swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 13)

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Recap: Swasan , Lavik and Sahil stayed in Ragini’s home. Vicky reveals his original identity to Laksh after Raglak babies born.
Laksh is frozen” Vicky..” and Kneels down.
[email protected] wipes his tears.
Vicky(kneels down and Take his face in his hand): now, you should be happy. You are a father of twins, jeju.
Laksh hugs him” Vicky(whispers)”
Sumi and Shekar confused more.
Sumi: beta, do you know Aadi before? Why he telling your name as his surname?
Laksh: I am the person who intereferred in his family as a lover of Ragini. I adopted him as my son. He is my Vicky my son. Rago’s choti.
Vicky: jeju, we can cry after. First we can see di and don’t tell about me. I have a surprise for her.
Laksh nods.
Laksh enters Ragini’s ward with Babies.
Laksh: Rago see our babies.
Ragini sees the babies.
Ragini: Laksh meri papa born as our child.
Laksh(in mind): you both are alike, Rago.
Laksh: haan Rago..

The next day ,
Ragini is discharged from hospital.
Laksh calls Manik.
Vicky: jeju, whom are you calling?
Laksh: Manik
The opposite side attends the call.
Laksh: Manik.
Lavanya: Manik is left the phone in house. I am his wife Lavanya. Can you need inform anything to him?
Laksh is surprised by hearing Manik is married.
Laksh: if he come, please inform him to call me. and Congrats for your marriage.
Lavanya: Thanks.
Vicky: what happened jeju?
Laksh: Manik is married a girl named Lavanya. But why didn’t he inform me?
Vicky: what? Lavanya.
Vicky(in mind): ohh! I thisnk he must read that diary. But, Manik bhaiya can’t know his full plan.
Laksh: why are you so much shocking? Kk . where did you live for these years? Whom tried to kill you?
Vicky takes the deep breath.
Vicky:actually, I also want to speak about this. Because, we have very less time to save Sanskar from Ram Prasad.
Laksh is shocked.
Laksh: what? Do you know Sanskar? And why did he try to kill his own son?
Vicky: I am sanskar’s saala Aadi and Sanskar is not his own son. He is Durgaprasad ji ka son.
Laksh: what?
Vicky: I am explaining you , Later. But we have to go kolkatta today evening. I booked the air tickets.
Laksh: Vicky, please explain me clearly.

At that time, Laksh receives Manik’s call.
Laksh: hello
Manik: hello Laksh
Laksh: Manik, why didn’t you informed me that you are married?. I am so happy and Ragini would be so happy if she knows it.
Vicky drags the phone.
Vicky: Manik bhaiya, it’s me Vicky or Aadi what you want? Laksh and me are arriving Kolkatta at night . Make the arrangements.
Manik: Vicky. You are alive.
Vicky: we can speak directly.
Laksh: what happening Vicky?
Vicky: I can say only one thing jeju. We are walking in a knife. If we take one step wrong, our whole family should be destroyed. I will explain you in Manik’s house.
Both are come to hall.
Here Ragini pampers babies.
Ragini: Laksh, are you decided the name?
Laksh: yes. Knishna Shekaran and Udaya
Ragini is overwhelmed.
Vicky: di, today we are going to Chennai. We will come after two days.
Ragini(pouts): is this so important?
Vicky: it importat di please.
Ragini: kk.( agrees half heartedly)

At evening Laksh and Vicky travels to Kolkatta.
Ragini hears a sound from Vicky’s room.
Ragini enters Vicky’s room and sees a cat. She droves the cat away and closes the window and arranges his books and sees two diaries.
She started to read the diary. It’s not vicky’s it’s Ram prasad’s.
Ragini eyes shed tears and checks Vicky’s tables and drawyers.
Ragini get two air tickets bill to Kolkatta. She is hell shocked.
Ragini(yells): sumi maa
Sumi and Shankar rushed to vicky’s room.
Sumi: Rago, what happened maa?
Ragini: maa, Aadi is my brother Vicky whom I lost six years back.
Shankar(caresses her hair): beta, your choti will come two day after. We can plan surprise for him.
Ragini: no maa. Laksh and Vicky goes to kolkatta not Chennai. They go to rescue Laksh’s family.
Sumi: Rago, we can’t understand you.
Ragini: that Ram Prasad fixes tomorrow to kill Laksh’s whole family include his brother, sanskar and some other Sahil. Read this diary.
Sumi and Shankar hell shocked.

