swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 2)


Thank for your comments friends. Guys I am using 2009 year for RAGLAK and present for SWASAN. I am trying to give equal importance to both.
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swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (intro and episode 1)

Let I start my second episode.
Ragini(in mind): rago today is very important day for you. Don’t let it to spoil.
She wakes up Vicky and go to her room.
In hall
She takes blessings from Sumi and shekar.
Sumi& Shekar: all the best rago.
Ragini: papa, today I take Vicky with me to get mental support.
Vicky hugs her” I always support di”
Shekar: kk rago. But take care for him.
Ragini: kk pa
She takes Vicky
In Laksh house
Suji: laksh wake up. Today you have to see priest to speak about Ganesh pooja in our house.
Laksh wakes up” suji maa , it’s not fair. You also not let me to sleep”
Suji: if I not wake up you, then you have to face your mirchi”
Laksh: it’s far better than this. Kk
Laksh get ready and go to temple.
In temple
At that time, he sees a girl who feeds prasath to boy. He sees that girl face. But not that boy’s face.
Laksh: what an eyes she have. Her eyes speaking a lot. He just stares her.
Priest : laksh beta laksh beta
Laksh turns to Pandit ji.
Laksh: haan pandit ji.
Priest: day after tomorrow, it’s a good day to do Ganesh pooja. Make the arrangements accordingly.
Laksh: kk pandit ji
Laksh searches that girl and sees that she is starting her scooty .Laksh rushes to go near but she started scooty and leave that place.
Laksh starts to follow her. She entered in medical college and hospital .
Laksh missed her inside the campus.
Someone touches his shoulder and he turned.
Person: Laksh , what are doing here man?
Laksh: Ohh! Manik. I am just searching a girl who I see in Temple.
Manik: don’t make comedy. You… searching a girl. I am not a fool.
Laksh glares Manik.
Manik: kk. Cool dude. Today, my college cultural. Please come with me.
Laksh side hugs Manik” come on buddy”
The compeering girl: lets we welcome Ms. Ragini Gadodia for the Kathak performance.
Ragini enters the stage and sees Vicky and Vicky signs to start and gives thumbs up.
Ragini starts their performance. She dances for the theme Radha’s love towards lord kannan and her sufferings when Kannan left her and went to Madura. She dances beautifully .
Laksh is mesmerized by seeing her dance and imagine himself as kannan and Ragini is radha. A smile shows in his face.
Laksh: Manik who is she?(points Ragini)
Manik: she is Ragini final year MBBS student and my good friend. She is very good and always helping others and she is very intelligent.
Laksh: oh!
Laksh phone starts to ring.
Laksh: papa I am on the way papa
Laksh: Manik I have to go. I meet you in one another time.
Manik: kk laksh take care
Laksh(in mind): this girl make me mad.
Ragini finishes her performance and everyone claps for her performance.
Ragini changes her dress and go to near Vicky.
Vicky hugs her” di, your dance is super”
Ragini: thanks Vicky. Come lets go and have some lunch
Manik comes to near them.
Manik: your dance is excellent
Vicky: my di dance always excellent.
Ragini: vicky
Manik takes Vicky in his hand” I know that your di dance is always excellent. But I always need to complement my choti naa”
Vicky: manik bhaiya if you need to complement my di, go and buy some ice cream to us”
Manik caresses his hair” how are facing him in home? He is so naughty.”
Ragini(smiles and then says): we love his naughtiness bhaiya.
They go to canteen and chit chatting something.
Ragini wins the dance competition. She is very happy.
Laksh investigates about Ragini address.
In evening Ragini and Vicky go to park.
Ragini go to buy ice cream for Vicky.
Laksh: beta come here
The boy: what can I help you uncle?
Laksh: please give this letter to that di(he points Ragini) if you give this letter to her. I will give these chocolates to you. (he shows two dairy milk silk chocolates)
A different type of curve is shown in boy’s face.
The boy: if you give me the chocolates, then I will give this letter to that di.
