swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 18)


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Before going to episode. I will give character introduction.
Lakshya Dev- adopted son of Ram Prasad Maheshwari and Sujatha .
Sanskar Maheshwari- son of Durgaprasad and Annapurna.
Sahil- friend and more than brother for Laksh. he supports and trusts Laksh blindly. He can do anythong for him.
RamPrasad Maheshwari @Ram- brother of DP always obeys his bhaiya DP’S words.
[email protected] loves her child Laksh and Uttara more than the world.
Vicky- laksh son who is grown with Sanskar.
Jr.Aadi- laksh son who is grown with Swara.
Let I start the episode.

The Same night,
Swara is immersed in her thoughts. Aadi is sleeping near her.
Swara’s POV:
I didn’t know that I did a right thing or not. When Suji aunty asked my name, if I told swara, there will be some doubts will raise in her mind. Because she saw Aadi’s birth certificate.Then they ask me about my past. I can’t tell to anyone. But at the same time, I can’t act with Ragini name. I will get caught. I will do something.
Aadi starts to cry and Swara come out of her thoughts.
Swara takes Aadi in her hands and pacifies him.
Soon, Aadi starts to sleep again.

In Kolkatta,
Sanskar enters Maheshwari Mansion while talking with Dr.Sharma, who is giving treatment to Laksh .
He sees Laksh’s photo in the hall and remembers the incident which snatched his family’s happiness.
Flashback starts…
Durgaprasad Maheshwari receives a call and stand because of Shock.
Laksh comes to hall and everyone comes to hall by hearing Dp shout.
Ram: bhaiya.. why are you so angry?
Dp: ask that Laksh. he transferred all the properties into his name.
Ram: what? No.. bhaiya.. there is some misunderstanding. Laksh can never do this.
Laksh: papa.. I did this and I have a reason.
Everyone is shocked.

Dp: now you got to know his real face.
Laksh:bade papa.. just trust me. I did this for our family. Papa.. can’t you trust your son?
Dp: you are not his own son. He adopted you. I thought that it’s his biggest mistake. You are not the blood of Maheshwari. That’s why you did this cheap Thing.
Suji: jeth ji….
Laksh is shocked and shattered.
Laksh:mumma.. papa..is badepapa saying truth?
Suji:no..Laksh.. you are my son.
But Ram nods.
Dp: I can’t live this house which he lives. Annapurna pack our bags.
Sanskar: papa.. just listen bhaiya’s words. He may have any reason.
Laksh:bade papa.. you can’t go anywhere. I will leave this house because I not have any rights to live in this house.
Uttara and Sanskar holds his hands.”No bhaiya.. please …”
Laksh removes their hands”take care of maa. I will never come to this house”
Laksh moves out from MM.
After few minutes,
DP business partner kabir enters the house.

Kabir sits in chair with attitude. His lawyer gives some papers. The papers says that using power of Atterney, kabir shifted all the properties into his name.
Dp: Kabir.. what is this?
Kabir: it’s time for you to move out of this house.
Dp: why you did this? I trusted you so much.
Kabir:Revenge.. Mr.Maheshwari for my insult in the party. I never tolerateany insults. Now its my time. I will sent you out from your own house.
A voice comes from there”Sorry Mr.Kabir, you can’t sent them out.”
Its Maheshwari company’s official lawyer and family friend of Maheshwari.
Kabir Lawyer: he has every rights.
Maheshwari Lawyer: first read this.
Kabir Lawyer read this and shocked.
Maheshwari Lawyer: before giving you power of attorney, Mr.DP transferred all his properties to his heir LakshyaDev Maheshwari name. so the real owner is Laksh and he gave permission them to live in this house.
Kabir stamps his foot and try to leave the house.
Maheshwari Lawyer: wait a minute Mr.Kabir. Inspector arrest him for try to misuse power of Attorney and also for illegal activities.
Police arrested Kabir and leaves the place.
Maheshwari’s Lawyer: sir, Laksh sir transferred all the rights again back to you. but he added a clause. You need every family members sign for transfer or give power of Attorney to anyone.
Saying this Maheshwari Lawyer leaves.