At kolkatta domestic airport,
Laksh and Vicky come outside by covering their face by kerchief .
Vicky sees Manik and signs Laksh to come here.
Vicky taps Manik shoulders and shows his photo in mobile.
Manik nods and leads them to his car.
Laksh, Manik and Vicky arrives Manik’s house.
Inside the house,
Manik hugs Vicky, tightly.
Manik: Vicky , you are alive. I am so happy.
Vicky breaks the hug.
Vicky: how your marriage is happen?
Manik: we love each other.
Vicky: I know you from my child hood. Don’t lie to me.
Manik: I married her forcefully.
Laksh hears A thappad.
Vicky: bhai, how can you marry a girl forcefully?
Manik holds his cheeks.
Manik: at that time, I don’t have any other way.
Vicky: do you think that you marry Lavanya and Keep her with SWASAN then Ram Prasad will not attack them? You are a fool bhai. he is not a man. He is mad for money and revenge even he can kill Lavanya bhabhi if he considers She is an hurdle in his way.
Laksh is irritated.
Laksh: can anyone say what’s happening here?
Vicky: after Ram Prasad killed my parents and pushed me from cliff, I got another family who saved me and adopted me named Aditya. in this family, I also got my another di “swara”. And also I lost my memory. After some years, swara di parents died in a accident. Though we struggled for money, I continued schooling and Di completed her degree and get a job in Maheshwari industries. I also got Sanskar’s friendship and Sanskar loved Swara. One day, Swara di ka friend Kidnapped me and try to marry Swara forcefully.
Laksh: after that I know. Manik informed me about chacha’s doings.
Vicky( shows weak smile): In that point, we commits mistake. Trying to kill my di is just the first step of his plan. His second step is to kill Sansku and then AP&DP.
Laksh: what?( stunned) why he do all this?
Vicky: to get the revenge.
Laksh give a confused look.
Manik: DP & RP are not own brothers. They are cousin brothers. Dp’s father is the reason of Rp’s father death. Due to the guilt, dp’s father take care of him . But ,Rp’s mother grown the hatred in Rp’s mind and get promise to revenge . His plan is so simple. First he will make suffer Dp’s child and then he will give a painful death to them and then he will kill DP and AP.
Laksh: no it’s should not happen.
Vicky: he decided the date to kill. It’s tomorrow.
Manik: what?
Vicky: Tomorrow, it’s RP father’s anniversary. He also get bail.
Manik: how can you know that?

Someone knocks the door.
Manik opens the door.
Manik: Sahil!!
Sahil: jeju, where is Aadi?
He comes inside. Manik is shocked. Vicky hugs Sahil.
Vicky: jeju, he is sahil. He helped me in this.
Vicky (whispers in Manik ears): he don’t know that you married Lavanya forcefully. If he knows, you will be dead.
Manik gulps.
Vicky(whispers in LAKSH): It’s time to hide. Laksh hides in nearby room.
Sahil: due to my biological father, you have suffered this much, Aadi.
Sahil: from my child hood, we are brought up by a lady. She died in a accident. After that, Ram Prasad take care of us. he sponsor us for studies and also gives a job. One day, after swara’s incident, we hide in our hometown where we lived in child hood. in that time, I get a diary of that lady. From that I know we are the child of Ram Prasad. and he tries to get Maheshwari’s properties. But I promise I will help you.
Vicky hugs him.
Manik gives a confused look to Vicky and Vicky signs Manik not to speak.
Vicky(in mind): jeju, tomorrow all the truth will be revealed. Kali maa, please give strength to my jeju to bear the truth.
They start to discuss about plans.
In Shankar house,
Ragini is continuously sobbing. Shankar gives an injection to make Ragini sleep.
Shankar and sumi discuss about Raglak.
The next day,
In Gadodia house,
Manik and Lavanya leave the house.
Person: boss, Your daughter left the house.
Ram Prasad: attack them
Ten goons entered the house.
In Aadi’s room
Swara: sanskar wake up you are getting late
Sanskar hugs Swara. Swara break the hug.
Swara: I am getting late. I have to cook for you.
Swara opens the door and falls down.
Swara(yells): Maa..
Sanskar sees Swara falls down in floor and goes there.
Sanskar(shakes):swara .. swara…
Swara opens her eyes and points up.
Sanskar turns and wooden stick hurts his head.

