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Let I start the episode 10.
Vicky @Aadi travels in a darkness. He can’t know where he is going. But he is still going into deep darkness. Suddenly he sees a light. He goes towards the light. He sees his sumi maa and shaker papa.
[email protected] Aadi: maa.. papa…
He walks towards them. But someone hold his hands. Vicky turned to see who hold his hand.
Vicky: Mumma
Uttara smiles.” Vicky, it’s not your time to come here”
Vicky: but Mumma, I don’t want to live in that worst world and I can’t bear any pain in future. I am totally exhausted.
Uttara: but beta, they need you(points SWASAN in hospital )
Vicky: mumma, sansku can protect di.
In hospital ,
Sanskar and Swara stands outside the operation theatre.
Sanskar’s POV:
I can’t believe my papa as such a merciless man. He is a ruthless killer. He even tried to kill my Aadi and my swara. I swear I can’t forgive him.
Inside operation theatre, Raj is doing the operation.
Doctor(junior): sir, his pulse starts to reduce.
Raj takes a Shock machine and presses in Vicky’s chest.
In the way to heaven,
Uttara: beta, you don’t have so much time. Go to your di.
Vicky: Mumma, it’s not fair. You again sent me to bear pain.
Uttara: Vicky
Vicky: Mumma (places his hand in his waist) kk. I will go( Uttara kisses his forehead) and pushes him from the cloud.
Inside the operation theatre
Raj: ohh! Finally his pulse become stable. Thank god
Raj comes outside the operation theatre.
Swasan goes towards him.
Sanskar: is he ok naa?
Raj: he is ok. I don’t know why he suffering a lot. He will wake up after few hours.
Raj wipes Sanskar’s tears.
Swara: I want to see my Aadi.
Raj: please wait for an hour. I will shift him after an hour.
Sanskar side hugs Swara and Swara places her chest in Sanskar’s chest and Sanskar feels hot tears of swara.
After few hours, Vicky wake up.
Swara and sanskar goes inside the ICU.
Swara : Aadi… and holds his hand. Aadi gives weak smile.

Sanskar holds another hand.
Sanskar( sheds tears): forgive me Aadi. Because of me, you suffered a lot.
Aadi: Sansku, you never responsible for Ram Prasad’s mistake.
Sanskar: Aadi..
Aadi: sansku, now you have to take care of the business. If the news of Ramprasad arrested is known, then the stock prices will be reduced. So please take care of the business. Di, can take care of me.
Sanskar: But Aadi..
Aadi: sansku, please( he struggles to speak)
Sanskar: kk Aadi
Sanskar leaves.
After some hours,
Swara: now how are you feeling Aadi?
Aadi: I am feeling better di.
Swara: why did you don’t say that Ram Prasad is a culprit?
Aadi: I don’t want to give tension to you. But…
Swara:try to killing Sanskar is a prank naa.
Aadi: yes. Because I want you to be with Sanskar. Then Ram prasad will not directly attack you.
Swara: atleast , you can say me about this.
Aadi: how can I say without evidence?
Swara: I don’t need any evidence for your words, Aadi,
Aadi: di..
At the same day, In Shankar’s Mansion
Ragini accepts Laksh in her heart and she is pregnant. She waits to tell this to Laksh but Laksh came Late at midnight and Ragini slept in couch in the sitting position.
Laksh enters the house and sees Ragini is sleeping in couch. By seeing Ragini, he have a smile in his face and take her in his hand and go to their room. In their room, LAKSH put Ragini in bed.
Laksh phone starts to ring.
Laksh: hello Manik. Is anything important?
Manik: yes. Your chacha tried to kill Sanskar’s saalaa.
Laksh: what? Why?
Manik: the same reason why he killed Gadodia.
Laksh: he didn’t changed. But sanskar can’t bear it. please take care of him. now how is his saalaa? His name is Aadi naa.
Manik: now, he is ok. he scared me . he is alive due to God’s grace because the bullet stacked near heart.
Laksh: thank god. what happened to DNA test?
Manik: Laksh, it’s not easy to get samples from a prisoner. You have wait at least for a weak.
Laksh: kk. Manik. Please take care of Sanskar.
Laksh cuts the call and lays on the bed and sleeps by holding Ragini’s hands.