Suji bursted out in Anger.
Suji holds Durgaprasad’s kurti collar.
Suji: I want my son back jeth ji. I want him back. I don’t know what you do. I want him back.
Suji cries.
Dp felt guilt.
Flashback ends…
Sanskar hears baby crying sound and comes out of his thinking.
Annapurna: Sanskar, he needs you.
Sanskar takes the baby and baby stopped crying and smiles.
Annapurna: I don’t know what a magic you done with him. he always silent in your hands.
Sanskar smiles weakly and goes to his room along with Vicky.
Sanskar puts Vicky in cradle.
Sanskar sings Lolly for Vicky and Vicky smiles.
Sanskar: I am singing Lolly for your sleep but you are smiling.
Vicky holds Sanskar fingers and shakes it.
Sanskar; champ.. I think you are today in playing mode.
Sanskar plays with Vicky while Annapurna comes to the room with milk.
Vicky raises some different sounds..maaa..ma..ma..
Sanskar is surprised,”maa.. see him. he speaks ma.”
Annapurna: haan Sanskar… if suji is with us, she will be very happy”
Sanskar: don’t worry maa. I will find chachi and chacha soon.
Sanskar immersed him in Vicky’s act.
Annapurna: I will take care for him. please go to your papa. He needs you.
Sanskar nods and goes to Dp’s room.
Dp is laying in bed and surrounded by wires.
Sanskar holds Dp’s hands.”papa..”
Dp opens his eyes and sees Sanskar.
Sanskar:papa.. don’t take stress. Everything will be alright and I will make everything normal soon.
Dp blinks his eyes.
Dp is paralyzed.
Sanskar goes to his room and make Vicky sleep.

The next day In Ooty,
Swara wakes up soon by hearing Aadi’s cry.
Swara changes Aadi’s diaper and make him again sleep.
Suji comes her room with coffee.
Suji:Ragini.. beta Take this coffee.
Swara: aunty.. can you call me by Swara?
Suji gives a confused look.
Swara: actually Ragini is my certificate name. my beloved ones always call me as Swara.
Suji:ok. Ragini.. oops Soory Swara.
Swara smiles and fells little bit relaxed.
In KolKatta,
In Dr.Sharma’s house, who is giving treatment to Laksh,
Sharma entered the house and feels awkward silence.
Sharma: champ…better half…
Sharma entered his room and see his wife tied in chair and unconscious.
Sharma goes to near his wife suddenly someone tackled him and inject something in his both legs.
Sharma legs are temporarily paralyzed. He sees a person who is wearing mask.
Sharma(scared voice): who are you?
Sharma feels his cheeks are burning because of Slap.
Person: Now, I am only ask questions. You should answer otherwise…(points his son who is unconscious in bed)
Sharma:no.. no..
Person: first question.. why you make Laksh get into coma?
Sharma: how can you know?
Again a slap.
Person: I already told that I only raise questions. Answer ma damn otherwise(points gun to Sharma’s son)
Sharma: someone threatened me with my son. I don’t have any other way.
Person: do you know who is he?
Sharma: no.. he was called me through phone and it was a private number.
Person:what he said?
Sharma: he said me that I should keep him in coma for 6 years and then I will kill him. if I fail, he will kill my son.
Person thinks for a minute.
Person : is there any chance to get him out of coma?
Sharma: there are 72% chance .
Person: act like keep him in coma but give him a proper treatment. If you fail, you don’t know what will I do.
Sharma nods his head in scaredness and person presses some wet cloth in Sharma’s face and Sharma lays down unconsciously.
Person releases sharma’s wife and goes out from his house.

After some hour,Person enters his house and goes to secret room in his house.
In that room,
A Girl lays in bed unconsciously and machine shows that she is alive.
Person holds her hand”bhabhi, please wake up soon. Bhai needs you. don’t worry I will find the real culprit soon. You know naa your sahil can’t bear any silence.”
The Girl didn’t show any movement.
Sahil(with determination in his voice): Bhabhi, I can’t save swara and Aadi, but I will save you , Vicky and Bhai at any cost. It’s my promise.
Sahil leave the place.
Sahil, Laksh, Swaragini and Aadi takes breakfast silently.
Swara broke the silence.
Swara: what is guys?we are new to each other. We have to know about ourself. But you guys are silent. Not fair.
Sahil smiles by Swara’s words.
Aadi: do you think that everyone is chatterbox like you, Bandar?
Swara:chipkali.. you..
They started to fight with their spoons.

