swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 22)


Thanks for your comments friends , thanks for silent readers and you can get to know about that person at the end of this FF. he is the main villain of my story.
Prevoius Episode:
Episode 21

Let I start the episode.
Ragini enters SK Mansion and sees Aadi’s photo with Varmala. Her world become frozen. Laksh is shocked by seeing Aadi’s death.
Swara sees Ragini and hugs her and burst out in cry. Ragini didn’t react her memory stuck with Aadi’s smiling face.
Laksh didn’t expect such a disaster in his life.
Laksh’s POV
I never expect such a disaster in my life. Aadi.. he is the part of my world. He is more than a friend, a brother. After Sahil, he is my only companion who can completely understand me. I don’t know what will happen now. I cant bear his loss.How Ragini can bear such a pain. Aadi is her life, her world. I promise I never let anyone who is responsible for his death. I will make their life hell. I walked towards Sahil and holds his hand.

Sahil’s POV

Bhai hold my hands and I saw his eyes directly. His eyes questioning me about Aadi’s death. What I can say. Aadi commited suicide because he didn’t want to be a burden in our life. If I reveal this, bhai and bhabhi both will breakdown. They can’t bear such a truth.His eyes shows the pain which he bearing inside. I observe that he can breakdown at any time. Aadi is not only a friend for us. He is our philosopher , brother and our supporting system . I bow my head down. I didn’t have confidence to see my Bhai eyes.
Swara’s POV
Aadi.. he is our life. He is the only reason for living in this cruel world. But he left me alone. How can he do this. I am his di.. his bandhar. How can you leave me chipkali. Why didn’t you think once about me. how can you think that you can be burden on our life. How can be you selfish. Why you punished us. Even you didn’t let me see your face. Why Aadi? Why? I can’t bear this pain.

Ragini’s POV

No . it cant be real. Mera Aadi shouldn’t left me like that. They are saying lie. It’s a prank.
Ragini broke the hug with swara and smiles and rubs her face.
Ragini:Swara, stop your prank. Don’t play with me like this. Aadi..Aadi.. come fast. Don’t scare your Rago maa. Aadi..Aadi..
Everyone shocked.
Swara cups her face while crying.”Rago.. please Aceept.. he is no more with us. He is no more…”
Swara breakdown in floor.
Ragini eyes stares Aadi’s photo and she slowly walks towards photo. One minute, Ragini stares the photo.
Ragini throws the varmala from Aadi’s photo.
Ragini: mera Aadi should alive. he never let his sister suffer. He should be alive. so stop this prank.never dare to do such a prank..
Ragini faints in floor.
Sahil sent the neighbours outside and Lakhs takes Ragini to their room.
Swara didn’t move in her position.

Sahil goes to Ragini’s room and checks Ragini condition and injects some medicine for sleep.
Sahil: bhai, bhabhi can’t bear Aadi’s dead. She is in shock. Take care of her.
Laksh: how did Aadi dead?
Sahil: its an accident Bhai. it’s our fate.
Laksh: why he went to that hill? What is the need?
Sahil: bhai, please don’t go deep in that. I can’t answer.
Sahil leaves the room with teary eyes.
Sahil(in mind): how can I say bhai our aadi committed suicide. I can’t say.
Sahil comes to hall and see Swara who is slept while crying.
Sahil tales Swara in his hand and put her in her bed and than Leaves her room.
On Another side,
Aadi wakes up and Shankar comes inside .
Shankar: good afternoon Beta..
Aadi: good afternoon doctor..
Shankar: call me uncle…don’t be formal.
Aadi smiles.
Aadi:kk doctor.. oops uncle… I can’t remember anything. I don’t know who I am. Who is my family except a name Rago maa. Even I don’t know what the relationship with her.
Shankar: don’t stress yourself Aadi. Can you want to see your wife?
Aadi: wife..?
Shankar: we also saved your wife. I think that you are eloped and your relatives are trying to kill you.
Aadi(shocked): what?
Shankar: yes Aadi. In this villages, they hate love marriage and they killed lovers. We saved someone before now you.
Aadi: uncle, are you love marriage?

