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Let I start the episode.
Laksh thinks about Ragini. Sahil and Laksh goes to home and Sahil prepares Breakfast for Swaragdi(Swara, Ragini,Aadi) and goes to hospital.
In Hospital,
Aadi wakes up and Sees worried face of Ragini and Swara.
Aadi(weakly): Rago maa..Swara di..
Ragini and Swara sits near him.
Ragini caresses his hair and Swara holds his hand.
Aadi winces in pain.
Swara: is it paining?
Aadi: no. di.
Swara: call me Bandar.. it’s not suits you.
Aadi: crying face is also not suits for you Bandar.
Swara lightly smiles.

Aadi remembers about Rajat.
Aadi:Rago maa, is that Rajat alive or not?
Swara(confused because Sahil lied as accident): Rajat..? why are you asking about him?
Ragini sarcastically smiles” he is alive but…”
A voice comes behind…” but he thought that death is more better than his life”
Aadi: I expected this and thanks sahil, for helping us.
Sahil: Ragini, you broke his legs and hand. He can’t even stand for a year and he depends all his works for others. Why did you give such a punishment to him?
Swara: is Rajat responsible for your condition? Its all because of me.
Aadi: Bandar, stop your crying. You really look like Bandar while crying.
Swara: you..(raises her hand but huge him lighter) please come home soon.
Aadi smiles.
Sahil: kk. I brought food for all.
Ragini: Thanks.. sorry we are disturbing you more.
Sahil: Swara it’s not fair. Yesterday only we are became friends. Now your di is saying sorry.
Swara: you can say it to her.
Sahil(acts as Scared): I don’t want to spent my days in bed as a patient.
Swara bursts out in laughter. Aadi smiles brightly where Ragini feels little bit embarrassed.
Laksh observes Ragini’s feelings.
Laksh: ok Ragini and Swara. I will take care of Aadi. You can go and get ready.
Aadi observes it.

Ragini: but..
Ragini and Swara sees Aadi and Aadi nods.
Ragini and Swara takes food from Sahil and goes to her flat.
Sahil: Aadi, I have a doubt.
Aadi: what Sahil?
Sahil: I saw Ragini’s fighting. Is she..
Aadi: Rago maa is black belt in Karate and tai see. She can easily beat anyone.
Laksh and Sahil helps Aadi to sit down.
Laksh feeds Aadi.
Days starts to roll. Aadi discharged to house and Sahil andSwaragdi bond becomes Thicker . Laksh and Aadi also becomes good friends.
One day,
Aadi goes to matrimonial office to register about Ragini profile.
A person touches Aadi’s shoulder and Aadi turns” Sahil..”
Sahil smiles.
Sahil: actually I came here to register Bhai’s profile. He is now 28.
Aadi: I came here to register Rago maa’s profile.
Sahil and Aadi sees eachother.
Sahil &Aadi(at same time): are you thinking the same as I thought?
Sahil and Aadi smiles.
Aadi: but can Laksh accept this proposal.
Sahil: no. are you thought that Ragini also accept this proposal
Aadi: no. she didn’t know about my arrival to matrimonial office.
Sahil: I also hide it from bhai.. I saw a spark in Laksh bhai’s eyes about Ragini.
Aadi: I also see the comfort in Rago maa’s eyes for Laksh at hospital.
Sahil: ok. first I want to tell you about Laksh bhai.
Sahil told everything about Laksh.
Sahil: actually, he scared that his beloved ones can leave him. he scared in relationships.
Aadi: we can unite them. But we need a help from one person.
Sahil: who?
Sahil thinks”Swara..”
Aadi nods.

