Swaragini: love has no boundaries (Episode 1)


– [ ] Hello everyone.. Here is the first episode of my ff.. I am sorry eventhough ragsan had the majority votes still i will continue with raglak coz my best friend has forced me too. I am so sorry to disappoint you all… But plz z do read it .. I have a different plan for ragsan in the same ff..i short both raglak and ragsan will be shown. And jyoti I know ragini isnt a pakistani name but there is a different story behind that. Plzz bear with me everyone.

– [ ] The episode starts with the jailer instructing all the prisoners: see from today onwards a new psychiatrist will deal with you all… She is the owner of a very reknowned correction center. Her name is ragini.
– [ ] Laksh was shocked to hear ragini as a name in pakistan. It was a like a home feeling for him..
– [ ] Ragini reached there. Hello everyone! I am ragini maheshwari. Your new friend . So we will start with our session. I want you all to tell me about the person whom you love the most in this entire world.. I want you all to remember them .

– [ ] Everyone started narrating thier own stories. Now it was laksh’s turn. He was having tears in his eyes.. He abruptly got up and went inside. The jailer ran behind him: hey you… 786 where are you goung? Is this the way to behave. Letme teach you how should a person behave with a beautiful girl…
– [ ] He started hitting him with a stick when ragini came from behind: mr. Khan plzz let me.. Dont treat him like that.. After all he is a human being.he stops. And leaves.

– [ ] Ragini: hello !! I am ragini and you?
– [ ] Laksh: my name is laksh.
– [ ] Ragini: why did you run away like that from there?
– [ ] Laksh: its none of your business. You do your job i am not interested in your sessions you can go.
– [ ] Ragini: thats too rude.. Fine then i am going… Suddenly she is about to trip when laksh catches hold of her.. Ragini remembers something.

– [ ] Flashback: sanskarrrrr!!! I will not leave you.. Every Time i try to do my experiment you come and distract me..
– [ ] Sanskar: so you accept that i am so charming that you are not able to concentrate. I know you cant resist me.. He starts moving towards her and pins her to the wall. He is very close to her and both are breathing heavily.he grabs her from her waist and kisses her. Suddenly she breaks the kiss and jerks him off and starts running.. Ragini: not that easy mr. Sanskar.. You have to earn it.. She starts running and and he starts following her.. Auddenly her foot gets twisted and sanskar comes and holds her.. They both are lost in each others eyes. FB ends..
– [ ] Laksh and ragini come back to senses and ragini leaves from there .. She thinks: i need to do something to know why he is like that.. Mr. Laksh wait for me.

Precap: not yet decided…

Credit to: Ananya

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  1. It was too short but nice
    And ananya is swara there in this story?

    1. Yes she will play an important role.thankyou

  2. Awesome please continue

  3. Nice start

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