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Let I start the episode.
Swara stabs Sanskar heart by her words and get into her room.
Swara remembers what happened today
Flashback starts …
Swara calls Lawyer who is her patient..
At that time, Sanskar comes there to see Swara and eaves drops her talks.
Swara: Lawyer sir, I want a help.
Lawyer: doctor mam, you saved my son. I can do whatever you want.
Swara: it’s my duty. I directly come to the point. I want custody of my sister’s son.My sister is no more (Swara wipes her tears) and my jeju is in coma and my niece is in custody of my jeju’s brother.
Swara tells about Laksh and Sanskar.
Lawyer(thinks and say):it’s easy, Mam. First point your opponent is not have any blood relationship with your jeju and second once they abandoned him. The important point is you are economically independent. So its very easy to get your niece custody.
Swara: thanks sir..
Sanskar is shocked by hearing the conversation and hides behind the door.
Sanskar(in mind): no.. I never let anyone to snatch my Vicky from me. I have to do something. Think sanskar think..
After a minute, Sanskar calls someone and speaks something muted.
Sanskar enters Swara’s cabin.

Swara: thum..
Sanskar fakes his face tensed” Aadi scared by seeing something. He is ok now but he needs you. I came here to take you”
By hearing Aadi’s name, Swara didn’t think and agrees to go with Sanskar.
In Car,
Swara eyes continosly shedding tears by thinking about Aadi and rushes Sanskar to increase the speed.
Suddenly , Sanskar stops the car in isolated road.
Swara: Mr.Maheshwari, why are stopped Car..
Before completing sentence, Sanskar covers Swara face with a white cloth and Swara fallen unconscious in Sanskar’s arm.
After two hours,
Swara wake up and feels little bit pain in her head.
Swara: ouch! What happened to me?

She tries to move her hand. But her hands and legs are tightly tied with Chair
Swara observes the room.
At that time, Sanskar enters that room.
Sanskar: don’t panic Miss. Kapoor.
Swara: why are you doing like this?
Sanskar: you forced me, Swara. How can you decide to snatch my Vicky from me.
Swara is shocked.
Swara: how can you know this?
Sanskar: I know all about you. I will never let you to snatch my Vicky from me.
Swara: you can’t make me stay like this. If Papa have a doubt about my safety, he will definitely complain to police.
Sanskar(Smirks): are you think that I didn’t have any plan? I have pakka plan to keep Vicky and Aadi with me.

Swara is scared.
Sanskar: I will make them believe that you are eloped with Aadi. I will kidnap Aadi also and afterthat I will act as I find him . finally I will have Aadi and Vicky both with me and make you stay like this alone in dark room.
Swara is hell shocked.
Swara: no. you can’t do like this.
Sanskar: I can do.
Swara(cries): I can’t live without my Aadi.
Sanskar felt bad but he hides it.
Sanskar: ok. then Marry me.
Swara shockedly see Sanskar.” What are you saying?”
Sanskar: if you want Aadi and Vicky, then Marry me. you don’t have any other choice.
Swara takes a deep breath”ok. but you don’t have any rights on me. this marriage only for my Vicky and Aadi.”
Within a hour, Sanksar arranged everything.
Sanskar and Swara sit in a Mandap. Panditji chants Mantras.
Swara(in mind): Sahil.. please forgive me.

Sanskar fills her mang with sindoor and ties Mangalsutra.
A single tear escaped from her tears.
Sanskar felt guilt for his sin.
Swara’s pov:
No this can’t be happen in my life. It’s not a mangalsutra. Its just a rope which tied in my neck. It just sucking my breath from me. how can I trusted his words. Atleast I should made a call to papa. Aadi…(her bro) why you left me. you always protected me. you just broke one hand for teasing me. but now one is forcefully marrying me. Aadi.. please save me. I am longing for you hands. Please come to me.
Sanskar makes Swara stand and take seven pheras.
Pandit declares them as married couples and leaves.
Swara burst out in cry.

