swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 15)

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IN Tanjore,
Laksh: appa, me and Vicky will go to kolkatta day after tomorrow.
Shankar: Haan Laksh. Beta, I know you are longing for your family. Why can’t you reunite with your family?
Sumi: beta, don’t worry about us. We can also shift into kolkatta.
Laksh: Amma, I can’t reunite . I am son of the man who separated both of her son from her. I feel more guilt in my heart and I can’t leave you at any cost.

Sumi caresses Laksh’s hair.
Sumi: beta, just see suji. She is also longing for her daughter. Her memories also filled with Sanskar.she aroused him. she wants to see her son and daughter and coming to Vicky, he is also longing for his another sister, swara .
Shankar: I know you feel guilt when you see them. But, please just consider about Vicky and Suji ji. Just call to Manik .
Laksh stares Suji who stares sky and Vicky who sees Swasan photo in his wallet.
Laksh: kk Appa.

In Gadodia House,
Swasan room
Swara hugs Sanskar.
Swara: Why he didn’t come to see us, Sanskar? Why he left us alone, Sanskar? I miss his love and care towards me. I miss him so much. When I got to know that he is dead, I mentally break down. But he is so selfish. He left me. do you know why I am coming to park with you? Atleast one time, I will see him. I want to speak with him. sanskar(cries)
Sanskar: (rubs her shoulder) He loves you more Swara. He and my bhai knows all the things around us. Do you know before six months they saved us from papa?( till sanskar calls RP as papa) . He loves you a lot. If he left us, we can go to him. I make all the arrangements to go to Tamilnadu.
Swara: really..?
Sanskar nods and swara hugs him more tightly.

In Dp room
Ap: durga ji, why meri Laksh didn’t return to us?
Dp: he loves you lot, purna. I think he feels guilt for Ram prasad’s sins. First we have to take hil out of the guilt and the next one, he attached to another family very much. We can’t expect that he should come with us.
Ap: then ,I can’t get my son?
Dp: it’s not like that purna. If he can’t stay with us, then we can stay with him. I shifted my headquarters to Tanjore. After two days , we all are shifted to Tanjore. I also buy a house in that place.
Ap places her head in Dp’s shoulder and Dp caresses her hair.
(Dp calls AP as Purna)
In manik’s room
Manik receives a call from unknown number.
Manik: hello
Laksh: Manik it’s me Laksh.
Manik is stunned.
Manik: Laksh..

Lavanya also hears that.
Laksh: Manik, I want to see you and Lavanya. Can you come ? I sent you address in Whatsapp.
Manik: we will meet you tomorrow.
Laksh cuts the call.
Lavanya: Manik, is it bhai? what he told?
Manik: Lavanya.., he wants to meet us.
Lavanya: (tears filled her eyes) I will meet my mom and Bhai tomorrow.Manik, I want to buy something for bhai and mom.
At night 10 pm,
Lavik go to shoping. Lavanya buys a suits for Laksh and Vicky, sarees for suji, sumi and Ragini and Shirt and Dhoti for Shankar. Manik is happy by seeing Lavanya buys clothes for all.
The next day,
At morning 5 am,

Someone knocks the door of Laksh’s house.
Laksh opens the door.
Laksh: Lavanya…(hugs her )
Lavanya: bhai.. did you hate me? that’s why even you know about me, you can’t come to see me.
Laksh: Lavi… I t’s not like that. I always love you lot. Who hate this lovely sister?
Laksh and Lavanya’s eyes sheds tears.
Suji comes here by hearing sound.
Suji: Lavanya..
Lavanya: Maa..( runs and hugs her)
Suji gives a very tight hug.

Laksh sees Manik and goes near him.
Laksh: Manik (touches his shoulder)
Manik slaps him” do you know just I was running in roads like a mad to know about you? Even why didn’t you inform me about you? For the past six months, I am searching you like a mad”
Laksh hugs him” sorry”
Manik: don’t dare to do this again. And hugs him back.
Vicky sees Manik and hugs him.
Vicky: manik bhaiya , is Swara di fine naa?
Manik: she is fine, Vicky.
Manik goes to see Krish and udaya.
Manik takes both the one year babies in his hand.
Manik: ohh! Do you know me? I am your mamu.
Babies stares Manik differently and then cries.

Vicky: Manik bhaiya, why are scaring my children?
Manik(pouts):I don’t scare them.
Sumi:; they see you first time naa. That’s why they are scared.
Lavanya present her gift to all.
Ragini: Lavanya, what’s the need?
Lavanya: I am bought for my family. Sumi maa, Manik always says you are like his mother. Can I stay with you for rest of my life?
All are stunned.
Sumi(tears blurring her eyes): haan beta
Sumi and suji, Ragini hugs her.
Lavik takes blessings from Sumi, Shankar, Suji.
Laksh get ready for going office.
Manik: Laksh, can you get a leave today?
Laksh: sorry Manik, tomorrow my new boss coming to my office. I have some works. I will come as soon as possible.
Manik winks at Lavanya.
In office,
Manager scolds Laksh in front of every one and Laksh nods his head down.
Sahil sees that and closes his hand due to temper.
Laksh didn’t know that his new boss is Dp.
Sahil: How can he scold my brother? He will definitely regret for this.
Sahil leaves that place without wttracting everyone.
Manager goes from this place and Laksh takes cotton from his ears.

