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Let I start the episode.
Sanskar goes to Suji’s house.
Sanskar rings door bell.
Suji opens the door and shocked to see Sanskar.
Suji: sanskar..
Sanskar: suji maa..
Suji turns her head.
Suji: please go from here, Sanskar.already I lost mera dev(Laksh) and Uttara . please let me stay in peace.
Swara and Aadi comes out and Ram also sees Sanskar.
A voice comes there”papa, why this Dadi..say to go from here. Is she hate you?”
Sanskar: Vicky, papa did a mistake. So dadi is giving punishment to me.
Suji is shocked to see Vicky because he is lookalike small Laksh.
Aadi sees Vicky.
Both hugs together.
Aadi: dadi, I said naa I have a new friend in temple. he is Vicky.
Vicky:papa.. I said naa I have a new friend in temple. He is Aadi.
Suji: Aadi, take your friend to your room.
Aadi takes Vicky to his room.
Swara tries to move.
Suji: swara stay here.
Suji: why did you come here?
Ram: suji..
Suji: don’t interfere Ram.
Sanskar: Vicky is not only my son he is also son of my Laksh bhai.
Suji is shocked.
Ram holds Suji for a support.
Suji and Ram searches Laksh outside.
Sanskar: he didn’t come here, Suji maa.
Suji: still he didn’t forgive me. is he married? Ohh! I am pagal. He have a son. Is his wife good, beautiful?
Ram is worried by Sanskar’s expressionless face.
Sanskar:Suji maa..
Ram: what happened to him?
Sanskar: bhai is in Coma and I admitted him in XXX hospital, here.
A single tear is escaped from Suji and Ram eyes.
Suji: I want to see him, now.
Ram: Swara..
Swara:don’t worry papa, until you come I will take care of Vicky.
Till, Sanskar is standing outside. Swara stands near hall. So they can’t see each other.
Suji, Ram and Sanskar leaves and Swara prepares dinner for them. Swara takes a plate in her hand and goes to her room(Aadi’s room)
In Swadi room,
Aadi and Vicky plays ladder and snake. They became friends in little time.
Aadi identifies Swara by her foot sound and turns”Mumma..”
Swara places the plate nearby table.
Aadi hugs her and Vicky stares them.
Swara kisses his forehead “ mera bachu!”
Swara sees Vicky “ beta! What is your name?”
Vicky: Vicky…
Swara: nice name (pecks Vicky’s cheeks)
Swara: kk! Games apart. It’s dinner time.
Swara opens the plate. Its chappathis with aloo masala.
Aadi&Vicky: it’s my favorite.
Aadi and Vicky sees eachother and chuckles.
Swara feeds Aadi and Vicky.
Vicky: I am a big boy. I will eat myself.
Vicky tells with a attitude.
Swara: I know you are a biggggg boy and you can eat yourself. But don’t you know I am a small girl. I want someone feed me and I feed them. Don’t you help me?
Swara makes a pout face and asks Vicky.
Vicky: kk.(hesitantly agrees)
Swara feeds Vicky and Aadi and Aadi feeds her.Vicky sees the bond between Swadi and he felt something he missing.
Because he always eat himself that Annapurna made a habit.
Swara finishes her feeding and wipes their mouth with towel and made them drink water.
Swara: kk. It’s time to sleep.
Vicky: but till My papa is not come. I can’t sleep without him.
Swara: kk. You don’t want to sleep. But just hear my stories.
Vicky nods.
Swara lays in bed and Vicky and Aadi lays each another side. Swara takes them in her embrace and starts to tell story of cindrella.
Vicky and Aadi starts to sleep and in few minutes, both slept.
Swara stands and kisses Aadi and Vicky and get down to Hall and waits for Suji arrival.
In Hospital,
Suji and Ram gets into Laksh’s ward.
Ram gets teary eyes while seeing Laksh’s condition.
Suji: (holds Laksh hands) Laksh.. please see your maa. Speak to me, laksh.(cries) Don’t punish me.
Suji slaps her with Laksh hands.