At the same time,
Raj @ Manik receives a call and shocked by hearing the news.
The next day
In the court, Judge taken Ram Prasad’s case.
Judge: Public Prosecutor you can start your argument.
PP: thanks your honor. Your honor, this Ram Prasad Maheshwari is a culprit who even tried to kill his daughter in law and her brother. Because she is not an daughter of millionarre.
Defence Lawyer: I object your honor. My client is not culprit until the judgement is given. He didn’t try to kill them. It’s a clear prank set by Mrs. Swara and her brother. They want Maheshwari’s money. That’s why they did this.
PP: defence lawyer saying so much of lie, your honor. Where is the evidence?
Defence Lawyer: I want to ask some questions to Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.
Judge: Permission granted.
Sanskar stands in witness side.
Defence lawyer: why did you go to your farm house?
Sanskar: someone tried to kill me by attacking my Car with a truck. I am escaped and at that time My wife came there and I decided to go farm house and saw my father tried to shoot my saala and said that he is the one who tried to kill swara.
Defence Lawyer: your honor, how can Swara arrive that accident place at the nick of the time? Because she know that accident should happen. She came here to checj Mr. Sanskar is alive or not.
Sanskar: no no
Defence Lawyer: your honor, Mr. Sanskar can’t bear his wife betrayal.
Defence Lawyer produces Fake evidence which says Swara is a criminal.
Ram Prasad smirks.
Defence Lawyer: I proved this your honor. She even tried to kill her husband. You should punish her severely and my client shot her brother to save his son accidently.
Sanskar is shocko hear this type of argument.
At the time, a person enters the hall and says” It’s a perfect lie, “
Sanskar is stunned and whispers” bade papa”
Judge: you can say by standind in witness side.
Durga Prasad: your honor, Defense Lawyer said a perfect lie and the evidences are the fake one. These are the evidences which can prove my bhai’s crimes. He was ruthless killer. He didn’t like Swara as her bahu because if Swara is his bahu, then it would not give any benefits to his business. For the same reason, he killed my son Laksh’s fiancé Ragini and whole gadodia family.
Sanskar is frozen . he never expected this.
DurgaPrasad: when I know this, I hide all the evidences he left. These are the Evidences( gives it to judge by PP). I already lost my son and I don’t want to see my choti as a criminal. But the guilt in my heart snatched my life. I went to Kasi and I thought that my son’s death would definitely change him. but he never changed.
All the one are shocked by hearing this. Sanskar is internally broke down because he loves his bhai a lot.
Judge sees the evidences and remand Ram Prasad for 15 days for further investigation.
All the one leaves the court except DP and Sanskar.
DP goes near to Sanskar and hugs him and Sanskar cried Badly.
Sanskar: Bade papa, how can he? How can he that much ruthless person? Because of him, I lost my bhai, my mumma . even after that, he didn’t changed. I hate him from my core of heart. I hate him.
DurgaPrasad side hugs him and take him to near the car and make him sit in Back seat and he drives the car to the hospital.
Ragini wakes up and sees Laksh and smiles.
Ragini(in mind): Laksh today I will give you the most precious news to you.
Ragini fresh up and go to kitchen to ready coffee.
Shankar, Sumi and Laksh sits in hall.
Ragini comes there with coffee.
Laksh: Sumi maa, I will go to Kolkatta for few days. I want to support my choti.
Sumi: but Laksh, it’s risky and if they know you both are alive, then they again try to harm you.
Shankar: sumi is correct, beta.
Laksh: I know it’s risky . but I wish to support my choti, this time.
By hearing this, Ragini misses the plate and walks back.
All the one hears the plate broken sound and sees Ragini’s scared face.
Laksh: Rago
Ragini don’t listen
Ragini(whispers): I don’t take risk in my child. I don’t take risk in my child(shouts and then faints)
Laksh is happy at the same time worried for ragini.
Before Falling down , Laksh holds Ragini and takes her to RAGLAK room.
Shankar calls a lady doctor.

