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****-Flashback in Flashback
Note:Astra @Krishna is a patriotic little girl in this FF.
In Tanishkant Palace,
A week later…
Sahil was looking at moon and singing lally to chotu . Chotu started to sleep in his hand. Sahil kept him in cradle and then walked towards the room of Vishnu who was bedridden because of the injuries caused during the war.
“Papa…”Sahil entered the room .
“Aadi!” Vishnu’s eyes gloomed for a moment then it lost it’s brightness.
Sahil let out a small smile and then sat beside Vishnu, hold his hand inside his both the palm.
Vishnu’s another hand caressed his head.
“I want to see chotu…”Vishnu’s muttered after a bit struggle.
“Haan Papa… I will take him here”Sahil said in a hurried tone by seeing the desperation in Vishnu’s eyes and then came back along with chotu in few minutes.
“Today, he slept soon…”Sahil said while Vishnu caressed Chotu’s head.
“thirkayush maan bhava…” The words left Vishnu’s mouth as a blessing.
A weird fear started to surround Sahil’s heart as clouds while he held Vishnu’s hands.
“Papa…”He muttered subconsciously while his eyes pleaded vishnu.
Vishnu’s eyes frozen at looking Sahil’s eyes and conveyed an apologetic note then closed his eyes slowly.
A Long tear rolled from Sahil’s eyes .
Outside the room,
Astra closed her eyes while her eyes also let the tears go.
Her memories revived back before an hour when she went to Vishnu’s room for giving his food.

“Maha mantri ji, My maa always tell me that if we are sharing our worries and sadness, we would feel bit better…” Astra said while serving his food on a plate then feeding him.
“ It’s not worries Astra… It’s a heaviness which I gathered in my heart because of the decisions I took…”Vishnu muttered.
“then, share with me, Mahamantri ji. You would feel better…”Astra insisted.
“Even I say, you won’t understand.”Vishnu said by seeing a small girl who was nagging him to share.
“Either I understand or not, you would feel better. Just think me as a person whom you love most…”Astra said while her eyes convinced Vishnu.
“ Putri…”Vishnu’s voice shook Kavya’s soul who was inside Astra’s body and made her take control of the Astra’s body completely.
“ That’s was my first wrong, when I didn’t stop my friend, Rudra from helping DurgaPrasad as he was bound to his friendship and promise.My second wrong, I let him to snatch my rago’s childhood.My third wrong, I left my wife and kalyani at the delivery day when I got to know my friend Rudra was in danger though I know they might get in danger .My fourth wrong, I didn’t consider Sahil as my son initially. I always being there as his guru though he was calling me as his papa.My fifth wrong, I made Sahil love his both the sisters though he even didn’t see them properly especially Ragini…”Vishnu’s voice broken in the heaviness.

“I don’t want to tell the truth to Aadi, Mama sri. I can’t lose him at any circumstances.” An 16 year old Ragini said in a strict tone.
“Then, what about Sahil? He is your chotu, Ragini. The lie which you are trying to make truth, you are trying to betray your brother, Ragini. you don’t have any rights to snatch Sahil’s rights or identity. Answer me, Ragini. why are you silent now?”Vishnu scolded her while Ragini remained silent.
“who is Aadi?”10 year old Sahil interrupted.
“My puttar ”Ragini muttered.
“Papa… My rago di will never lie. if she tells he is her puttar, he is…“Sahil said.
“you are a small boy,Sahil. Don’t interfere. It’s about your rights on throne. It’s about your future.And she is trying to snatch your rights for her selfishness.”Vishnu stiffened his voice.
Sahil looked at Vishnu with angry face.
“My di is not selfish, Papa. Her words will never became lie and If my rights on the throne is the reason , I give away my rights on throne , now itself. I won’t step up on that throne throughout my life. It’s my promise .”Sahil said and then placed his palm on Ragini’s palm.
“Sahil…” Vishnu muttered in shock while Ragini looked at Sahil with the same expression.
Sahil hugged her.
“I won’t let anyone raise questions about my di.”Sahil muttered.
Ragini’s hands raised to hug him but stopped in middle. She felt that her heart was becoming heavy but she was unable to understand the reason .
