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Friends Balaji is here to disturb you with my new ff Love Me or Not Season 2
I Hope you remember love me or not season 1. It’s not the continuation but it was quite similar to that.
Directly I am going to ff without any blablas.
Let I start the Episode.
In Railway Station,
A girl is running to catch the moving train with 6 months old baby in one hand and another hand has a luggage.
A hand comes to help her and help her to catch the train.
Aunty: it’s ok beta.

The Girl sits in nearby seat. The people in the compartment are less.
Girl stares the baby and kisses him.
Girl:(in mind) I am with you Aadi forever. Your mumma with you.
Girl hugs the baby and a single tear escaped from her eyes.
Girl hugs the baby and slowly the sleep occupies her.
Flashback starts …
A Girl is sleeping by hugging her teddy. Another girl is coming to her room.
Girl 2:Swara, wake up. Its already 7.

Swara: Rago, please give another five minutes.
Ragini: from 6 o clock, you are saying this. I hope you don’t forget about today.
Swara: what is important today?ohh! no.. how can I forget? Is he arrived from jogging?
Swara pecks Ragini cheeks: thanks rago..
Ragini smiles by Swara’s antics.
After few minutes, a 22 year aged boy enters the Flat.
Ragini: good morning Aadi and Happy birthday.
Aadi takes blessings from Ragini.
Ragini hugs him.

Aadi:Rago maa, where is that Bandar?
Aadi always Ragini as Rago maa.
Ragini(taps his shoulder): Aadi! Why are you always teasing her? She is your di.
Aadi: what can I do, Rago maa? I can’t sleep without teasing her.
Ragini: you.. go and take bath.
Aadi goes to his room.
Swara comes from Kitchen.

Ragini: are you make the cake?
Swara:haan rago.
Ragini: kk. Go and get ready, swara.
Swara nods and go to her bathroom.
In Aadi’s bathroom,
Aadi is taking shower and suddenly he sees Red colour in floor.
Aadi sees the shower. It was clear.
Aadi(in mind): is there bleeding?
Aadi sees his hand. It was red. Aadi touches his head .
Aadi:is my head bleeding? I didn’t have any accident.
Aadi takes the shampoo and put in water. It changed into red colour.
In Swara’s room,
Swara hears Aadi’s scream and smiles.

Swara takes her hair dryer and turn on it.
After next minute, Swara face and hair fully covered with powder.
Swara(shouts): chipkali..
Aadi smiles by hearing her voice.
After some minute, Aadi and Swara get ready and come to hall.
Ragini places the cake in Table.
Aadi takes knife and goes to cut the cake.
Swara smiles mischievously and Aadi notices it.
Aadi drags Swara before the cake and presses the knife. Cake bursted into the trio.
Ragini, swara and Aadi sees each other and bursts out in laughter.
Ragini: swara,don’t you change?
Swara: if I am changed, Who will fight with my lil bro?
Aadi(smiles and side hugs his sisters): no one accept you are a doctor who studies M.S in Cardiology.
Ragini: Again, I need to change my dress. You both nowadays more naughty.
Aadi:Rago maa…(pouts his face)
Ragini:Kk.. go and get ready.

Swara: I put a new shirt and pants in your wardrobe.wear it and come soon.
Aadi:thanks(hugs Swara) I have match in evening. So come soon I will wait for you.
After fifteen minute,
They reached their medical college cum hospital. Ragini is working as a junior doctor in cardiology department.
Swara is a second year student in cardiology. Aadi is last year MBBS Student.
At evening,
In Boxing Ring,
Two boys fights but one boy lost in his thought. the another boy hits him with punches.
The group cheers him Aadi! Aadi!..
Aadi sees the entrance and waits for Swaragini. Swaragini enters the hall.
The curve shown in Aadi’s face and punch the opponent very hardly.
The opponent knocked out.
Refry raises Aadi’s hand.
Aadi is a kick boxer and he is black belt in Karate.
After few minutes,
Aadi comes near Swaragini.

Swara: Hey.. chipkali.. super punch..
Swara punches him in arms.
Aadi: ouch!
Ragini remains silent because she didn’t accept Aadi’s passion.
Aadi:Rago maa, you didn’t congratulate your choti.
Ragini touches the wounded skin due to punches.
Aadi moans.
Ragini: I told many times that I don’t happy with your passion.
Aadi: I also promised you that after completing my studies, I will left my passion, Rago maa.
Swara: stop your drama and lets celebrate.
Aadi drags Swaragini and ends in canteen.
Swara scared to see Rajat here. Rajat forced her to love him. Rajat comes near to Swara”Sorry Behan ji”

Swara is shocked.
Aadi signs Rajat to leave the place.
Swara; what happened to him? wait.. Aadi did you do anything to him? even I didn’t inform you about him.
Aadi(innocently): I am a good boy , do you know naa Bandar?. I didn’t punch him and didn’t scare him by pushing into water. I didn’t do anything to make you relaxed.
Swara smiles by his antics.
Aadi: di, I am hungry. Order something for me.
Ragini orders for Aadi, Aadi orders for Swara and Swara orders for Ragini. They are happily eating by chi chatting themselves.
Flashback ends…

The girl woke up by hearing a baby crying sound.
Girl struggles to stop Baby cry and understands he is crying for food.
A voice comes there.”Beta, take this milk and feed him”
Girl sees the person with so much of Thankfulness.
Girl feeds him with milk and baby starts to sleep.
Girl:Thanks Aunty..
Person: my name is Sujatha.(points a man) he is my husband Ram Prasad.
At that time, Girl’s handbag falls down and some papers are come out.
Sujatha takes it and sees the paper. It’s Aadi’s birth Certificate.
Suji sees the mother and Father name as Ragini and Laksh.
Suji gives the papers /certificates to the girl.
Suji: so, your name is Ragini.
Girl nods weakly.
Suji: where is your husband? How can he sent alone ?
Ragini: (smiles bitterly) he went out from this world by giving his son to me.
Suji understands her word after a minute and sees her that there is no sindoor in her maang and mangalsutra in her neck.

Suji:sorry beta..
Ragini: its ok aunty.
Suja: beta, where are you going? If you don’t mind, you can tell me.
Ragini: I don’t know aunty. I am just running for saving me and my Aadi.
Ragini hugs Aadi little bit more.
Suji: we are going to Ooty, can you stay with us?
Ragini sees her with questioning look.
Suji: beta.. when I saw you both, I felt that you are connected with me. you can trust us, Beta.
Ragini also felt the same.
Ragini: how can you trust a stranger?

Suji: only trust and love make runs the world. I see your honesty in your eyes.
Aadi opens his eyes and smiles by seeing his mother.

Precap:laksh entry in past and Sanskar entry in present.

Friends, are you like my first epi? Can I continue? I need you support friends without your support I can’t complete it. Aadi in past is Ragini’s choti bhai and Aadi in present is Ragini’s child.s

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