swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 26)


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Let I start the episode.
The Morning,
Ram and Suji wakes up and sees the room.
Suji: Ram, Where are we?
Ram also wakes up by holding his head.
A Voice comes there” Maa.. papa..”
Ram and Suji sees Laksh.
Suji: Laksh..
Laksh runs and hugs Suji and Ram.
Suji and Ram both places their head in Laksh’s shoulders and tears coming down from eyes.
Suji: lak..sh..
Laksh cups their face” maa.. papa.. its not time to cry.”
Ragini enters the room with coffee tray.
Ragini: coffee..
Suji gives a confused look. But Ram understand it by seeing Laksh smile.
Suji: Laksh who is she?
Ram: haray ! Suji.. she is your bahu rani. Laksh wife.
Suji gives a surprised look.
Ragini takes blessings from them.
Suji kisses her in forehead.
Ragini: aunty.. there is your coffee..
Suji caresses her hair” aunty.. nahi . maa bolo”
Ragini holds her hand with moist eyes.” Haan maa..”
Laksh: rago.. kids will wake up.
Ragini felt shivering.” Laksh.. will Aadi and Vicky accept us or not?
Laksh holds her hand.
Suji:Aadi is Swara ‘s son naa.
Laksh: no maa. Aadi is our son. Ragini delivered twins.

In Swasan room,
Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar who is sleeping in her embrace.
Swara: Sans..kar..
Swara holds her head.
A voice comes there” drink this juice. You will feel better”
Swara: Sahil!
Sahil gives his branded smile and walk towards her.
Swara just give a numb expression.
Sahil claps before her.
Sahil: ohh! Bander really you are bander. You are seeing your friend after so long, but you just sitting here.
Sahil kneel down before her .
Swara cant trust her own eyes. For which she dreamt , now its happening.
Swara hugs him”Sahil.. “ and cries.
Sahil: ohh! Bandar .. tears never suits you,
Sahil wipes her tears and Sanskar witness it with a guilt in his heart.
Sahil sees Sanskar wake up.
Sahil: good morning Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar: call me just Sanskar , Mr. Sengupta.
Sahil: I will address you as Sanskar if you call me Sahil.
Sanskar gives a genuine smile to Sahil.
Swara: Sahil. Aadi . Vicky..
Ragini : they are safe, Swara.
Swara: rago..

Swasan remembers yesterday their ghost speak.
Swara hugs Ragini tighter and Sahil goes to kids room.
Sanskar: bhabhi, what about Laksh bhai?
Laksh: are you asking about me?
Sanskar runs and hugs him.” bhai..”
Sanskar scans Laksh fully.
Laksh: I am alright Sanskar.
Sanskar: bhai.. again hugs him.
Sometimes Silence speaks more than words.
Laksh pats his back another side Ragini pacifies Swara.

In Kids Room,
Aadi , Vicky and Raksh wakes up.
Aadi rubs his eyes.” Where we are?”
Raksh: that’s why I said don’t trust stranger, Bhaiya.
Vicky: he is saying Right Aadi.
Aadi: first we get out of here.
Raksh : but we cant open the door.
Aadi: someone is coming.
On other side, in Swasan Room,
Swara hugs Laksh” jeju …”
Laksh: ohh! My Saali.. are you always have a water dam in your eyes?’
Swara punches him” you don’t know jeju. What I feel now. I got all my beloved ones”
Laksh caresses Swara’s hair.
Ragini: kids now will wake up. I am going to see them.
Laksh holds her on shoulder Both are so tensed.
While they walk near Kids room, they just hear a scream. The four rushed into room.
Swasanlakrag bursts out in laugh.
Raksh sits on Sahil and Vicky and Aadi holds his both hands and Raksh pulls his ears.
Sahil: bacho please show some mercy.
Sahil is enjoying with kids.
Swara: Aadi.. Vicky..
Aadi and Vicky sees Swara”Maa..” runs to swara.
Swara: Aadi Vicky say sorry. He (points Sahil) is your chacha.
Aadi&Vicky: Chacha..
Raksh stands from him.
Aadi and Vicky holds their ears.” Sorry Chachu”
Sahil takes them in his hands” ohh! Mere pyarre bacho”
Vicky sees Raglak”Mumma.. papa..”
Vicky runs to raglak and ragini kisses her .
Ragini kisses his face overwhelmedly while Aadi sees them with confusion.
Aadi: maa.. who is them? Why Vicky call them as Mumma, papa?
Swara: they are your mumma papa also.
Aadi runs to her with moist eyes” but you are my maa naa”
Swara hesitatingly nods no.
Ragini hugs Aadi” I am your mumma Aadi”
Aadi breaks the hug” no.. Swara maa is my maa. Not you”
Aadi runs from there and Raksh follows him.
Swara puts her hand on Ragini”Rago, he needs some time”
Ragini: no Swara. I feels that I lost my Aadi.
Swara: no Rago. We will explain him.
Sahil searches where Aadi is and Sees him in garden and comes to him.

