swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 12)

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Let I start the episode 11.
Laksh takes [email protected] Vicky to the room.
Outside the room
Sumi: he is so weak.
When Ragini sees Aadi, he remembers Vicky’s memories and she can’t identify Aadi as Vicky.
Shankar: he will wake up after an hour.
Ragini: I will make rice kanchi(semi solid) for him.
Laksh: I will help you.
Sumi: beta, leave her alone for atleast sometime. Already in hospital, employees are speaking about your chemistry.
Laksh: maa..
Ragini blushes and run to kitchen.
Laksh: Rago. Go slow. It’s not good for baby. And follows her.
Sumi and Shankar smiles.
Sumi: what about aadi? Is he fine?
Shankar: he is physically ok. but I think that he is tortured more. His body full of so much scars and bullet wound. Ohh!

Ragini makes the semi solid food for Aadi and go to his room.
Ragini: Aadi…Aditya..
Aadi: sumi maa please(unknowingly)
Ragini is shocked and move backwards and misses the food and then faints.
Laksh , Shankar and sumi hears the sound and rushed towards here.
Aadi is wake up by sound and sees Ragini in unconscious state.Aadi is stunned.
Aadi: di.. di.. (taps her cheeks)
Laksh sees Ragini and take her and put her in bed.
Shankar calls the lady doctor and checks her pulse.
Aadi sees Laksh and hell shocked. Tears coming down from his eyes. He is speechless.
Sumi touches Aadi shoulders” don’t worry nothing happen to my daughter”
Lady doctor comes and checks Ragini.
Outside Laksh, Shankar , sumi are waiting. Aadi is in so worried about ragini.
Doctor comes out” Mr. Laksh , I already told you naa.don’t give shocking news to her. It’s not good for her and her baby. I know you take care her well. But she don’t know about any shocking news.”
[email protected](in mind):

Harray !I become mamu. But ,I never reveal my true identity to my di until her baby is born. At the same time,I will care of my di.
Laksh is confused .
Aadi remembers what he said in sleeping.” Oh no”
Ragini is wake up. Laksh sits near to her.
Laksh: what happened Rago?
Ragini: that boy remembered my Vicky and hugs Laksh and cries.
Laksh tries to console her.
Anyone in the house not able to cook and they forget about food, Raglak in the memories of Vicky and Shankar and sumi is worried about Ragini’s condition.
Vicky @Aadi goes to kitchen and observes the utensils and he starts to cook.
Within a hour, he cooked and arranged in Table.
He take a silver plate and make sounds using it.
Shankar, sumi , Ragini and Laksh comes to dining table.
Laksh(irritated): why are you making noise?
Aadi smiles” are you forget the time is also 9?
Sumi: ohh ! I cooked nothing.
Laksh: it’s time to feed ragini.
Aadi: lunch is ready.
Shankar. Sumi&Raglak: what?
Aadi: I cooked Rice upma for di(points ragini) and chappathi and dall for others.
Laksh: can you cook?
Aadi: why are you surprised? Can you never see a boy as a chef?
Ragini giggles.

Shankar sits in a chair” oh I am so hungry” take a plate and starts to eat.
Shankar: superb lunch. Sumi , he is cook better that you.
Sumi taps his head and sits to eat.
Aadi gives a bowl to Laksh. Laksh takes it and feeds ragini.
Ragini: it’s so delicious. Laksh, join as a assiatant to Aadi. He cooks very well.
Ragini finished his lunch and goes to kitchen to have milk.
Laksh: Aadi, can we know about you?
Aadi take a deep breath
Aadi: I lived happily with my maa, papa and di. once a time, a man entered in our life as my di’s lover. Really he loved my sister a lot and also me . but he is a heir of business man.
My family is a middle class family. His dad killed my maa and papa. Then he married my di and adopted me. he loved abd cared me lot. His family accepted my sister not me. his dad try to kill me. sir and mam saved me.
Aadi says half truth and half lie and remembers how his sumi maa and papa killed mercilessly. Due to the vengeance in the heart, he broke down the glass which he holds in his hand.
Aadi walks out of this place and goes to garden.
Laksh is frozen. He remembers Sharmishta and shekar. Sumi and Shankar feels very sad for him.
Ragini comes here” where is Aadi” and sees blood mark in table and broken glass.
Ragini: Laksh what happened? And this blood?
Laksh sees it” sumi maa, we never ask him about his past”
Sumi nods. Shankar takes first aid kit and Laksh takes food in his hands.
Shankar touches Aadi’s shoulder and Aadi turns.
Aadi: sir.. sorry I spoilt your mood by my sad story. Thank you for saving me.
Shankar: no need of thanks and sorry. You can call me as uncle.
Shankar takes his hand and removes the glass pieces and dresses it.
Aadi sees Laksh with food plate.