Laksh: priyan, today what did our manager say?
Priyan: he said that he wants to be everything perfect tomorrow. Laksh, did you not get exhausted? He daily scolds you even you didn’t made mistake.
Laksh: I also tackled Mirchi easily. He can’t stand before my mirchi.
Priyan: what?
Laksh realized what he says.
Laksh(in mind): why I think about mirchi more?
Laksh: nothing Priyan.
Laksh immersed him in the work.
At evening , Laksh return to the house.
With in a day, Lavanya and Ragini are closer to each other. Laksh sees them and get happy.
Sumi: Laksh come in beta. Why are you standing outside?
Laksh: haan Amma
Laksh: suji maa, I need a coffee.
Vicky gives a coffee to Laksh.

Vicky: suji maa is busy with Krish and Udaya.
Laksh suddenly hears a sound”Aaa..ppp..pp…aaa”
Laksh is surprised. His child’s calls him as Appa.
Laksh takes them in his hand.
Laksh: tell Appa
Krish and Udaya: Aapppppaaaa
Laksh: Amma
KU: Ammmmmaaaaa
Laksh: rago, my champs call me as appa.
Ragini nods with a smile.
KU: ma..maaa
Vicky jumps in air.
Vicky: jeju.. Atlast meri champs called me.
Laksh holds him in his hand and caresses his hair.
Everyone sees their happiness with a smile.
The next day,
Laksh goes to office.

Vicky goes to see his friend.
Vicky sees a crowd and go near to the crowd. He sees a lady laying on the road. He sees the face and shocked.
Vicky: diii
Vicky goes near to her and takes her face in her Lap.
Vicky: di.. di..( taps her cheeks)
Vicky(yells): can anyone call auto?
An auto comes here and he takes swara to Ragini clinic.
Auto arrived Ragini’s clinic.
Vicky takes swara in his hands.
Vicky: di..(shouts)
Ragini:(sees vicky) Vicky what happened? Who is she?
Vicky: di, she is meri swara di. please check her.
Vicky is so worried and startst walk in clinic corridor.
In office,
Same Manager scolds Laksh and Laksh nods his head down.
Dp sees that and his anger exceeds the limit.
Dp(shouts): what happening here?
Laksh didn’t hear anything due to cotton in his ear. All the employees are stands.
Manager: he is a useless fellow sir. He always made mistakes. That’s why I warning him.
Dp: what you say he is useless?
Manager gulps due to Dp’s tone.

Sanskar and sahil comes here. Sanskar removes cotton from Laksh ears.
Due to Sanskar’s touch, Laksh makes his head up and shocked to see Dp.
Laksh: Mirchi…
Dp side hugs him.” same your Mirchi..”
Dp: do you know who he is? He is my eldest son Lakshya Dev Maheshwari, vice chairman and CEO of Maheshwari Industries. He won the best business man award twice and you say him useless.
Manager is shocked and goes to fainting state.
Everyone shocked.
Dp: Laksh , come with me.
Sanskar, Sahil escorts Laksh and all of them went to temple.
Laksh is numb and he can’t speak any word. In his mind, dp’s words are rolled continuously.” HE IS MY ELDEST SON”
Sanskar drives the car and arrives nearby temple.
Laksh sits in temple Mandap.

Dp caresses his hair.
Laksh: papa, don’t show me love and care. I don’t deserve this. I am the son of man whom tried to kill your family.
Dp: no Laksh you are always my son.
Laksh: no Sahil is your son. I just snatched all his rights from him. I just living in his place for the past years. Now he came .
Sahil: no, I can’t replace your place Laksh. everyone needs you in the family. Even I needs you. I need my brother. Please come back to our family.
Sanskar hugs Laksh: dev bhai, I missed you so much. I need your care and Love. When you left me, I felt that I am alone in this world. Please return to us.
Laksh breaks the hug and goes to outside. A hand holds him.
Laksh: maa..

Ap: Dev.. please don’t leave me
Ap holds Laksh hands tighter” please take me with you. I can’t live without you. Please”
Laksh is break down” maa.. how can you show me love and care. My father separated you from your sons. Why didn’t you hate me? please hate me. I am not the eligible one who deserves your love and care”
Laksh kneels down in floor. Ap takes his face in her hand
Ap: you are my son,Dev. you deserves .”
Laksh hugs her and cries vigorously.
The three pair of eyes sees this. Sumi, Shankar and Suji.
Sumi and Shankar are happy to see Laksh is united with his family.
Sanskar feels Suji’s presence and turns.
Sanskar sees Suji
Sanskar: maa(whispers)
Sanskar run to her and hugs her tightly.
Sanskar: maa..
Suji hugs him more tighter.
Sanskar: don’t leave me maa..

