swaragini…love has no definition (one shot)


Hi friends i am writing this one shot. You can call it an experiment.lets see this gets successful or not.

There is a guy named sanskar. He is cute,sweet,kind,caring and the most loving person you can ever meet. We met on a site named lovers point,a dating site. There we talked for hours and then we kept on meeting and grew close friends . I used to help him in his studies and college work.
We have been friends since some months. He was always there for me when i needed him. One day, I wrote him a letter telling him how i felt about him, he got the letter and told me he doesn’t see me like that, He doesn’t want anything to ruin our friendship. I was so upset, I really truly had feelings for him and i still do. He doesn’t understand that my feelings aren’t gonna go away so easily like his can.

One day, me and him went for coffee, we sat their and talked for hours and hours, It felt so good just to see his face and be able to talk to him about everything, but still couldn’t change his mind about me, he just sees me as his best friend. That’s all i’ll ever be to him is his best friend, It’s funny sometimes he acts like he’s my boyfriend, he gets jealous over guys who talk to me, he trys to be so competive with my baby daddy. He asks me everytime i’m on the phone who text’s me and what not. He acts jealous sometimes i don’t get him. I tried asking him why and he just tells me Because i care about you.

He plays games with me sometimes, He is so mysterious you never know what he’s thinking or what he’s gonna say, He is a one of a kind person, He is different from any other guy i have met, he is just a mystery. Sometimes i wonder if there’s another girl in his life because sometimes he doesn’t answer my calls or my text messages and i know sometimes he’s working or he’s busy but lately, it’s been an issue. He got mad at me for calling him while he was at work i never knew he was even their.

I just wish i knew how he truly truly truly felt, why he isn’t into me i wanna know the honest truth and i feel like he’ll never give me that.
He’s been so distant lately I don’t know why, he was calling constantly now its been more than a week he found someone else and so did i.
Its been 8 years to that. I am married and even a mother of 6 year old daughter. I am happy today with my husband and daughter and we are a happy family.
Suddenly a small girl comes running.
Girl: mom mom .

Swara: yes beta.
Girl: see mom. My dress.
Swara: my princess always looks like a doll.
Girl hugs her.
Girl: mom when will papa come.
Swara: he will be coming soon.
Girl: then i will show him also my dreas.
Swara ok.
Swara: my world is changed . I am happy ,infact very happy.
Suddenly the door bell rings. Swara opens it. It is laksh.
Swara: your princess was waiting for you .
Lakah: where is she. Aarohi come beta.

Aarohi: yes dad. See my new frock.
Laksh: o my princess always looks beautiful…
Arohi: love u dad.
Laksh: love u too.
Swara smiles seeing this.
Arohi: mom come we love you too.
Laksh: yes we love u too.
They three hug.
Swara: ok now go and get changed.
Laksh and aarohi nods
Swara: but sanskar i dont know where r u.
Suddenly door bell rings.
Swara opens it.
It is sanskar .
Swara: sanskar.. u here.
Sanskar: yes i came to this town so thought to meet u.
Swara: this is your son.
San: yes . Arnav say hi to aunty.
Arnav: hi.
Swara: hi.btw.. where is your wife.
Sanskar: she is no more.

Swara: o im sorry.
San: no problem.
Lakah: who is there swara.
Swara: laksh see my friend sanskar. I told u na.
Lakah: o sanskr come in come in.
They all sit in.
Lakah: so good to meet u.
Sanskar feels strange talking to laksh.
They all talk ….take dinner and go to sleep.
Swara is switching off all the lights. She sees sanskar sitting .
Swara: hi.
San: u have not slept.
Swara: was about to go. So everything is going well.
San: yes.. what about your life.
Swara: i am very happy. Or more than happy.
San: swara do you still love me.

Swara: what are you saying.
San: that day i came to propose u but u already left.
Swara: that was past.
Sa : but u loved me. And even i loved u.
Swara: laksh must be waiting i should leave.
Sanskar holds her hand.
San: u still love me na.
Swara: good night.
Laksh hears all this.
Laksh: o god i came between two lovers. Now i have to make them togethef.
Next morning.
At breakfast.
Laksh: so sanskar u have not married agai

San:no ..
Laksh: swara .
Swara: yes .
Laksh: you go with sanskar . And show him the city.
Swara: you also come withus na.
Lakah: no why will i come between u.
Swara: what.
Laksh: u both go.
Laksh leaves.
They are seeing places.
They stop in reataurant to have lunch.
Sa : swara u dont love laksh na.
Swara: sanskar what r u saying…u know for me laksh is more than love…he is everything for me

To be continued……….

Hope you liked it. Please comment

Credit to: silent reader

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  3. Little bit confused…swara is accepted laksh as his husband and now she love laksh I think….keep writing u will improve ur skills..u have the ability to write..u can catch readerzz…but in this story we r little confused that’s all…god bless u dr..if I hurt u I’m really sorry …

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  5. Is it a one shot or not

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