Sanskar: swara (touches her shoulder with concern): Swara..
Swara pushes his hand” don’t dare to act like a husband Mr.Maheshwari. “
Sanskar taken aback.
Swara : take this in your mind Mr.maheshwari. I married you only for my Aadi and Vicky. if you try to act like a husband, then I will finish my life and I will expose that you are sole reason for my death. Then just think about Aadi and Vicky. both will hate you from their core of heart.
Swara: I can do this Mr.maheshwari. so just stay away from me.
Sanskar: I promise you Swara I never act like a husband. We are parents for Aadi and Vicky. and this marriage is only for our Aadi and Vicky.
Flashback ends
In Balcony,
Swara’s words rolls in Sanskar’s mind.

Sanskar shows a sad smile in his face and go inside and lays near Aadi while Swara slept by hugging Aadi.
The next day morning,
Swara first wakes up and sees Sanskar slept while hugging Aadi. A little smile shows in her face but vanished after remembering her marriage.
Swara sees tear marks in his face and remembers her words about Trust.
Swara washes her face and goes to kitchen for preparing Coffee for elders and health drinks for kids.
Suji enters the kitchen and Swara bows her head down.
Suji caresses Swara hair.” Swara, I trust you. if you don’t want to share your past, it’s ok”
Swara looks her with moist eyes.
Suji: but I don’t know how Sanskar can cheat you?
Swara observes Suji guilt for Sanskar.
Swara(lies): no aunty. He never cheated me. it’s just a misunderstanding. Now it’s cleared.
Suji smiles by hearing Swara’s answer.
Suji: kk. Go and give coffee to Sanskar.

Swara leaves the kitchen with tray and Ram enters the kitchen.
Ram: Suji, I think still the problems between them is not sorted out.
Suji: don’t worry Ram. we will sort out.
Swara enters the room and Sees Aadi and Vicky sits on Sanskar’s lap and Sanskar is playing with both of them.
Swara faces shows a smile.
Swara: Aadi.. Vicky.. take your cups.
Sanskar takes his cup and Aadi and Vicky silently drinks their milk.
Aadi: Maa.. I finished.
Vicky: I also finished.
Swara takes their cup and leaves the room.
Sanskar: kk. Lets start.
Aadi and Vicky takes their pillows and Sanskar also takes one pillow.
They started their pillow fight.
After half an hour,
Swara comes to room and Shocked to see the messed up room.
Swara(puts her hand in waist): what is happening here?
Sanskar and kids gives an innocent look to her.
Vicky: Maa.. we are playing. Can you join with us?
Sanskar: your mumma is coward. She never come to play.
Aadi: no. my mumma is courage . she will defeat you papa. Hei naa Maa.
Swara:Haan Aadi.
Swara takes a pillow” Aadi.. Vicky.. hold your papa”
Vicky and Aadi makes Sanskar lays in bed.
Sanskar: it’s cheating.
Swara hits with pillow hardly and Sanskar screams.
Swara throws the pillow.” I have Vicky and Aadi with me. so don’t dare to mess up with me”
Sanskar observes the inner meaning of her words.
Swara opens her wardrobe and throws towel in Sanskar face.
Swara: Make them ready and come to dining hall within half an hour. Otherwise forget your breakfast.
Saying this, Swara goes to kitchen to prepare breakfast.
Sanskar: my champs are you ready?
Vicky and Aadi nods in no.

Sanskar: no way.
Sanskar takes them in his shoulder and gets inside the bathroom.
They started their water game and finally Sanskar get them ready and comes to dining hall with them in his hands.
In Dining hall,
Swara feeds Aadi and Vicky while Sanskar remembers how suji feeds him and Laksh and his eyes become moist.
Aadi: papa..
Sanskar: haan Aadi.
Aadi: open your mouth.
Sanskar opens his mouth and Aadi feeds him.
Sanskar caresses his hair.
Suji: Swara, we arranged a party in evening to announce about you and Sanskar Marriage.
Swara: maa, but what’s the need of this? why are taking stress?
Ram: we didn’t ask your permission. Are you invite your collegues or we invite.
Swara: I will invite. Kk. Now smile.
Suji and Ram smiles.

