swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 14)


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Laksh knows that he is son of RP not DP. Sahil and Sanskar are DPs son. Laksh and Lavanya are Rp’s children. Laksh is heart broken and didn’t reveal that he is alive and Stops Manik from telling the truth. Sahil reveals that [email protected] are alive. Manik refused to tell about Aadi and he went to tamilnadu to see Laksh but Laksh is not there.
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let I start my episode 14.
Manik goes to Hospital which is belongs to Shankar.
Manik:(to receptionist): can I meet Dr.shankar?
Receptionist: sorry sir, He is not here.
Manik: can I know where is he?
Raceptionist: sorry sir, I can’t tell. Dr. Raj, you have a letter from Mr. Laksh.
Manik takes it and Reads.
Dear Manik,
When you read this letter, we left from bhavanisagar. Sorry, but I can’t tell, where we go. I can’t bear the pain if Annapurna maa refused to talk with me or anyone address me as a ramprasad’s son in any situation. I hate that name from my core of my heart. Now, I have the new identity. I am son of Shankar, and I have the beautiful family which incudes my Vicky, rago, sumi maa. Haan I forget to tell about my twins. Ragini gave a birth to twins Krishna shekar and Udaya. Now you become mamu. Take care of my behan, Lavanya. I know that you forcefully married her. I also have anger on you in this. But make sure that her life should be beautiful by you or others. Also take care of my family.Bye my friend.
Your friend,
Laksh Dev .
Manik is numb by reading the letter.
At the same time, Lavanya goes to jail to see Ram prasad.
Ram Prasad: Lavanyaa..
Lavanya: Mr. Ram Prasad..
RP: I am your dad.
Lavanya: sorry, My dad is died when I born .
Lavanya: what you get now? Money or atleast happiness. You just separated me from my mom and my bhai. you are the reason of my bhai laksh death. You killed your son.
RP: no lavanya.. I just want his marriage with a high status family. But I never expect that he would die in order to save that girl.
Lavanya: because you don’t know about love and care. You know about only revenge and money. What you get finally after killing Gadodia’s? Laksh bhai died and My mom who considers you her base of life., mentally shattered.
Rp(remembers his moments with suji and cries)
Lavanya: atleast you have time. Please don’t do anything which make my family suffers and stay away from my family.
Lavanya goes out and RP cries badly by remembering his mistakes.
In office, Sanskar and Sahil sits in Sanskar’s cabin.
A person enters the cabin.
Sanskar: sahil bhai, he is detective hasan and also my friend.
Sahil gives shake hands..
Hasan: sir, can I know why did you called me?
Sanskar gives the photo.
Sanskar: he is Aadi, my saala. And explains what happened in his life.
Sanskar: I want to all about him.
Hasan: but your jeju Manik only knows where he is naa.
Sanskar: yes. But he refused to tell where he is.
Hasan:kk I will try my best.
Sanskar: I don’t care about it. I just want the result.
Hasan nods and leaves.
At evening,
Ragini and her family reaches the new house in Tanjore.
Shankar,Vicky and Laksh cleans the house.
In two hours, the trio arranged the things in the house.
Laksh still can’t accept the truth.
Laksh goes to top floor. Vicky follows him.
Laksh stares the sky.
Vicky: jeju
Laksh: Vicky ( wipes his tears)
Vicky: can you remember about my biological father?
Laksh: what’s the need of Rajat, name here?
Vicky: I am the son of that merciless man.
Laksh is stunned.
Vicky: do you remember how you take me from that guilt?
Laksh remembers that moments.
Both don’t see each other .just stares the sky.
Vicky: jeju,. you have wonderful family Shankar uncle, sumi maa and Ragini di. for them, you are their world. Ragini di’s happiness is based on you. You are so good at your heart. you are the one even adopt your saala as your son.
Vicky hugs Laksh” please come out of that” and cries.
Laksh also have tears in his eyes and back hugs Laksh.
Ragini sees this .
Ragini: Laksh..
Laksh shows a smile in his face which kindle smile in Ragini’s face.
Laksh goes near to Ragini and take one baby from her hand .
They goes to down.
Laksh: appa
Shankar: Laksh..
Laksh: can I call you Appa and (points sumi) amma?
Shankar and sumi are overwhelmed.
Shankar and sumi both hugs him.
At that night Laksh sleeps in Sumi’s lap and Shankar caresses his hair.
Ragini and Vicky eyes are moist.
They hear sound in a room.