In Park,
Aadi , Sahil and Swara meet in park and Sahil and Aadi told about their decision.
Swara: are you guys are mad? How can you force someone in relationship?
Sahil:We didn’t force them. Just we make them to meet alone.
Swara: are you think how much can it work? I don’t have faith in your plan.
Aadi: Bandhar. Rago maa can’t stay as single. One day, she should be married. Why it can be Laksh? just trust my decision as always.
Swara: ok. now what’s your plan?
They speak something muted.
At evening,
Aadi messaged Ragini to come Hotel and Aadi invited Laksh for Dinner in hotel.
In Hotel, everyone is present.
Sahil: what is the matter, Aadi?
Aadi: I actually I got gold medal in my MBBS Degree. It’s for celebrating this.
Ragini is very happy about his choti’s achievement.
Ragini(Fake anger): why you didn’t tell me before.
Aadi:Rago maa.. actually I planned as a surprise.
Swara: Rago..
At that time, Sahil phone starts to ring.
Sahil attends the phone and acts as tensed.
Sahil: sorry guys. It’s an emergency.
Ragini: it’s ok sahil.
After few minutes,
Swara phone starts to ring and she attends the call” what? Ok. ok.don’t cry. I will come soon.”
Swara: Rago.my friend mom is in critical situation. I want to go.
Ragini: ok. Aadi go with her.
Aadi:ok.Rago maa.
Aadi and Swara also left.
Ragini and Laksh are only present. There is a silence between then. They both didn’t know what to speak.
Laksh and Ragini wishes to broke the silence.
Laksh&ragini(at same time): woh!
Laksh and Ragini results in smile.
Laksh: your fighting skills are really good.(he didn’t know what to speak)
Ragini(smiles): thanks…
Laksh: waiter!

Waiter comes Laksh gives his order and Ragini’s order also.
Ragini is surprised.
Laksh: Ragini, are you want anything to order?
Ragini: no..
Waiter goes from there.
Ragini: how can you know about my favorite dishes?
Laksh: aadi always speak about you when I was with him in hospital.
Ragini and Laksh both don’t know what can speak. Again silence is occupied.
In outside,
Swara , Sahil and Aadi sees them.
Aadi: why they don’t speak anything?
Sahil: wait. I have another plan.
Swara: atleast will that plan work or not?
Sahil and Aadi gives a stern look to swara.
Ragini and Laksh comes out of the hotel and goes to their flat. But car is break down in middle.
Ragini: what happened Laksh?
Laksh: I will check it, Ragini.
Laksh stamps Bannet.
Ragini: is there any problem Laksh?
Laksh: actually there is a problem in Engine. It’s jammed.
Ragini: ohh! Ok. I will call Aadi. No.. they are gone to help their friend,
Laksh: haan. Even Sahil is going for emergency. We cant disturb them.
Ragini: Laksh.. just an hour by walk we can reach the flat.
Laksh: it’s also good idea.
Ragini and Laksh starts to walk.
Ragini is scared by seeing barking dog. She holds Laksh’s hands in fear.
Laksh: Ragini.. open your eyes. That dog ran away.
Ragini opens her eyes and feels relaxed.
Ragini takes her hands” sorry..”
Laksh: it’s ok. but I can’t admit you are scared. The one who breaks goons bones scared for simple dog.

Ragini gives him a stern look and little bit embarrasses.
Laksh: but I like your braveness, Ragini.
Ragini: thanks Laksh.
There strong cold breeze flows.
Ragini felt shivering.
Laksh : Ragini, are you ok?
Ragini: I am ok, Laksh. I can manage.
Laksh takes his jacket and put it in Ragini’s shoulders.
Ragini eyes become moist, unknowingly.
Laksh: why are you crying, Ragini?
Ragini wipes her tears.” I am not..”
Laksh: if you won’t share, it’s okay.
Laksh felt hurt when she refused to share her feelings. Ragini felt to share her feelings , unknowingly.
Ragini: your care remembered my father.
Laksh: was he loved you most?
Ragini: for him, I was a little princess. Everything is going well until my parents died in an accident, after that my relatives took my house and properties and try to kill me.
Ragini is breakdown by remembering her past.
Laksh holds Ragini in his hands and consoles her.
Ragini: after that, an orphanage gave me shelter. I was 6 at that time. Here I met Aadi and Swara. at that time, Aadi was just 2 and swara was 4. He hold my hands and made my life colourful. His parents adopted me and Swara. He made a little family where I and swara lives happily. He lost his parents while they struggle to save me from my relatives.

