swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 21)


Thanks for your comments friends and Alisha, I don’t want to kill Aadi. But he separated from Swaraglak. Thanks for silent readers also.
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Let I start the episode.
Laksh proposes Ragini. Ragini accepts Laksh proposal.
Ragini looks deep Laksh’s eyes and they both immersed in each other.
Laksh leans towards Ragini’s lips and Ragini closed her eyes.
A voice comes there” it’s public Laksh… oops jeju..”
Laksh and Ragini turns opposite to each other.
Swara taps Aadi head” you. chipkali”

Aadi: bandhar..
Aadi goes towards Ragini and holds her hand.
Aadi looks Laksh “ jeju.. I take my Rago maa with me. tomorrow evening is your engagement”
Laksh &Ragini: what?
Sahil: we already decided and after one week your marriage.
Laksh is in cloud nine but Aadi’s words sent him to pathal.
Aadi: so, you both can’t see each other after tomorrow.
Laksh: it’s not fair. I met her after so many days .
Swara: you can speak with her after marriage.
Laksh and ragini pouts face.
Aadi: car is ready. We are leaving. See you guys tomorrow in shopping mall.
Laksh: what? Are you guys leaving?
Swara drags Ragini and Aadi starts the car.
They leave SK mansion. Sahil touches Laksh shoulders.
Laksh: I also have a villain with me.
Laksh starts to hit Sahil and Sahil starts to run.
Laksh: are you planned my engagement without telling me?
Sahil: bhai, I think you are happy.
Laksh: I am happy but I can’t see my rago for a week.
Sahil: if you don’t stop hitting me, I will tell Aadi to postpone marriage one month after engagement.
Laksh(stops): what? How dare you, Sahil? I will never leave you.
Laksh again starts to chase him and Sahil tries to escape from him.
Finally both get tired and lays on ground and sees each other while taking heavy breath.
Sahil:bhai, we have to go shopping for engagement. So, we stop our chasing.
Laksh: I think so.
Sahil stands up and give hands to Laksh. Laksh holds his hands and stands up.
Laksh: ok. lets go.
Laksh puts his hand on Sahil’s shoulder and Sahil reciprocates it.
Both brothers get into car .
Aadi and Swaragini get into the flat.
Aadi: Rago maa.. bamdhar.. get ready. We are going to shopping. We have so many works in this week.
Swara: I am tired.

Aadi: no way.
Both Swaragdi and Lakil(Laksh-Sahil) arrives the same mall.
Aadi leaves Swaragini in girls section and go to men section. There , he sees Laksh and Sahil.
Aadi messages Swara and sahil to come nearby canteen .
Sahil: bhai, I will come within a minute.

Laksh: ok, sahil. Come soon.
Laksh(in mind): kk. I will select sarees for Rago.
Laksh goes to ladies section.
Ragini selects Leganga for her. She sees Mirror while comparing Dress. She sees Laksh smiling face.
Ragini question Laksh through mirror that the dress is suits or not and Laksh nods no. Laksh points green and red mixed Leganga and Ragini nods happily.
Laksh takes another leganga for Swara and Ragini takes Laksh to gents section.
Ragini takes Red colour sherwani for Laksh and then Ragini selects purple colour sherwani for Aadi and blue colour sherwani for Sahil.
Ragini: we take dresses for everyone. Where are they?
Laksh: Sahil told that he will come within a minute. Till, he didn’t came.
Ragini: aadi and swara told the same.
Laksh: I will call them.

A voice come there” we are here…”
Sahil: bhabhi, your selections are superb .(points bhai) he will take more than two hour for selecting dresses.
Swara: not bad. You are missing us after an hour. After an hour(spells and gives pressure to each word)
Ragini blushes and hides her head in Laksh chest. Laksh also little bit blushes.
Sahil: what a scene. Bhai and bhabhi blushing. Bhai blushing. Am I dreaming? Swara, pinch me.
Laksh pinches him hard.
Sahil: bhai, I told to swara not you. you pinched very hard.
Laksh: that for pulling my leg.
Sahil rubs his hand.
Aadi is silently watching this.
Aadi(in mind): I am going to far away from you di. but Laksh jeju make you forget about me by his love.
Sahil taps Aadi’s shoulder” what Happened Aadi?”
Aadi(weakly smiles): nothing Sahil.
They go to canteen and enjoy their dinner.
The next Day,
Sahil and Swara invites everyone in the Apartment. Aadi takes care of decorations and arrangements.
At evening,
Guests are arrived . Aadi and Sahil welcomes them. Swara makes Ragini ready.
Laksh waits for Ragini. Swara takes Ragini to that place.
Laksh is mesmerized by seeing her and frozen.Sahil waves his hand before Laksh.
Sahil(in mind): ohh1 bhai. if Aadi or Swara see this, they will make fun of bhai.
Sahil pinches Laksh hands.
Laksh: ouch! What are you doing Sahil?