Laksh sees their fight with smile in his face.
Sahil(cuts her): I think Swara is correct.
Swara acts like raising her collar.
Sahil stares Aadi differently.
Aadi: what happened Sahil?
Sahil: I think that I met you before. But when? Haan.. in park..
Ragini:park.. but he hates to go park..
Aadi pleases Sahil not to tell. But Sahil didn’t seen him.
Sahil: actually ,some boys eve teased girls. At that time, he came here and he broke two men’s leg, one man’s hand. And he pushed one man in water and threatened him. I admire that he finished all this things in two minute. I should praise you for your braveness. But till I can’t accept, you both are same the one.
Aadi(pouts):Rago maa, actually he is saying about Rajat.
Swara: Leave it Rago, that Rajat deserves it.
Ragini: Aadi, if I get to know that you are fought with them again, I will not speak to you.
Aadi: ok. I don’t fight with them until they messed up with me.
Sahil: (to divert the topic) Swara, where are you studying?
Swara: in XXX medical college and hospital.
Sahil(surprised): I am also working in it.
Ragini: but I didn’t see you in hospital.
Sahil: actually, today I want to join in it.
Sahil observes that Aadi is anger on him.
Sahil: guys, we are working and studying in same hospital. Why can’t you join with me?
Before Ragini and Aadi refuse,
Swara: it’s great.

Ragini and Aadi nods because there is no other way.
Laksh goes to his office.
Sahil takes them with him and drops Ragini and Swara in their block . now Sahil and Aadi in car.
Sahil: Aadi sorry, I didn’t do intentionally.
Aadi: it’s ok Sahil.
Sahil: but one thing I want to say your fight is so good.
Aadi: actually, I am kick boxer.
Sahil: ohh! So I will be careful when I am teasing you.
Aadi also feels free.
Aadi(punches Sahil’s arm): it’s not like that.
Sahil smiles.
Aadi: actually, I want to say onething.
Sahil: what?
Aadi: Laksh is longing for his family especially for his maa. Why can’t you take him to his family?
Sahil remains silent.
Aadi: if I am crossed my limit, I am sorry.
Sahil: it’s not like that Aadi. Because of some unwanted incidents, bhai stay alone. It’s good if he is stay away from them.
Aadi’s block comes and Aadi leaves to his class.
At night,
Ragini waits for Aadi and feels restless.
Swara:Rago.. he is in party with his friends. Let him to enjoy.
Ragini: but he didn’t take my calls.
Swara: kk. I will call his friend.

After call,
Swara is tensed.
Ragini: what happened Swara?
Swara:Rago.. he left the party venue before half an hour. He should reach home in this time.
Ragini: kk. You stay here. I will search him.
Ragini takes her scooty and goes in the way to party.
Aadi walks in road. He is not in his senses.
Aadi: what happened to me? why I am feeling like this?
Aadi holds his head.
At that time, Rajat surrounds him with goons.
Rajat: yes I am. You insulted me naa. I come here for revenge. Ohh! You are feeling dizzy. I am the one who spiked your drinks with drug. Guys. Let start.
Rajat takes a steel rod and attack him, hardly.
Aadi falls in road and Ragini sees him.
Aadi(weakly):Rago maa…
Rajat: your sister also come ah. Now we will enjoy.
Rajat hurts him with rod and Ragini eyes become red in rage.
Ragini: leave him.
Rajat(devilishly smiles): are you ordering me?
Rajat signs one goon and only there are five goons except Rajat.
That goon try to hold Ragini’s hair but Ragini twisted his hand and break it.
Goon 1:aah!
Rajat and another goons are shocked.
The another goons are try to attack her.
At that time, Laksh and Sahil comes in Car.
Sahil sees Ragini.
Sahil: bhai, see here. Some one is trying to misbehave with Ragini.
Laksh eyes become red.
Laksh and Sahil come out of the car.
Sahil and Laksh wraps their shirt near arm and get ready for fight.
But they sees the goons lying in ground and moans in pain.
Ragini walks towards Rajat and Rajat try to attack with rod.
Ragini catches rod and snatches from Rajat’s hands.
Rajat face clearly tells how much she scared him.
Ragini: how dare you to mess up with my brother?
Laksh clearly sees Ragini face. Her eyes show different emotions- her hatred, anger clearly seen in her eyes.
Ragini hits Rajat leg by rod.
Rajat falls down in road.
Sahil; is she Ragini whom we saw morning?
Laksh: I also have the same doubt. Is she a girl or Devil?