In Garden,
Raksh: bhai.. puts his hand in Aadi’s shoulder.
Aadi: Raksh
Aadi hugs Raksh.
Aadi: is maa is not my maa?
Raksh: monkey didn’t say like that. She is always your maa.
Aadi: but maa said that that aunty is my maa. If she is my maa, then why she left me to Swara maa. Now why they returned. Is they hate me.
Raksh: bhai, see me.
Aadi sees him.
Raksh: do you remember lord Krishna’s story.
Aadi: haan..
Raksh: in this why Devki maa sent His son Krishna away
Aadi(confused): for Krishna’s safety. They want to save him from Kamsa.
Raksh: like wise , your mumma also left you with Swara maa.
Aadi starts to think.
Raksh: don’t you remember that man who tried to give chocolates to us. After that when we wake up, we are here. I mean that he can be bad man and your mumma and papa also tried to save you from him.
Aadi gives a painful look to Raksh while Sahil admires Raksh.
Raksh : Bhaiya, when we loved someone truly, even we sacrifice our relationship if its needed to save them. I think that your parents also did the same.
Sahil mind rolls some words” the highest stage of selfless love is you sacrifice your relationship when it affects your beloved one”
Sahil is shocked by hearing Raksh statement.
Aadi: I hurt them. will they forgive me?
Raksh: bhai, they are your parents . how can they have anger on you. Just kiss your mom. All their pain is vanished.
Aadi runs to see Raglak.
Sahil walks towards Raksh and Raksh sees him.
Raksh signs to Sahil down.
Sahil downs” Raksh..”
Raksh: I am sorry for hurting you morning. Can you take me to my mom.
Sahil takes Raksh in his hands.
Raksh: I can walk. Leave me down.
Sahil: no
Raksh: you are stubborn uncle.
Raksh pulls Sahil cheeks.

In Kids room,
Ragini and Laksh hugs Vicky and cries
Aadi sees Ragini’s crying eyes and feels bad.
Aadi: mumma..
Swara turns but Aadi walk towards Ragini and touches Ragini” mumma..”
Swara is mixed emotions. She is happy that Aadi accepted Ragini at the same time she is sad. Sanskar is also in same .
Ragini turns and sees Aadi who is calling her.
Ragini: what you called me?
Aadi: mumma…
Ragini and Laksh hugs him tighter.” I am sorry mumma. I hurt you”
Ragini: no Aadi. Mumma ka maaf karo. I left you.
Aadi: no mumma. You have a reason.
Vicky joined with them. RagLak, Aadi and Vicky hugs eachother. Swara and Sanskar try to leave .
Aadi holds Swara hands and Vicky holds Sanskar hands and pulls them.
Swara and Sanskar hugs the group.
They are very happy. Sahil sees it and tears coming from his eyes unknowingly.
Raksh wipes his tears.” Uncle, why are you crying?”
Sahil: no Raksh.
Sahil goes to Jothi room.
Sahil opens the door and Sees Jothi in bed who is sleeping.
Sahil let Raksh down and Raksh runs towards Jothi.
Raksh shakes Jothi.” Mom..”
Jothi wakes up and smiles by seeing Raksh and hugs him.
Raksh:good morning Mom.
Jothi kisses him in forehead. Raksh runs to see Aadi and Vicky.
Sahil: good morning Jothi.
Jothi: good morning Mr. Sahil Sengupta.
Sahil: why are you loooonging my name. just call me Sahil.
Jothi: how can I call my hospital Dean by his name?
Sahil: how can you know that.
Jothi: I already know it.
Sahil: how you find me? even Swara didn’t got me.
Jothi: once I am coming to your room, I heard your conversation with Ragini.
Sahil: then why didn’t you tell Swara?
Jothi: I don’t want to spoil your plan.
Sahil: thanks. Jothi , your clothes in this bag(points a bag)
Jothi: so you robbed my house.
Sahil: like that.
Sahil leaves and Jothi get ready and goes to dining hall where all are present.
Swara: Rago, she is joe, jothi. My friend. Always supported me.
Ragini smiles to her warmly.
Ragini feeds Aadi and Vicky and Jothi Feeds Raksh. Swara looks at Aadi and Vicky how she feed both of them. Her heart pains and Sanskar understands her pain because he is going through the same pain.
Sanskar holds her hand meanwhile Aadi and Vicky runs to Swara.
Aadi&Vicky: maa.. feed me.
Swara with moist eyes feed them.
Swara , Ragini and Suji , jothi chit chats. Swara and Ragini spents time with Kids.