Sahil(whispers): Bhai, control yourself. Otherwise your saali-saala make fun of you.
Laksh puts ring in Ragini’s fingers and Ragini put ring in Laksh’s fingers. They are in deep eyelock.
Everyone claps. Aadi and Sahil decided that marriage is in temple and Reception in grand manner.
After a week, In Temple,
Pandit ji chants mandras and Laksh fills Ragini’s maang with sindoor and put mangalsutra in Ragini’s neck and then take pheras.
Pandit: Shaadi sampourna hogaya.. beta.. if you see any elder couples. Go and take blessings from them.
Aadi searches and finds older couple and go to near them.
Aadi: sir..mam.. today is my di’s marriage. Can you give your blessings to them?
Couple: haan beta…
Aadi takes couple to near mandap. Laksh and Ragini takes blessings from them. Laksh eyes sheds tears because the couple is Ram and Suji. Laksh face is veiled by flowers and Ragini face veiled by moni.

Ram&Suji: live long happily.
Ram and Suji leaves the mandap and a paper falls from their hands.
Laksh takes it and reads that the paper. The paper told about Uttara’s marriage with a person Shyam.
Laksh give it to Aadi and told him to give to Ram.
Laksh(in mind): Shyam is very goodboy. Without his help, I can’t prove against Kabir. They will become ideal couple.
At evening,
It’s Ragini Grahapravesh in SK mansion.
Swara takes Aarti for Ragini and Ragini kicks the Kalash and enters the house. Ragini places her foot in haldi mixed water and walks towards pooja room and lights the diya.
Swara takes Ragini to Laksh’s room and make her sit in bed. The bed is fully decorated with rose and jasmine. Swara leaves the room and lock it from outside.
Laksh goes to his room and try to open.
Swara: jeju.. without keys, you can’t open the door.
Laksh: ohh!mera saali! Show some mercy on your jeju.
Swara: no way. I want my neg.
Laksh: ok. what do you want?
Swara: I want a promise that you will always keep my Rago as happy.
Laksh(smiles): I promise you Swara. I always keep her happy.
Swara gives keys and goes to hall.
In RagLak room,
Laksh goes to near Ragini and lifts her veil. Ragini hardly blushes.
Laksh cups Ragini’s face” Rago…”
Ragini hugs him tighter and Laksh also hugs her. They forgot about the world and owns each other.
Sahil and Aadi shares a room.
Aadi: I am so happy today is my best day in life.
Sahil: haan.. Aadi. I saw happiness in Bhai’s face after so many day.
Aadi: can I ask you a promise?
Sahil: You are my best buddy . so no need for permission.
Aadi: take care of my Swara di in my absence.
Sahil felt difference in Aadi’s voice.
Sahil: are you going to..

Aadi: I am going to US to continue my studies.
Sahil(confused tone): you already cleared your MS in neurology. Now what?
Aadi: don’t question like Mamma. I am just having some work.
Sahil: cool cool Aadi. I promise you that I will take care of Swara.
Aadi: it’s my Sahil.
Sahil: nowadays you become Stubborn more than me.
Aadi(weakly smiles): it’s needed.
The next day,
Ragini wakes up and sees her in Laksh’s embrace. Ragini remembers yesterday night and blushes.
Ragini get ready and wears a yellow colour saree and Laksh wakes up.

Laksh mesmerized by seeing Ragini Raggini dries her wet hair by using towel.
Laksh comes near to Ragini and hugs her from backside.
Ragini: Laksh..
Laksh: kya hua mera dharmapatni..
Ragini places her head in Laksh’s chest and then sees Laksh” I am so lucky Laksh that’s why I have you in my life”
Laksh: no ragini. I am lucky to have you in my life.
Ragini pushes Laksh in washroom” get ready..”
Ragini goes to kitchen and make coffee for everyone.
Ragini enters Aadi and Sahil room.
Ragini: Sahil..Aadi..
Sahil and Aadi wakes up.
Sahil&Aadi: Good morning Rago maa/Bhabhi
Ragini(smiles): good morning..
Ragini gives coffee to them.” Get ready soon..”
Ragini leaves the room.
Aadi smiles by seeing glow in his Rago maa’s face.
Sahil: Aadi.. take your coffee.
Aadi sips his coffee and goes to his room.
Suddenly he felt immense pain in his head. He rushes to open the table and swallows a tablet.
Aadi felt little bit better. Then he get ready.
Ragini made dishes which are favourite to every member and arranged in Dining hall.
Everyone sits in their position and Ragini sits inbetween Laksh and Aadi.
Ragini serves everyone and Sees bandage in Aadi’s hand.
Ragini(worried tone): Aadi! How did you get injured?
Everyone worried for him.
Aadi hides his moist eyes” Rago maa, it’s just a small wound”
Ragini: chup. I will feed you today.