Swara: Aadi, Vicky be good with Dadi. Ok.
Vicky&Aadi: ok maa.
Swara and Sanskar goes to hospital to see Laksh and invite her collegues.
In Car,
Swara remains silent and Sanskar didn’t want to disturb her.
Sanskar: what you told to suji maa ? because I want to say the same lie.
Swara: I said that we are lovers and I misunderstand you and left you. now things are sorted.
Sanskar: kk. But why did you say like that?
Swara: Suji maa felt guilt for her wrong upbringing. I don’t want see maa in guilt.
Sanskar: thanks.
Swara remains silent again.
They arrived hospital.
Swara enters the hospital and a girl hugs her with one hand and another hands holds a Boy who is in 4 years old.
Girl: Ohh! Swara . I am seeing you after three months.
By seeing the girl , Swara’s face automatically smiles.
Swara: ohh! Jothi.. how is my cute Rock star?
Swara bends and pecks boy’s cheeks.
Boy: ohh! Monkey… why are you always peck my cheeks?(rubs his cheeks)
Jothi: Raksh.. how many times I told you not call Swara aunty as Monkey?
Swara:(pouts): ohh! Mera Raksh! What can I do? I can’t stop myself when I am seeing you.
Raksh hugs her” where is my chocolate? And who is this uncle?(points Sanskar)”
Sanskar goes to Laksh’s ward.
Jothi: haan Swara ! who is this?
Swara : he is Sanskar Maheshwari.My husband.

Jothi: is he cousin of your jeju, Laksh?
Swara nods positively.
(Jothi is Swara bff and know about her past)
Jothi raises some questions but Swara stops her in middle.
Swara: I know you have so many doubts. I will clear afterwards.
Swara(to Raksh): Raksh, he is your uncle.
Jothi: Swara, our new dean takes incharge. So greet him.
Swara: kk, Joe see you later.
Swara goes to laksh ward.

Sanskar speaks to Laksh and Swara hears it accidentally.
Sanskar: bhai, I did a very big sin. I forcefully married Swara. I know she can’t forgive me for that. But I didn’t have any other way. I already lost Uttara in kabir’s hand. And you are in coma. I didn’t want to lose anyone. If Kabir knows about Swara and Aadi, he will definitely attack them. Still , he is trying to attack Vicky. I promise you Bhai, once I catch that Kabir afterthat I will make Swara free from this relation and Let Vicky to go with her. Because Vicky also needs a mother.
Swara enters the ward and Sanskar stops speaking.
Swara stares Laksh face which is so calm.
Swara: Sanskar, I want you to invite our dean.
Sanskar wipes his tears” ok. Swara.”
Swara knocks dean cabin.
Dean: come in.
Swara greets Dean”Good morning sir”
Swara sees a person in Punjabi attire.
Dean: Good morning Dr. Swara.
Swara: sir, Actually we want to invite you for our party to celebrate my marriage.
Surjith shocked but hides his shock.
Surjit: it’s very good. Ok. Mrs.Swara , we can see in party and I will give you one week holiday.
Swara: sir..
Surjit: enjoy your holidays and I can’t see you for a week in hospital.
Swara: thanks sir.
Swasan leaves the cabin.

A womes comes from hideout.
Women: Sahil, what is happening there?
[email protected]: I don’t know bhabhi when Swara married Sanskar.
Ragini sits weakly” why she married Sanskar?”
Sahil is heartbroken by seeing Swasan marriage.
At evening,
Jothi and Raksh enters Ram ‘s house.
Jothi: Vanakam(pranam) Uncle aunty
Jothi takes blessings from Suji and Ram.
Suji takes Raksh in her hands.” Ohh! Raksh.. ask your mom now only she know the way to this dadi’s house?”

Jothi: sorry Aunty..
Ram: we are already asked you to stay here. Beta Staying alone is not safety. I got to know some goons are disturbing you.
Suji: what Ram?
Jothi nods her head down” Uncle don’t worry. I got a house near your house. From Tomorrow onwards I am your neighbor. Now ok.”
At 6 PM,
Party is started. Aadi , Vicky and Raksh wears same white suit while Sanskar in black tuxedo and Swara wears pink colour designer saree.
Guests are arrived and Jothi takes care of arrangements.
Sahil arrived there as Surjit with Ragini whose face is veiled by using shawl.
Surjit: congrats..
Swara: thanks Sir..
Ragini gives a bouquet and Swara gives a puzzled look.
Surjit: actually, she is my bhabhi. Her face is burnt in a accident.
Swara: sorry sir.
Surjit: if you want me to accept sorry, then you both come f
or a breakfast tomorrow.
Swara: definitely sir.. sorry Surjit.
[email protected] smiles and leaves with Ragini.
Ragini comes Outside and Vicky and Aadi bumps her.
Ragini falls down and her veil is removed.
Aadi&Vicky: sorry Aunty..
Ragini: I will accept sorry if you kiss me.
Aadi and Vicky gives a kiss to her and runs to Swara..
Ragini wipes her tears and sahil sees the situation and comes near to her.
Sahil: bhabhi..
Ragini: lets go from here , Sahil.