In Raglak room, Ragini lays on bed and Laksh holds her hand and kisses her in her forehead very lightly.
Doctor comes inside room and asks Laksh to go outside room.
After few minutes, doctor comes outside with smiling face.
Doctor: congrats Laksh. you become a father.
Laksh is very happy and sumi and Shankar hugs each other.
Shankar: sumi, now we are THATHA-PATTI(nana-nani)
Doctor: but, she is so weak. Give this medicines and don’t give stress to her. Come for check up after some days.
Shankar: Sumi, we want to cancel the trip.
Laksh: which trip uncle?
Sumi: beta, we need to go KolKatta for a medical camp. But, now we should care for Ragini.
Laksh thinks for a minute.
Laksh: maa, I need a help. Please don’t cancel the trip and do the pooja in Ragini’s kuldev temple. I will give the details.
Sumi agrees with half mind.
Laksh goes to Ragini’s room.
Ragini is wake up and her face clearly state her scariness. Laksh: rago.. and sits near her.
Ragini: Laksh, I want my child. I can’t take risk .
Laksh: Rago we don’t go kolkatta. Maa and Papa will go to kolkatta because of camp. So, relax . it’s not good for our child.
Ragini: do we not go to kolkatta naa?
Laksh nods.
Ragini take a deep breath.
Sumi and Shankar take flight to Kolkatta from Coimbatore.
The next day ,
Sumi and Shankar arrived Kolkatta and Manik receives them. Sumi didn’t speak with Manik. Manik observes that. They arrived Manik’s house.
In Hall,
Manik: sumi maa,
Sumi is stunned to hear this word from manik.
Manik: sumi maa, I know you is angry with me. because I told Laksh as family less. Really I don’t mean to hurt you. Sumi maa, from my younger days, I am longing for a family. I got shekar uncle and sumi(sharmista) aunty , but I am not so lucky.When I saw ragini with you, I also felt this as my family. Please don’t ignore me(cries)
Sumi come near towards Manik and touches his cheeks” beta, if ragini is your sister, then you are also my son, Manik. I don’t ignore you. I think that you don’t wish to speak with me.”
Manik: no maa.
Shankar side hugs him.
Manik receives a call and go to hospital and Sumi and Shankar go to camp.

In hospital,
Swasan,AP and DP are pampers Aadi. DP gets his certificates from his old school and get admission in a kolkatta big school.
Raj enters the hospital and receives the call and shocked. He immediately calls Laksh.
Laksh: hello manik, I wished to call you. But you made it.
Manik: what?
Laksh:Ragini become a mother.
Manik: what!!! I become Mamu. Ohh!! I want to see her now.
Laksh: why did you called?
Manik: I don’t know it’s good or bad. Rajat is encountered yesterday night while he was trying to escape from jail.
Laksh: so, do you not able to make DNA test naa?
Manik: I will search other possible ways.
Laksh: kk, I want to feed my Rago. So bye.
Manik cuts the call with smile.
Sanskar, Swara enters Manik’s cabin.
Sanskar: when will I discharge Aadi, Raj bhai?
Manik: you can discharge him in afternoon. I will finish the procedures.

