Swaragini: love has no boundaries (intro)


– [ ] Hello people! Ananya here… I am thinking of writing a new ff.. It will be a li,ited series.. Plzz tell me whether i should continue or not…

Its a bright morning and somewhat a place similar to India.. But not india… Its pakistan… We see a central jail… There we see the jailer instructing the constable : go give this food to kaidi no. 786(yaa somewhat like veer zara?? Not exactly) …

On the other hand we see a beautiful girl getting ready.. She wears a salwar patiala.. She is looking beautiful… Her mom calls her: beta ragini come fast.. Have your breakfast and go.. Ragini: jii ammi… Coming… please tell whether i should continue or not.. And do you guys want it to be raglak or ragsan??

Credit to: Ananya

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  2. Raglak please

  3. both looks good, it’s your choice

  4. guess. who am I?

    Want Swara instead of Ragini and Sanskar… Swasan… Please continue

  5. Nice
    ragsan plz

  6. Ragsan ragsan ragssn pls

  7. Nice nd ragsan

  8. pls ragsan

  9. Very nyc… plz continue…

  10. RagSan plllzzzz

  11. Dude pls make it raglak

  12. Ragsan . Please. ……..

  13. Ragsan please

  14. nice I want ragsan

  15. Majority ragsan…but I’m k wit both

  16. nice.Ragsan plz

  17. Raglak raglak pls pls pls yar

  18. Raglak raglak….

  19. Ragsan Ragsan. Please I love them???

  20. isn’t ragini a Indian name
    it doesn’t look Pakistani name

  21. Ragsan plzz

  22. Raglak

  23. Raglak

  24. swalak and ragsan

  25. Ragsan plz

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