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Recap: someone kidnaps Aadi and try to kill him . Aadi is escaped and sumi and Shankar saved him. Goons produce fake body to prove Aadi’s death.. Police handovers a body to Maheshwari’s that it’s Aadi’d body and it’s too damaged and they identified by using the chip. Swara announces Aadi’s real name with the surname of laksh. all are shocked.
Let I start the episode 11.
Swara: Vicky [email protected] Vicky Lakshya dev Maheshwari
All are shocked.
AP: What are you telling beta?
Swara: haan maa, he is brother of Ragini. Dp touches AP and signs Swara says truth.
Manik internally broke down. Swara become very mad.
Sanskar: swara I can’t get you.
Swara: he is brother of ragini gadodia and Laksh ji adopted him as his son. After that, (points sanskar) your father killed his family mercilessly. My parents saved him and adopted him. after my parents death he is my only hope to live in this world. It’s all because of you sanskar, if you don’t marry me, we never came to this house. He never remembered his past. We could live happily. Because of you, he remembered his past. Because of you, he commited suicide. It’s all because of you.
Swara’s words stabs Sanskar’s heart and he kneels down in the floor.
Swara: Raj bhai, can you help me to cremate meri aadi?( tears rolling down from her eyes)
Manik Raj nods.
In their cremation, Swara does the procedures and cremates the body.
Raj(in mind): vicky what can I say to Laksh?
Swara(in mind): Aadi, you said that you will leave the house. But why are you left the world? Why you make me as an orphan? I will never step into that Maheshwari house the house which you hated. I will never let sanskar again in my life. Because of him, I lost you.( remembers the broken bridge dream she have )
Sanskar sees this with a pain.

At maheshwari mansion, Swara and Manik returns the Maheshwari mansion.
Swara stops at enterance and gives asti Kalash to Manik.
Swara: Wait here.
Swara goes to Swasan room and takes her clothes and hides Sanskar photo in that and comes to hall.
AP: beta, please don’t leave us.
AP holds Swara’s hands but swara removes her hand and hides her tears.
Sanskar: Maa let her to leave.
Swara leaves the house and goes to her house . Manik sees it with a pain. Sanskar life is destroyed. He lost his wife and also my Vicky.
Manik(in mind): what can I do? I lost my Vicky. It’s my mistake. Now Sanskar lost his life. I failed to keep my promise. I should fast the DNA test. Now, I lost my Vicky. What can I say to Laksh and Ragini? No I never say this to Laksh and Ragini. They can’t bear it. I should bury this truth in my heart.
Manik drops Swara in her house” swara, please return to Sanskar”
Swara” sorry Raj bhaiya”
Manik drives to Kuldev temple and cry vigorously .

At raj manik house,
Sumi and Shankar treats [email protected] Vicky.
Shankar sees the bullet wound and other scars in Aadi’s body.
Shankar: sumi, I think this boy bear so much torture. Still, the bullet wound is not cured.
Sumi sees the scars. Shankar dresses he bullet wound and wrist.
Aadi tries to open his eyes and sees sumi and misunderstands sumi as sharmishta. He is so weak and he can’t get his senses.
Aadi: maa
Sumi is stunned. Shankar understands Aadi’s condition.
Shankar: sumi, he needs treatment in hospital. We want to admit him.
Sumi: but Shankar it is very risky. If his enemies sees him, they will definitely kill him.
Shankar: what can we do?
Sumi: we take help from Manik.
Sumi: oh! Shankar till Manik is not come to home. I call him.
Sumi calls Manik.
Manik sees caller id and attends the call after hiding his expressions.
Manik: Haan maa
Sumi feels something different in his voice.
Sumi: what happened beta?
Manik is break down.”Maa, today I lost the person whom I loved most”
Sumi: beta, don’t cry. The person don’t like the tears from their beloved persons. So don’t cry and pray to god that his soul rest in peace.
Manik: maa.. but I can’t accept that.
Sumi: beta, all the one should die one day. your friend is so good. That’s why god is taken him.
Manik: maa..
Sumi: beta we are leaving now.
Manik: maa but your camp has two more days naa.
Sumi: but it’s urgent.beta
Manik: kk maa.
Shankar: why are you lied?
Sumi: his friend is died today. So we can’t get help from Manik. Before his condition worse, we should treat him.
Shankar: so..
Sumi:we take him to our hospital and treat him.
Shankar: but sumi, it will take five days to reach our native.
Sumi: we can take car.
Shankar nods.
Shankar takes Manik’s another car and drives to their destination, Bhavani Sagar,Tamilnadu.
Manik returns to home and his car bumped in the way. But he controlled his car and come outside the car and checks the tires. He sees a bag in the road. He goes and check the bag and then shocked. It’s Aadi’s clothes. He sees a diary and then reads it.
Manik: Mr. Ram Prasad , I will never leave you. I will ruin your life. Be ready it’s my game now.
On the other hand, Raglak enjoys their day.

