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Hi friends , chandu your guess is 50% no no 75% correct. Thanks for all your comments and silent readers. I will show swasan romance scenes in next chapter.
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Let I start the episode.
Swara : aunty what are you saying? Ram papa can’t do like this .
Jothi: maa is bhabhi Ram uncle’s daughter?
Sumi nods painfully.
Joe holds her head” it’s confusing. But maa, how can you say that Ram uncle killed her own daughter”
Sumi: I appointed a detective. He reported me that the truck driver paid from Maheshwari’s account. We decided to take revenge for this. I started to destroy maheshwari industries and try to take over it. now I have 20% maheshwari shares.
Sahil: aunty , you are mistaken.
Swara explains how she met Ram and Suji and their and Sanskar sufferings because of Kabir.
Sahil remembers Jothi’s words “ bhai is bhabhi’s bhai’s saala”
Sumi: that means they don’t know Uttara is alive. then How did the detective reported me like that?
Sahil shows a photo to Shankar.” Uncle, is this the man Uttara’s husband?”
Shankar sees the photo” Aadi.. do you know him?”
Sahil closes his eyes with pain.” Swara. Uttara’s husband is our Aadi”
Swara: what?
Swara sits in nearby chair. Tears formed in her eyes. She whispered”Aadi”
Sumi, joe and Shanker stares them with question in her eyes.
Joe: Sahil.. Swara..

Swara: Aadi is my bhai whom we thought dead.
Sahil told about Aadi and about attacks on Maheshwari family.
Swara: Raksh is my Aadi’s son. Sahil! We have leave tonight itself.
Sahil: I ordered my PA to book tickets for India.
Joe: Sahil, Bhabhi told me that she betrayed by her trusted one and he is the one who wants to destroy Maheshwari’s family.
Sahil: what? That means we have to very careful. Before that aunty, please say what happened with you and Maheshwari’s.
Sumi: I loved Shankar. But my bhai arranged marriage with another one. I eloped with Shankar and I lived happily. One Day, Ram bhai met me and asked me to return Kolkatta. I felt more happy that my bhai forgave me. but while travelling to Kolkatta, some goons attacked us. While escaping from them, I lost my son and we hide in bushes. At that time, Bhai came here and gave money to goons. I broke down.
Sumi starts to sob by remembering her son and her bhai’s betrayal and Shakar side hugs her. Joe consoles her mom.
Sahil: aunty, I think that there is some misunderstanding. When a killer attacked me, he is paid from Sanskar’s account and that killer is also paid for killing Sanskar and other members.
Sumi stared Sahil with shocked expression.
Sahil: I think that person started his mission before 30 years and may be his child continues his work.

In Kolkatta,
It’s evening,
Laksh enters his room and sees Ragini’s depressed face.
Laksh sits near Ragini and starts to massage her legs.
Ragini wake up with jerk.
Ragini: Laksh, what are you doing?
Laksh: don’t you see, I am massaging my wife.
Ragini takes her legs” when did you come? I am sorry I didn’t notified you”
Laksh: just relax Ragini. Is it any problem?
Ragini: no laksh. I am just thinking about Patient.
Laksh: don’t worry. He will be ok.
Ragini smiles and Laksh hugs her.
Ragini:Laksh.. it’s time for kids return.
Laksh: so what? Nowadays you are not giving me your time.(pouts)
Ragini pulls his cheek” ohh! My hubby complaining me”
Laksh makes her lay down in his lap and they both have a cute eyelock. Both forgot about their tension.
They broke the eyelock by hearing the knock sound.
Annapura: Ragini.. Laksh..
Raglak: haan Annu maa.
Raglak comes outside .
Ap: Laksh, Mr. Varma come to see you.
Laksh(questioning and surprising tone): Mr. Varma..?