Ragini holds Rajat hands” this hand hurted my Aadi naa”
Everyone hears the sound”FLUCK”
Ragini breaks Rajat hand and takes Iron rod in her hand.
Ragini beats him in anger. She is now completely mad in anger.
Laksh runs to Ragini. He scared that she would kill Rajat in anger.
Laksh holds Ragini hands.”Ragini..Ragini..”
Ragini: leave me Laksh. how dare he touch my Aadi? Aadi..Aadi..
Ragini runs to Aadi. Aadi is lying road in unconscious.
Ragini taps his face harshly”Aadi..Aadi.. see me. don’t scare me. Your Rago maa calling you, please see me”
Laksh holds Ragini”Ragini, he will be alright”
Laksh signs Sahil to take Aadi. Sahil put Aadi in car and Laksh makes Ragini sit in the car and they drive to hospital.
Ragini continuously taps Aadi’s face.
Sahil arrived to hospital and admit him in emergency ward. He sent ambulance for the goons.
Ragini is crying outside emergency ward.
Sahil dicuss with doctor about Aadi’s condition.
Laksh staring Ragini Continuously. Ragini is deeply worried about Aadi so she didn’t feel Laksh’s gaze.
Laksh POV:
This Girl Ragini, how much shades she have. Yesterday, I saw her as a sister who worried for her behan. Today morning, I feel her as a good friend. In hospital, when I came to meet Sahil , I saw her as a dutiful and smart, kind doctor. In all this shades, I just felt her Kindness, which I felt same from maa. But now. When I saw her fought with goons, she is completely different. I didn’t felt the kindness which I felt previous. She is fully changed when it comes to Aadi. Even once I scared to go near her. She beat him mercilessly, the one whom I thought grammar of mercy, she mercilessly beat him for her Aadi. She didn’t have any guilt for broking their hands and other parts. Really who is she? A smiling barbie or haunting angry women. Ohh! Why I analyze about her this much depth. I am becoming mad when it comes to her. But one thing I should be so careful when I am speaking to her. If she will break my hand, what can I do? No.. she is good girl, she can’t do this. but I should be careful. Very careful.
Laksh shakes his head in disbelief.

At that time, Sahil comes out with doctor.
Ragini goes near them.
Ragini: Dr, what about my Aadi?
Sahil: Ragini, relax. He is safe now. Just four to five minor fracture.
Ragini: what? Five fractures..
Ragini eyes become welled.
Sahil: Ragini, he will become fine soon.
Ragini: I want to see him.
Sahil: you can, but don’t disturb him.
Sahil signs Laksh to follow him.
Laksh: why are you calling me, Sahil?
Sahil: I am going to police station. Take care of Ragini..
Laksh: police station…
Laksh is surprised to see smirk in Sahil’s face.
Ragini enters the Aadi’s ward and sits near to him.
Aadi is sleeping because of medicine and having bandages in hand and head.
Ragini felt someone piercing her heart.
Ragini touches Aadi’s hands. Aadi moans in pain.
When Ragini burst out, Laksh holds her by her shoulder and unknowingly, Ragini hugs him and sobs.
In Police Station, Sahil bribes Inspector and file a case against Rajat and his goons that they are trying to theft his money by attacking Aadi.
Sahil goes to Ragini flat and presses calling bell.
Swara opens the door. Her eyes are fully red and face shows her scaredness and tear marks.
Swara: Sahil, Rago and Aadi didn’t come now. I am so scared.
Sahil: aadi met an accident. Ragini and Aadi are in hospital. Aadi is safe now.
Swara sits in floor and Sahil holds her hand.
Sahil: Swara, Ragini is already break down. Now you should be strong.
Swara: you are right Sahil.
Swara wipes her tears and go inside and Takes some clothes.
Swara: can you drop me in Hospital, Sahil?
Sahil nods.