Aadi nods.
Ragini feeds him.
Laksh&Sahil&Swara(in unison): we also feed you.
Everyone stands from their table and feeds Aadi.
Aadi’s mouth is full of food.
Aadi swallows after so much struggle.
Aadi: I am full now. I can’t eat a single spoon more.
Everyone giggles.
Aadi takes a cover from his pocket” jeju, it’s your honeymoon ticket for hang kong. Go and enjoy”
Aadi winks at Laksh.
Laksh is shocked due to Aadi sudden behavior change.
Laksh blushes and bows his head in food.

Aadi: go and get ready both you have only one hour for flight.
Ragini shook her head in disbelief.” I don’t know when you changed this much”
Ragini and Laksh went to Airport and Aadi drops them in Airport and leaves the Airport.
Ragini feels Restless.
In Hospital,
Sahil attends his patient.
Person: sir, it’s my friend report. He is suffering from blood clot. It’s his file.so many doctors said that the operation is risky and only he have 20% chance to proper function of body. They said that there is more chance to paralytic attack. Please study his report . our only hope is you.
Sahil takes the report and starts to read it.
Sahil is shocked to see the name”Aditya Kapoor”
Sahil : can you have his photo?
Person: I have it where we taken in US.
Person shows the photo and Sahil is breakdown by seeing the photo”Aadi…”
Person: sir, can you know Aditya?
Sahil(cries): he is my Aadi.
Sahil remembers Aadi’s different behavior today.
Sahil: I will speak to you later.
Sahil runs from hospital and Swara sees it.

Swara: sahil…
Sahil: swara get into car.
Swara and Sahil get into car and Sahil calls Aadi and put it in loudspeaker.
Aadi attends the call.
Aadi: Sahil.. hello dude..
Sahil: where are you?
Aadi: I am just going to long drive.
Sahil: come to home now.
Aadi: no way. I want some relax.
Sahil: come to home dammit. Otherwise I don’t know what can I do.
Aadi: chill bro. what happened? Is everything okay naa?
Aadi heads start to pain.

Aadi: aah!
Aadi searches tablet in his packet and find it and take it.
In Swara-Sahil car,
Swara: what happened to him?
Sahil: I think panic attack is started. He will have severe head pain.
Aadi feels little bit better and understands that Sahil got to know about his blood clot.
Aadi: so, you got to know.
Sahil: please return to home. Still, there are chance to survive. Please return to us.
Aadi: no Sahil. I will never return. I know that I can survive but there is chance for paralytic attack.
Sahil: no Aadi. It’s very less chance.
Aadi: don’t lie to me. I am also a neurologist. I well know about my condition.
Sahil:. just think about your Rago maa and swara. they will breakdown by hearing your condition.
Aadi: they never know about me. it’s promise on me that you will never told them about my condition.
Sahil: why are you punishing us?
Aadi: it’s not punishment Sahil. I will give you relief. My Rago maa will break down by hearing my condition.. she just started her life with jeju and Swara di didn’t started her life. If I caught into paralytic attack, they will sacrifice their life for caring me. I can’t be burden for my sisters life.
Swara: you will never burden for us.
Aadi: Swara di.
Swara: please return to us, Aadi. We can’t live without us.
Aadi: di..

Aadi wipes his tears.
Aadi: di, Rago maa should not know about this and marry Sahil. He will take care for you. and Sahil, you promised me that you will take care of Swara di in my absence.
Swara: Aadi..
Aadi: thank you di for made this day special. I enjoyed more. Now it’s time to farewell. Bye Sahil.. Bye Bhandhar..
Aadi cuts the call and switchoff the phone and throws it to road.
Aadi(to himself): sorry Di.. I can’t be burden to your life.

