swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 17)


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Prevoius Epiode:
Episode 16

Precap:Ragini runs from her child and a stranger Suji helps her. In past , she remembers her good moments with siblings.
Let I start the episode.

Ragini:But aunty, you didn’t ask permission from uncle.
Suji: he never refuses my words(Little bit sad). That’s why he left his beloved ones.
Suji sheds tears.
Ragini: aunty…
Ram Prasad sees suji’s crying.
Ram:oh!mera cutie why are you making that girl cry?
Suji: when did I make her cry?
Ram:See her. Because of your tears, you made her cry. Without a reason, she is also crying.
Ram signs Ragini to nod positively.
Ragini:haan Aunty.. uncle says right.
Suji taps Ragini shoulders.

Suji: you didn’t know about him. but you support him. it’s not fair, Rago .
Ragini is stunned.
Suji observes her change.
Suji: what happened Ragini? Can’t I call you by shorting your name?
Ragini: no.. it’s not like that aunty.

Ram: your baby is so cute. Kanna.. come to me.
Ram extends his hands for Aadi and Aadi raises his hand.
Ragini is surprised.
Ragini: he never go other than me and ..
Ragini is stopped inbetween.
Ram takes Aadi in his hands and starts to play with him.
Suji:Rago, you can sleep in my Lap. Till we have 12 hours to reach Chennai.
Ragini sees Aadi hestitantly.
Suji: we will take care of him.
Ragini closes her eyes.

Aadi walks fast in the hall and Ragini comes inside. Clock shows time 8:00 pm
Aadi:Rago maa, is Swara di not with you?
Ragini: she left the college as soon as class finished. Don’t be tensed. I will call her.
Aadi:Rago maa, how can you forget this day?
Ragini holds her head” no.. how can I forgot that?”
Ragini calls Swara” it’s temporarily unreachable”
Ragini: Aadi.. its unreachable
Aadi:kk Rago maa.. I will search her. If she comes home, call me.
Aadi leaves the house .
Ragini is tensed very much.

Outside, it’s raining.
On other hand, Swara is walking from Temple to house. She felt dizzy but she tries to walk.
Swara(in mind):I should go to home otherwise Rago and Aadi will be tensed. This battery is also dead.
Swara falls down at the nick of the time, Two hands hold her.
Person taps her face. But Swara didn’t respond.
After an hour, Ragini hears a door bell sound.
Ragini opens the door and worried to see Swara unconscious.
Ragini: swara..
Person:mam… She is fine. Can I get inside?
Ragini shows Swara’s room and person places Swara in bed.
Ragini holds her hands.
Person: she will be ok. I already take her to doctor. She can’t take food today. That’s why she fainted.

Ragini sees the person and holds her hand.
Ragini: thanks sir…
Person: it’s ok mam. By the way I am Laksh. I am staying your opposite flat. Take care of her.
Laksh leaves Ragini’s flat.
Ragini:ohh! Aadi…
Ragini calls Aadi and informs about Swara. Aadi rushes to house.
In Swara’s room,
Aadi holds Swara’s hands.
Aadi:Rago maa, tell to this Bander to wake up quick.
Swara(weakly):Rago. Tell this chipkali to shut his mouth. I am so tired.
Aadi hugs swara tighter.
Swara:hey Chipkali.. it’s not suits you.
Aadi signs Ragini and Ragini come with a bowl.
Aadi:kk. Let eat this.
Swara: no.. no..
Aadi: kk di. I will eat this spicy yummy..

Swara snatches the bowl and drinks it.
Swara: it’s not spicy, Bander.. you cheated me..
Swara try to hit him.
Aadi easily tackles her” now sleep and we will fight later”
Aadi kisses her in her forehead and leaves the room.
Ragini informs about laksh.
Aadi: we will thank him. Rago maa, make ready some sweets which Swara di like most. First I will go to his flat to thank him.
Ragini: kk. Aadi.
Aadi goes to Laksh flat. He touched the door and the door is opened.
Aadi(in mind): how can he so much careless?
Aadi enters the hall and sees the photo in which two boys smiles.
Aadi hears some moans and goes to the room .
He sees a Laksh lying unconscious in the floor.
Aadi rushes to the Laksh and checks him
Aadi(in mind):oh! He is having high fever.

Aadi goes to his flat.
Aadi: Rago maa! he is having fever. I think today I should take care for him.
Ragini(worried): okay..Aadi. Take care for him.
Aadi: Rago maa.. he is not well. I am going to help him. I take some medicine and porridge.
Ragini:kk.Aadi. if you need anything, just wake up me.
Aadi: ok. Rago maa.
Aadi leaves with bowl full of water and cloth.
Aadi goes inside Laksh flat and take him into his bed.
Aadi changes his drenched cloth with new one and put wet cloth in his forehead.
Laksh blabbers in fever ”maa… don’t leave me.. please..”
Laksh holds Aadi’s hands in sleep.
Aadi feed him porridge and gives him tablets.
Laksh didn’t realize the surrounding and he takes the medicine while sleeping.
At midnight,
Aadi: thank god! He is fine now.
Aadi sleeps in sitting position.
The next day,

Laksh wakes up and sees Aadi who is sleeping in sitting position.
Laksh is shocked.
Laksh: why is he coming to my Flat?
Laksh sees himself “ who changed my cloth?”
Aadi wakes up and sees Laksh.
Aadi: good morning Mr.Laksh. I am Aditya. Thanks for helping my sister.
Laksh: how can you get into my flat?
Aadi explains everything.
Laksh: thanks..
Aadi: it’s ok Mr.Laksh. I am leaving now.
Aadi hesitates to tell something.
Laksh observes it.