In Car,
Sahil: today we saw a very different Ragini. Even I am also scared to see her like this.
Swara(bitterly smiles): when it comes to Aadi, she will be more obsessive. She will be worst nightmare who messed up with Aadi. He is our only hope to run our life.
Sahil: I can’t understand.
Swara: some relationship is like that, Sahil. You can’t understand.
Sahil is confused but one thing is clear to him.Aadi is Swaragini’s world.
Ragini realizes the situation and takes her head from Laksh.
Ragini: sorry.
Laksh: its ok Ragini.
At that time, Swara and Sahil comes inside.
Swara sees Aadi and caresses his hair.
Laksh and Sahil comes outside to give privacy them.
Laksh: Sahil, till I can’t able to accept that Ragini beat one and sent him near death.
Sahil: bhai, if anyone try to harm me, what can you do?
Laksh: I can’t imagine like that. I will make that person life hell and make him to please me for death.
Sahil:Ragini also did that. She loves Aadi more .
Laksh: I can understand now.
Sahil: its my bhai.
Laksh stares Sahil.
Laksh POV:
Sahil, the one who changed my life totally upside down. He trusted one who even can’t win his family trust. He trusted me. I didn’t do anything to him. I just helped him once. But he makes my life colourful again and he accepted me as his bhai even he gave his sur name to me. because of him, now I am Lakshya dev Sengupta, brother of Sahil Sengupta. I don’t know how to repay him. now he is the only hope to live my life. I can’t imagine a life without him.
Sahil moves his hand infront of laksh’s face.
Sahil: bhai…
Laksh come out from his thought and smiles to Sahil.
Five and half year leap,

In MM,
Sanskar : maa, I got to know that Chacha and chachi lives in Ooty, Tamilnadu. I am going to meet them.
Annapurna eyes become moist.
Sanskar cups Annapurna’s face.
Sanskar:maa.. don’t worry. I will make everything perfect.
Sanskar receives a call.
Sanskar: is everything ready.kk. if anything wrong happen, I will take legal action against you.
Annapurna: what happened Sanskar?
Sanskar: nothing maa. Where is Vicky?
Annapurna: he is in his room. He is so anger on you.
Sanskar; today I am gone.
Sanskar enters his room and sees Vicky.
Sanskar hugs him.
Sanskar: champ..
Vicky removes his hands and turns his face.
Sanskar takes Vicky in his hand.
Vicky struggles to make him down.
Sanskar make Vicky sit in chair.
Sanskar kneels down and holds his ears”Champ.. if papa made any mistake, please forgive me”
Vicky: everytime you say the same line. Atleast change your line, papa. It’s boring.
Sanskar(acts to think): papa can’t get new. Can you suggest new one?
Vicky taps his head” I don’t know how dadi maa tolerated you”
Sanskar: champ…
Vicky smiles and hugs him” why did you come yesterday? Do you know how much time I am waiting for you?”
Sanskar :sorry champ. cant you forgive your papa?
Vicky removes Sanskar hands from his ears.” You are best papa in the world”
Sanskar smiles” come and get ready. We are going to take long travelling”
Vicky climbs in Sanskar shoulders.” Long travelling..”
Vicky: yeah jolly. But no meetings and no work.
Sanskar: kk.

In Ooty,
Suji and Ram ran behind little boy.
Boy: Dadi, if you can catch me.
Suji: ohh! Aadi.. my leg are paining.
Aadi stops and ran to suji.
Aadi: is it paining?
Suji hugs him” pain flied out”
Aadi smiles.
Suji: come and change your cloth.
Swara comes there.
Swara: maa.. it’s not needed, please.
Ram: Swara, it’s Krishna Jayanthi and Aadi is this house’s Krishna. Please don’t stop us.
Suji takes Aadi and changes his attire like Lord Krishna.
Ram: he looks like Really Krishna.
Swara and Suji smiles.
Suji put a black mark in back of Aadi’s ear.
Suji: Swara.. is everything ready in pooja room.?
Swara:haan Maa..
Suji: thanks beta.
Swara: maa..
Suji: if you didn’t come in our life, loneliness should kill us.
Swara: maa.. if I didn’t see you, I don’t know what will happen to us.
Ram: is your thanking session closed, come to pooja.
Suji taps his shoulder playfully.
Suji takes Aadi to outside and places his foot in water which is mixed with Rice flour and then return to house.
Aadi walks towards pooja room by printing his foot marks.
Suji finishes the pooja and starts to play with Aadi.

