swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 25)


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Let I start the episode.
The morning,
Swara wakes up from bed and stares Sanskar who is sleeping by hugging both Aadi and Vicky. unknowingly a smile shown in Swara’s face. Swara wakes up and goes to balcony.
A cold breeze blows. Swara rubs her both hands and take a deep breath. Sanskar wakes up and sees Swara in balcony. He kisses Aadi and Vicky in their forehead and takes a shawl and go near Swara.
Swara stares the sky and Sanskar make her wear Shawl.
Swara(smiles): thanks Sanskar..
Sanskar: no sorry no thanks as we are friends.
Swara: you unbelievable! Ok. we are friends.
At that time, a voice comes from inside.” Maa.. papa..”
Swara and Sanskar rushes inside.
Aadi and Vicky sits in bed and holds his hand near waist.
Aadi&Vicky: where are you both?
Swara: in balcony.
Vicky: it’s not fair. You know when we wake up, we need your kiss.but you..
Sanskar: Sorry.. can you please forgive your papa?
Aadi and Vicky acts as thinks” ok. we will forgive you if you kiss us”
Swara and Sanskar smiles. They stand in opposite side of bed.
Sanskar and Swara leans to Kiss aadi and Vicky in their cheeks.
Aadi and Vicky moves and Swasan kiss each other.
They broke the kiss suddenly and Swara ran to kitchen.
Sanskar is embarrassed (in mind): now only she started to speak normal after my deeds. Now how will I face her?
Sanskar enters into kitchen and blushes hardly. Jothi sees her.
Jothi: haan Blushing! (takes Swara’s face in her hand) ohh! Swara am I dreaming?
Swara bries her face in Jothi’s shoulder” don’t embarrass me by your question”
Jothi caress her hair” I made coffee for everyone. I will give to aunty and Uncle and you will go to your room”
Swara takes tray and go to her room. In Room, Aadi and Vicky fights with Sanskar using pillow.
Swara: ohh! My god. Take your drinks.
Sanskar takes his coffee without seeing Swara. Jothi enters the room” Aadi, Vicky come with me. Raksh want to play with you”
Aadi: aunty, we are coming.
Aadi and Vicky runs to hall for playing with Raksh.
Jothi smiles to swara and goes behind kids by closing door.
Sanskar: vo.. Swara I didn’t do that intentionally.
Sanskar bows his head down.
Swara: I know Sanskar. Just feel relax.
Sanskar nods. Silence occupies the space.
Jothi made breakfast for all .

Everyone present in hall. Jothi signs Suji.
Suji: Swara, take Sanskar with you and roam in Ooty. He is always in room.
Swara(coughs) and Sanskar stops eating .
Aadi rubs her back” maa.. can you need water”
Swara: no Aadi.now I am ok.
Swara: maa.. but I need to go hospital.
Jothi: Swara.. I think you forget. Our dean gave a week holiday.
Swara glares jothi but Jothi make her busy in Raksh.
Ram: no if and buts we will take care of Aadi and Vicky and now you go.
Sanskar nods.
Jothi goes to hospital leaving Rakshak with Suji and Ram.
Sanskar makes the security tight surround the house.
Swasan first go to boat house.
Sanskar takes a boat and starts their ride.
Sanskar: Swara now we are friends. So why can we know about ourself?
Swara: haan! There is nothing to say about me.
Sanskar: just say about your college, your childhood.
Swara: my child hood is fully with a two persons one is my Rago and another one is my chipkali.
Sanskar: chipkali!
Swara:my aadi.
By hearing a boy name , Sanskar unknowingly feels jealous.

