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Today part
In Hospital,
Jothi wakes up and smiles by seeing Raksh sleeping above Sahil.
Jothi felt thirsty and tries to hold jug which is kept in table.
The jug falls down in attempt and Sahil wakes up by hearing sound.
Sahil: wait joe!
Sahil places Raksh in couch without disturbing his sleep.
Sahil makes her drink water.
Jothi: thanks.
Sahil: joe, I want to speak something important.
Jothi: haan Sahil..
Sahil: I want to know about your past your parents.
Jothi takes a long breath.

Jothi: my maa’s family is rich and powerful. Her father was like a don. She loved my father who was a orphan. They eloped and married . my brother born.after three years , her younger brother saw her and accepted her, invited them. My maa and papa trusted him and went to kolkatta. But my maa’s family trapped them and try to kill them during the travel. In this attempt,my parents were escaped but my bhai got killed.

Jothi composed herself.
Jothi: afterthat I born. I lived happily with my parents. Before eight years, my parents saved a lovers who lost their memory . my maa felt that she got her son back. They also accepted us. he is my sweet bhai and my lovely bhabhi. Everything is going good. But bhai got his memory back. He went to his hometown to see his family. At that time, bhabhi was pregnant. He got to know that his family killed by rivals. He return to us and try to find the rival. During the labor pain, bhabhi got her memory. At that time, I know that they are not lovers but bhai is saala of bhabhi’s brother. They together tried to find the culprit. I helped them and we hided this from our parents. My maa’s condition is ill. My parents went to USA for treatment . one day, some goons tried to kill us as a result of their investigation . in this attempt, bhai and bhabhi got killed and I ranaway to save Raksh. My parents misunderstood that we are died in accident. I start to live for Raksh.
Jothi starts to sob and Sahil sees it . his hands want to hug her tightly.
Raksh wakes up by hearing Jothi’s sobs and passes a glare to Sahil.
Raksh: mom, why are you crying?(sees bandage) is it paining?
Jothi: no Raksh.(fakely smiles)
Raksh: friend, you said that you will keep my mom happy. But she is crying.
Jothi is shocked and passes a look to Sahil.
Sahil holds his ears” I don’t make her cry. I think the wounds are paining”
Sahil signs Jothi and jothi nods.

Raksh kisses her wound” now the pain will be vanished”
Jothi hugs him and Raksh hugs her back. At that time, Swara enters the ward.
Sahil: Raksh, mom needs some rest. Can you play with your monkey?
Raksh: ok friend.
Raksh nods and Swara takes him while passing a glare to Sahil for addressing her as a monkey.
Sahil: joe, can you trust me?
Jothi: I trust you Sahil. Why are you speaking like this.
Sahil: then come with us. I will assure your and Raksh’s safety.
At the moment, Sahil receives a call and tensed.
Jothi: what happened Sahil?

Sahil: inspector called me.
Sahil explains everything to jothi.
Sahil: the culprit is very closer to Maheshwari’s. who can be?
Some words rolled in Jothi’s mind.
Flashback starts..
Two girls
Bhabhi: joe, he betrayed me whom I believed most. He is doing all this for the property.
Jothi: bhabhi, what are you saying?
Bhabhi:haan joe, he wants my family’s destruction. But we trusted him. he only knows that we are alive.
Jothi slips and a boy make her stand.
Bhabhi: I never think that he will do like this. You already warned me.
Boy: it’s not time for this. First we want to escape.
Flashback ends…
Nurse: sir, discharge form is ready. I want surname to complete it.
Jothi comes to reality.
Jothi: Shankar… Jothi Shankar.
In Car,
Ragini and Sanskar returns back to home.
Sanskar: bhabhi, what are you thinking?
Ragini: how can you know about Laksh and Vicky after accident?
Sanskar: after Kabir escaped from me, I speed up the process of finding bhai. he told me about Bhai and Vicky.
Ragini: if anyone asked about shootout, say them that he was kabir’s men. Don’t tense them including Laksh.
Sanskar: haan Bhabhi. Bhai is just come out from coma. We cant give stress.
Ragini: arrange a flight for going Kolkatta tonight itself , Sanskar and I want all details about business rivals.
Ragsan arrived their house and at that time, Sahil and jothi arrived house.
In hall,
Ram: Ragini beta, who is behind this?
Ragini: papa, he was also kabir’s men. Now everything is sorted out.
Sahil looks on Ragini with questioning look.
Ragini sees jothi and walks towards her.
Ragini felt some unknown guilt .