Suji: I don’t leave you.
In Ragini’s clinic
Ragini: Vicky, she will wake up in after half an hour. And She is pregnant.
Vicky(whispers):I will became mamu, Again.
Ragini: but she is weak. We have to take care for her.
Vicky goes inside and stares Swara for a minute and then holds her hand.
Vicky: di, I will never leave you. I always stay with you.
Ragini caresses his hair” Nothing to worry, Vicky. she will be alright”
Vicky didn’t turn and just stares swara.
Ragini calls Laksh and informed about swara. Everyone rushes to come ragini’s clinic.
Swara wake up.
Swara: Aadiii( try to sit)
Vicky: di..( helps her to sit)
Vicky: why did you come here? How did you roam outside alone in a unknown place?
Swara: I came here to see you, Aadi.( holds her ears by her ears) Sorry
Vicky removes her hands.
Vicky: sorry di. because of me , you suffered a lot. Even you separated from Sansku. Sorry di.
Swara: no need of sorry.now, you stay with me. it’s enough to me. please don’t leave me.
Vicky: I don’t leave you dii…
Vicky: di. she is my Ragini di..
Ragini smiles to Swara. Swara also Smiles.

Sanskar arrives Clinic and sees Swara.
Sanskar: Swara , are you alright naa? Why are you roam outside without me in unknown place?
Vicky touches Sanskar’s shoulders.
Vicky: di is alright Sansku
Sanskar sees Vicky with his red bolt eyes and drags him outside and hold his shirt collar.
Sanskar: do you know how much suffered we are? She even didn’t eat regularly. I always go to park just like a mad. Why did you left me? what’s my mistake?
Vicky: it’s my mistake, Sansku. Can’t you forgive your little friend?
Sanskar hugs Vicky and whispers in his ears” don’t leave me”
Vicky hugs sanskar tightly and whispers in his ears” you will become a father. Sansku”
Sanskar break th hug and go to swara.
Sanskar: swara, we well become parents.

Swara blushes and nods.
Sanskar takes Swara and Swirls her in Air.
Ragini: harray Devarji, she is so weak. It’s not good for baby. Please leave her.
Sasnkar left Swara down and make her sit in bed.
Sanskar: Bhabhi..
Ragini: don’t worry . but don’t do this again.
Sanskar nods.
Outside Ap and Suji talks. Ap gives MM’s keys to Suji
Suji: jiji..i don’t deserve this.
Ap: you deserve this suji. I want to see my devarani back who cares everyone in the family.
AT NIGHT, everyone present in Laksh’s house topfloor. It’s a fullmoon day.
AP, SUMI, SUJI feeds all including Swaragini, swalak, sahil and Lavik.
Lavanya stands suddenly and kneels down before manik.
Lavanya: Manik, you changed my life into beautiful one. Because of you, I got my mom and Laksh bhai back to me. you are so good at your heart. you always love me and care me even I didn’t return back. I love you MANIK. Can you remarry me infront of my family?
Manik is frozen,

Manik: Lavanya, I am the one who married..
Lavanya stops him” I don’t worry about past.”
Manik hugs Lavanya.
Everyone smiles.
Vicky: Manik bhai it’s public.
Lavanya blushes and ran down and Manik chases her.
Soon, everyone go to Maheshwari Mansion.
Manik marries Lavanya with her acceptance. AP and Dp stands in Lavanya’s parent place and Sumi and Shankar stands in Manik’s parent place.

They take a family photo.
Suji sits in middle and carries Krish and Udaya.. Ap and Sumi sits both sides of suji and Dp and Shankar sits near to their wifes. Vicky stands back of Suji and Swara and Ragini stands sides of Vicky. Laksh and Sanskar stands near to wifes. Manik and Lavanys stands near Raglak. Sahil stands near Sanskar.
The perfect family.
After five years,
Sahil is also married to a girl named Jothi. Swara, Ragini, Lavanya and jothi become very close to each other. Swasan have a son named Adhav. Manik have a daughter named Sharmishta and a son Raghav. Sahil have a son Rohit and a daughter diya. Vicky completed his MBBS and works in Manik’s hospital.
Ragini and Manik become a famous doctors. The Maheshwari’s become his industries as the leading one in Asia.
Ram Prasad died in Jail.
In vicky’s room,
Vicky is laying in bed.
In his hands,
Krish, udaya, Aadhav, Raghav ,Rohit are sleeping. Sharmishta sleeps on Vicky’s chest..
Vicky stares the childs and caresses them.
Some times,the relation ship made by heart is always beautiful. The relationship between him and sansku, Laksh is made by heart. now, he leads a beautiful life. He have sumi maa and Shankar papa, and amazing Laksh jeju and loving friend Sansku and caring sisters Swaragini. Now he is also have Manik bhaiya, Lavanya bhabhi and sahil , jothi. His life is so smooth and beautiful.

Sumithra and Shankar- Mr. and Mrs. Iyer from YHM.
Vicky(10 years)- Little Karn in Suryaputra Karn
Vicky(now)- chotu from Diya aur bhati hum
Manik- Sid from ssk

Lavanya- Roli from Ssk
Sahil-Rv from meri ashiqui tum se hi
Jothi- Ishani from Meri ashiqui tum se hi.

Guys i hope you like my ff. silent readers please comment. Please rate my ff for 10. intimate my minus and plus of this ff please

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