On other hand, Aadi, Vicky and Rakshak plays in street.
Aadi bumps into a man.
Aadi: sorry sir.
Men: okay beta. What is your name?
Aadi: Aditya..
Vicky and Raksh comes near to Aadi.
Men: I have this chocolates for you.
Men offers chocolates to Aadi but Rakshak interrupts .
Raksh: sorry uncle! We can’t take anyone from strangers.
Men: I am not a stranger. My name is Kabir. Your Dadu is my old friend.
Raksh: sorry uncle, until Ram dadu says, we can’t take it.
Kabir: okay. I will go inside. You continue.
Kabir signs to a men and go to Ram’s house and presses door bell
A black car comes there . some mens covers Kids mouth with a cloth and take them inside the car within two minute.
Kabir addresses it with a smirk.
Ram opens the door and Shocked.
On another side,
Swara: Aadi.. my chipkali.. my brother .. my world..
By hearing a word brother, Sanskar feels a unknown relief.
Sanskar: but I didn’t know about him when I searched about bhai’ssurrounding.
Swara: he commited suicide after two days of Rago’s marriage.
Swara eyes sheds tears. Sanskar holds her hands.
Swara wipes her tears.” He was so protective about us. He was a kick boxer. Once he threatened a boy to messed up with me .
Swara smiles by remembering the incident of Rajat but the next second the smile is faded.
Swara: he finished his life because he had a blood clot and eventhough its curable, it might remain him in paralytic attack. So he commited suicide . he didn’t want to be burden in our life.
Swara cries and Sanskar takes her in his embrace and rubs her back.
Sanskar:(in mind) ohh! Duffer you are making her cry. I cant see her in this state.
Swara composed herself.” After that sahil came in my life.”
Sanskar: Sahil Sengupta?
Swara: yes. If you see Laksh and Sahil, you will say they are own brothers. They share such a bond between them, no one can break it. After Aadi’s death, Sahil starts to take care for me. he tried to make me smile.for him only, I started to smile again. Sahil.. my soul mate.he understood me without the help of words. Jeju decided about our marriage.
Sanskar: are you loved him?
Swara: I don’t know. But one thing I clear that he will keep me happy.
Sanskar cant define his expression.
Swara: after I lost my di and Sahil, I went away from pune to save Aadi. I saw Suji maa afterthat it’s my life. You married me and now I am mother of my sons Aadi and Vicky. now tell me about your self.
The boat arrives the boat house, Sanskar and Swara comes to ground.
Sanskar checks his mobile. There is no message.
Sanskar(in mind): now I should have message from guards. But.. I will call them..
Sanskar calls his security head but it is unreachable.
Sanskar: swara, we need to go home.
Swara accepts by seeing serious face.

In Car,
Swara sees Jothi’s missed calls and calls her. But its also unreachable.
Swara: why Jothi’s no is unreachable?
On other hand,
A men drives car and stares backside. In Backside, Jothi is lying unconsciously.
Sanskar arrives home and enters home.
Swasan shocked to see messed up.
Swara: maa.. PAPA.. Aadi . Vicky.
Sanskar stops her.
Someone closes the door.
Swara and Sanskar turns.
A voice comes fron backside.” How are you Sanskar?”
Sanskar(whispers): Kabir..
Swara sees Kabir with scared face.
Swara holds Sanskar hands.
Sanskar: where is my sons?
Kabir: they are so safe in my place.
Swara(whispers): aadi.. Vicky..
A goon offers seat to Sanskar while some goons drags suji and Ram who is in semiconscious state.
Swara runs to suji and Ram but a goon put his leg in way and swara slips and fallen.
Sanskar(screams): Swara…
A little bit blood is oozing from Swara’s forehead.
Sanskar hits the goon very harder.
Kabir: this much anger is not good for you, Sanskar.
A goon hits Sanskar with a vase.
Sanskar holds his head and falls into floor.
Swara: SANSKAR ..
Swara holds Sanskar and both share a painful eyelock.
Sanskar: you take me Kabir. Leave my sons.
Kabir signs a goon and he come with a glass of milk.
Kabir: I mixed poison in this. If you drink this, I will leave your sons.
Sanskar: how can I trust you?
Kabir: I let Laksh live for this much years.
Sanskar gives a puzzled look.
Kabir:You don’t know naa. Ok . I will explain. Your father the great Durgaprasad Maheshwari declared laksh is not blood of Maheshwari. But the truth is Laksh is his son. Laksh is son of Dp.
Sanskar: what are you saying?
Kabir: I swapped him with died baby in hospital.
Sanskar: why are you doing this?
Kabir: Revenge Sanskar. Revenge.. your dada snatched our properties from us. From my childhood, my mind is set for revenge. How your dada separated me from my parents, I also separated their child from us. I want to kill each and every maheshwari. But if you commit suicide , I will leave them.
Sanskar nods and sees Swara, painfully.
Sanskar takes the glass and drinks. Suddenly Swara snatched it and drinks remain.
Sanskar: SWARA..
Swara: I want to told you …Onething.
Swara starts panting.
Both Swasan feels dizziness. A white liquid from their mouth.