Vicky: I think that she is awake.
At that day, night Manik arrives kolkatta and Returned to Gadodia mansion in drunken state.
In Lavik room,
Manik enters the room in semi conscious state.
Manik starts to fall down but Lavanya holds him.
Lavanya: Manik, are you drunken?
Manik(blabbers): Lavanya,meri Laksh left me.
Lavanya misunderstands that Manik is feeling for Laksh death.
Manik: Lavanya, how can he change his house without informing me?
Lavanya is shocked.
Lavanya: what?
Manik : do you see this letter?
Lavanya drags this letter and read it.
Lavanya: is meri Bhai is alive?
Manik: haan Lavanya. He is alive but he can’t accept the truth. But why did he left me?
Tears rolling from her eyes.
Suddenly, Manik holds Lavanya’s legs. Lavanya jerks.
Lavanya: Manik, what are you doing?
Manik: I married you forcefully, Lavanya. Even I point my family’s safety, the truth is I love you Lavanya. When I see you first time in the hospital, I had fallen for you. When I met you first time, you convince a girl to have a medicine, you also act childishly.i just lost in your innocence. From that , I am following you and I gathered all details about you. But you didn’t interested on me. at that time, I know that you are the daughter of Ramprasad. I scared for losing you. So, I decided about marrying you. But I didn’t think about your feelings. I am sorry Lavanya. But I swear if you want divorce from me, I will give you. Please forgive me.
Lavanya is stunned.
Lavanya(in mind): what happening in my life? My bhai whom I considered as dead, he is still alive. and Manik is loving me. he feels guilty for me. what can I do? Accept him or not. Ohh! That’s not a matter now. First I want to find my Laksh bhai.
Lavanya makes Manik sleep in bed.
The next day morning,
Manik feels pain in his head.
Manik: ouch!
He sees a water in a glass.
Lavanya: take it.it’s lemon water . you will feel better.
Manik: thanks.
Lavanya: I want to speak about this letter.
Manik shocked to see that letter.
Lavanya: where is my bhai?
Manik explained to lavanya.
Lavanya: now, what can we do?
Manik: leave him, Lavanya. Atleast he feel better with Shankar and sumi maa.
Lavanya stares Manik.
Manik: today, we want to go mental asylum to take Suji aunty to home.
Lavanya: Maa…
Lavanya and Manik arrives mental asylum.
Manik: can I see the patient named Sujatha Maheshwari?
Receptionist: sorry sir, she is discharged.
Manik and Lavanya is shocked.
Lavanya: can I know who discharged her?
Receptionist: his son named Lakshya dev Maheshwari, two days before he discharged her.
Lavanya: can I know about her mental condition?
Receptionist: you can ask that from doctor.
Manik and Lavanya goes to see doctor.
Lavanya: dr, my name is Mrs. Lavanya Raj manik Mehra. Can I know about the mental condition of my mom sujatha Maheshwari?
Doctor: she is alright. Even we didn’t expect that. When she saw her son alive, her mental condition is also back to normal.
Lavik feels both Happy and sad that her mom is cured but she went with her son.
Lavanya hugs Manik” Manik, I want to see my mom and bhai”
Manik consoles her.
In Tanjore,
Suji knocks the door of Sumi and Shankar.
Sumi is surprised by seeing suji with tray.
Sumi: behan ji, why are you doing this?
Suji: it’s my family. Sumi
Sumi smiles.
Sumi speaks in Bengali for suji.
Suji goes to Raglak room.
Here room is open .
Laksh: I take mom here. But, what can I say if she questioned about My family?
Ragini: haan Laksh. I also thinking about this.
Suji: I never ask about that.
Laksh: suji maa
Suji: I know all the truth Laksh. that you are my own son and I also have a daughter.
Ragini: but how suji maa?
Suji shows a weak smile.
Suji: from my husband’s diary. But at that time, I can’t bear the truth . that’s why my mental condition shattered.
Ragini side hugs her.
Suji caresses Krish and udaya.
Suji:kk. I go to kitchen.
Ragini, Sumi and Suji the trio chit chatting and do the break fast.
Laksh is getting ready for his office. He is working as a accountant in Maheshwari’s subsidiary company. Anyone didn’t know his true identity. For world, Sumi and Shankar are his parents.
Months starts to roll.
Laksh is living happily with his family. Vicky is so affectionate towards Krish and udaya. Laksh , suji and Vicky goes to kolkatta , twice in a month to know about their family condition. Lavanya grows her feelings towards Manik. At the same time,Manik’s guilt increases. Sanskar goes to park daily. Swara accompanies him.