In Afternoon,
Sanskar reaches Ooty with Laksh and Vicky and Admits Laksh in Hospital.
At Evening,
Sanskar finishes the procedure for laksh admission and take Vicky to nearby temple.
It’s Ganesh Temple,
Sanskar prays to lord Ganesh.
Sanskar(prays): Ganapathi papa.. please unite chacha and chachi with me. please..
Sanskar opens his eyes and shocked to see Vicky is missing.
Vicky plays outside in temple. A man approaches to him.
Vicky hits someone and both fall down.
Vicky: sorry..
Person: it’s okay. You didn’t do intentionally. I am aadi.
Vicky: I am Vicky..
Aadi: ohh! Are you new to here? I didn’t see you before.
Vicky: yes. I am coming here with my papa. Ohh! He will search me. see you after some time.
At that time, Sanskar come here.
Sanskar: Vicky.. hugs him.
Vicky: papa.. I have a new friend here. His name is Aadi.
Sanskar: about whom you are speaking?
Vicky sees Aadi Missing.
Vicky: I think he is gone . you scared him.papa..
Sanskar: I didn’t do anything. Ok. listen me.its new place. So, you didn’t go anywhere without me.
Vicky nods”papa, where we are going.”
Sanskar: your dadi’s house, champ.
Vicky:but it’s in Kolkatta naa.
Sanskar: here also you have another dadi.
Vicky (jumps): so I have two dadi.
A man who tried to go near Vicky calls someone.” Sir, now I can’t kidnap him. I need some time. His father always with him”
Sanskar goes to Suji’s house.
Sanskar rings door bell.
Suji opens the door and shocked to see Sanskar.
Suji: sanskar..
Sanskar: suji maa..
Suji turns her head.
Suji: please go from here, Sanskar.already I lost mera dev(Laksh) and Uttara . please let me stay in peace.
Swara and Aadi comes out and Ram also sees Sanskar.

A voice comes there”papa, why this Dadi..say to go from here. Is she hate you?”
Sanskar: Vicky, papa did a mistake. So dadi is giving punishment to me.
Suji is shocked to see Vicky.
Aadi sees Vicky.
Both hugs together.
Aadi: dadi, I said naa I have a new friend in temple. he is Vicky.
Vicky:papa.. I said naa I have a new friend in temple. He is Aadi.
Suji: Aadi, take your friend to your room.
Aadi takes Vicky to his room.
Swara tries to move.
Suji: swara stay here.
Sanskar notifies Swara who is wearing white salwar.
Suji: why did you come here?
Ram: suji..
Suji: don’t interfere Ram.
Sanskar: Vicky is dev’s son, suji maa.
Suji is shocked.
On Other place,
A lady and boy fights in furious.
Lady won boy.
Lady: Sahil,..(smirks)
Sahil smiles.
Sahil: haan Bhabhi.. I accept that you regained your strength.
Ragini extends her hands to Sahil.
Ragini: be ready.. Sahil.
Sahil: first we should keep safe Vicky and Laksh. because their aim is Vicky and Laksh and only we have just three months with us.
Ragini:still I would be alive, nothing happen to my Vicky and my Laksh.

To be continued…

Thanks fairy, anjel, shana,mica,lovely,ammu,ragini,prajna,nikky gupta, sreevijayan, akshata,s,afra, rizna and j , lisa for your comments. Now I hope your confusions got cleared. If you have any confusions tell me, I will clear it. it’s complicated story. I will try to give clearly. And Sahil misunderstood that Swara and Aadi is dead and Swara misunderstood that Sahil, Raglak and Vicky are dead. The past is full of mysteries and present is the answer for that. I will complete Past in three episodes then I will fully concentrate on Present to give answers for each and every question.
i thought for Sahil character omkara from ishqbazz .

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