They won the struggle but we lost them only because of me.
Laksh is shocked by hearing Ragini’s past. He just stood numb for a minute.
Laksh starts to console Ragini.
Laksh: no .. Ragini.
Ragini: after that I changed my self. I converted me as Rago maa. I made Aadi and swara as my world. I starts to run my life based on Aadi and swara. swara and me tried to give all the happiness to him. Aadi’s parents wish is to make us a doctor. I just live this life to fulfil their dreams and for Aadi and Swara.
Laksh: is Aadi knows about it?
Ragini: I don’t have courage to tell about this. He lost his parents only because of me. I don’t have courage to face his hatred. Even I prefer death more than his hatred.
Aadi, Sahil and Swara hears it through the microphone which they fixed in Ragini and Laksh’s phone.
Aadi’s face shows different emotions.
Swara is scared that Aadi will reject them.
Swara(in mind): shiv ji! Please don’t separate Aadi from us.
Swara touches his shoulder.
Aadi hugs her” how can Rago maa think that I can hate her. I can’t di. I can’t hate her. I can’t hate my Rago maa.”
Swara hugs him back.” We scared that you will hate us by knowing the truth that we are not your own sisters.”
Aadi broke the hug.” How can you think about me like that?. I thought that you understand me more than myself. But you proved me wrong.”
Aadi goes to his room and locked inside.

On another side,
Laksh holds Ragini hands and make her feel relaxed.
Laksh: you are lucky Ragini because atleast you have a family. But I also had a family once.
Ragini gives him a confused look.
Laksh: once I took a big step to save my family. But my family didn’t trust me and declared that I was not his own blood. They made me to come out of that house.
A single tear escaped from Laksh’s eyes. Ragini feels an unknowing pain when she sees Laksh tears.
Laksh: after that, I come here, Pune. I tried to stand myself own. I started my carrier as a software programmer. One day , I met Sahil. His friends were trying to betray him for his money. I helped him. after that, an unknown bond raised in between us. He made me again laugh and he always consider me as his brother. Even he shared his surname with me. he is a owner of largest hospitals group, but he live with me in a 2BHK flat. I just prays atleast that god shouldn’t separate him from me. I can’t withstand any loss in my life. But at the same time I can’t stay with him by using his money. only because of me, he sacrificed his lavish life style. I just want to bring his normal life back. At the same time , I can’t live by using his money. I am going to US next month and I never return to India. I know that Sahil will breakdown but I don’t have any other way to bring his normal life back.
Laksh is over emotional .
Ragini looks at him and observes his pain and helplessness.
Laksh starts to bursts out because of going to give pain to Sahil. Ragini can’t tolerate Laksh cry. She simply hugged him. Laksh hugs her tighter.
Laksh: please take care of Sahil. He will breakdown when I left him.
Ragini nods.
On other hand, Sahil hears the conversation and disheartened.
Sahil(in mind): how can you think like that, Bhai? how can you decide to leave me?
Laksh and Ragini returns to their flat.
Laksh(in mind): I didn’t share my feelings other than Sahil. But how can I shared my feelings . why I felt that she close to my heart.
Laksh enters his flat and sees Lights blinking in Sahil’s room.
Laksh enters their room “Sahil..”
Sahil makes the light switch on-off.
Laksh worried to see Sahil’s depressed face and holds Sahil’s hands.” Sahil.. what happened? Why are you felt depressed?”
Sahil: why are you worrying about me , bhai?
Laksh is shocked by Sahil’s behavior and answer. Laksh observed that something is bothering him.
Laksh(little bit strict): Sahil…(normal tone) I can’t see you depressed Sahil. Just share with me.
Sahil:(sarcastic tone) after a month, I don’t have anyone to share my feelings. I just start to accept the truth.
Laksh: what are you speaking, Sahil?
Sahil: you decided to leave me naa. Then why are you caring me, bhai?
Laksh: sahil..(shocked tone)