Aadi: I will eat myself, sir.
Laksh refused and feed him.
Aadi remembers his moments with Laksh.
Aadi: thanks jeju(unknowingly and then realizes)sorry I said it unknowingly.
Laksh(smiles):you call me as jeju.
Aadi smiles. The trio enters the house.
Ragini: papa, is the wound not deeper naa? Is he need any injection?
Aadi: nothing to worry di.
Laksh: sumi maa, have Rago drink the saffron milk?
Ragini walks fastly to her room and Laksh follows her with milk.
Sumi, Shankar and Vicky have the smile in their face.
In RAGLAK room,
Ragini: Aadi is so sweet naa laksh.
Laksh: yes rago. But he bear so much pain in his life.
Ragini: he provokes Vicky’s memories in my heart. I feel Vicky is present here.
Laksh nods and then they sleeps by holding their hands.

The next day,
Aadi wakes up and go to kitchen.
He make coffee for others and energy drink for Ragini.
Sumi comes to kitchen.
Sumi: aadi, what are you doing here?
Aadi: aunty, I made coffee for you and energy drink for di.
Sumi : beta, what’s the need of this?
Aadi: aunty, if I am staying here, I also take some responsibilities.
Sumi: beta, today you have interview in school.
Aadi: aunty but..
Sumi: beta, I will never talk about money. When I saved you. All the responsibilities of you is mine. Get ready(little bit bossy tone)
Aadi: kk aunty.(smiles and turns) Aunty, bossy tone doesn’t suits you. So,don’t try.
Sumi smiles.

Aadi takes the tray and knocks Laksh’s room.
Laksh opens the door.
Laksh : Aadi…
Aadi( signs to move and places the tray on table): jeju, take your coffee and get ready for jogging. I will be back in fifteen minutes.
Laksh: but, I don’t go jogging for several years.
Aadi : when I see your little belly, I can understand it. if you can’t come, I will call you as uncle in front of everyone especially before di.
Laksh gives a deathly glare to Aadi and Aadi ignores it.
Aadi: are you coming or not? Otherwise…
Laksh: you are so stubborn.
Aadi: then you? Aadi moves from there.
Laksh is numb.
Laksh(in mind): Rago is correct. He provoking Vicky’s memories.
Laksh , Shankar and aadi go for jogging. Shankar introduces Aadi as relatives son to his friends.
Laksh get Admission for Aadi in CBSE school for HSE first year.
Manik marries Lavanya forcefully. Swara and sahil misunderstands that they are lovers.
Sahil: kk. I will organize for reception.
Manik: no sahil. Swara and Sanskar are in sorrow due to Aadi’s death. In this situation, celebration is not good. I just gave announcement in Newspapers and Media.
Sahil: kk jeju.
Swara and Sahil go to Office.

In Sanskar’s cabin,
Sanskar: swara.. and stands up.
Swara: it’s my resignation letter.
Sanskar: what? And drags the letter and tears into pieces.
Swara: why are you let me live in peace?
Sanskar take a deep breath.
Sanskar: swara, I promise you that I don’t disturb you in office.
Swara sees him doubtfully.
Sanskar: swara, I swear I will never speak to you about personal matters.
Swara leaves his cabin and Sanskar feels exhausted.
In jail, A person comes to see Ram Prasad.
Ram Prasad: is anything important?
Person: boss, Lavanya is married.
Ram Prasad holds the jail bars in shock.
Ram Prasad: how? And when?
Person: two days before, a goon try to rape her. Her lover Dr.Raj saved her and married her.
Ram Prasad: who dare to rape my daughter? I want his dead body. And I ordered you to spy her and escort her. If anything happen to her, I never leave anyone of you. Mind it and leave from here.
Person: kk.boss
RamPrasad(in mind): I should remain silent for a period. My actions should not affect my daughter.