“At that day, I understood Ragini and Sahil were same. Both were blinded in their love. Ragini and Aadi bond was having a strong reason. But Sahil and Ragini… I always told him from his small age that Ragini loves him a lot. I told him that she was his savior. I put him in an emotional spider cob. Whenever Ragini came to Gurukul, her most of the time was taken by Aadi and Sahil always watched them with a longing in his eyes but he never expressed. He started to detach himself from everyone but when they need, he went first to help them.He didn’t hate Aadi for that. But, he shown his love . He suppressed all his talents just to make Aadi look correct one for throne.And I stood back silently without knowing how to stop this injustice. I tried in my ways. But, I hurt my Aadi . A lot of instances, I hurt him and forced him to leave the nation. Mean while, I made him to hate me that I was forcing him to go away from Ragini. I never be a good father to him.”Vishnu muttered in a deep grief.
“On the another side, Sahil learnt to hide his pain and his longings. I am scared about his life. He never expected to anyone reciprocate his love. He loves his beloved one’s very deeply and truly. He was getting blinded and binded by his own love for Ragini. I am scared that one day, he might be broken badly . But, I got a small satisfaction by seeing, Kavya as his love. He smiled truly after a long day when he looked at her. She was a good girl. Everything went fine. I decided to leave along with Aadi when a correct time comes. But, everything was destroyed… destroyed completely… ”Vishnu cried in last sentences.
Kavya(Astra) wiped his tears.
“Whoever being with Sahil or not, you are here as his Father. You are his backbone. I have seen a pride in Sahil’s eyes being your son in a lot of instances. He needs you now.I know at that day, he was angry at you as you spoke against Rago di. That doesn’t means…”Astra(Kavya) stopped as vishnu interrupted.
“He never hates anyone other than himself. Moreover, I am losing my hope on this life, Putri. I have already witnessed my son’s death. My heart is pounding with grieve. “Vishnu let out a little sigh.
“Be with your another son, Maha mantri ji. And, Chotu is here to reduce our pain.”Astra(Kavya) said which she got only smile as answer.

The next day evening,
Sahil had done the last rites of Vishnu and looking at the fire with expressionless eyes.
“Sah..”Astra(Kavya) raised her hands to touch him , to console him but an impulse force send her soul out of Astra’s body.
Kavya walked before Sahil. The voidness in his face made her try to touch his face.
“Kavya…”His mouth subconsciously muttered while he felt the touch. Kavya looked at him with teary eyes but he couldn’t see her.
A sad smile formed in his face and glanced at the fire which was eating Vishnu’s body slowly.
He turned back and looked at the little girl(Astra) who was laying unconscious on the ground.
He took her in his hands and walked towards the palace.
Kavya looked at him with extended hands.
In Palace,
Astra opened her eyes with a tired expression and a bit headache.
Slowly, her mind rewinded the things which was happened inside temple.
At afternoon of the war,
“Rajkumari kavya…”Astra whispered by seeing Kavya’s soul infront of her.
“I need your help… “Kavya said.
“wh..at…?”Astra stammered while her mind was completely numb to analyse the situation.
“Please let me take your body… Tanishkant is in danger…”Kavya said .
Astra stepped back then looked at Kavya with determined face.
“If you really want to save my nation, I lend my body to you but just to save my nation… “ Astra said in a strict tone.
“I promise you I will keep your pride… I will never use your body for my selfishness…”Kavya said in a promising voice.
Astra closed her eyes while Kavya took over her body.
Astra looked at the walls which made her realize that she was in Palace.
She was slowly walked towards the balcony and saw the cloud which was reddish as sun was going to rise.
“What happened in these days?” The question blocked her mind.
“Now, How are you feeling Astra?”Sahil’s voice made her turn.
“Pranam Rajkumar”Astra bended her head as respect.
Sahil’s eyes shrinked by seeing the difference by seeing Astra’s gesture who was acting like a teacher till yesterday.
“Are you Ok?”Sahil asked.
Astra just nodded.
Sahil turned to leave but stopped for a moment.
“ Do you want to tell me something?”Sahil asked without turning .
Astra looked at him for a moment.
“I wish to go to my parents.”Astra muttered by lowering her head again.
Sahil sighed.
“I will make everything ready for your travel.” Sahil said.
“One minute Rajkumar…”Astra stopped him.
“Look at this Sun, Rajkumar… How this world’s light relies on the Sun’s light, Tanishkant’s happiness also relies on this palace. Now Not only your life which was surrounded by darkness, even the people’s life. They relied on you Rajkumar. Only you can return their hope and happiness . That’s your responsibility also .If I said anything wrong, forgive me”Astra bended her head.
Sahil paused for a minute.
Sahil walked towards her and placed his palm on her head.
“The things you do, you speak , you will get a higher place in your life, Little girl. I am indebted to you for all the help you did to me”Sahil said .
