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Hello friends Balaji is here with summary.

Lakshya Dev Maheshwari is the adopted son of Suji and Ram. But he is unaware of it. he thought that Dp and Ap are his badepapa and bademaa. Sanskar Maheshwari is his cousin brother and Uttara is his sister. once Laksh transferred all the properties to his name to save his family. But Dp accuses him as a adopted son. Laksh is breakdown by knowing truth and he left the house and he remove the surname Maheshwari from his name. At that time, he met Sahil Sengupta , a neuro surgeon and help him in a critical situation. Sahil considers him as his friend and later on, they become like more than brothers. Sahil gives his surname to Laksh. Laksh can do anything for Sahil and Sahil also. For Sahil, Laksh is a god father.

Then, Laksh met Swara, Ragini and Aadi who are brother and sisters. For Swaragini, Aadi is their world and their world revolve on Aadi. Ragini is cardio surgeon and Swara is student who studying M.S and Aadi is studying Last year MBBS. Aadi can do anything for his sisters and loves them more. Aadi is a kick boxer and black belt in Karate.
Swara is prank loving , fun loving girl. Ragini is matured , kind hearted and smart doctor. Aadi is prank loving and easy going guy.

Once, Laksh helped Swara and become friends with Ragini, Swara and Aadi. Sahil also become friends with Swaragini and Aadi. Rajat, a local goon forces Swara to love him. Aadi threatened him by attacking him. for this, Rajat took revenge. Rajat spikes Aadi’s drink in party and attack him in road with help of goons. Ragini saw that and become furious. She attacks all goons and broke Rajat’s hand in anger.

Laksh and Sahil saw Ragini and scared that she would kill Rajat in her anger. Laksh controls her and sahil and Laksh took Aadi and Ragini to hospital. Doctor declares Aadi is safe and having minor fractures. In this mean time,Laksh starts to think about Ragini nature and confused that she is sweety Barbie or haunting devil. Sahil bribes police inspector and made a case against Rajat. Then Sahil goes to swara and take her to hospital. While speaking to Swara, he got to know that Aadi is swaragini’s world and Aadi is their Strength and also weakness. In hospital, Ragini cries by hugging Laksh unknowingly while seeing Aadi’s condition.

Swara along with Aadi(Raglak’s child) run from the place where she leaves. She caught the train and only she have some certificates and low amount of money. Laksh’s mother Suji helps her. Accidently Suji saw Aadi, (Raglak child)’s birth certificate. To avoid questions, she lied that she is Ragini. Suji and Ram offers to take care of her. Swara accepted the offer without knowing they were Laksh former parents. Ram and Suji took her to Ooty, Tamilnadu.
On other side, Laksh is in Coma and Sanskar takes care of him and Laksh’s child Vicky. he searches Suji and Ram. Durgaprasad is affected by paralysis attack. Sanskar grows up Vicky as his own child.

On another side, Sahil threatened the doctor who gave treatment to Laksh. Doctor told that someone threatened him with his child. So he forced to sent Laksh into coma and they ordered him to kill Laksh after six years. Sahil leaves the doctor and goes to his hide out. In there, Ragini was in coma.

After five and half years Leap,
Suji and Ram treats Aadi as their grand child without knowing the truth and treats Swara as their daughter. from Suji, Swara got to know that Uttara was dead. But she didn’t aware that they are Laksh former parents. Sanskar got to know that suji and Ram lives in Ooty. He takes Laksh and Vicky with him to ooty and admitted Laksh in Ooty. After that, Sanskar and Vicky went to temple. Vicky met Aadi and become friends.Here , a hooded man tries to kidnap Vicky. but at that time, Sanskar comes there and hooded man left the place. Sanskar went to Suji’s house and suji didn’t allow Sanskar to get inside.

Suji sees Vicky and orders Aadi to take Vicky to his room. After Kids went to Aadi’s room, Suji asks the reason of Sanskar arrival rudely. Sanskar announces Vicky is Dev(Laksh)’s son.
On another side, Ragini comes out from Coma and Sahil helps her to regain her strength. Sahil and Ragini vows to save Vicky and Laksh from their unknown enemies clutches.

Friends , I gave a summary of my FF. I Know you have some doubts.
1) Why Swaraglak got separated?

2) Who is trying to kill Laksh ? why he waits for six years? What is the reason behind it?
3) Who is trying to kidnap Vicky? both are same or different.
4) Why Raglak named their child as Aadi? What happened to Aadi(swarag bro) in past?
For all these answers, stay tuned with Love me or not Season 2. If you have any doubts , inform me in comment box, I will clear it and Aadi and Vicky are brothers.
Thanks sreevijayan, dhivya, akshata, fairy, angel, lol, shana, lovely, snehahari , ammu, chandu and ragini for your comments and support . hope your confusions are got cleared . if not please inform me. because I am writing for you.

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