After few minutes,
Sanskar wake up.
He sees Ap,dp, Swara and Sahil, bounded in chair.
He hears a laugh.
Sanskar” papa”
RP: don’t call me , papa.
Dp: he is your son. Why are you converted yourself into such an animal?
Rp: hoo meri bhaiya. He is not my son. He is your son. Both sahil and Sanskar are your sons.
Sahil, Sanskar,Ap and Dp are hell shocked.
Dp: what are you saying?
Rp: haan bhai, do you know your father killed my papa? I live my life to take revenge and I also want your whole property do you rememeber when you admit Ap for delivery at the same time suji also admitted for delivery? I swapped your baby with Laksh and your baby is sahil because your father named his all property to his grand children’s name. But at that time, my heart don’t let me to kill him. so, I given him to the lady to grow up. I lied to suji that her baby was dead.
Laksh hears it and frozen.
Laksh(in mind): am I blood of merciless man? No no(his heart yells)
Vicky(whispers in Laksh): jeju, it’s your hand. You take the decision to support your real papa or your family. I will support you, Always.
Laksh(without any hestitation):my family is important to me, Vicky.
Vicky smiles.
Ap: then Sanskar
Rp: you were again admitted in hospital. Suji also met an accident. Both are pregnant. Suji gave a birth to girl. I don’t want to mess my little angel in that family. So, I swapped her and placed a died baby. But, what can I say? My bhai is very good. He placed his son Sanskar to suji and lies to you that you lost your child.
Dp nods.Rp laughs evilly.
Rp: now, it’s time to kill you all.
Rp takes gun.

Suddenly, all the goons are faints. Because, Vicky shoots thinner needles in their body.
Rp confused and all hears a gun shot.
Rp misses the gun and police comes inside the house along with Manik and Lavanya.
Police arrest all the goons and Rp. Vicky tried to go before them. He want to see their happiness when they seeing Laksh and him ,alive. But, Laksh drags Vicky outside the house through the backway.
Laksh and Vicky comes out of the house.
Vicky: jeju, what are you doing?
Laksh calls Manik.
Manik attends the call.
Manik: where are you?
Laksh(threatening tone): if you expose me that I am alive, I will leave the world.( cuts the call)
Vicky understands Laksh’s feelings.
At mid night,
Laksh and Vicky arrives Shankar mansion.
Vicky knocks the door.
Ragini opens the door and sees Laksh and Vicky.
Ragini hugs Vicky and then Laksh and tears roll down from her eyes.
Laksh pushes her” don’t touch me rago. I am the son of merciless man who killes your parents”
Laksh kneels down and cries vigorously.
Sumi and Shankar slaps and hugs Laksh and says” don’t forget you are my son. My son only. If you want to insult us, you can say that you are son of merciless man”
Laksh places his head in Sumi’s lap and cries.
Ragini also cries and Vicky thinks to solve this problem.

In Gadodia Mansion
Ap feeds Sahil and Sanskar. Sahil is very happy finally he get his original family.
Manik is worried about Laksh.
Swara: how did all the goons are suddenly fainted?
Sahil: Aadi does this. Jeju where is Aadi? You said that he will come at night. When will he come?
Sanskar and Swara stands up and tears roll down from his eyes.” Is Aadi alive?”
Sanskar: raj bhaiya, tell me please.
Manik: if you want Aadi alive, then leave him. he is fine.
Swara: Raj bhaiya..
Manik: I promised him until he comes to this house by his own, I never expose where he lives.
Manik leaves the place and goes to top floor.
Manik(in mind): Laksh, please unite with your family.
The next week,
Manik goes to see Laksh. but , he sees the lock in the house.
He investigates nearby house. He get the information that” Shankar sold the house and hospital, the family moved from the place. “ Manik can’t able to get where Laksh gone.
Manik hold his head” Laksh, where you gone? Please return to me”

Precap: thinking about it.
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