Astra looked at him with confusion as she didn’t remember whatever Kavya did.
Sahil turned and left the room as he assumed that Astra got back to normal.
At Evening,
“Papa…”Astra shrieked as she was standing before her house after two months.
“Astra…”Astra’s father hugged her then Astra’s mother took her in her embrace.
“Thank you so much, Rajkumar.”Astra’s father said by joining his palms before.
Sahil lowered Astra’s father joint palms.
“One day, you will be very proud of her. Let her go in her path .“Sahil said.
Astra’s father looked at her proudly.
“I am leaving.”Sahil said in common and joined his palms before.
Astra and her family bended their head lightly.
Sahil rided his chariot towards the palace while Astra’s words ringed in his mind.
His eyes subconsciously looked at the sky which was very bright because of sun light.

In Palace,
Ex-Senapathi Ugrasena , foster father of Uttara , was playing with chotu.
Sahil entered the room and then smiled by seeing chotu’s face.
“Rajkumar…”Ugrasena stood by seeing Sahil.
Sahil extended his hands to take Chotu.
Chotu cuddled in Ugrasena’s hold.
Sahil let a smile out.
“I think he likes you.”Sahil said.
“Babies are like that only. Even uttara did…”Ugrasena stopped as he lost himself in his memories.
A long tear escaped from his eyes and he wiped it immediately.
Sahil took chotu in his hand.
“when are you going to take over the throne?”Ugrasena asked.
“what is the need? ”Sahil asked .
“Throne should be occupied, Rajkumar. Kingless nation and river without water both are same. As time moves on, Both will be disappeared or destroyed.”Ugrasena said.
“But, I made a promise a long time ago. I won’t sit on throne whatever the situation arises.”Sahil said while his hand caressed chotu’s head.
“when a Nation comes before, we shouldn’t give importance to our personal feelings. When we keep our personal feelings before, we won’t see the truth, Rajkumar. Now the truth , People needs a good king for them. And I hope, you won’t stress the burden on the baby.”Ugrasena said.
“Give me permission to leave, Rajkumar.”Ugrasena said and Sahil just nodded his head.
“ When we keep our personal feelings before, we won’t see the truth, Rajkumar”Ugrasena’s words ringed in his mind again and again.
“I did everything for you, Ragini…”Lakshya words before commiting suicide ringed again.
“why?”Sahil subconsciously mouthed.
“ you killed your son….At least now atone for your sins…” The words which he didn’t give any heed at that time become a big question infront of him.
His mind tried to recollect whatever happened at the war time. But, the memories weren’t clear.
“I have to meet you soon…”The words left his mouth.
The Moon started to appear on the sky while Astra was walking nearby Forest.
“Don’t you know it’s dangerous.”The voice made Astra smile and she turned.
“ I know I know you will come…”Astra jumped in joy.
Kavya gave her a puzzled look.
“ I thought If I do anything dumb, you will come.See, you are here.”Astra said while kavya smiled by seeing her expressions.
“Go to your home. Don’t roam like this…”kavya started to vanish but at the nick of time, Astra hold her hand tightly.
“How did you held my hand?”Kavya muttered in shock.
“I am a ghost now… you can’t touch me unless you are also a ghost”She continued.
“what? Am I also become the ghost?”Astra muttered by closing her mouth.
“no…”The hot tears started to flow from her eyes while kavya raised her in air.
“Still not… “Kavya said.
“you startled me… dost”Astra complained.
“dost…”Kavya surprised.
“Haan dost… you are my dost, ghost “Astra replied.
“How come I become your dost?”Kavya asked.
“Are you not my dost, then why did you ask me for help?”Astra asked by rolling her eyes.
“ I ask help to my friends only .”Astra continued.
Kavya nodded her head in disbelief.
“I am leaving from here. You also go to your home”Kavya said and vanished.
“No I won’t go. Until you accept my friendship, I will stay here only.”Astra shouted and sat down on the ground.
Her body stiffened by hearing howls and some other creepy sounds from far.
Half an hour later,
Astra started to sleep in the same place while Kavya appeared infront of her.
“what do you come again? you are not my friend naa?”Astra asked without opening her eyes.
Kavya sighed.
“I accept that I am your friend…”Kavya said in a defeated tone.
“Now go to your home…”Kavya said.
“no, Promise me. whenever I want to see you, you will come to meet me.”Astra asked by showing her palm.
“I promise…”Kavya said while Thunder sound was heard from a far and a lighting appeared.