Laksh accepts the deal and gives the chocolates to The boy.
The boy takes chocolates in pocket and take letter in his hand.
Ragini comes to near him and gives Ice cream.
Ragini: what’s this paper Vicky?
Vicky just tears the paper into pieces “ Nothing important Di. Come with me ,we are getting late” and Vicky glares laksh with so much of anger in his eyes.
Laksh hears the conversation between Vicky and Ragini and become numb while seeing Vicky tears the letter and Ragini is his di.
Sanskar spends evening with Aadi and become friends. Sanskar shares his memories with him. In his office, Sanskar started his career as Manager and no one knows that he is chairman’s son.
One day morning, Sanskar see a scene while jogging.
A girl slaps a Man.
Girl: if you try to force her to marry you, then I will lodge a complaint against you. Mind it.
Man: you will regret for this.
The girl does not care about it. she walks in her way and she crosses the road.
Sanskar sees a car which can hit that girl . he rushed to near her and pull her by hand and hold her in waist.
That girl try to slap him but Sanskar holds her hand and points the car.
Girl(little bit embarrassed) sorry and nods her head down.
Sanskar: it’s ok. Take care.
Sanskar leaves the place.
In Swara’s house
Aadi: di, breakfast is ready.
Swara: haan aadi
Aadi: di, all the best for your interview in Maheshwari Industries.
Swara: thanks aadi.
Aadi goes to school and Swara goes to Maheshwari Industries for Interview.
She waits in Interview hall.
Peon: Ms. Swara
Swara goes inside and shocked by seeing interview panel member. He is the one who saves from accident and she tried to slap. But she steadied herself.
The interview panel starts
Sanskar raises question to Swara. Swara answers smartly and correctly and Panel members are so impressed by Swara’s answers.
Sanskar: you can wait outside Ms.swara.
Later the results are announced and Swara is selected in financial department of Maheshwari Industries.
Sanskar gives the order to Swara.
Swara: thanks sir.
Sanskar: it’s ok .Be careful while crossing roads Ms.Swara.
That day evening
Sanskar meet Aadi in park.
Aadi: Hi Sansku
Sanskar: hi aadi. (Sanskar took a deep breath) Today I want to share one.
Aadi: what?
Sanskar: today an employee in our office committed a mistake. He uses our office money for his daughter’s marriage and After, he paid it in office accounts. But using office money for own use is wrong naa.but papa forgive him. But I don’t want him in that post. He is so intelligent in department. So I can’t lose him. What can I do?
Aadi thinks and said” increase his salary by 5% and change his post as an advisor. So he can’t directly involve in work at the same time you can use his intelligence”
Sanskar surprised by hearing the answer” do you know about company employee hierarchical structure?”
Aadi: a little bit from books.
Then sanskar describes about swara –moring incident and her expression in Interview but not telling her name.
Sanskar: she is so brave and intelligent. Her answers are perfectly correct. She is unique.(dreamingly)
Aadi show smile in his face.
Aadi: sansku I am getting late. We can see tomorrow, bye.
In swara house
Swara enters the house with sweet.
Swara hugs Aadi” Aadi, I got selected in Interview”
Aadi: congrats di, today I cook something special for you.
Swara:I will cook for you.
Aadi: di, you cooked many years ago. I think that you will definitely forgot about cooking. I don’t want to risk my life(teasing tone)
Swara: you aadi!
Aadi starts to run and swara is chasing him.
She caught him and hug him.
Swara: if mom and dad were alive, they should be very happy.
Aadi(wipes her tears): di. They always live with us and save us. Come and help me to make Aalu masala.
Swara: haan
Days starts to roll.
Today is competitive presentation in Maheshwari Industries for a tender.
The competitor presents their presentation very well and gives cost estimation is 25 %less than Maheshwari’s cost estimation.
After break, Maheshwari’s need to give their presentation.
Swara is also in Sanskar’s Team.
Sanskar is so tensed.
Sanskar: (to his team)what can we do now? Our competitor gives the solution which is better than us.