Ragini: joe… can I call you joe?
Jothi: you are also like a di to me. fell free di.
Jothi smiles but it increases burden in Ragini’s heart.
Ragini: I am happy that you also accepted to coming with us. Sahil..!
Sahil: haan bhabhi..!
Ragini: it’s your air tickets for both you and jothi.
Sahil: what?
Ragini: I spoke with Dr. Norman and discussed about jothi’s condition. You both are going to US.
Jothi: but passport for me?
Ragini: I arranged all this. I spoke with govt. personnel as a emergency.
Raksh interrupts “ but I can’t stay without mom”

Ragini takes him in his hand.” You also going with them”
Suji and Ram, swara feels happy that Jothi get well soon.
Sahil: bhabhi..!
Ragini: Sahil, you have very less time. Go and get ready, Swara, pack your’s also. You are going to help them.
Swara: ok Rago.
Swara felt something different because Ragini never orders.
Laksh is seeing this with silence.
In Raglak room,
Sahil comes to talk with Ragini.
Sahil: bhabhi..
Ragini: haan Sahil, are you need anything?
Sahil: I want to know about the culprit.
Ragini: I already said naa he was kabir’s men. Now everything alright.
Sahil: bhabhi, inspector called me.
Ragini takes a long breath and says something muted.
Sahil: bhabhi, it’s too risky. Before we know it’s kabir. We won. But this time, we don’t know who is culprit.
Ragini: we don’t have any other way.
Sahil: ok bhabhi. I am leaving .
In Isolated place,
Two mens playing chess.
Men 1: now easily defeat you bhai.
Men 2: it’s not that much easy arjun.
Arjun: bhai, why you ordered me to act as a king infront of him?
King: he knows me personally.
Arjun: why you forced me to accept this assignment? We never kill innocent peoples naa.
King: it’s revenge Arjun.
Arjun: but the kids are innocent bhai.
King: Arjun!
Arjun: bhai think once.

King stands and breaks the table. Arjun walks backward by seeing King’s anger.
King: you are going tomorrow in Maheshwari house and spying them about their daily activities. It’s final.
Arjun: ok bhai. I trust you that you never do wrong thing.
Arjun dresses the wound” I will say to bhabhi to reduce salt in your food. Nowadays you become short temper”
King smiles and taps Arjun head.
On other side,
In Swasan room,
Sanskar sits in bed with tensed face. Swara sees his tensed face while packing.
Swara walks towards Sanskar and sit near to him.

Swara: sanskar, now everything is alright naa. Smile…
Sanskar smiles by seeing Swara’s face.
Swara: now you are ok. first you look like a monkey.

Sanskar(teasing tone): monkey’s husband look alike monkey naa.

Swara:Sanskar you also.. Swara beats him with pillow.
Sanskar helps swara to pack her things.
Soon Swara packed her things .
Sanskar: Swara, take care of yourself. Don’t forget to call me, everyday. Don’t speak to strangers..
Sanskar continues his blabla’s and Swara closes his mouth by her lips.
Sanskar gives a shocked expression.
Swara: Sanskar, when I am return, you should ready to propose me in a unique way. Otherwise, it will not be good for you.
Ragini and Suji helps Jothi to ready while Laksh packs Sahil things.
Laksh: sahil , check once again.
Sahil: bhai, I checked. I have my passport and jothi’s medical report. I will check that Raksh is ready or not.
Sahil enters Jothi’s room for seeing Raksh.
Jothi is ready and sit with sad face while Raksh is laying on bed.
Sahil: what happened Joe?
Jothi: Raksh have fever . Swara, gave him medicine. I think that we can’t go today.
Ragini enters the room.
Ragini: joe, Raksh also like my son. He easily attached to me. I will take care of him.
Jothi: but…
Ragini:Sahil told everything to me. I will take care of Raksh. Please trust me.
Jothi nods half heartedly.
At night Swara, Joe and Sahil leaves to US for her treatment.

In Swasan room,
Sanskar thinks about Inspector’s word.