Aadi drives his car to hilly region which is far from Pune.
In Sahil car,
Sahil calls Assistant Commisioner who is his old friend and requests him to track Aadi.
Swara cries by remembering Aadi’s decision.
Swara(in mind): how can he decide like that? How can he leave me?
Aadi drives his car suddenly a girl come infront of his car.
Aadi uses sudden break.
Aadi sees the girl face. Her face tells that she is hell scared and she is in bridal attire.
Aadi(in mind): ohh Shivji! I am going to die and you sent a girl. You are heartless.
That girl goes near Aadi’s car.
Girl: sir, please help me. I want to go pune. That’s very urgent. Please it’s about my bhai’s life.
Aadi: ok. get in.
That girl sits backside and Aadi sees her torn cloth near hands and rope marks in her hands .
Aadi takes his coat and gives it to her. Girl takes it hesitantly.
Aadi: can I know what’s your name?
Girl is coming out from her thought.
Girl: Uttara..Uttara Maheshwari..
Aadi(shocked): Maheshwari.. what is your bhai’s name?
Uttara: Laksh … Lakshya dev Maheshwari..

Aadi hell shocked.
Aadi: what?
Uttara screams by seeing Loory infront of the car. Lorry hits the car.
Aadi make Uttara out of the car and he also jumped.
Aadi roll down and hide by bushes.
The car rolls in road and then drowned from hill. Car is blasted.
One person comes down from lorry and sees the car blast.
That person calls someone.
Person: sir, your work is done. Uttara Maheshwari is dead and no one can even get her body.
Caller: that’s good and you will get your payment.
Person cuts the call and leaves the place with smirk.
Aadi comes out of Bushes and finds Uttara in Unconscious stage.
Aadi takes her in his hand while taking her, he unknowingly fills her maang with his blood . At that time, a car comes there and two persons come out of there.
Man: they are so injured, Sumithra.

Lady: we can take them to our hospital,Shankar. I think that they are eloped from marriage and their parents tries to kill them.uhh! I hate that pridemurders.
Shankar and Sumithra takes them to their hospital.
In Dubai Airport,
Ragini feels so restless.
Ragini: Laksh I am feeling so restless. I felt the same feeling when I father died. I want to return home.
Laksh: Ragini.. why are you worrying ? it’s not needed.
Ragini: please Laksh.. I want to return home. We can go US aftersome time.
Laksh unwillingly nods and arranges tickets in an hour.
In Pune,
Sahil attends call from AC and shocked.
Swara is worried to see Sahil’s shocking face.
Swara: sahil.. what happened?
Sahil: Aadi drive the car and fall from hill. He made the car blast and .…
Sahil sits in floor with a thud and tears flowing from his eyes.
Swara walks backward and hits wall and she sits and cries”Aadi…”
At Night,
Shankar: sumi, that boy have blood clot. But due to the shock in his mind, it’s position changed. Now we easily remove the clot.
Sumi: it’s really a good news.
Shankar removed the clot and Aadi is now safe.

In Abandoned place,
A person sits in swing chair and sees a photo and speaks.
Person: ohhh! Mera Uttara.. you didn’t left me another choice. I didn’t want to kill you. but you .. now again I want to make another plan.now I can’t kill Laksh.
That person burns Uttara’s photo.
The next day morning,
Aadi and Uttara wakes up in hospital.
Aadi sees the surrounding and Shankar comes inside.
Shankar: beta.. what is your name?
Aadi: Aditya..
Shankar: where are you coming from? What is your parents name?
Aadi: I only remember the name Rago maa. I can’t remember any other thing.
Aadi holds his head.
Shankar: beta. Don’t stress yourself.
Shankar gives some injection which made Aadi sleep.
Shankar and Sumi meets in Shankar’s cabin.

Shankar: that boy name is Aditya. He can’t remember anything.
Sumi: there is also same. That girl even can’t remember her name.
Shankar: there is also danger for them.
Sumi: Shankar, why can we take care of them until they get memory?
Shankar: kk. It’s also good idea. Today evening, we move from this place with them.
Sumi nods.
In Pune,
RagLak reaches India and comes to SK Mansion .
RagLak sees the crowd before their mansion.
Raglak feeling Weird.
Ragini enters the house and shocked to see Varmala in Aadi’s photo.
By seeing her, Swara hugs her and burst in cry.
Ragini is hell shocked. She felt that she is falling in infinite tunnel.
Ragini sits with thud. Her eyes didn’t fell a single tear.
Laksh get inside and tears flowing from his eyes.
Sahil stares Aadi’s photo.

Precap: end of past.

Friends, you said that you didnt want to kill anyone. so i changed little bit in my story. please give your suggestions. i will try to post asap.

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