At night,
Laksh: Ragini, you want to drink this.(points milk with saffron)
Ragini: but I don’t like the taste.
Laksh: rago, it’s good for your health.
Ragini: are you teaching a doctor?
Laksh: you are my wife now after that you are a doctor.
Laksh holds Ragini in his hand and feeds her.
Ragini: you are so stubborn Laksh( the same way Vicky tolds him in MM)
Laksh eyes become moist and hides it.
The next day morning
Ragini wakes up and sees laksh who is sleeping by holding her.
Ragini takes his hands and go to kitchen to make coffee.
Laksh comes here and back hugs her.
Ragini: laksh leave me . I want to cook.
Laksh makes Ragini sit in chair and heat the milk and then cools it.
Ragini: why are you give me cold milk?
Laksh: because you don’t drink hot milk.
Ragini drinks it and she feels vomiting sensation.
Ragini vomits suddenly and Laksh takes in his hand and put it in wash basin.
Laksh wipes Ragini’s face with water and make sit her in sofa.
Laksh: Ragini take rest and I will make idli and sambar for you.
Ragini holds Laksh hands “ am I troubling you”
Laksh sits in follr and holds Ragini’s hands” you are my angel. My angel never troubles me”
Ragini’s eyes become moist.
Ragini: you have to go for hospital.
Laksh: yes.
Laksh feeds Ragini .
Ragini: bye laksh
Laksh comes near to Ragini and takes her in his hand carefully.
Ragini: what are you doing?
Laksh: we are going to hospital.
Ragini: but
Laksh: I can’t leave you alone in this house.
Ragini nods.

Days start to roll with RAGLAK happy days . Sanskar imprisoned him in Aadi’s room and he lost his senses. Sumi , Shankar and Aadi takes train from Andra Pradesh to Coimbatore.
Sanskar(in mind while staring Aadi’s photo): why you did this? Do you think how can I bear it? I lost all my important persons in my life. You brought happiness into my life but you snatched my life.
Manik enters the room and sees Sanskar’s condition. Manik:”sanskar”
Manik shakes him but sanskar didn’t respond.
Manik slaps him hardly.
Sanskar: ouch! (sees Manik) Raj bhai Aap
Manik: how many days can you live like that?
Sanskar didn’t reply. Manik continues.
Manik: sanskar, now you are the only hope of Dp uncle and aunty. And you take care of the business and you should get back Swara. You have so much responsibilities.
Sanskar didn’t respond.
Manik:I know you loved Aadi very much. He trusted you that you can protect his di. till swara is in danger, you have to protect her from her hurdles.
Sanskar remembers his promise and the day Aadi shot by RamPrasad.
Sanskar take a deep breath.
Manik: get ready. I am waiting for you in hall.
Sanskar come to hall with formal dress and AP and DP gets happy.
Sanskar: badepapa and maa , I am going to office.

At evening,
Sanskar goes to the Park and sits where he and Aadi usually sits. He remembers his beautiful moments with Aadi and tears rolling down fom his eyes.
Someone touches his shoulder .sanskar turned”sahil”
Sahil sits near to Sanskar.
Sanskar: sorry sahil, because of my father and me, you faced some unwanted incidents. Please come back to office.
Sahil: it’s ok, sir.
Sanskar: you can call me sanskar.
Sahil: outside the office only.
Sanskar understands that he accepted .
Sahil: please don’t mistake me. but why swara live in her house?
Sanskar: she accuses me for Aadi’s death.
Sahil: what? Aadi is dead.
Sanskar: he committed suicide because he regained his memory and he is also my Laksh’s saala.
Sahil is stunned.
Sahil: I can’t get it.
Sanskar explained him .
Sanskar: I know that you are swara’s best friend. Please take care for her.
Sahil: I promise you that I will take care of her. But don’t leave her alone.
Sanskar nods.
They return to their home.
Sahil calls Lavanya.
Lavanya: hello bhai
Sahil: I want to speak something very important, Lavi.
Lavanya: kk bhai. I will come here soon.
Lavanya comes outside the hospital. It is already Eight.
She walks in Abandoned road. Suddenly a car come towards her. Lavanya jerks.
A person come outside the car.
Lavanya: sir aap. I am scared.
Person comes near to Lavanya.” Sorry Lavanya”
Lavanya: sir why are you saying Sorry? I can’t understand you.
Person takes hanky and holds her nostrils with the cloth. Lavanya is shocked and she tried to free herself. But she fainted.
Person takes her into his car.
Person(in mind): sorry Lavanya. I should do this for my family.