After six months,
In Maheshwari Industries Board room,
Sanskar: Hasan, can you know about him?
Hasan: I have a presentation about his new family. If you see this, you will be shocked.
Sanskar: kk. Hasan. Start.
Projector shows first Aadi’s photo.
Hasan: you already know him, Aditya @Vicky. now, he is in Last year of schooling. Today is his last exam. Now, he is a professional boxer and living in Tanjore, Tamilnadu.
Sanskar(in mind): Oh! Aadi, you are grown that much in just two years.
Sanskar: what? Boxer?
Hasan: yes. He is a boxer, dancer and singer. He is also a topper in his school. He is a good chess player.
Sanskar: Sahil bhai, he is not even think about me.
Hasan: no Sanskar. You are wrong. For every month, he was arriving here and checks your family condition.
Sanskar is surprised.
Sanskar: really? (he is in cloud nine)
Hasan: next( projector shows Shankar and sumi)
Hasan: they are shankar and sumithra. They saved Aadi from Mountain , take him to their house and then treat him. Shankar is a doctor and Sumithra is a house wife.
Hasan: next we are going to see important peoples of Aadi’s family.
Projector shows Laksh and Ragini photo along with their babies.
Sanskar and Sahil stands up due to shock.
Sanskar: dev bhai..
Tear rolled down from Sanskar’s eyes.
Hasan: he is Lakshya dev Maheshwari and she is his wife Ragini and they are their twins children Krishna shekar and udaya. Laksh named them in memory of Ragini’s father Shekar gadodia and Aadi’s real mom Uttara.
Sanskar(whispers): my dev bhai is alive.
Sanskar: Hasan, if they are suffering from any partial memory loss? That’s why they didn’t return to us. But why Aadi is not telling anything to Dev bhai about his real identity?
Hasan(frightened): ohh! Meri dhost. Stop your imaginations. Laksh bhai is not suffering from any memory loss. I don’t know why he didn’t come to his family. He is working Maheshwari’s subsidiary company . If you see another photo, you will be shocked,
Hasan shows Suji’s photo.
Sanskar: maa..
HASAN: Yes. Your mom is also living with Laksh. she is absolutely cured . she behaves so normal.
Another one is also searching this people.
Sanskar: who is this?
Hasan shows Manik’s photo.
Sanskar: Raj bhai
Hasan: Raj @Manik. Best friend of Laksh and Ragini. He is the only one who knows that Laksh is alive. and Laksh, Aadi and Manik the trio planned and acted according to their plan to save your family. And Sujatha maa, Aadi and Laksh come kolkatta once in a month to know about your family.But, I don’t know why Laksh and Aadi not returned to your family. Only he can give the answer.
Sanskar’s POV:
My dev bhai and Aadi both are live. My mom is also stayed with my bhai.what’s my wrong in this? Why they are leaving from me?
Sanskar arrived Gadodia’s house by rash driving his car. Sahil is also following him.
Manik is getting ready to hospital.
Ap: Sanskar, if you forget anything?
Sanskar ignores it and goes directly to Manik.
Sanskar: Raj bhai..
Sanskar eyes are fully red.
Manik: what sanskar?
Sanskar: is my Dev bhai alive?
Manik is shocked but composed himself very soon.
Manik: what are you telling Sanskar? He is died before 6 years.
Sanskar takes a knife and put it in his neck.
Swara: sanskar what are you doing?
Sanskar: tell me the truth , Raj bhai. I am not playing.
Manik: yes. He is alive.
Ap, Dp and swara all are stunned.
Ap: meri Dev is alive. but why he didn’t returned to us?
Sanskar: why didn’t he returned to our family?
Lavanya gives a letter to Sanskar.
Sanskar reads the letter and kneels down. All reads the letter. Swara try to console sanskar.
Ap: meri dev, how can he think me like this? He is my son not any other one. He is always my son(cries)
Sahil enters into the hall.
Sahil: maa. Laksh is finr. He is married Ragini ji and also have two children. Aadi is also live with them. The most important thing is Suji chachi is perfectly cured and living along with them In Tanjore, Tamilnadu.

Precap: Last two episodes.

Guys, I know that it is little bit boring. First I decided that Laksh live with Shankar for the rest of his life but after that I changed. If you don’t like my track, please intimate me in comment box. Negative and positive comments are also welcome.

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