Sanskar holds suji” suji maa…”
Suji sees the painful eyes of Sanskar and lifeless eyes of Laksh.
Suji come out of the Laksh ward and using pallu she closes her face and cries.
Ram caresses Laksh face and tears flowing from his eyes continuously. Even he didn’t notice that. He just stare his son.
Sanskar holds Suji and suji hugs him and cries.
Ram wipes his eyes and come outside.
Ram: suji..
Suji realizes the present and stands.
Ram: what happened to him? why he is in this state?
Sanskar: I got to know that his rival tried to kill him. only he and his son was survived. He lost his family in bomb blast which was set by his rival. The police still investigating the case.
Ram: Sanskar.. still the culprit is not caught and you left Vicky in my house.
Sanskar:I arranged a tight security .
Suji: you can go to your hotel. We can go by cab.
Sanskar: suji maa.. I will stay in our house.
Suji: there is no relationship between us Sanskar. We never trust a stranger like you and I am grateful to you because you took care of my son and my grand son. Now you can go out from our life.
Sanskar: suji maa.
Sanskar helplessly sees Ram and Ram even didn’t give a glance to Sanskar.
Suji and Ram goes to their house by leaving Sanskar alone.
Sanskar(in mind):Suji maa.. I will win your love again.
Sanskar moves from the hospital.
After Sanskar departure, Ragini and Sahil come inside Laksh ward.
Ragini holds Laksh hands.
Ragini: laksh.. please come fast. I need you and our son need us. Please come soon.
Sahil: bhabhi.. I arranged a secret way in this. So , you can come anytime except visiting hours.
Ragini thanks Sahil through her eyes.
Sahil goes out and Ragini holds Laksh hands and starts to sleep.
In Ram House,
Ram and Suji comes inside.
Ram holds Suji in his embrace.
Suji: I never expect that I would see Laksh in this condition, Ram.
Ram: he will be alright, Suji.
Swara sees them and comes to them.
Swara: maa.. papa.. come lets have some food.
Suji and Ram refused and Swara sees their pain.
The next day,
Vicky and Aadi sleeps in Swara’s embrace. Swara wakes up and goes to entrance. Swara opens the door and someone fells her feet.
By hearing her scream, Suji and Ram rushes to see her. Suji and Ram sees the person.
Swara touches Sanskar face.” Maa.. he has high fever. “
Suji: Ram. Take him inside.
Ram and Swara takes Sanskar in their shoulder.
Sansakr blabbers in fever” don’t hate me suji maa..”
Suji felt intense pain in her heart.
Swara and Ram places Sanskar in a bed and Swara makes him swallow some tablets with milk.
Sanskar takes it when he is in semi conscious.
Sanskar starts to sleep because of medicine effect.
Suji caresses his hair.
Suji(in mind): Sanskar.. I can’t forgive you sanskar. Because of you, I lost my Uttara. At the same time, I can’t see your suffering.
Suji leaves the room.
Aadi and Vicky wakes up and Vicky searches Sanskar.
Aadi: Vicky.. did you need anything?
Vicky: why papa didn’t come yesterday?
Vicky runs into stairs and bumps with Swara.
Swara holds him.
Swara: Vicky.. did you need anything?
Vicky: I need my papa.
Suji comes there” Vicky beta, your papa is not well. He needs some rest”
Vicky: I want to see him, now.
Vicky starts to cry.
Ram: kk. Vicky. come with me. I will take you to your papa.
Ram takes Vicky to sanskar room.
Vicky sees Sanskar who is sleeping . Vicky sits near to him and caresses his hair.”papa..”
Ram: beta.. he needs some rest.come with me.
Vicky: I wont disturb him. I want to stay with him.
Ram nods and goes out after checking Sanskar’s temperature.
Swara goes to Aadi room.
Aadi acts like sleeping.
Swara finds that Aadi is acting.
Swara: while Aadi sleeping, his leg always shaking. But today it’s not shaking.
Aadi starts to shake his leg.
Swara takes the blanket” you Aadi..”
She starts to tickling.