“Astu! Astu!”Astra heard her father’s voice and then villagers whom were searching for her.
“I am gone now…”She murmured ,laid on ground and closed her eyes tightly.
“Astra…”Her father screamed and ran towards her.
“Astu..”Her father tapped her cheeks while she opened her eyes slowly. He hugged her tightly.
“Are you ok?”he asked while she just nodded and hugged him.
“why did you come here? How many times I told you to not come here? ”He scolded while Astra looked at Kavya who were laughing. Astra twisted her lips while Kavya waved her hands.
The wind became strong.
“We have to move from here.Something is strange…”Old man said to which Astra’s father obliged and left the place along with Astra.
Kavya smiled by recalling the way Astra made her as her friend.
“Stubborn girl!” Kavya mouthed and sighed with a smile. Her face let a smile out after a long time.
In Tanishkant palace,
“Rago di…”Sahil woke up with a scream . The droplets were clearly visible in his face. He clenched his hands to control him while he felt as it was growing more.
Chotu started to cry as he woke up in middle.
Sahil took him in his hands while he felt that embrace was soothening his inner pain. Soon, Chotu started to sleep and then he put him in a cradle.
His legs were subconsciously walked towards Ragini’s room.
His hands were trembled while he touched the door. He turned being not able to enter as the previous days while Kavya appeared beside him.
“Get inside Sahil. You can’t runaway. You have to accept the present…”She muttered and placed her hands on his shoulder.
“Kavya…”He mouthed but he didn’t see anyone nearby.
The sudden strong wind made the room open. His vision fallen on the room and he slowly stepped in.
The emptiness in the room slapped his face hardly while he caressed Ragini’s sword which was kept in the room.
The memories made him tremble and drained his energy mentally.
“why did you leave me alone? For what sin I committed, you punished me with this loneliness.why did you leave me di? I always wanted to be with you… I want to be in the place where you are… but these responsibilities were holding my neck… it suffocates me… I feel like I ended up in a cobweb from where I can’t escape… it kills me di… it kills me…”Sahil, who was merely 18 to 19 years old prince, was not even matured to handle the loss , cried his heart out by hugging the sword.
Kavya sat beside him and tried to hug him. All her attempts resulted in vain while Sahil subconsciously hugged her by recognizing the presence of his beloved person.
She got shocked while Sahil raised his eyes to see the person.
“Kavya…”He mouthed in shock and rejoice while Kavya looked at his eyes.
The moment frozen for them while their eyes expressed love and grief.
Kavya started to vanish while he tried to tighten his grip.
His mind remembered the appearance of Swasan on the cremation ground. The struggle to believe the paranormal activities or not made him feel like the cobweb were getting stronger and unbelieveable.
“I don’t know why you married Laksh; I don’t need to know. But, because of that I lost my Rago maa. I don’t know whether you loved me or not , I loved you . But now there is only one thing remained in my heart, that’s hatred. If you can hear me, hear this Kavya… I hate you Kavya… I hate you from my heart… I hate you to the level to rip out my heart which loved you ”Sahil screamed by holding Ragini’s sword while the wind was getting so much stronger.
Kavya looked at him with shock. The eyes which showed a endless love , were showing an unbearable hatred.
She walked back while her eyes glittered with tears.
“Dost…”Astra , who woke up in mid night with strange feelings, called Kavya.
Kavya appeared before her and then hugged her tightly. Her tears fallen on ground which turned as fire flames and disappeared.
The owl and wolves howled from a far.
“Dost, why are you crying? I am here with you naa…”Astra said while the sound made Astra’s parents woke up.
“Dost stop crying like a kid. Even I am kid, I never cried like this…”Astra said further while her parents looked at her being shocked and confused.
Kavya broke her hug.
“I will come in morning, sleep now”Kavya said while Astra nodded.
Astra lay on the mat while Kavya covered her with blanket.
Astra’s parents shocked to see the blanket automatically covers their daughter.
“Maa…” The voice made Kavya got into present. She looked at sky in which eclipse was at its peak and sun was completely covered.
“The curses had to die along with me…”Kavya mouthed while a black soul forms left from Ragini and Swara’s body and immersed with Kavya.
“ Time has come , Siddhi .Burn me now…”Kavya said while Siddhi hugged her. Slowly ,Siddhi converted as fire and fire started to occupy her as well as Siddhi veena which was kept in the hall.
“Kavya…”Sanskar and Aadi shouted.
“I am leaving with all your past memories… you never remember the painful memories “Kavya mouthed.