By seeing Laksh’s expression,Ragini understand that Mr.Varma is important person.
Ragini: who is this Laksh?
Laksh: Mr.Varma is our family lawyer and papa’s best friend. He is trustee of my Dadaji’s trust. Actually I know that my dadaji was a don and a business man. But bade papa hate him and he himself created Maheshwari Kingdom. My bade papa refused his wealth. So my dadaji named all his wealth to the first born baby boy in the family in his will. If anything happen to first warris before his thirty fifth age, then the wealth moved to trust and trust will give us 1 lakh per month. It’s his will.
Ragini: you are the first warris of this family naa.
Laksh: but I don’t want to expose it and moreover I didn’t want that wealth which my chilli hates.
Raglak comes to hall. Mr.Varma smiles to Laksh. Laksh is surprised to see all the trust members.
Laksh gives handshake” hello Mr.Varma”
Mr.Varma: Mr. Lakshya Dev Maheshwari, actually I got to know you are the first born baby boy in this family. I just wonder you are adopted by your own family.
Suji maa and Annu maa is shocked. Annu maa clutched nearby table for support.
Suji: Mr.Varma what are you saying?
Varma: yes Mrs.Ram Prasad Maheshwari, your adopted son is son of Mr and Mrs. Durgaprasad Maheshwari. I got the DNA Reports by postal and I checked it two days before.
Laksh and Ragini is shocked meanwhile Arjun listen this with Smirk.
Varma: I handover all the properties to your name and I just need your sign.
Laksh: I want to give the wealth to trust.
Varma: you really want to do it. it’s worth is 1000 crores.
Laksh: I doesn’t care about it, Mr.Varma. my badepapa I meant my dad didn’t want this property. I respect him and his decision.
Varma: ok. first take properties in your name and I will come tomorrow with necessary documents.
Laksh signed it and now all the dadaji properties in his name, the trustee left MM.
Annapurna walks towards Laksh and about to slip and Laksh catches her.
Laksh: annu maa…
Ap hugged Laksh. Laksh also reciprocates it. Suji felt that she lost her rights. She walkes to her room weakly. Laksh holds her hand.
Laksh: maa, Annu maa can be my biological mother. But no one can replace your position in my heart. Suji hugs Laksh.Ragini stars to join points and she got that someone wants Maheshwari properties.
In Maheshwari Industries,
Sanskar is thinking about that mystery man. He heard a door knock.
Sanskar: come in.
His PA comes inside.
PA: Sir, our stocks are going high after revealing about Mr.Lakshyadev Maheshwari’is first baby boy of Maheshwari in media.
Sanskar is shocked.
Sanskar: what? Ok. I want to know who revealed this.
Pa: ok sir.
Sanskar heared his mobile ringtone and caller id shows it’s sahil.
Sanskar: Sahil,
Sahil : just hear what I say.
Sahil told about Raksh, Uttara and joe’s family.
Sanskar is shocked.
Sahil: I got to know that everyone knows about Laksh bhai’s identity. We should be careful.
Sanskar: first I will ensure kids safety.
Sanskar drives to school.
But his phone is tapped.
Person: they got doubts. We should immediately implement our plan and we have to kill Raksh also.
Arjun: ok. first I will kill Aadi and Raksh and then Ragini. You will handle that Sanskar.
Person(smiles evilly): they even not able to think what we will do.
Person leaves the place.
Arjun goes to King.
Arjun: bhai, do you want do this?
King: I don’t have any other way, Arjun. Let execute this plan.
Arjun leaves the place.
Sanskar arrived the school but they informed already Shyam took the children with him.
Sanskar called Shyam.
Sanskar: hello Shyam…
But he heard the crying voice of Vicky.”papa..”
Sanskar applied brake.” Vicky… why are you crying? Vicky ” he almost exclaimed.
A voice replied him” don’t panic Sanskar. Make it simple”