Sahil holds Laksh shirt collar” I happily lived with my life. I just stacked between drugs and selfish friends. Why are you come in life? Why did you saved me? why did you showed me a path of love? Even I died because of that drugs, I should not feel that much pain. when I said that I want my lavish life style back, then why are bothering about this? Really I felt happy when I lived with you. I felt you as my brother and godfather of my life. But you decided to left me alone again in dark world naa. Why, bhai? why?
Laksh try to hug him inorder to console him.but Sahil drags him out of the room and locked the room.
Sahil: I never forgave you, bhai. never…
Laksh slant on the door and taps the door to open.
In Ragini’s flat,
Ragini enters the flat and sees swara’s crying face.
Ragini is worried” swara, is your friend’s maa okay naa?”
Swara hugs Ragini” Rago, Aadi got to know about everything which we hide for past 20 years.”
Ragini is hell shocked.
Ragini: where is he?
Swara: he is in his room.
Ragini runs to his room and bangs the door”Aadi..Aadi…”
Aadi didn’t reply because he slept while thinking about truth.
Ragini slant on door and cries.
The next day,
Sahil come out of his room and sees Laksh is sleeping in floor.
Sahil remembers yesterday incident and moves from there.
Laksh wakes up and run behind Sahil.
In Ragini’s flat,
Aadi wakes up and opens the door.
Aadi sees Ragini and Swara sleeping next to door.
Aadi felt sad but composed himself.
Ragini sees Aadi”Aadi…”
Aadi ignores her and moved out.
Ragini run behind Aadi.
Laksh: Sahil..

Aadi and Sahil ignored them and goes to park.
Laksh and Ragini sees eachother and shared a painful eyelock.
Laksh goes to near Ragini.
Ragini: Aadi got to know about the secret.
Laksh: Sahil got to know about my US plan.
Ragini holds Laksh hands and Laksh hugs Ragini.
Ragini(cries): finally, it’s happened which I scared in my life.
In Park,
Aadi and Sahil sits in chair.
Aadi: did you fought with Laksh?
Sahil told what happened.
Aadi: are you hate him?
Sahil: no.. I can’t hate him. but I anger on him. how can he decide to leave me.
Aadi: Sahil.. just try understand him in his stage.
Sahil gave a confused look to Aadi.
Aadi: he lost his former parents only because they didn’t trusted him. after that, you are the only one whom he trusts and loves most. Even though you are adjusted with middle class life, some time he noticed your inconvenience. That should affect him, hurt him and made him feel that he is troubling you. do you know that the highest stage of selfless love is you sacrifice your relationship when it affects your beloved one. Laksh is also in this stage. You are most important to him. he should be in so much pain while taking this decision.
Sahil : I also gave more pain. Ok. why are you ignoring Ragini? Are you hate her?
Aadi: I never hate her. She is my world but I little bit anger on them. How can they think that I can hate them. But I don’t make it long. Ok. let return to home, they should be scared.
Sahil hugs Aadi” I should be lucky that’s why I have you, bhai and swaragini in my life”
Aadi reciprocates it.
Sahil goes somewhere and Aadi returns to home.
Aadi enters the flat.

Aadi ignores it and goes to his room.
Swaragini felt hurt and Swara goes to her room.
Ragini goes to kitchen and prepares breakfast for Aadi.
Swara get ready and switch on the hair dryer. The next minute she is covered with talcum powder.
Swara is shocked first and later she smiles and tears flowing from her eyes..
Swara runs to Aadi room and sees Aadi stands in hall with Smile.
Swara hugs him” you scared me like hell”
Ragini comes there by hearing sound.
Aadi sees her and extending his hands. Ragini hugged Swadi tighter.
Aadi: how can you think that I can hate you both. You both are my life. And you are my sisters forever. No one can change it.
In Laksh Flat,
Sahil enters the Flat.
Laksh: Sahil…
Sahil gives some papers to Laksh.
Laksh gives a confused look to Sahil.
Sahil(cold tone): if you trust me, then sign it.
Laksh signs the papers without uttering a single word.
Sahil takes the papers.
Sahil: come with me.
Sahil takes Laksh to infront of a industries.
Laksh gives a confused look.
Sahil: bhai, I bought this company for you.
Laksh: but..
Sahil: I will finish first. I just lend money for you as a debt . you can return the money after some times. It’s your punishment for trying to leave me alone.
Laksh eyes sheds tears and frozen.
Sahil hugs him” Bhai, now you are industrialist. you can give lavish lifestyle to me. so , concentrate on your work. I just want your success”
Laksh smiles at him. Sahil understands him that he is in emotional drama.
Laksh starts his work and Sahil named as LRSAS(Laksh , Ragini, Sahil, Aadi,Swara) Industries .
Days starts to roll, after six months,
Laksh returned his money to Sahil. Aadi does his MS in neurology in US. Ragini and Swara went with him. Laksh and Ragini misses each other.