The days starts to roll Manik and Lavanya lives in Swara’s house and Lavanya became a friend of Swara. Sahil also stays with them sometimes. Sanskar feels satisfied with swara’s presence . In the same room, Manik sleeps in floor and Lavanya sleeps in Bed. Sanskar comes to park daily at evening. AP and DP try to speak with swara but Sanskar stops them.
Three months after,
One day,
Swara is in office in evening and Sahil comes here.
Sahil: swara , already working time is over.
Swara: sahil, I have to complete some work.
Sahil closes her Laptop and drags her outside. Sanskar sees that from window.
Sanskar(in mind): how can he drag my swara?
Sanskar also follows them.
First swara and sahil go to mall. First they go to clothing section. Swara takes some shirts and sherwani and checks with Sahil and Sahil selects sarees and Lehangas and matches with Swara.
Swara: it will perfectly matches to Manik bhai.(take some suits and Sherwani)
Sahil: Thanks swara.
Swara: no need of thanks and sorry in friendship. And it’s also my bhai’s birthday.
Sahil: let go to select footwears
Swara: kk.
Sanskar sees that and fuming in jealous and anger and he can’t hear anything.
After an hour, They completed their shopping and go to ice-cream parlor.
Sahil buys ice-cream for him and swara.
Swara: sahil, how can you know that butterscotch is my favorite?
Sahil: don’t forget I am your best friend.
Swara: haan
Ice- cream is sticked in Sahil’s lips and nose and swara sees it. Swara signs but Sahil cann’t understand.
Swara wipes the ice-cream in his lip by using her hanky.
Sahil:oops! Sorry
Sanskar jealous crosses the limit.
Sanskar(in mind): I swear swara I will never let you to leave me.
Swara: take all these bags and I am going to nearby temple.
Swara goes to temple .

In Temple,
Swara(in mind): Kali maa, please make sanskar happy. I know that he loves me a lot. But I can’t live in this house. Please do anything to forget me. he should move on in his life.
While Swara returns to home, someone drags inside the car and the car moves from the place.
Swara sees the person” Sanskar”
Swara try to open the door. sanskar switch on the music system and increase it’s sound.
Sanskar: I put door lock. So, you can’t open the door and even if you scream, nothing will hear outside the car.
Swara: why are you doing this? What’s my mistake? Why did you never let me live peacefully? And hits him.
Sanskar stops the car and take his hanky and put some liquid in this.
Swara” no no”
Sanskar: sorry swara and make her faint by using the cloth
sanskar drives the car to farm house.
After an hour, Swara wakes up in a room. She feels the pain in her head.
Swara: ouch!
Swara try to stand but she falls.
She sees Sanskar is entering into the room..
Swara: Sanskar leave me.
Sanskar comes near to swara .
Sanskar: why should I leave you? You are my wife. I never leave you.
Swara observes that he is drunken and scared while seeing his red eyes.
Swara: when did you start to drunk sanskar?(angrily)
Sanskar: you leave me naa. Why did you questioning me?
Sanskar about to falls down and swara holds him by his shoulder and make him sit in bed.
Swara goes to take water but sanskar holds her by his hand.
Sanskar: don’t leave me alone swara. I can’t bear it. Already Aadi left me. do you know after my bhai’s death, he is the only companion to me. he is a friend, a family,a choti, an advisor to me. He was everything to me. but, when I know that I was the reason of his death, I literally breakdown Swara. I feel that I am a lifeless body. even he would kill me,I will be very happy. Because I don’t want to bear the pain of losing the loved ones. But , why did he left me swara? Why did he sows guilt in my heart? why did he make my life as a hell?
Sanskar blabbering about Aadi and then sleeps. Swara listens all this and tears rolling down from her eyes.
Swara: nothing is your mistake Sanskar. The mistake is ours. You are very good, Sanskar. At the same time, I can’t live the house which my Aadi hates the most.