Aadi: ma…maaa..maaa..
Swara holds him in her embrace and kisses him in forehead.
Swara: Come Aadi lets take bath.
In bath room,
Swara makes the water in correct temperature and starts to bath Aadi. Aadi splashes water to swara.
They started to splash water on each other.
Soon, their laugh sound fills the house.
Ram and suji smiles by hearing their laugh.
In hall,
Swara arranges the food in dining hall.
Suji and Ram comes there.
Swara:maa..papa..i arranged the food. In this, I made soup and porridge for vicky’s papa.I am getting late for my hospital. Can you drop me?
Ram nods.
Suji: I will take care of him.
Swara gets into Sanskar’s room and checks Sanskar , sees worried face of Vicky.
Swara puts her hand in Vicky’s shoulder.
Vicky hugs her” when will papa wake up?”
Swara: papa will wake up soon.
Vicky: my papa always says this when I ask about my dad.(feared voice) till he is sleeping.
Swara is confused because suji didn’t told anything about Laksh.
Swara: Vicky.. your papa wake up soon. Come lets have some food.
Swara takes him in her hands and goes to hall.
Suji feeds Vicky and Aadi with moist eyes. She lost her sense by remembering about little Laksh.
Ram and Swara went to the hospital.
In car,
Swara:papa, who is that man? I saw pain in Maa’s eyes. She can’t let him and at the same time, she didn’t hate him.
Ram: he is sanskar, my bhai’s son. Laksh is my adopted son. Once a time, I did a big mistake. I didn’t trust him. After that, we searched him. but we cant find him. we relaxed ourselves that he would be safe somewhere. But..
Ram clinches the steering.
Swara rubs Ram’s shoulder.
Ram: we saw him yesterday in coma. I never expect that such a situation rise in my life. Vicky is his son and Sanskar rise him as his own son.
Swara: then why Suji maa hates him?
Ram: once, Someone trapped our Daughter uttara with her friend Shyam. My bhai arranged their marriage for the sake of Family pride. We pleased our bhai but he didn’t responded our words.My Uttara commited suicide by falling down from cliff at marriage day and shyam is depressed and his mental state is affected. We broke down and we eloped from our house. I got to know that my bhai was searching us. So , we always change our place for six months once.
Swara: papa.. but he didn’t any mistake.
Ram: he did a mistake for not trusting his behan. He and my bhai is the sole reason for our lost. He refused to trust my Uttara. I love him but now I hate them from core of my heart.
They arrived at hospital. Swara hears gossips that someone bought the hospital.
Ram goes to see Laksh and Swara accompanies him.
Ram and Swara enters Laksh ward.
Swara sees Laksh and becomes Numb.
Ram holds Laksh hands and speaks.
Swara runs to her cabin and tears flowing from her eyes.
Swara: jeju.. my jeju is alive. and Vicky. he is my Rago’s son. My son…
Swara composes herself and goes to Laksh’s ward.
At that time, Ram went to house.
Swara holds Laksh hands” jeju.. please come soon. You slept so many years. Now your both son needs you, jeju. I needs your fatherly love. I want my friend back. Again I don’t want to loose you, Laksh. I promise you jeju I will never let my vicky in Maheshwari’s hands”
In house,
Sanskar wakes up and sees Aadi and Vicky.
Vicky hugs him” you scared me papa”
Sanskar hugs him.
Suji comes with tray.
Suji: Vicky, make your papa drink that soup and porridge.
Saying this, she leaves the room.
Sanskar becomes sad by Suji’s ignorance and composed himself.
Vicky:papa..drink this.(strict tone)
Sanskar makes faces to Vicky. Aadi smiles.
Aadi: uncle eat this.(points suji’s worried face in mirror who is watching Sanskar behind the door)
Sanskar drink the soup without uttering the word. Suji leaves the place.
Sanskar places Vicky in his lap.
Sanskar: ohh! My champ threatening me to drink soup.
Vicky runs from there to Suji.
Aadi: soup is healthier to body. Don’t your maa taught you.Vicky, your papa is bad boy.