A Sudden impulsive force thrown Sanskar and Aadi out of the house and then the house blasted .
“Kavya…”A long tears left Aadi’s eyes while he tried to raise his hands and fallen unconscious as Sanskar.
In Kolkata,
The fire in the out house got stronger . The Fire men made a hole in the wall and took injured RagLak out and send them to hospital.
The eclipse finished while Swara let out a big cry in Hospital.
Ap and Nishu , whose didn’t know about RagLak being injured , were waiting for doctor after hearing baby’s cry.
“You got a grandson, Mrs.Maheshwari… Both are safe”Doctor informed while Annu smiled.
“Can I see her?”Annu asked while Doctor nodded.
“She is unconscious now. Once she get conscious,you can meet her”Doctor said.
Dp was waiting before Laksh’s ward while Aman left to Ooty after he got to know about the fire accident. Sathya was fallen sleep in his embrace after crying for long time.
Dp looked at Laksh and then Ragini through the small mirror.
Doctor came out.
“ They are safe now, Mr.Maheshwari.There are some minor injuries and they inhaled smoke. That’s why they are unconscious. They will get conscious soon…” A Lady Doctor said while Dp nodded with a smile after getting relieved by hearing their condition.
In Ooty,
Sanskar was slowly opened his eyes .
“Aman bhai…”Sanskar muttered by seeing Aman near to him.
“Don’t stress yourself Sanskar…”Aman said.
“Kavya… she tried to commit suicide”Sanskar exclaimed .
Aman turned while Sanskar held his hand.
“She died as the LPG blasted”Aman said without looking at Sanskar.
A long tear escaped from his eyes.
“And Aadi is safe now. His family already reached here to do her last rites…”Aman said.
“ we will return to Kolkata by tomorrow morning itself…”Aman continued while Sanskar kept his silence.
At Aadi’s side,
Aadi opened his eyes and saw Uttara who was sitting nearby Aadi and Sahil who was asleep .
“Kavya…”Aadi asked while he tried to sit.
Uttara supported him to sit.
“Sakshi maa and Raj papa done her last rites .”Uttara said while Aadi remembered smiling face of Kavya .
“Kavya…”Aadi started to cry while Uttara tried to console him and ended up in crying along with him.
Sahil opened his eyes by hearing their crying , walked towards them and sat on bed.
“Dad… don’t cry…”Sahil wiped his tears then Aadi hugged him tightly and cried for his loss.
The next day at Evening,
Sanskar and Aman left Ooty after meeting Aadi and his family. Aman didn’t inform Sanskar about Swara or RagLak as Sanskar was so disturbed by kavya’s death.
The Police closed the case as suicide.
In Hospital,
Ragini slowly opened her eyes and saw Laksh who was sitting by holding her hand.
Ragini’s hand caressed the bandages in Laksh’s forehead while he kissed in her palm.
“mumma…”Sathya muttered and climbed up on the bed.
He started to check her wounds while Ragini smiled at his act.
“Mumma is alright now…”Ragini said while looking at his tear lines and then hugged him.
“I am scared maa…”Sathya said by hugging her tightly.
“Mumma and Papa always be with you,Sathya. Can we go to meet your choti?”Laksh asked.
“Is Sahil here?”Sathya asked happily.
“No Sathya… But , you got another brother. Swara mausi’s son…Let’s go”Laksh said and helped Ragini to sit . A nurse came and removed the glucose syringe line.
Laksh took her in his arms while Ragini cringed.
“laksh, It’s hospital… And Sathya is watching us.”Ragini said while Laksh tightened his grip to steady himself.
“Sathya maa is so weak… So, can Papa take her in my hand and drop her to Swara mausi ward?”Laksh asked.
Sathya nodded positively.
“My champ gave me permission… I don’t need anyone’s.”Laksh said and walked towards Swara’s ward.
In Swara’s ward,
Annu and Nishu went to home to take dinner for all. Meenu were staying with Swara.
Swara was caressing her baby’s face with a smile in her face.
“Swara…”Ragini murmured by seeing swara’s glowing face. RagLak smiled and Laksh made ragini stand properly while Sathya ran towards Swara and touched the baby face anxiously.
“He is so soft like my doll…”Sathya said.
“No… he is my baby brother not your doll…”Suji exclaimed.
“He is also my brother…”Sathya clarified.
“hei naa mausi?”Sathya dragged Swara in their fight.
“Chachi…”Suji stressed her tone while the elders laughed at younger’s fight.
Swara’s son started to cry while Swara took him in her embrace . He stopped his crying.