Swara leaves the place and returns to home at 11 pm.
Swara knocks the door.
Sahil opens the door.” Why are you so late, Swara?”
Swara: I met my school friend,(lied)
Sahil: kk. Get to sleep. We have so many works tomorrow.
The next day, Sanskar wakes up and remembers everything.
Sanskar(in mind): what have I done? She already hates me. now I increase the hatred. If she returned to her house or not. Ok. I will go to her house and check it.
Sanskar goes to Swara’s house and knocks the door.
Sahil opens the door and sanskar is shocked to see Sahil here.
Sanskar: sahillll!
Sahil: come on sanskar. Jeju(shouts)
Manik comes there with the shirt which is selected by Swara yesterday and Lavanya comes there by wearing Saree which is selected by Sahil.
Sanskar is confused and hold his head by his hands.
Sanskar: why did Sahil call you as jeju, Raj bhai?
Manik: I married his behan, Lavanya.
Sanskar: what?(surprises and hugs him) why didn’t you inform me about your marriage?
Manik: I think you heard it from swara.
Sanskar nods his head down and Manik puts his hand in sanskar’s shoulder.
Manik: Sanskar, swara said that she didn’t live in MM. why can’t you stay here?
Sanskar: Raj bhai(surprised)
Manik: don’t stare me like that. I am not swara.
Sanskar enters Swara’s room and admires her and sees that swara hold Sanskar’s photo while sleeping. Sanskar takes the photo.
Sanskar lays on bed near swara and holds her hand and starts to sleep in her embrace.

After few minutes,
Swara is wake up and sees Sanskar and kiss him in his forehead considered as her dream. Sanskar opened his eyes.
Sanskar: good morning sweetheart.
Swara jerks” what are you doing here?”
Sanskar: I am sleeping with my wife. There is any mistake in this.
Swara: get out from here.
Sanskar holds her hand and sees her eyes.” Why did you kissed me?”
Sanskar continues” Swara I know you love me a lot. Why didn’t you accept that?”
Swara: haan sanskar I love you. But I can’t come to that house.
Sanskar: can I force you to come MM?
Swara gives a confused look.
Sanskar: we start in our life in a house where Aadi loved mostly. Get ready. I will be back after an hour.
Swara confused more and hold her head.
At the time, Manik receives a call.
Manik: haan bolo
Laksh: Manik, it’s ninth month for Ragini. So, we decided to celebrate Bangle function. I call you to invite.
Manik: sorry I can’t come. Due to Aadi’s death, Swara left sanskar. I tried to patch up them.
Laksh: what?
Manik realized that he lose the words.
Laksh: why didn’t you informed ma? Sanskar can’t bear this.
Manik: now, he is ok. I will take care of this.
Laksh: how did he dead?
Manik: it’s an medical allergy.
Laksh: in this there any chacha’s hand?
Manik: no
Laksh: kk and cuts the call.
Manik(in mind):sorry Laksh. you can’t bear the truth.
Sanskar arrived in an hour.
Sanskar: Swara, are you ready?
Swara gives a look to Sanskar.
Sanskar: Manik bhai,get ready with your bags and sahil you also.
Sanskar takes swara’s belongings and drags swara with him.
Swara: I never come to that MM.
Sanskar: come with me.
Swara nods.