Sanskar(in mind): who is this? Who knows my password? Only me and Shyam knows the password.
At that time, he hears a knock sound.
Sanskar opens the door and surprised to see Laksh.
Sanskar: bhai..
Laksh: haan Sanku.
Laksh gets inside.
Laksh: Sansku, I want to speak something important.
Sanskar: haan Bhai..
Laksh: noone shouldn’t know that I am bade papa’s son.
Sanskar: bhai… but maa should know that her son is alive.
Laksh: It will create problems in our life Sansku. Suji maa cant give me to Annu maa and I will remain as Lakshya dev Sengupta even I stay in MM.
Sanskar is deeply hurt.
Sanskar: bhai, papa did a mistake. I accept it. but don’t punish them.
Laksh: I am not punishing them Sansku. But the things are changed. Now Sahil is also my brother.
Sanskar stands there silently.
Laksh stands up” it swear on me Sanskar. Once you expose the truth, I will leave MM forever.”
Laksh goes to his room.

The next day, everyone go to kolkatta.
In Airport,
Everyone arrives there.
A men hugs Laksh tighter.
Men: Lucky, I am so happy to see you normal.
Laksh: shyam, I am ok. stop crying like a kid.
Shyam wipes his tears” I am not crying.”
Laksh: Rago, he is shyam. Our best buddy..
Sanskar: and CEO of Maheshwari Industries.
Laksh: Shyam, she is your bhabhi .
Shyam sees Ragini and greets her. At that time, Vicky hugs Shyam.
Vicky: buddy, I missed you
Shyam takes him in his hand” I also missed you”
Vicky : I want to introduce you my bhai and my friend.
Shyam: bhai..
Laksh:I have twins.
Laksh introduces Aadi to Shyam.
Sanskar :we can speak later.

Suji insisted Raglak to go temple first and Suji and Ram arrives MM in another car.
Sanskar didn’t told Ap including his marriage with Swara.
In MM,
Suji and Ram enters into MM. Ap sees them and hugs Suji.
Ap: we are sorry Suji. Please don’t leave us.
Suji: jiji, I am sorry for leaving you.
Ap: where is Laksh? he didn’t forgive us.
Suji: no jiji, he will come in few minutes with Ragini and kids.
Ap: kids..?
Suji: Sanskar didn’t tell about Aadi and Swara.
Ap nods no.
Suji tells her everything.

Suji: our choti bahu will come after a month. Swara and Ragini are very good girls.
Ap: bahoot chukriya Kali maa. You saved us from troubles.
But Ap felt sad that she can’t see her Son’s marriage.
Annapurna takes Aarti for Raglak,.
Ap goes to Laksh and folds her hand before” mera maaf karo Laksh”
Laksh: annu maa, don’t speak like this.
Vicky hugs Ap.
Vicky: dadi maa, I missed you so much.

Ap: I also.(turns to Ragini) beta, one minute.
Ap puts Kalash with rice.
Ragini kicks the Kalash and enters with Laksh and then immerses her hand in red water and prints in wall.
Annapurna takes Ragini to pooja room. Ragini lights the diya.
Ap: beta, now your are bade bahu of this house and it’s your responsibility to keep this house always happy.
Ragini and Laksh takes blessings from her and then Suji and Ram.
Laksh: Annu maa, where is bade papa? Still I can’t see him.
Ram:haan Bhabhi, where is bhaiya?

Annu nods her head down.
Sanskar takes them to DP’s room.
Laksh, suji and Ram shocked to see Dp in paralysed condition. Ram runs outside as he cant see his brother’s condition. Suji follows him.
Laksh(whispers): chilli..(Laksh always calls Dp as Chilli)
Laksh holds Dp’s hands and cries.
But Dp is sleeping because of medicine.
Sanskar touches Laksh’s shoulder and Laksh hugs him.
Laksh: sansku, tell to chilli. His trouble returned. Tell him to scold me. tell him to speak with me. I want to see him with same attitude. Tell him to speak with me.
Sanskar: bhai, please. He will get soon well.
Laksh goes out while hearing Aadi’s sound.
Ragini: Sanskar, when he had paralytic attack?
Sanskar: when he got to know about bhai slipped into coma.
Ragini: that means Six years.
Sanskar: I lost my hope.
Ragini: can I see his medicines?