The next day morning,
Sumi, Shankar and aadi @vicky arrived Bhavanisagar.
Shankar admits Aadi in hospital and do the treatment. Aadi can’t able to recognize the surroundings.
At swara ‘s house,
Someone knocks her door she opens the door and stunned.
Swara: Raj bhai aap (surprised) with Lavanya. In your hand Are you married?
Manik: ohh! Can you already know her?
Swara: she is my best friend’s behan. What happened to her?( sees mangalsutra and sindoor in her head and worried to Lavanya in unconscious state)
Swara: bhai..
Manik: yes. I married her.
Swara: but..
Manik: ohh! Swara first let me inside.
Swara shows the way.
Manik: swara I need a help. Our marriage happened in unexpected way. So please let me to stay here for some days.
Swara: bhai. it’s also your house.
Swara gives her room to Manik.
Manik put Lavanya in her bed and sprinkles some water on her face.
Lavanya opens her eyes and jerks by remembering yesterday events.
She is about to screan but Manik holds her mouth with his hand.
Manik: don’t need to scare. You are in Swara’s house Ms.(whispers in her ear)Oops I am sorry Mrs. Mehra.
Lavanya sees her image in mirror.
Lavanya: are.. you.. married me?(stammers)
Lavanya: but why? How can you know about my original identity?
Lavanya stands and slap him hard.
Lavanya: sir, I trusted you. Even I have so much respect on you. But , why did you betrayed me?
Manik: I am sorry Lavanya. I know you and sahil are innocent. But I forced to do this. I can’t lose any other member in my Family. I swear I never touch you with bad intentions. But for outside until the problems will solved, we should act as husband and wife. After that, I will search a good groom to you.
Lavanya give a angry look to him nods.” But you should act before my brother also. I don’t see his hurter face and remember you ruined my life. For that , I will never give divorce to you. At the same time, I never forgive you”
Lavanya: first say , I know you should be prepared to lie.
Swara knocks the door.
Manik opens the door.
Swara: coffee and halwa. I informed Sahil. He will come in after few minutes.
Swara hears someone knocks the door.
Swara: I think sahil is arrived.
Lavanya sees Manik and then she rushed to go to hall.
Sahil: Lavanya you scared me.( sobs)
Lavanya hugs him and Sahil hugs her tightly. It provoke Aadi’s memories in
Lavanya breaks the hug and Sahil sees the sindoor.
Sahil: are you married?
Lavanya( nods her head down): after your call, a goon kidnapped me and tried to marry me. Raj saved me and he married me. we love each other for a month.
Sahil take a deep breath and goes to near Manik.
Sahil(holds her hand): thanks for saving my Lavi. I can’t tolerate if anything happen to her. Please keep her happy.
Manik feels guilt and says” I promise you sahil I always try to keep her happy.” Wipes tears in Sahil eyes and hugs him.
Sahil: kk. I will arrange for the reception to announce your marriage.
Sahil: today, you want to come office.
Swara nods. Soon, swara and sahil leaves the house and go to office.

In Shankar’s Hospital,
Aadi finally gets his senses.
Aadi: where am I ?
Shankar: beta, you are in a hospital in tamilnadu. You are safe now.
Aadi take a deep breath and closes his eyes and remembers everything.
Aadi: thank you for saving me, sir.
Shankar: you can call me uncle. Today , we are going to our house. You can stay in my house.
Aadi: but..
Shankar: beta, don’t worry.
In shankar’s house,
Sumi ready a room nearby hall in ground floor.
Laksh: sumi maa, who is coming to house?
Sumi explains about Aadi.
Ragini: maa what’s his name?
Sumi: Aditya Kapoor.
Laksh didn’t know the maternal surname of swara.
Shankar and Aadi enters the house.
Aadi sees Ragini(whispers): dii..(very low tone)
Due to the shock, he faints.
Before he fall down, Laksh hold him and take him into his room.
Shankar checks him and says” he needs rest”

Precap: swara resign her job and sanskar’s decision , Manik’s play and Vicky sees RAGLAK

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