At night,
Swasan room,
Swara: I miss Aadi and Vicky.
Sanskar: I also. I cant sleep without hugging them.
Swara: I am longing for his touch. But..
Swara sobs and Sanskar tries to console her.
They heard a door knock.
Sanskar: come in.
Raglak enters the room with kids.
Swara: Aadi.. Vicky..
Sanskar: bhai, what is the need of knocking?
Aadi and Vicky hugs her.
Ragini: they want to sleep with you Swara.
Swara hugs her” thanks Rago”
Ragini: no thanks Swara . you are their maa
Ragini caresses Swara ‘s chin and run to her room.
Laksh waves to Swasan and goes to his oops Raglak room.

In Raglak room,
Ragini cries and Laksh puts his hand on Ragini.
Laksh: Rago..
Ragini didn’t utter a word.
Laksh: rago, Swasan raised our kids. They attached with Swasan. It takes some time.
Ragini: haan Laksh. but.
Laksh holds her and takes to balcony.
Laksh: Ragini, just see the moon.
Ragini sees the moon.
Laksh: its so beautiful naa.
Ragini: what are you speaking?
Laksh hugs Ragini from backside.
Laksh: just answer me.
Ragini: haan. Who will deny that.
Laksh: like that we also get our beautiful family back. One day definitely our kids love us.
Ragini:I am waiting for that day.

On another Side,
Jothi makes Raksh sleep and go to Balcony.
Jothi stares the moon.
Flashback Starts…
In a house terrace,
A family happily chitchats with each other.
Girl 1: maa.. don’t ask me about your son. My husband is just a duffer.
Maa: why are you teasing my son? He is so intelligent. That’s why he is now neurologist.
A man hugs maa” maa, your are so sweet”
Girl 2: Bhabhi, if maa and son joined together then we cant win.
Man 2: don’t worry my kids, your papa with you naa.
Maa: what is there noise
Man 2: nothing honey. Just talking.
The girls bursts in laughter.
Flashback ends…
Jothi wipes her tears.

On otherhand,
A two ladies runs with two year child and a man tries to attack the goon signs one girl.
Girl 1 gives her child to Girl 2 .
Girl 1: hide behind this.
Girl 2: bhabhi..
Girl 1: do what I say.
Girl 1 kisses her child and runs from there .
Man runs towards Girl1 and both fell into River.
Goon sees their jumping into River and put a bomb inside River and it blast.
The child starts to cry by seeing this but the girl 2 closes child mouth and hugs him Tighter.
Raksh wakes up with scream.”maa .. papa..”
She hears a scream from her room. Jothi runs inside her room and takes Raksh in her embrace.
Jothi: Raksh.. see me. mom is with you.
Raksh opens his eyes and hugs her tightly” mom, don’t leave me alone”
Jothi: I never leave you, Raksh.
Raksh starts to sleep by tightly hugging Jothi .
Jothi: don’t worry Raksh. I never let anything happen to you.

The next day,
Raksh is till sleeping.
Jothi goes to Garden to get some fresh air and Sahil comes there.
Sahil: good morning
Jothi(smiles):Good morning Sahil.
On other hand,
In Raglak room,
Ragini wakes up in Laksh embrace.
Ragini sees Laksh who is sleeping with smiling face.
Ragini puts his hand in Laksh shoulders and kisses him in cheeks.
Laksh: its not fair rago.
Ragini slaps his cheeks.
Ragini: you cheater.
Laksh holds Ragini hands”ohh! In Love, you should be cheater to have kisses naa Rago.”
Ragini blushes.
Laksh pulls Ragini towards him and hugs tighter.
Laksh: haan Rago..!
Ragini: leave me.
Laksh: but your eyes not saying this.
Ragini buries her face in Laksh chest.

In Swasan room,
Swara and Sanskar wake up and kisses Aadi and Vicky.
Sanskar: Swara, I felt that we are snatching Bhai and bhabhi’s rights from them.
Swara: haan Sanskar! I also felt the same. I should make everything alright.
Vicky and Aadi wakes up and runs to Raglak room and knocks it.
Aadi: maa…
Ragini opens the door and hugs Aadi and Vicky.
Aadi and Vicky runs inside to see Laksh.
Soon, they starts to play and everyone hear a gun shot.
Ragini: Laksh, its from garden.
Swasan and Raglak runs to garden.
By hearing Gunshot, Raksh wakes up and searches Jothi.

In Garden,
Jothi is lying in the hands of Sahil and her shoulder is bleeding because of bullet.
Sahil: jothi..
Swara: jothi!
Raksh sees her and runs to her”mom”
Raksh shakes her.
Laksh: Sanskar make the car ready. We should go soon. Ragini do the first aid to Jothi.
Sahil just in shock.
Raksh touches her and faints on her.
Laksh takes Raksh in hands and Sahil takes Jothi in his hands.
They rushed to hospital by leaving Sanskar in house for security.

To be continued…

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