Shyam: yes it’s me.
Sanskar: why are you doing this? Are you the one who wants to kill us?
Shyam: well. It’s all about money Sanskar .
Sanskar: I trusted you and I treated you like my brother.
Shyam: well the bitter truth , I am your brother Sanskar. Yes I am your cousin brother but your papa separated me from my maa Sumithra.
Sanskar is stunned but he come to reality soon.
Sanskar: please don’t harm him. I will do whatever you say.
Shyam: call your sweet bhabhi and say her to collect Aadi in old maheshwari mansion. She is just having 1 hour to save Aadi.
Sanskar: what are you trying?
Sanskar hears vicky’s cry.
Sanskar: ok. I will do.
Sanskar holds Shyam call and calls Ragini and said as he said.
Ragini didn’t inform anyone and drives car fastly. Laksh starts to follow her.
Meanwhile in an car,
There in back seat, Raksh and Aadi are lying unconscious . Arjun calls King and says” work is done”
King ends the call with the smirk.
Sanskar: Shyam, I do what you said. Leave him.
Shyam: I will not leave him that much soon Sanskar. Ok. come to xx place without informing police. If you try to be intelligent, it will worsen Vicky’s condition.
Sanskar: ok. don’t do anything to Vicky.
On other side,
Sahil books a private flight and starts their travel to India.
Ragini drives the car fastly and Laksh misses her because of Signal. Then he starts his car and starts to chase Ragini. Ragini goes in a forest area.
Laksh(in mind): what happened to her? I should stop her.
Laksh sees Ragini’s car roll down in road because of hitting with truck,. Truck drives from there fastly.
Laksh stops his car and run towards Ragini’s car. But Ragini’s car blast down.
Laksh(yells): Ragini…
Laksh kneels down and sobs. Suddenly he felt pain in his neck. He falls down unconsciously . A man comes there and takes Laksh in his shoulder and places him in backseat of car and drove from the place.
On Sanskar’s side,
Sanskar drives his car to nearby cliff as Shyam said and comes out of his car.
Here ,Shyam stands with unconscious Vicky in his hand whose hand and legs are tied with duct tape.
Sanskar:Shyam, Leave Vicky. why are you doing this, buddy?
Sanskar ask him with pain.
Shyam smiles but Sanskar sees some pain in his smile. Shyam takes his gun and points gun at Vicky.
Sanskar runs and tried to snatch gun from Shyam. Accidentally , Sanskar presses the trigger and bullet hits shyam. Shyam falls down cliff. Sanskar stands numb. He just see his hand which is having blood stains of Shyam.
At that time, police comes there and arrested Sanskar, takes Vicky to MM.