Shankar(surprised): how can you know, that?
Aadi: haan by the way you helping lovers.
Shankar taps his shoulder.” Aadi, I think that your life still in danger. Today evening, we are going to our native Bhavanisagar, Tamilnadu, it’s better that you both join with us”
Aadi: thanks uncle. I am so grateful to you. Uncle,I want to see my wife.(little bit blushes)
Shankar: you can see her after an hour.
At evening,
Shankar changed Aadi’s face by make up and Sumi hides Uttara face with veil. The four goes to tamilnadu.

In SK Mansion,

Ragini wakes up and cries by remembering Aadi.Laksh consoles her. Swara is in deep depression. Sahil tries to lighten up her mood. Swara nights are occupied by tears and sahil witness it with helplessness.
Days starts to roll, Ragini pregnant with Laksh’s child. Everyone is happy and Swara slowly comes out from depression and Sahil uses every chance to enlighten her mood. Nowadays, Swara didn’t do any pranks even she lost her laugh. Ragini’s eyes always shows pain . Aadi settled with Shankar and Sumi and married Uttara with all rituals. Laksh decided about Swara-Sahil marriage. They fixed the date after Ragini’s delivery. Sahil fulfills his promise. Shankar starts a new hospital and Aadi helps him in administration and Uttara works as a drawing artist.
It’s Ragini’s ninth month,
Ragini enters Aadi’s room.
Ragini: Aadi, if you with me, now you should be in cloudnine. You are becoming mamu, Aadi.
A strong wind blows there. Ragini closes the window. Ragini sees a file in floor which is fell from wardrobe.
Ragini takes the file and shocked while reading.
Ragini(whispers ):Aadi…
Ragini fells labor pain.

Ragini(yells):Aadi ..Aadi..
In Tamilnadu,
Aadi feels someone calls him.
Aadi(in mind): what happened to me? why I am feeling that someone calls me?
Aadi’s pendant falls from his neck.
Aadi sees his pendant in his neck and opens it. He sees Ragini, swara and him.
Aadi(whispers):Rago maa…
Aditya fall down in floor.

In SK mansion,

Swara hears Ragini’s scream and rushed to Aadi’s room and understands the situation.
Swara: sahil…sahil…
Sahil comes there and takes Ragini in his hand and they rushes to hospital.
Sahil admits her in ICU and Laksh arrives there. But Swara and Sahil didn’t notice him.
Sahil: bhabhi, still have date . but how she got labor pain suddenly?
Swara:Rago knows about Aadi’s disease.
Laksh hears that.” What are you speaking?”
Swara and Sahil shocked.
Laksh: please don’t hide from Sahil. I want to know.
Sahil tells about Aadi’s suicide with pain.
Laksh sits in a chair with thud.
At that time, nurse comes there.
Nurse: sir, you have twins.
SwaLaksah sees the kid and Laksh have the babies in his hand. One is look alike Laksh and another one is look alike Aadi.
Laksh sees the baby(whispers):aadi…
Laksh believe that Aadi is born as his son.
Laksh goes inside Ragini’s ward and places Babies near Ragini. Laksh holds Ragini hands.
Ragini: Laksh.. Aadi..
Laksh: shh! Aadi born as our son.(points one baby)
Ragini smiles by seeing her sons.
The next day, Ragini and her sons discharged from Hospital.
Ragini names her sons as Vikram and Aditya.
On other side,
Aadi remembers his past and travels to Pune.
The next day,
Vikram is ill.
Swara: Rago, you and jeju take him to hospital and I will take care of Aadi.
Ragini: kk.
Sahil:Bhabhi, wait I will also come with you.
Laksh: ok.
Sahil, Laksh, Ragini and Vikram went to Hospital.
Sahil: bhai, this door is repaired.
Laksh: after returning to home, I will sent the car to carriage.
At that time, Swara calls them.
Ragini: haan Swara..
Swara: Rago.. aadi is crying.
Ragini: he didn’t sleep yesterday. Just sing Lolly to him.