One day,
Sahil: bhai, what are you thinking about Ragini?
Laksh comes out of file the next minute by hearing Ragini’s name.
Laksh(unknowingly smiles): Ragini(spells her name) she is very sweet, lovely and caring girl. Her husband is very lucky.
Sahil: when you going to propose her, bhai?
Laksh is shocked.
Laksh: what are you saying?
Sahil: bhai, don’t lie to me that she is just a friend. I know that you feel Ragini more than a friend and your diary tells that she is your love.
Sahil shows Laksh diary.
Laksh(taps his head): but I scared that she will reject me.
Sahil: I guess that Ragini bhabhi also have a soft corner for you.
Sahil: ok. they will return to India tomorrow morning. We want receive them. So ..
Laksh: I will don’t have any meetings tomorrow.
Sahil smiles.
In Plane,
Aadi: Rago maa, what are you thinking about Laksh?
Ragini: he is so gentle, good and caring guy.
Swara: that’s all naa. Ok. then what is the need of this?
Swara shows Raglak photo.
Aadi: why are you keep safe this?
Ragini blushes.
Swaara: so you are loving him.
Ragini: but, he …
Aadi : just trust your love.
Aadi and Swara starts to sleep while Ragini thinks about Laksh.

At 1:00 AM,
Sahil and Laksh waits in lounge and Swaragdi comes out after checking.
Sahil and Laksh sees Swaragdi.
Sahil: hello beautiful girls, welcome to India.
Swaragini smiles to them.
Aadi(teasing tone):seems like, my friend forget me.
Sahil hugs Aadi” welcome back Aadi. I missed you”
Aadi: I miss you so much Sahil.
Laksh: ok guys. Let’s go.
Sahil , Laksh and Swaragdi goes to SK Mansion.
Aadi: Sahil, first drop us in our flat. We can come to your house later.
Sahil: no.. guys. We are kidnapping you for our mansion. So keep quiet.
Aadi(taps sahil head): you never change.Stubborn
Sahil smiles.
Ragini felt nervous while seeing Laksh. laksh felt the same.
They reached the mansion and Sahil shows their room.
At evening,
Aadi is in his room . Laksh come to his room.
Aadi: Laksh..
Laksh(nervous):actually I want to speak with you, Aadi.
Aadi: what Laksh?
Laksh(gathered his confidence): I ask your Rago maa hands for me.
Aadi(hides his smile and strict): I will give if my sister accept you.
Laksh is stunned.
Laksh hugs Aadi and kisses his cheeks in happiness and run to Ragini room.
Laksh knocks her door.
Ragini opens the door” what Laksh?”
Laksh: can you come with me?
Ragini: ok.
Ragini change her dress and comes to Laksh.
Laksh takes Ragini to garden.
In middle of Garden, Ragini sees the red roses.
Laksh kneels down” Ragini, I don’t know when I started to love you. I love you. I want to spent my life with you until my death. Can you marry me?
Ragini smiles at the same time her eyes become moist. Her love proposing her.
Ragini nods and bent down, cups Laksh face” I love you , Laksh”
Ragini and Laksh is in deep eyelock.

Precap: Raglak marriage and Aadi murdered.
Friends really sorry for late update. I will finish past in three episodes. After that I fully concentrate on Present. Thanks for reading.

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