All the one get into the car and sanskar drives the car.
After few minutes, Sanskar parks the car near a house.
Sanskar: destination arrived.
Manik and swara shocked to see that house.
Swara: is Ragini jittaniji ks house?
Sanskar: it’s also Aadi and Raj bhai’s house.
Swara: I can’t understand.
Sanskar: Ragini bhabhi was Raj bhai’s friend and Raj bhai spends more in this house.
Swara understands .
Swara goes near enterance. Here AP takes aarti to Swasan and Lavik(Lavanya Manik) .
Manik is overwhelmed and remembers his past with Vicky and cries.
Lavanya can’t see Manik’s state . Lavanya hugs him and Manik back hugs her and cries badly.
Manik composed himself and sees the house.
Sanskar: bhai, I never altered this house. I just painted and put some extra alamira in every room.
Manik hugs him.
Sanskar: are you like my birthday present?
Manik: this is the best present to me.
Swara sees the wall. The pictures of RAGLAK &Vicky and Swasan& Vicky .
Swara is emotional and Sanskar hold her and take her to Ragini’s room.
Sahil stays in guest room and Lavik stays in vicky’s room and AP and DP stays in shekar room.
Few days rolled,
Swara started to accept Sanskar again. Lavanya enjoys her days with her badepapa and bade maa. Sahil is happy while seeing Swara and Lavanya’s happy face.
In the day of Bangle function for Ragini,
Aadi looks so tired. But even he cooked five type of variety rices, and Ragini’s favorite food.
The function should be started by Laksh. he should put first bangle in Ragini’s hand.
Vicky takes a gold bangle in his pocket and mixes it with other gold bangles.
Sumi: laksh start the function.
Laksh takes aadi’s bangles and put it in Ragini’s hands.
Ragini: it’s very beautiful laksh.
Laksh smiles.

Then the other ladied put bangles in her hand and blesses her.
Aadi serves the food to guests.
Laksh goes there.
Laksh: uncle, I take Aadi with me. you manage with other peoples.
Shankar: kk beta
Laksh drags Aadi to RAGLAK room.
Laksh: remove your shirt.
Aadi: jeju, what happened?
Laksh: do what I say.
Aadi resists but Laksh just tears the shirt.
There are so much wounds in Aadi’s body.
Aadi: jeju
Laksh just dresses his wounds and says” are you mad? You are not a professional boxer and you learn boxing for just four months. How can you decide to participate in boxing competition? Are you not have any senses?
Aadi:oh jeju! You are very smart. But you forget one thing. I am the first runner in this competition.
Laksh: you won all the competition in the school and using this you buy a bangle for Rago. If you want to buy bangles, then I will provide you the money. What ‘s the need of participating in Boxing competition?
If anything happen to you, how can we bear it?
Aadi: jeju, I just want to buy bangle for my di with my own money. Is there any wrong?
Laksh: your motive is very good. But don’t take risk.
Aadi smiles.” Thanks for put my bangle in Di’s hand, first”
Laksh: don’t participate in boxing competitions.
Ragini hears that and comes inside the room and sees wounds in Aadi’s body.
Ragini touches the wound” don’t repeat it”
Aadi: dii and make sit her in bed.
Ragini: ouch!
Laksh: rago what happen?
Ragini:baby is punching me.
Ragini takes laksh hand and put it in her belly.
Laksh observes the baby’s movement and tears rolled in Laksh eyes and side hugs her.
Aadi: I ‘m also there.
Ragini caresses Aadi’s hair.

In that night , it’s a full moon day.
They are sit in the rose garden.
Aadi cooked rottis and dall.
Sumi and Shankar feeds Ragini. Ragini feeds Laksh and Laksh feeds [email protected] and aadi feeds Sumi and Shankar.
They are happily having their food and Ragini remembers her date with Laksh in rose garden.
Ragini feels the pain and she refused it.
After few minutes,
Ragini yells in pain.
Shankar takes the car and Laksh puts Ragini in the car. Aadi follows them in the bike.
Laksh admits Ragini in hospital.
After an hour,
A nurse comes with two babies.
Nurse: sir, you have twins.
Laksh, Aadi, Sumi and Shankar are very happy.
Sumi and Shankar takes babies in their hand.
Sumi: Laksh, are you decided the Babies name?
Aadi stares the babies(in mind): my papa and uttara mumma born again.
Aadi: shekar and uttara
Laksh is stunned” aadi…”
Aadi: (smiles). My full name is Vikram Lakshya Dev Maheshwari.your vicky jeju.
Sumi and Shankar give a confused look and Laksh is frozen.

Precap: secret of Laksh, Sanskar and sahil is revealed.
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