Laksh: can you want to tell anything?
Aadi: don’t think me wrong. I think that if you stay with your family for some days, its good for you.
Laksh bitterly smiles.
Laksh: I lost them.
Aadi: sorry..Mr.Laksh
Laksh: it’s ok.Aditya and don’t call me Mr.Laksh. it’s kinda irritating me. just call me Laksh.
Aadi: ok. then come to our flat for breakfast today.
Laksh: but..
Aadi: see you in my flat.
After some times, Laksh goes to Aadi’s flat.
Laksh touches the door and it opens automatically.
He hesitantly goes inside.
Laksh: Aditya..
Laksh is shocked to see Swadi(Swara and Aadi)
Aadi wears kadai as a helmet and Swara wears vaanali as a helmet . both have silver utensils and idli plates in their hand and do the sword fight by using utensils.
Swara: chipkali! Yesterday you made me drunk this Porridge. Yuck! I will smash you.
She attacks with silver utensil. Aadi defends her with Idli plate.
Aadi: because of that Porridge only, you are fine now. So you have to thank me, Bandar.
Swara: not even in your dream, chipkali.
Laksh shooks his head in disbelief.
A voice come there” Mr.laksh they always like that. Come inside and have this coffee, Please”
Laksh gets inside.

Swadi feels embarrassed and run to their respective room.
Laksh sits in hall.
Ragini:I have to thank you Mr.Laksh. you did a very big favor for us.
Laksh:its ok Miss..
Ragini: call me Ragini. That’s enough.
Laksh smiles: you are lucky to have Aadi and Swara. they are so naughty and the same time.
Aadi comes there” no Laksh. we are lucky to have Rago maa with us.”
Laksh:Rago maa?
Ragini: he will always call me like this.
Swara also comes there.

Swara: thanks Mr.Laksh, for helping me.
Ragini : ok. lets have breakfast.
Laksh: but I have a condition.
Aadi: condition?
Laksh: yes, can we be friends?
Aadi shakes his hand with Laksh while Ragini and Swara nods.
Ragini: ok. Mr.Laksh, now can we take breakfast?
Aadi sees Naughty smile in Ragini’s face after so many days.
Laksh: you are saying Friends. But still you calling me with Mr, Miss. Ragini.
Ragini: kk. Laksh now come.
Laksh goes to dining hall with Swaragdi(swaragini-aadi)
At that time , Laksh have a call.
Laksh: hello Sahil.. I am here in flat no.201..
Laksh: I have to go My Choti is waiting for me.
Aadi: can you ask him to join lunch with us?
Swara: it’s a good idea.
Laksh hesitatingly agrees”Sahil, you come to flat no.201.kk.
After few minutes, they hears door bell sound.
Aadi: I will receive him.
After few minutes, Aadi comes with Sahil and Sahil thanks him for taking care of Laksh.
Everyone sits in dining table and starts to eat.
Swara: laksh, Sahil, what is your profession?
Laksh: I am software programmer.
Sahil: I am a doctor-Neurologist.
Swara: even I am also a cardiologist.
Aadi taps her head.” You are studying Cardialogy and till now you are not a cardiologist, bander”
Swara: you..
Swara get ready to fight while Ragini coughs.
Aadi taps her head with concern and Swara make her drink water.
Laksh eyes become moist by remembering something and Sahil holds his hand for support.
After that Everyone eats their breakfast with silence.
Suji shakes Ragini:Rago..Rago..
Ragini wakes up with jerk.
Suji:Rago beta.. we are arrived Chennai. We should take Taxi.
Ragini takes Aadi in her hand and hides her face by using veil.
They takes Taxi and goes to Ooty.
That day night,

Suji, Ram, and Ragini with Aadi reaches Ram’s house.
Suji takes Ragini to a room.
Suji:beta.. this is your room. If you want anything, just call me.
Ragini holds Suji’s hands.”Aunty, I can’t know how to thank you. you did a very big help to me”
Suji caresses her hair” you are also like my daughter”
Ragini sees A girl photo in wall.
Ragini: is your daughter in her sasural?
Suji: no.. she left the world.

Suji leaves the room while crying.
Ragini also feels bad.
Ragini sees Aadi who is sleeping peacefully.
Ragini closes the door and opens her bag and takes a photo.
In photo, Ragini, Laksh in bridal attire and Swara , Aadi and Sahil smiles.
Ragini:Rago… I promise you that I should protect Aadi at any cost and I should give all the happiness to him. it’s my promise..your Swara’s promise to you. Swara…(Smiles madly) no.. for outside world, I am Ragini, mother of Aadi and widow of Laksh jeju.
Swara(in mind):Suji aunty misunderstood me. its also good for Aadi.
(yes Guys she is Swara, who takes Ragini’s name for Aadi)
In Hospital,
A boy stares another boy who is in Coma.

Boy1: Bhai, please wake up soon. I am waiting for you . your Sanskar is waiting for you Bhai. your son Vicky is also waiting for you. please wake up soon,Laksh bhai.
Sanskar holds Laksh’s hand and cries.
After few minutes,
Sanskar composes himself and put a mask of rudeness in his face.

Precap: Past- Aadi life in danger, ragini’s kali avatar, Laksh realises his feelings, Present- Sanlak arrival in Ooty and Swasan meet and Jr.Aadi and Vicky meet.

Friends , I know you should be anger for me. yes Guys, swara will act as Ragini in present for few episodes. Actually she decided to take Ragini’s name for Aadi’s goodness. So no one will take Aadi from her. Both Aadi and junior Aadi will play a key role in RagLak and Swasan like my previous season, Swara and Ragini are main leads.
Please give your Suggestions. Negative and positive comments are also welcome.

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