At MM,
Ram Prasad enters MM.
Ap: ram ji, Ragini and Laksh didn’t returned home. I am feeling Restless.
Suji holds Ap: jiji, everything will be fine.
At that time, police enters with Vicky in their hand who is still unconscious.
Ram: inspector.
Ap takes Vicky from inspector.
Ap: what happened to him?
Inspector takes his cap and signs constable. Constable gives two packs. In which , blood stained shirts are there.
Suji takes it and opens it. it have the name plate of Raksh and Aadi.
Suji(whispers): aadi.. Raksh.. what happened to them? Tell me.
Suji asks inspector while shaking him. inspector releases himself from her clutches” Sorry Mr.Maheshwari, they are no more. I got this from river side and…”
Maheshwari’s are broke down” and Mr and Mrs.Lakshya Dev Maheshwari are also murdered”
Ram asked in rage” who is behind this inspector?”
By seeing his anger and rage, inspector taken aback” shyam..”
Maheshwari’s are shocked.
“ no my shyam never stoop low like this.” Ap exclaimed.” My upbringing never go wrong”
Inspector Said” sorry Mrs. Maheshwari. The bitter truth is Mr.Shyam is behind all this. Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari shot him while saving Vikram Lakshya dev Maheshwari.”
Maheshwari are shattered. Ram is numb what can he do now. Is he cry for his son’s family death? Is he cry for Shyam’s betrayel ? or is he try to save Sanskar?
All hear a thud sound. Ram sees Ap faints in floor. Ram takes her nearby couch and calls doctor.
Suji cries by hugging unconscious Vicky.
Doctor comes and check her.
“ she is very depressed. Make her comfortable” Doctor adviced Ram.
Ram told suji to take care of Ap and Vicky and goes to jail.
Sanskar sees Ram with swollen eyes.” Chacha..”
Ram: what happened Sanskar?
Sanskar kneels down.”chacha, I killed him with my hands. I killed my buddy with my hands”
Sanskar: chacha, where is bhai and bhabhi? Is there safe naa?
Ram nods his head down.” He killed everyone including Raksh and Aadi”
Sanskar banged his hands in floor. His hands are bleeding.
Mr.Varma comes there”Sanskar..”
Sanskar: uncle..
Varma: sanskar, I am going to argue for you. but I need to put blame on Shyam.
Sanskar and Ram in unison: no..
Varma: you have to do this. Atleast you should be come out to protect your family. Please accept this. Think about Vicky.
Sanskar goes inside cell and varma takes his silence as answer.
The next day,
Sahil comes outside airport and sees news.
“Mr. Lakshshya Maheshwari is murdered along with his family except his son Vikram Maheshwari. His friends son Rakshak also dead . “ the anchor starts to told about incident and Sanskar’s case.
Swara holded Sahil’s hand tightly for a support.her world destructed . Sahil is brokedown inside. Jothi is in same condition. Sahil takes them to MM .
In MM,
Annapurna wakes up and sheds tears. She lost her son again and the world says her son is killed by her upbringed son.
Suji: jiji.. please come to funeral .
Suji said while sobbing. Annapurna make herself ready in white saree and sits near Suji. Vicky is still sleeping.
In middle of hall, Raglak, Aadi and Raksh photo is decorated with Varmala.
Annapurna hears a voice” bhabhi”
She turns and sees “Sumi”
Sumi burst out in cry forgetting everything and hugged her bhabhi and Swara sits with a thud.
Suji holds Swara as her support.
Swara:maa… both starts to cry and find solution for their sorrow.
Jothi hugs Sahil”Sahil, I can’t take it. he is my life Sahil. I want him.”
Sahil taps her back and remembers his every good moment with Aadi , RAGLAKand Raksh. HIS world is fully destroyed.
Sahil: I promise that I will never let them live in this world. Its Sahil sengupta promise.
In Court,
Media gathered outside because the case is about larget business tycoon.
Judge takes Sanskar’s case.
PP(Public Prosecuter) starts his argument.
PP: The convict Sanskar Maheshwari is killed his friend and CEO of his office Mr.Shayam while attempting to save his family. I have evidence.
Judge: are you accepting it?
Sanskar: I accept it.
Varma: My dear lord, my client Mr.Sanskar maheshwari killed shyam only inatttempt to save vikram Maheshwari. He didn’t do intentionally.
Judge:pp show your evidence.
Pp shows a video in which Sanskar shot Shyam accidentally.
Varma: it’s clear your honor. Mr.Shyam killed my client’s brother and his family. He tried to save his nephew. He love him like a son. He didn’t do intentionally.
A voice comes there” I object your honor. They are trying to defame my client’s son Shyam”
Varma is shocked and have moist eyes. But he composed himself. Ram and Sanskar is shocked with her statement.
Varma: what? Shyam is an orphan. And you can’t argue for him without proper permission.
Uttara: Shyam is not an orphan. He is son of Sumithra my bua and I am going to argue for my cousin. Your honor, these are documents which proves Shyam is my bua Sumithra’s son.
Uttara submitted the documents.
Judge: permission granted.
In Media,
Flashing News…
Uttara Maheshwari whom considered as dead is alive. she is arguing against her brother Sanskar Maheshwari.
King sees it in TVand Smiles devilishly” you can’t escape from me. my revenge will get fulfilled. Now I will destroy fully”
Arjun smirks along with him while Aadi and Raksh starts to wake up.

Precap:Climax-Last part.
To be continued…

Friends if I bored forgive me. please comment. Your comment are my strength. Criticism whole heartedly welcome. Please share your suggestions. I tried my os with different writing style. Can I use in this ff? are you comfortable?
You have some questions. First I want to clear that everyone is safe and chandu your guess is correct Shyam is Sumi’s son and I will give Swasan and Raglak scenes from after 1 episode.
1) Why Uttara arguing against Sanskar? What happened to Aditya Kapoor(Ragini’s bhai)?
2) Is Shyam is main villain or not? why king want revenge and will he successful in his attempt?
For this answers, stay tuned. I will post the next part at Thursday morning. I promise. Good bye and take care and don’t forget to share your views.

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