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Let I start my third episode.
Laksh is shocked by seeing Vicky tears his letter and he calls Ragini as di.
Laksh:(in mind) haa what you did lucky? You gave your letter to Ragini’s bro.
Laksh taps his head and then go to his house.
From next day he start to follow Ragini. Ragini drops Vicky in his school and t hen she goes to medical college
For the next three days , Vicky didn’t noticed this. But for the fourth day evening, Vicky noticed Laksh’s car and sees Laksh.
Ragini arrived her house.
Vicky(whispers in Ragini’s ear): di I want to speak you something. Come to top floor.
They entered the house.
Sumi: beta, come to dining hall.
Ragini& Vicky: haan maa.
After eating lunch,

Ragini goes to top floor.
Ragini: what happened Vicky? Is anything important?
Vicky: yes di. A man is following you for a week. I know that man. He was also tried to give a letter to you.but I teared it.
Ragini: Vicky explain me clearly.
Vicky explained her about the incidents in Park.

Ragini worried about vicky’s safety.
Ragini: if he tries to injure you, I can’t bear it Vicky.
Vicky: he is not that much brave di. I have a plan to that idiot.(in cold tone)
Vicky murmurs something in Ragini’s ears.
Ragini: can you say it will work out?
Vicky: di trust me naa.
The next day morning,
Ragini takes her scooty and Vicky accompanies her.
In between the middle, the scooty is repaired.
Ragini kicks her scooty.

Ragini: ouch! This scooty troubles me.
Vicky: di I search someone to help you.
Laksh sees Ragini struggles with her scooty. And Vicky moves away from her.
Laksh get out of the car and go to near Ragini.
Laksh: excuse me, can you need any help?
Ragini: my scooty is repaired. Can you help me to sort out this?
Laksh:absolutely miss…
Ragini: Miss.Ragini
Laksh observes the petrol tank is off.
Laksh: your petrol tank was off. That’s the problem.
Ragini: oh! Thanks. Mr…
Laksh: Mr.Laksh

Ragini starts the scooty and suddenly Vicky sits in back seat and smiles to laksh.
Laksh:(in mind) this kid smiles at me. no something wrong.
He goes to his car and shocked by seeing his car wind shield. Something written it”I just punctured your car tyres.if you again try to follow my sister, then you have to regret for this”
Laksh’s cars four tires are punctured by Vicky.
Ragini drops Vicky at his school.

Ragini:Vicky, you think that he would stop following me.
Vicky: no di. From now, we should be very careful.
Ragini is confused with his answer.
In The evening, Ragini and Vicky not see the Laksh’s car.
By observing this, The smile shows in Ragini’s face. A confused expression shown in Vicky’s face by seeing Laksh in the street corner.
The next day , Ragini leave Vicky in school and go to mechanic shed to service her scooty.
Ragini: bhaiya, when can I get my scooty back?
Mechanic: you can get your scooty , tomorrow evening behanji.

Ragini: kk bhaiya
Ragini goes to medical college through the bus.
In evening
Ragini goes to Vicky school.
Ragini sees Vicky in opposite and start to crosses the road.
Suddenly a car come there and Vicky sees it.
Vicky runs in the road and pushes Ragini and Vicky hit by the car.
Ragini:(yells) Vicky!!!!
Laksh rushes by seeing Vicky’s accident. He following them which is not noticeable by them.
Ragini is frozen by seeing vicky’s body in the pool of blood.
Laksh go near to Vicky and takes him in his hand and put him in his car.
Laksh: Ragini we don’t have so much time. Get into the car.
Ragini: haan! And realizes the situation and get into the car.

Ragini: Vicky see me(yells)
Vicky: di just hear my words because I don’t know how many hours I can live.
Ragini: no Vicky. You can live many years with me.
Vicky: di just hear my words. My papa my papa
Vicky goes to unconscious state.
Ragini and Laksh is shocked by seeing him in unconscious state.
As soon as, Laksh admitted him in hospital.
Doctor admits him in ICU.
Tears coming from Ragini’s eye continuously and ragini chanting one name”Vicky”
Doctor comes from ICU” he has a blood clot in his brain. We need to do operation immediately. Arrange for the money”

Ragini: money I want to call papa
Laksh: ragini I will take care of that. I think You missed your phone in road.
Laksh pays the money for the operation.
Laksh(in mind): kali maa, please save him. Even though he is naughty, but he is good in his heart. Please save him.
Ragini cries continuously. Tears come down Laksh’s eyes by seeing Vicky’s state.
Laksh go near to her.

