kadha.
Ragini and other kids giggles.
Laksh takes Raksh in his neck and Aadi and Vicky sits in his lap.
First Ragini jumps outside and then she takes Kids out. Finally Laksh comes out and sees a ice cream vendor.
They walks towards him.

On Other hand,
Jothi slept in bed along with Uttara. She felt someone gaze on her and she opens her eyes and sees a man.
Before starting her scream,the mon holds her mouth.” It’s me Sahil”
Uttara turns other side and smiles.
Sahil takes her in his hands and goes outside.
Jothi: what are you doing at this time? If anyone sees us, what will happen?
Sahil: I am coming to see my lover, who will stop me?
Jothi: I will complain about you to AADI bhai, then you will know.
Sahil remembers how Aditya beat Rajat.
Sahil(in mind): no no I am his buddy. He never beat me.
Sahil: ok. you can. First come with me, we are going to eat icecream.
Jothi: no no you will get cold, fever.
Sahil : don’t utter a word.
Jothi: I can’t walk.
Sahil: I already did the arrangement.
Sahil takes her to terrace and terrace is fully decorated with candles. Sahil gently placed her in chair and offers her choco with vanilla and Stawberry. It’s a single cup with single spoon. They enjoying their icecream date.
After half an hour,
Raglak enters house with kids and Aditya returns his house.
Sahil returns jothi to her room and walk towards his room and sees Aditya.
Aadi turns and gun is falls from his hand.
Sahil takes his gun and stares his questioningly.
Ragini:Sahil.. Aadi.. what are you doing at this time?
Laksh stares them questioningly.
Sahil turns with the gun.

Precap: Sanskar and Swara proposal, Sahil prank on swasan,Swara’s anger on Sanskar, Jothi and Sahil marriage , Shyam’s marriage,RaginiV/s Aditya.

To be continued..
FRIENDS , I revealed all this. Hope you enjoyed it. if I am bored, forgive me. chappathis and parathas are welcome. Please comment . It’s the only motivation for writers. If you didn’t like my track, please tell me. because I am writing for you. I said my track in precap. I will change before itself. I know I lost most of my readers. Still I want to know are you liking my story or not. please share your views about this ff . it’s my request.
1) what will happen if Ragini knows Aditya is king? she even didnt like kick boxing. how will she react?
2) is Uttara know Aditya is king or not?
Sahil Sengupta- Omkara from Ishqbazz
Shyam Shankar- tushar from Humko tum se ho gaya pyaar.
Arjun- jeevs/jeevan from etretr
Jothi- Ishanna from Ishqbazz
friends, who will suit for Aditya kapoor?

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