Sanskar: haan Bhabhi..
Ragini checks the medicine and sent the medicine sample for test.
In Hall,
Laksh plays with Aadi and Vicky. Sanskar and Ram Shyam engaged in talks about current status of Maheshwari Industries.
Ragini(to suji): maa, where is Raksh?
Suji: I gave his medicines. He is sleeping in that room(Uttara’s room).
Ragini: ok maa. I will check him.
Raksh wakes up and rubs his eyes and happy to see a photo.
Raksh(whispers): Mumma…
Ragini enters Raksh’s room and hears Raksh voice.
Ragini: Raksh…
Raksh composed himself and remembers Jothi’s words.” In Kolkatta, you may see your mumma and papa’s photo, but you never say that they are your mumma and papa”
Raksh: who is she?

Ragini: Her name is Uttara. She is My Sister-in –Law.
Raksh nods(in mind)” that means Aadi’s both papa’s are my Mamaji. I will say this to mom”
Raksh: I want to see Mom.
Ragini: she is going to meet doctor. She will come to you after some days.
Raksh: but I want to speak to mom.
Ragini: you are good boy naa. I will make you to speak with mom. Ok.
Raksh nods with smile.
Raksh: promise me RAGO MAA.

Ragini is stunned.
Ragini: Rago maa.
Raksh: haan Don’t you like that. I always give nick name to my friends. I always call Swara as monkey. Now you also my friend naa. Don’t you like that name?
Ragini: I liked the name most.(hugs Raksh) now your fever also reduced. Can you come with me?
Raksh nods.
Ragini: wait a minute. You always gave nick name your friends naa then what is other’s name?
Raksh: it’s secret, Rago maa.

Ragini: can you didn’t say for your Rago maa?
Raksh: ok. ok. but I will say later.
Ragini comes with Raksh to hall. Suji checks him and fell relaxed.
Suji: Ragini, is they arrived US?
Ragini: Sahil called me maa. He arrived and jothi’s operation is after two days.
Suji: kali maa, make her perfect.
Ap: Ragini beta, I think it’s correct time to sent kids to school.
Ragini: haan bade maa, I also think about this.

Sanskar: I already arranged seats for Aadi and raksh in Vicky’s school.
Vicky and Aadi jumps in air.” We are going to same school” and then hugs Raksh.
Raksh goes to Sanskar” thanks monkey..”
Sanskar: monkey?
Raksh: haan you are monkey’s hubby naa. So you also monkey.. hai naa Rago maa?
Ragini chuckles” haan haan Raksh…”
Laksh surprised that Raksh calls her Rago maa and Ragini also behaves normal.
Laksh takes him in his lap” what is my name?”
Raksh acts as thinks” you are so sweet. So sweety”
Ram: then me
Raksh hugs Suji and Ram” you are my cute dadu and dadi naa so you both cuties”
Ragini: then him(shows Sahil photo)
Raksh: stubborn..
Laksh laughs” even he predict Sahil’s nature”
Sanskar(pouts): except me, you gave everyone good names”
Raksh : ok. I will change your name.. (acts as think) gorilla.. chimpanzee…
Sanskar: stop stop Monkey is far better.
Raksh: that’s good boy.
Sanskar chases him and Raksh runs and Aadi and Vicky denied to help Sanskar for catching Raksh.
At last Sanskar catches Raksh .
Sanskar: now I will punish you.
Raksh: monkey no no..
Sanskar starts to tickle him and Raksh laughs.
After so many days, MM filled with everyone laugh.
At night,
Ragini and Sanskar stands in terrace.
Ragini: Sanskar, what about Shyam?
Sanskar: bhabhi, he is like my own brother and he likes Maheshwari’s as his own family.
Ragini: then Business Rivals?
Sanskar: for past fifteen years, Maheshwari Industries is in first position and our main rival is LRSAS Industries. they are in second position for past six years. Otherthan that we don’t have any rivals. I tried to collect about their information. But no one know who is their chairman.
Ragini: you are standing before her.
Sanskar: bhabhi…
Ragini: LRSAS is our company. Laksh’s own kingdom. After Laksh’s accident, Sahil take over the company.
Sanskar: but Sahil is doctor naa.