Sanskar holds Swara hands.
Swara: I love you Sanskar..
Sanskar hugs her and falls down.
Both are hold their hands and falls down. Swara lays on the top of Sanskar.
Kabir:wow! What a romantic couple!
Kabir takes his gun and points Suji and presses the trigger. But the bullet is not coming out.
Kabir is shocked.
A voice comes over there” what Happened Kabir? Is your gun not working properly?”
Kabir turns and shocked to see the person”Laksh..”
Laksh: yes. It’s me.
Kabir sees his goons . but they are captured by Sahil mens.
Laksh: oops! Kabir. Your goons can’t help you.
Kabir laughs devilishly.
Kabir: how can be you alive?
Laksh: well! I got out of Coma before a week. Now I am fit and fine. So ready to go Jail.
Kabir: you can’t win now Laksh. I killed your choti and if you not let me go, I will kill your kids.
Laksh: ohh!KABIR. even now you can’t realize your surrounding. My Kids with his Chacha and do you think I will let you to kill my choti?
Laksh laughs mischeviously.
Kabir hell shocked.”but..”
Laksh: its just a tablet which makes them dizzy and releases white liquid .
Police enters and arrests goons.
Laksh: inspector, one minute.
Laksh take a vase and breaks it in a goon head who breaks vase in Sanskar and breaks the legs of another goon who makes Swara fall.
Laksh slowly walks towards Kabir and holds his two hands.
Kabir just see Laksh raged eyes and hell scared.
Kabir: Laksh.. leave me. Inspector..
Laksh just breaks Kabir both hands .
Kabir: aahh!
Laksh kicks Kabir leg which makes him fall down.
Laksh twirls Kabir legs which results in fracture.
Laksh raises his hand and go to punvh Kabir in his neck. But someone holds his hand.
Laksh: leave me Sahil! I want to kill this bastard.
Sahil: why are making your hand dirt. Now he cant do anything. We destroyed his whole underworld kingdom. Now he is a died snake.
Inspector sent Kabir to hospital and sent other goons to Jail.
Laksh and Sahil takes Suji, Ram, Swasan in their car.
After few minutes Travelling, Laksh and Sahil reaches a mansion and take Suji and Ram in a room.
Ragini starts the treatment for them.
In a Laksh room,
Laksh punches the wall in frusturation” how can that bustard harm my maa, papa and sanku? Why are stopped me, Sahil?
Sahil: I didn’t want to see my bhai as a murderer.
Laksh take a deep breath.
Laksh: what is the state of Sanskar guards?
Sahil: some of them injured. I admitted them in my hospital. They are safe.
Ragini enters the room.
Ragini: Laksh, maa.. papa.. will wake up in a hour.
By saying this Ragini runs to Swara room where Swara , Sanskar and other kids are laying unconscious.
Ragini caress Swara’s wound and kisses her forehead.
Laksh and Sahil enters the room and places his hand in Ragini’s shoulder.
Ragini: I am sorry Laksh. I can’t be on time.
Ragini cries silently.
Laksh: no Ragini. Finally we got our family safe.
Raglak kisses their child in forehead.
Laksh goes to police station to make the case very strong.
Ragini takes Kids to another room.
On Other hand,
Jothi wakes up and sees her in a big room.
Jothi holds her head” where am I ?”
She accidentally make fall a glass .
By hearing Sound, Sahil enters the room.
By seeing him, Jothi scared and take a piece of glass.
Jothi: don’t come nea me. otherwise (points glass piece)
Sahil scared.
Sahil: I am sahil Sengupta. Your friend Swara’s friend.
Jothi: what? But you dead..
By using this, Sahil makes glass piece fall down from jothi’s hands.
Sahil: I am alive and my bhabhi is also alive.
Sahil explains her fully.
Jothi” I want to see my Raksh”
Jothi starts to walk but falls down. Sahil holds her at the nick of time.
Sahil: you are still in drugs effect and your son is safe.
Jothi again starts to sleep.
On other hand,
Swasan wake up and sees each other.
Swara stares the room which is similar to her room in SK Mansion. Sahil built the house same as SK Mansion.
Swara hugs him tighter. Both are still in drug effect.
Sanskar: why are you drank that? Now you also dead.
Swara: I can’t live without you Sanskar.
Sanskar: do you love me?
Swara: I don’t know. When I saw you drunk poison, I understood that I can’t live without you. if it means Love, yes I love you.
Sanskar: I forcefully married you.
Swara: but you are very good at your heart.
Sanskar hugs her tighter.
Swara: Sanskar now we are ghost naa. Why cant we take revenge and save our child?
Sanskar: it also good idea.
Ragini and Sahil hears it and sees each other.
Ragini and Sahil enter the room.
Ragini: Swara..
Swasan:Rago/ Bhabhi..
Ragini sees Sanskar” are you know me?”
Sanskar: haan.. I know bhabhi. When I searched about bhai’s past, I got to know about you. BHAI..