In After noon , Aadi is discharged from hospital.
Swara and Sanskar go to temple in evening.
Aadi’s phone starts to ring.
Aadi: hello
Caller: ohh Aadi, if you want your sister alive, do what I say.
Aadi: who are you?
Caller: you don’t need to know. I know your di and jeju went to temple. If you want them alive, do what I say.
Aadi(hears swara’s voice in phone):kk.
Caller:you have to elope from that house and write a letter on your own. Take your clothing’s and come out of the house.
Aadi did what the caller says and come out of the house. Suddenly a black omni van comes near to him and the man who walks near to Aadi close Aadi’s mouth and pushes him into Van.
Aadi can’t protect himself and few goons sit in the van controls Aadi. One of the goon ties Aadi’s hands and another Aadi’s legs then closes Aadi’s mouth with a cloth. Aadi sees Sanskar car in opposite direction and he tried to signal him.
But a goon observed this and pushes Aadi’s head down. Aadi tried to scream and only muffles come from his mouth. They take him to kuldev temple. It’s a mountain place.
On the way, one of the goon hold Aadi tightly and another one unbounds his hands and take knife and slice Aadi’s hand near wrist and take the chip(tracker) out.
Aadi muffles in pain. The goon loses his tightness and Aadi uses this. As soon as aadi opens the car door and jump from the car.
Goons are shocked.
Goon 1: what can we do now? If we don’t kill him, boss will definitely kill us.
Goon 2: take a body from mortuary same his age and put the chip in his body. We have to smash the body’s face. And he can’t survive. Because of blood loss, he will die soon. Kk. We don’t need this bags. So we throw it.
Goons take the body and do accordingly by their plan.
He put a body from mountain.
Aadi takes the cloth from him mouth and walks . A car come near to him and stops.
A man come from car and shocked to see this.
Aadi fall down but that person hold him.
Person: sumi, he need a urgent treatment.

Sumi takes the medical kit and Shankar put stitches in Aadi hands.
Shankar: thank god, he didn’t have so much blood loss.
Shankar sees the scratches in Aadi’s hands and legs due to ropes.
Shankar: I think someone tried to kill him. (thinks) Sumi, check the bag we got it in a way.
Sumi checks it.” it’s this boy’s. His name is Aditya Kapoor”
Shankar and Sumi take him into Raj house.
At the same time, Raj receives a call .
Raj: Sanskar, is anything important?
Sanskar: Aadi is missing in house. We searched him outside merely for hours.
Raj: what? I will come as soon as possible..
Raj goes to Maheshwari’s house and sees Swara and AP’s crying face ,Sanskar andDP ‘s worried face.
Raj: what happened Sanskar?
Sanskar gives a letter.
Raj read letter “ sorry di, I should leave the house now. My family is killed by Ran Prasad. I scared that I will harm Sanskar jeju. My heart yells to revenge but I can’t harm sanskar jeju. So, I decided to leave”
Raj: you can find him using tracker naa.
Sanskar: tracker is also not working bhai. It’s scaring me(cries)
A police enters the house.
Police: Mr. Sanskar
Sanskar: can you find him?
Police: takes his cap: sorry Mr. Sanskar. He committed suicide from mountain cliff and his body is so damaged. We identify him using this Tracker in his body.
Swasan internally break down.
Swara: no no ,my aadi didn’t leave me like this.(busted out in cry)
Police: sir, his body is so damaged. Before it starts to decompose, please cremate it.(gives body. It’s fully covered with white cloth)
Sanskar touches her shoulder. Swara jerks and slaps him.
Swara: why did you loved me? married me? because of you, I lost my Aadi. I hate you from the core of my heart. I hate you.
Police: sorry sir, we know that it’s hard to bear this. Can we know his full name for report?
Sanskar: Aditya..
Swara(interrupts): Vikram Gadodia @ Vikram Laksh Maheshwari and then sobs badly.
All the one are frozen.
In jail,
A person enters to see Ram Prasad.
Ram Prasad: what happened?
Person: we tortured him and killed him.
Ram Prasad laughs evilly.” Maheshwari’s you should regret for your mistake”
Then he laughs soundly. Even the person scared to see Ram Prasad.

Precap: guess it.
Friends, I tried my best. I will give more Raglak scenes and Swasan scenes in upcoming episode.

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