Ragini: he is owner of Sengupta group of hospitals.
At that time, Ragini receives a call.
Ragini completes her conversation.
Sanskar: what bhabhi?
Ragini: my doubt is correct Sanskar. Bade papaji medicines are changed. Someone didn’t want him to cure. Definitely some one in our house helps our rival or may be he is our rival.
Ragini goes to her room and make Raksh , Aadi and Vicky sleep. Laksh already slept because of medicine effect.
The next day morning,
Ragini comes to pooja room and does the pooja.
Ragini gives Prasad to everyone.
Sanskar: bhabhi, today you want to go school for Aadi’s and Raksh’s admission.
Shyam: I appointed a new driver for home use because olddriver met an accident yesterday. His name is arjun.
Ram: is he loyal one?
Shyam: I checked his background uncle.
Laksh: after admission , I will go to my office.
Ram: your office
Sanskar: chacha, Bhai is owner of LRSAS Industries.
Shyam: but I got to know it’s senguptas.
Laksh: I am Lakshyadev Sengupta.
Everyone is shocked.
Suji: did you changed your surname?
Suji and Ram deeply hurt because changing surname is expressing his hatred.
Laksh holds suji’s hand” maa … please leave about this topic. Now I am with you.”
Suji: promise me that you don’t leave me again.
Laksh: I promise you maa.
Outside Arjun stands with a smirk in his face.
He messaged” Bhai, I joined here successful.meet you at night”
Sanskar and Ram goes to office. Ram takes incharge as a Chairman and Sanskar as vice chairman.
Laksh goes to school for admission and then goes to office.
A week rolled,
Laksh take control of his office and Ragini returned to her profession . Arjun informs everything about Maheshwari’s to King.
Ragini and sanskar tries to find the culprit but all their efforts in vain. Jothi is operated and Sahil and jothi starts to fall on eachother. Jothi daily speaks with Raksh but Raksh hides about uttara.
Sanskar increases security for Kids. Raksh attached with Raglaksan.

Sahil and Swara helps Jothi to practice walk.
Jothi: Sahil, it’s enough.

Sahil: just two minutes.
Sahil and Swara makes her sit in nearby bench.
Jothi: I want ice cream now.
Swara: what?
Sahil: ok. I will buy.
Sahil goes to buy icecream. Jothi feels some beloved ones near her.
Jothi felt someone touches her shoulder and turns.
Jothi: maa..
Sumi: Jo! And hugs her.
Sumi: Shankar, I said naa our jo will be alive.
Jothi hugs her both but falls that she can’t stand more time.
Swara holds her.” Jo.. careful”
Sum&Shankari: Jo what happened to you?
Swara: uncle aunty don’t panic. She will be alright.
Sahil arrives there.
Jothi holds sahil hands” Sahil, they are my parents”
Sahil sees the couple who stands with moist eyes.
Sahil: aunty, my home is nearby. We can speak in our house.
They goes to Sahil’s house and Swara explains about Jothi’s condition.
Sumi: I got my jo back and my Raksh is also alive.
Sahil: aunty, can I know about your maternal relations?
Sumi: please don’t ask me about this.they are just devils. First they try to kill me ,their own sister then they killed Uttara, their own daughter.
Jothi: maa, what are you saying?
Shankar: after that accident, we got to know Uttara’s parents are behind this. They paid money to kill Uttara and Aadi.
Jothi: no papa.
Jothi explains. Sumi and Shankar sits with a thud.
Sumi: what? You leave Raksh in Maheshwari’s house.
Jothi: why are you so tensed maa? They are so good people.
Sumi: you are giving character certificate for them. I know who they are. I saw their real face.
Sahil swara and jothi felt different in Sumi’s tone.
Jothi: maa…
Sumi: they are killed my son because I eloped with Shankar.
Sumi: haan my maternal name is MAHESHWARI. And I am The one whom they want to kill .
Sahil, swara and Jothi hell shocked.
In Isolated place,
Arjun meets the person as King.
Person: King, the period will get over in a week . I want all of them dead including Sengupta.
Arjun: don’t worry . just wait . within two weeks, we will kill all of them except one child. Whom you want to alive.
Person: Vicky.
Precap: climax part -1.
Friends have you any guess who is the culprit behind this and why king want revenge. Keep guessing . if you don’t interested in current track, please tell me through the comment.

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