swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 27)

Sorry friends for very late update. Hope you didn’t forget me.i went to my home town. My choti didn’t allowed me to touch my laptop. Lot of enjoyment with my family. Now I am travelling to thirumala or Tripathi for the dharshan along with my family. I got little time to update . I will be regular after Monday.
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Let I start the episode.
Sahil, Swaraglak takes Jothi and Raksh to the hospital.
Doctor takes Jothi to operation theatre and Raksh to emergency ward.
Sahil still in shocked state and stares his hand which have blood stains.
PoliceInspector comes there for investigation.
Ins: Mr.Sengupta, what happened?

Flashback Starts..
In Garden,
Sahil saw Jothi and walk towards her.
Sahil: Good morning Mrs.Jothi.
Jothi turns and sees Sahil smiles.
Jothi: Good morning Sahil.
Jothi: don’t mistake me. are you still love Swara?
Sahil gives surprised look.
Sahil: hmm! Yes. I love her.But it doesn’t mean that I should be devdas with a alcohol bottle and dog.
Joe smiles by seeing Sahil antics.
Sahil: now I am waiting for my anjel who will keep me happy.
Sahil kneels down(teasingly): can you be my anjel?
Joe slaps sahil hands” stop playing sahil”

Sahil stands.
Sahil: can I ask you about onething?
Jothi nods.
Sahil:joe, are you tamilian?
Jothi: well, My mother is marvadi and My father is tamil.
Sahil: love marriage?
Jothi: yes. My parents are amazing couple.their love, Their understanding .
Joe starts to travel in her past.
Sahil(shouts in joe ear): Joe!
Joe: I am not dumb Sahil(rubs her ear)
Sahil pouts: sorry. Actually I want to speak about Raksh.
Joe: Raksh?
Sahil: I felt that he is matured beyond his age. Something is bothering him from inside.
Joe(sharp tone): what do you want to say?
Sahil: he is trying to hide some pain. Its not good for his mental growth. He is losing his childhood.

Joe releases the long breath.
Suddenly, She pushed Sahil and Sahil hears a gunshot.
The next moment, he saw Joe is lying in ground with bleeding shoulder.
Flashback ends.

Sahil: we are speaking. Suddenly she pushed me and I heard gunshot and saw her shot.
Ins: kk. Mr. Sengupta. I will tight the security. I think some of Kabir mens still roaming outside. Please be careful.
Raglakil nods.
Doctor comes outside.
Raglakil rushes to him.
Doctor: She is safe , now. But ..
Ragini: but..
Doctor: the bullet attacked her spine. Her lower part below hip is paralyzed.
Sahil: what?
Doctor: Dr.Sengupta, its curable. We can do operation after six months. Now she is so weak.She will wake up after two hours.

In Raksh ward,
Swara takes care of Raksh.
Raksh wakes up with jerk.” Mom…”
Swara holds Raksh hands” Raksh, mom ka kuch nagi hoga. Relax..”
Raksh : no. I want to see mom. Take me to her.
Raksh starts to cry.
Sahil enters the ward and felt pain by seeing Raksh tears.
Sahil hugs Raksh.” Raksh, trust me. your mom will wake up and also speak with you”
Raksh: no. Mom also said that maa and papa will come to me. still, they didn’t come. You all are try to fool me. I shouldn’t trust you. I want see my mom.
Swara and Sahil shocked by Raksh statement.
Sahil(in mind): is Raksh not joe’s real son?
Raksh starts to breath heavily and Swara gives some injection which makes him stable. He started to sleep because of medicine.
Sahil makes him lays in bed in proper.
Swara: he is so depressed.
Sahil: Swara, the truth we know should not be exposed. You cant say to even Sanskar.
Swara:kk. What about Joe? Is she now safe?
Sahil explains about jothi’s condition and goes to Jothi’s ward.

After two hours,
Jothi wakes up. Sahil enters along with doctor.
By seeing Sahil, Jothi smiles by hiding her pain.
Sahil takes her hands in his hands.” Why did you saved me by putting your life in danger?”
Jothi: I don’t know . my heart told me to save you.
Jothi tries to sit on bed but she didn’t feel any movement in legs.
Sahil(teary eyes): your lower body is paralyzed.
A single drop of tear escaped from jothi’s eyes.