Sanskar mesmerized to see Aadi and pecks his cheeks.
Sanskar: am I bad boy?
Aadi: because of you, my dadi is crying. Who are you?
Sanskar: I will make her laugh soon. I am her son.
Aadi: son! Then where you gone?
Sanskar: I made a big mistake. So, my maa and papa left me alone.
Aadi feels sad for Sanskar.
Aadi: are you repenting for what you did?
Sanskar nods.
Aadi: my maa always says if someone repenting for their mistake, we can forgive them. I will help you uncle.
Sanskar hugs Aadi “thanks . what is your name?”
Aadi: my name is Aditya..Aditya Lakshya Dev Sengupta. My friends call me Aadi.
Sanskar is shocked because he knows Laksh changed his surname into Sengupta.
Sanskar: What is your maa name?
Aadi: Ragini Laksh Sengupta. Why uncle? Are you know my papa? Maa said that he is gone long.
Sanskar is double shocked.
Aadi goes outside by hearing Ram’s sound.

At evening,
Sahil meets Ragini who is with Laksh.
Sahil: bhabhi..
Ragini: haan Sahil..
Sahil: see this Bhabhi.(shows a video in Laptop)
Ragini is umb while seeing the video. In this, Swara holds Laksh hands and speaks.
Ragini(whispers):Swara.. her eyes filled with tears.
Ragini: sahil.. I want to see her, now.
Sahil: bhabhi she is living as a widow of bhai. she is living in your name and our Aadi is also alive. She raise him as her son and she is living with Bhai’s former parents.
Ragini: what? She is living with Maheshwari’s and she is practicing by my name.
Sahil nods and explains.
Sahil: they didn’t know about Swara’s real identity and Aadi and in hospital, she practices by using her certificate not yours.
Ragini nods .
At night,
In Ram’s house,
Ram walks in hall and Aadi is sitting worriedly and Vicky holds his hands.
Suji: Ram, call Swara . she never comes late.
Ram: her phone is switched off. I will go to her hospital.
Ram opens the door and shocked to see Swara and Sanskar with mala and sindoor in swara maang and Mangalsutra in her neck.
Swara bows her head down.
Suji sees them.
Suji(shouts): what is this sanskar?
Aadi hugs Swara”maa.. why are you late?”
Sanskar takes him in his hands”Suji maa..Aadi is my son “(lies)
Before completing the sentence, Suji slaps him hard.
Suji : I never expect you from this Sanskar. I ashamed for my upbringing. How can you cheat a girl?
Sanskar downs his head.
Aadi is scared by Suji’s anger and cries. Vicky hugs him in fear.
Ram: suji we can speak about it later. Swara .. you can go to your room.
Swara takes Vicky in her hands and Sanskar takes Aadi in his hands.
They enters Swara room.
Aadi: are you my papa?
Sanskar nods.
Aadi beats him” then why you left us alone?”
Sanskar holds him and then hold his ears” please forgive your papa, Aadi”
Aadi hugs Sanskar.
Vicky asks swara” are you my mumma?”
Swara nods with tears and kisses him.
Vicky : I will be a good boy. Please don’t leave me.
Swara hugs Vicky tighter.
Swara places Vicky and Sanskar places Aadi in bed and they all lays in bed.
Swara starts to tell story and the kids starts to sleep even Sanskar slept.
Swara stands and Stares Sky in balcony.
She feels someone make her wear Shawl.
Swara turns and see Sanskar.
Swara: Mr.Maheshwari, stay in your limits.
Sanskar: just consider me as your friend Swara.
Swara(sarcastic tone): friend… you are the one who forcefully married me, Sanskar . so just stay away from me.
Sanskar: you forced me Swara. you shouldn’t decide to separate Vicky from me.
Swara: because I don’t want to repeat the history. You Maheshwari’s don’t know the meaning of the word trust. Don’t forget you are the one who is the reason for Uttara’s dead. I don’t want to repeat same with my Vicky.
Sanskar is deeply hurt by Swara words and stand there numb.
To be continued..
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