Swara:I have an idea. She tells the idea.
Team Members including Sanskar is shocked.
Sanskar: swara, do you think it will work out?
Swara: sir, let’s try it. it is better than our previous solution.
Sanskar: you can give the presentation.
After the break, Swara starts the presentation.
The competitors are shocked by seeing her presentation. She is not dealing with solution. She questions the problem and proves the problem not needs attention and gives solution.
Maheshwari get the Tender finally. All the one praises the presentation.
Sanskar is very happy for getting the tender.
At that time, swara receives the call..
Swara: sir, It’s important call
Sanskar: you carry on Ms.swara
Swara: thanks sir(she come outside the presentation hall)
Swara: bolo Aadi
Aadi: di, it’s already 8PM.
Swara: I will come in 2 hours. Sorry Aadi.
Aadi:kk di. Take care.
Every one left from the hall. Swara is waiting for a bus.
At that time, some goons are eve teasing her and one goon try to hold her hand.
Sanskar sees that and go to near her.
But when he goes to near Swara , he sees the goons are lying down on the ground and moans in pain.
Swara doesnot observes Sanskar’s presence.
Sanskar touches swara’s shoulder, swara jerks and attack him.
Sanskar lying down in the ground.
Swara sees it’s sanskar.
Swara: sir, sorry sir. I thought that one of the goon trying to attack me.
Sanskar moans in pain. Swara helps him to stand.
Sanskar: Ms.swara, what are you thinking about me? at that day, you try to slap me when I saved you from accident and today you attacked me.
Swara(makes puppy face): sir sorry sir. I don’t observe your presence. Please.
Sanskar: I will forgive you if you accept my friendship. Sanska gives his hands and swara accepts his friendship.
Swara:friends kk naa. Please forgive me.
Sanskar:I will drop you in your house.
Swara: but sir
Sanskar: I don’t want any innocent person suffer like me for trying to help you.(teasing tone)
Swara: kk sir
Sanskar dropped swara in front of her house and bids bye to him.
Aadi opens the door.
Aadi: di, why are you late? And who is this?
Swara: let me inside aadi. Today is important presentation. I give the presentation and my company win the tender. I am so happy today. Do you know everyone praised me for my presentation and idea?
Aadi: I know that my di is always intelligent. But I am hungry. So please come and take food. You know na that I can’t eat lunch without you.
Swara(caresses his hair):come let’s eat
The next day as usual Aadi makes the breakfast and goes to school.
Swara goes to her office. Everyone praises for her presentation.
Swara(to colleague): where is our manager ?
Colleague: yesterday night he met with an accident and sprain developed in his hand. So he take leave today.
Swara: are you sure?
Colleague: pakka
Swara feels guilt for Sanskar and she knows that she is the reason for sprain in his hand.
In evening
Aadi sits in the park bench and sanskar come towards him.
Aadi sees sanskar with a hand belt in his hand.
Aadi: what happened Sansku?
Sanskar: my plan is backfired.
Aadi gives a confused look.
Sanskar: I love that brave girl. I already told you about that girl naa.
Aadi remembers and said” the girl try to slap you and working in your office”
Sanskar: I love her. But I scared to express my feelings. She is very reserved type. So I planned that I gave money to goons to tease her and at the correct time, I fight with goons and save her. So, in her heart it would create a positive corner for me.
But she defends herself and defeats all the goons and attacked me while misunderstanding I was a goon.
It results in sprain in my hand.
Aadi starts to laugh and hits in sprained hand.
Sanskar:oouuch! Aadi!
Aadi: sansku you deserve this. You should get her trust first by your character and not by your plan.
Sanskar: what can I do, aadi? She even can’t speak with me. if she speaks, it’s also about profession.
Aadi: you have to work hard to get her trust and don’t break the trust. First , you should give respect to her feelings .kk bye we see tomorrow.
Aadi goes to his house.

Precap: sanskar’s trap for swara and Laksh proposes Ragini

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