Laksh: ragini, please understand nothing happen to Vicky.
Laksh touches Ragini’s shoulders and she faints.
Laksh(yells): Doctor
In Ragini’s house
Sumi: why ragini and Vicky didn’t come? Shekar ji it’s too late. Time is already seven. Call ragini
Shekar: I try to call her. But her phone is unreachable. Kk. I will call Manik.

Swara is going to office.
She starts her work.
Sanskar calls her by phone.
Swara: yes sir.
Sanskar: come to my cabin.
In sanskar cabin
Sanskar:Ms.Swara , till the project completed, I want to discuss with you many times. So I shifted your seat to near my cabin. Are you have any inconvenience with this?
Swara: no sir
Swara shifts her seat with n half an hour.
At afternoon

Sahil, her colleague gives a letter. Sanskar sees that and scares for losing her.
Swara: sahil, we can speak about it at evening in nearby park.
At evening
Swara: sahil, sorry I can’t love you.
Sahil: why swara, am I not good, am I not Intelligent, am I not handsome? Why are you rejecting me?
Swara: I don’t say like that Sahil. You are good, intelligent and also Handsome. But I can’t marry you . because I have commitments. First I need to settle down my brothers’s life. He gives a meaning to my life. I need minimum 5 or 6 years.
Sahil: swara, it’s your problem na he can also stay with us naa. I will accepts his fees.
Swara: it’s not like that sahil. You also have your own commitments. When years roll down, you think him as a burden. It’s the reality Sahil. You should accept this.
Sahil: kk. Swara. Leave it.
Sanskar eavesdrop their conversation.
In park
Aadi is waiting for Sanskar. Sanskar come near to Aadi.
Aadi: why are you very sad , sansku?

Sanskar:I am scared to losing her. Today, my employee proposed her but she rejected him even though he is intelligent, handsome and a good guy.
Aadi:seems like you are sad because she not accepted him(teasing tone)
Sanskar punches Aadi’s arms.
Sanskar: I scared to lose her but you kindling me. she love her brother so much and she even ready to sacrifice her life for his brother.
Aadi: I again say that you should gain her trust first. She should trust you that you can take care of her brother. If you using any other ways, you should regret for this.
Sanskar: kk aadi
The next day
Swara is getting ready for office.
Aadi: di tiffin is ready
Swara: aadi today is your annual exam na. you need to study naa.

Aadi: di I will take care of it. you know that I am always first in the class.
Swara(smiles): haan haan
Aadi takes two plates in his hand and give one plate to Swara.
Swara thinks about Sanskar.
Swara: di what happened?
Swara: I sprained my manager’s hand by accidently.
By hearing this, aadi spit his food.
Aadi: what?
Swara realizes what she said.
Swara: yesterday, some goons try to tease me . I fought with them and by accidently I attacked my manager who came to help me. yesterday before day he was also leave because of me.
Aadi doubted because sanskar told about this.
Aadi:di, what’s your manager name?
Swara: Sanskar. Why are you asking about his name?

Aadi: nothing di.
Aadi(in mind): today I want to speak with sansku about this.
Aadi: di bye
Swara: bye Aadi. All the best.
Aadi sees that his cycle is punctured.
Aadi: di, my cycle is punctured. So I will go to school by bus.
Swara:Kk aadi. Take care.
Aadi goes to school and Swara goes to Office.
In office Swara is busy in her works.

In evening
Aadi walks to park. Suddenly he feels a cloth in his mouth and nostrils, he smells something sweet scent. he struggles to escape. But he already smells the chloroform. He faints and the man who makes him faint, takes him in a car.
Someone calls to Kidnapper. Kidnapper attends the call and says” mission complete. ”
Caller”I just want her by crook or hook. She said that she loves her brother na”

Precap: SWASAN marriage and Vicky reveals the biggest truth of Ragini to Laksh

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