At that time, A truck hits the car.
Sahil side door opened and sahil is jumped outside the car.
Laksh falls unconscious and Ragini hugs Vikram tightly. Blood is oozing from Ragini’s head.
A goon comes there . Goon: boss, they will die in few minutes. Can I kill them now?
Swara hears through phone.
Boss: no.. let them enjoy their death.
Boss smiles evilishly.
Goon: I fixed bomb in their mansion. It will explode in 15 minutes. No one from his family can’t alive.
Swara is shocked .

Goon left the place with his truck.
Swara takes Aadi with her and take some money and their certificate file and leaves the mansion by using backside.
At that time, Aadi comes there and he crosses the outer gate and bomb explodes.
Aadi is thrown in air.”Rago maa” and falls unconscious.
In other side,
A Hooded person comes there with car. He goes near laksh’s car.
Ragini is half conscious .” please help me”
That hooded person attacks her with rod and Ragini falls unconscious and he takes Vicky and Laksh from the car. And then he hides Ragini in bushes.
Person: I don’t want to dirt my hands by killing you. you will be die soon by blood loss.
Person smiles evilishly.
Sahil witness it in half conscious state.
After some hour,
The person admits Vicky and Laksh and Sanskar comes there. Sanskar takes care of Laksh and Vicky.
On another side,
Sahil takes Ragini in his hands and calls his loyal friend. His friend helps him to save him and Ragini.

Ragini falls into coma.
On other side,
Aadi wakes up in hospital.
Aadi(in mind): Rago maa.. it’s my promise to you. I will kill everyone who responsible for your death. It’s your Aadi’s promise.

Present Recap:

Swara along with Aadi(Raglak’s child) run from the place where she leaves. She caught the train and only she have some certificates and low amount of money. Laksh’s mother Suji helps her. Accidently Suji saw Aadi, (Raglak child)’s birth certificate. To avoid questions, she lied that she is Ragini. Suji and Ram offers to take care of her. Swara accepted the offer without knowing they were Laksh former parents. Ram and Suji took her to Ooty, Tamilnadu.
On other side, Laksh is in Coma and Sanskar takes care of him and Laksh’s child Vicky. he searches Suji and Ram. Durgaprasad is affected by paralysis attack. Sanskar grows up Vicky as his own child.

On another side, Sahil threatened the doctor who gave treatment to Laksh. Doctor told that someone threatened him with his child. So he forced to sent Laksh into coma and they ordered him to kill Laksh after six years. Sahil leaves the doctor and goes to his hide out. In there, Ragini was in coma.
After five and half years Leap,
Suji and Ram treats Aadi as their grand child without knowing the truth and treats Swara as their daughter. from Suji, Swara got to know that Uttara was dead. But she didn’t aware that they are Laksh former parents. Sanskar got to know that suji and Ram lives in Ooty. He takes Laksh and Vicky with him to ooty and admitted Laksh in Ooty. After that, Sanskar and Vicky went to temple. Vicky met Aadi and become friends.Here , a hooded man tries to kidnap Vicky. but at that time, Sanskar comes there and hooded man left the place. Sanskar went to Suji’s house and suji didn’t allow Sanskar to get inside.

Suji sees Vicky and orders Aadi to take Vicky to his room. After Kids went to Aadi’s room, Suji asks the reason of Sanskar arrival rudely. Sanskar announces Vicky is Dev(Laksh)’s son.
On another side, Ragini comes out from Coma and Sahil helps her to regain her strength. Sahil and Ragini vows to save Vicky and Laksh from their unknown enemies clutches.

Friends, I know that it little bit boring. I will try to give my best from next episodes. Sorry for boring episode. Past is finished here. If you have any doubt in past , ask me. I will expose the villain in upcoming episode.I will post my next episode in Sunday. Happy rakshabandan.

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