The next day morning,
Swara and Sanskar still in sleep because they are so tired but Aadi and Vicky wakes up.
Aadi: mumma and papa are still sleeping.
Vicky: ok. then I have a idea.
Vicky goes to wardrobe and takes eyeliner and signs Aadi to take rose powder and lipstick.
Vicky draws moustache to swara while Aadi makes Sanskar looks like baboon.
Swara’s hands finds Vicky in sleep and Sanskar’s hand . their hands touched and opens their eyes.
The next minute,”Aaaahh!”
Sanskar: Swara..
Swara: Sanskar..
Aadi&Vicky: Maa.. papa.. you are looking so cute.
Swara puts her hand in her waist.” Whose Idea is this?”
Swara: ohh! Sanskar.. get Aadi…
Swara takes Vicky in her hand and they draws moustache.
Aadi: maa. No..
Vicky: papa.. no..
Soon, the four bursts out in laugh.
All washes their face and comes to hall.
Suji smiles by seeing smile in Swara’s face.
Sanskar: suji maa..
Sanskar is going to hug her but she stops in middle.
Suji: I am speaking to you only because of Swara. don’t forget you are the reason of my Uttara’s death.
Sanskar is broken and walks weakly to garden and Swara also feels bad for Sanskar.
Sanskar sits ina chair and tears flowing down from his eyes.
Swara follows him and sits beside him.
In side house,
Aadi: dadi, why you always making papa sad? Go and say sorry to him.

Aadi: until you say sorry to papa, I don’t speak with you.
Suji: ok. I will say sorry to him.
Suji goes to garden.

In Garden,
Sanskar places his head in her lap.
Swara(softly): Sanskar..
Sanskar: I didn’t make my Uthu(Uttara) suicide swara.
Swara: I know sanskar. Just share it with me.

Sanskar: actually Uttara is a lawyer and she always fought justice for poor people and Shyam is my and Uttara best friend. He was grown up with us. One day, in Newspaper – they said Uttara and Shyam in love and put a photo in which they were in a single bed. I spoke with Uttara and Shyam because I trust both of them. They didn’t accept this. Uttara said someone trying to defame her.
Flashback starts..
Sanskar: Uthu, I trust you and Shyam. don’t worry. We can give explanation for this.
Uttara: bhai, I think who did this. I have so many rivals.
Shyam: don’t worry Uttara. I will find who is behind this. I will never spare that person.
Uttara smiles.
Uttara: bhai, allow Badepapa to arrange for my marriage. My rival should trust our act and by using the time, we will find.him.
Flashback ends…

Sanskar: at the time of marriage, we only got her suicide note. Shyam is mentally depressed by knowing Uttara’s death. I know that Uttara’s death is a murder. I find the person behind this. Its kabir. I tried to kill him but he escaped. For this revenge, he tried to kill Bhai. and he succedded in that. He killed bhabhi and sahil. I can’t save my Uthu and laksh bhai. I am a sinner, Swara I even cant save my beloved ones and till I struggle to protect them.
Sanskar burst out in cry to reduce his pain and suji and ram hears this.
Suji takes Sanskar in her embrace” mera Maaf karo Sanskar..”
Ram hugs Sanskar. The trio hugs more tighter and Sanskar starts to reduce his pain which he had in this five years.
After few minutes, they composed themselves.

Suji: Sanskar, I made your favorite Idli and Sambar. Come and eat.
Sanskar hugs Sujimaa and Ram” I want eat in your hands Suji maa”
Suji and Ram happily nods.

Precap: Kabir’s re-entry.
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