Jothi: is that curable or not?
Sahil: it’s curable.
Jothi: don’t give me false hope Sahil.
Sahil tights his grip and sees Jothi’s eyes” it’s curable”
At that time, Swara enters with Raksh. Raglak also enters.
Raksh runs to Jothi and climbs into bed and holds Jothi’s hands.
Jothi hugs him” mom.. is fine Raksh. Stop crying. You are good boy naa”
Raksh wipes his tears.
Swara: Raksh, mom needs some rest. Come with me.
Swara takes Raksh outside.

Jothi sees Ragini.
Jothi: Ragini di, please leave this place now. Its not safe for you.
Ragini:ok. I will get your discharge papers. You also come with me.
Jothi(weakly smiles): no need Ragini di. because I Can’t leave this place. I have so much of memories in this place.
Sahil(strict tone): bhabhi, I will take care of this. You will deal with other matters.
Jothi gives a pleased look to Sahil. Sahil refuses it.
Sahil: why are you not coming with us? What is the real reason?
Jothi: I am not your family Sahil and I can’t stay in others house. I cant dependent on you.
Sahil: I will help you find a job and make you independent.
Jothi: no I can’t come with you.
Sahil: are you scared about Raksh ?
Jothi give a shocked look.
Sahil: I got to know you are not his real mumma, joe.
Jothi: I scared that if my and my bhai’s enemies got to know about him, they will definitely kill him.
Sahil: can I know who is your and your bhai’s enemy?
Jothi: I don’t know about my bhai’s enemy. But my enemy is my maa’s brother. They are also living in kolkatta.
Sahil: can you don’t know about their name?
Jothi nods no and felt dizzy because of medicine.
Sahil(in mind): I will save you and Raksh at any cost.

Raglak goes to house.
They see tensed face Sanskar, Suji and Ram.
Suji: how is Jothi?
Ragini tells about her condition.
Ragini: but, she refused to come with us.
Suji: she is very self respected. I will speak to her.
Laksh: sahil is trying to convice her. If he fails, we can convince her.
Ragini: maa, what about aadi and Vicky?
Sanskar: they are scared bhabhi. I made them sleep.
Ragini and Laksh goes to their room.
Laksh takes Bath. At that time, Ragini receives a phone call .
Ragini: hello..
Other: Mam, I am Inspector speaking. Can you come to police station? Its important.
Ragini:ok. we will come.

Ragini goes to police station with Sanskar.
Ragini greets inspector.
Ins: mam, today we get a dead body. It’s some professional killer. His name is alex and he is the one who shot jothi.
Ragini: how he dead? Is it accident or murder? And how you suspect him?
Ins: its accident. I got his diary and his phone. From that, I got a conclusion that he paid for murder Sahil.
Sanskar: but who is behind this?
Ins: if I said who paid him, you will be shocked. He paid from your bank account Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar stands in shock” what are you saying? You are accusing me for trying to murder Sahil”
Ins: relax Mr.maheshwari. if we suspect you, you should be behind the bars. His second assignment is killing you, then Mrs.Swara, Ragini and atlast your parents. He wanted to kill your whole family.
Ragini: Say it clearly Inspector.
Ins: someone hacked Mr.maheshwari’s password and using netbanking he paid that killer. He should be closer to you and he is smart. You should be very careful. I will try my best to find the culprit soon.
Ragini and Sanskar shocked and Ragini remembers hooded person who attacked her during accident.
Ragini: kk inspector. We are leaving ooty today evening itself.
Ins: ok.

At Kolkatta,
In Isolated place,
Hooded Person: I want to see king.
King is a underworld don of kolkatta.
Goon 1: wait for sometime.
After few minutes,
King arrives the place.
King: why are you want to see me?
Person: I need your help to kill whole maheshwari family.
King: they trust you so much. You want to kill them.
Person: it’s none of your matter.
King: but I have some rules to me. why you want to destroy them?
Person: because of them, I lost my brother.
King: reason is accepted. When will you want their end?
Person: after two months, I will get my property back and I want one their heir alive.
King: ok.

To be continued…

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