I Want to see bhai. I will go to hospital and make him wake up from coma.
Sahil: how can you go, Sanskar?
Swara sees Sahil.”Sahil..” her eyes sheds tears.
Sahil: even you are ghost. You should scare people as we do. Not cry.
Swara hugs Sahil” I miss you buddy. Where is Aadi? Now he is also ghost naa. Now we are a ghost family”
Sahil breaks the hug.
Sahil: Sanskar, how can you go?
Sanskar: now I am ghost naa. I will go in air.
Sahil and Ragini bursts out in laugh.
Swasan felt anger.
Swara: Rago, its not fair. Your Swara died and sees you as a ghost. And you are laughing.
Ragini and Sahil stops laughing. Ragini hugs Swara tighter” until I alive, nothing will happen to you”
Swara: Rago..
Sahil taps Swara’s head.” You are alive. we are alive”
Swara sheds tears in happiness.
Sanskar: what?
Sahil:till you cant realize ok.
Sahil slaps Sanskar very harder and a little bit blood is oozing from Sanskar’s mouth.
Sahil shows his blood.
Sanskar: I am alive. but why are you hit this much harder. Its paining.
Sahil: its for your sins.
Sahil hugs Sanskar” take care of Bandar. I mean swara”
Swasan still felt dizziness. They again start to sleep by holding each other’s hand.
Ragini and Sahil leaves the room.
In Hospital,
Kabir is lays in a bed. A doctor who hides his face by using mask enters the ward by crossing police.
Person: Kabir, it’s time to sent you away.
Person injects some medicine and leaves the ward.
After an hour,
Ragini checks Ram and Suji condition and comes out.
Laksh comes inside and his face shows happiness.
Sahil sees that.
Sahil: what happened bhai?
Laksh: that Kabir died in heart attack.now I am happy. God punished him.
AN Isolated place,
A board have Maheshwari’s and Sahil’s pic.
Hooded person: Sahil, you flopped all my plans. Be ready to face me. your death is coming to you.

Precap: Aadi refuses to accept Ragini and Raglak-Swasan confrontation.

Friends, please give suggestion. Am I boring you? its my storyline ok or not my writing style is ok or not. Please leave your suggestions and criticism is whole heartedly welcome. Its help me to improve me.

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