“He is brother of both… So, Stop fighting… you made him scare…”Meenu said while both glared at each other.
“Swara…”Sanskar stormed into room as he got to know about her delivery from Aman.
Swara smiled by seeing him while he had tears in his eyes.
“Look at our Nirmay, Sanskar!”Swara extended Nirmay towards Sanskar.
RagLak , Meenu left along with kids to give privacy to Swasan.
Sanskar carefully took Nirmay in his hands while Nirmay already drifted in sleep.
Sanskar felt that his hands were shaking a bit while touching his son’s son which was softer than flower petals.
A Smile started to crept in his face and he planted a kiss on his son’s forehead softly. Nirmay smiled in his sleep while Sanskar lost himself by seeing his son’s face.
“He just looks like you, Sanskar… the same eyes…”Swara said while Sanskar turned to her. He placed Nirmay in the cradle and then hold her hand.
They had a little eye lock while Sanskar expressed his happiness, love and apology at the same time.
Swara wiped his tears by her thumb and her hands were like glued to Sanskar’s face.
Ragini turned after witnessing the scenario and placed her head on Laksh’s shoulder.
“Sahil would be very happy if he had seen Swara now.”Ragini muttered while Laksh wiped her tears.
“Even now he is very happy, Sahi! Our Swara always tells that our beloved ones never leave us. They will be with us always. But we can’t recognize their presence…”Laksh told while looking at far.
Ragini increased her grip around him while nodding her head.
Amrit who came to meet them , sighed and looked at his wife.
“Seems like, my brothers forgot this is hospital.”Amrit murmured in meenu’s ear while meenu kicked him in his elbow bone.
A week passed fastly in their life by mourning for kavya some days and remembering her good deeds and welcoming the new member in their family.
In Swasan room,
Sanskar and Laksh filled with various toys while Sathya and Suji mostly spend their time with Nirmay .
Swara and Sanskar’s nights went by consoling their little baby who woke up middle in the night and cries.
“Sanskar, you have to go to Office…”Swara said while pushing him inside bathroom.
“Look at your maa nirmay! She is so jealuous about our bond. That’s why she sends me to office…”Sanskar shouted in dramatic tone while Nirmay laughed and clapped his hands .
“My son won’t listen to you. Now get ready to office…”Swara said by throwing towel on Sanskar’s face.
Sasnkar stamped his foot and closed the door while Swara smiled.
She took Nirmay in his hand and went to garden for giving him sun bath.
Laksh , who was walking in the garden , smiled at Swara.
“what is my nirmay telling?”Laksh asked while pulling nirmay’s cheeks.
“ that you can ask nirmay yourself, laksh…”Swara said while Laksh took nirmay in his hand.
“hmm…what do you want to tell to your badepapa?”Laksh asked and started to play with him after sitting in the bench.
Swara sat beside him and looked at their play.
“you got your memory. Am I correct Swara?”Laksh asked while playing with nirmay.
“Hmm.. Laksh… I got my memory…”Swara said.
A long silence occupied between both of them. Swara broke the silence.
“ Laksh… Once Sanskar told me that you are carrying a guilt which you doesn’t deserve.”Swara said.
“But , I deserve because I did it, Swara. I became the main reason for losing our sahil. He died because of me… he died…”Laksh’s body stiffened while Swara observed him carefully.
“How could you become the reason, laksh?”Swara asked in a low voice.
“Even after getting my memories, I remained silent… I didn’t expose dadi’s true face… my silence only killed him…”Laksh said in a trembling voice.
“why did you remain silent?”Swara asked further.
“Because I wanted my Sanskar bhai to get his love… I became selfish…”laksh said in a broken voice .
Swara caressed nirmay’s face.
“No laksh… you didn’t want my life to be destroyed… you wanted to bury the truth forever just for me not for Sanskar… Because in all the ways, I am the one who would be hurt if the truth unveils… it’s not Sanskar…”Swara said in a determined voice while Laksh looked at her with shocking face.
“you wanted to save the bond which I and Sahil shared. You want that bond to be remained till the last. You are scared that the truth will affect mine and Sahil’s relationship.”Swara continued while looking at her son’s face. Laksh held her hands supportively.
“you thought the truth will be destructive in my and Sahil’s life. you kept silence because of that. You never imagined that she could kill my Sahil. It’s not your silence which killed my sahil, Laksh.”Swara’s voice broken at last.
“That’s her greed.”Laksh subconsciously muttered while tears left his eyes.
Sanskar, who came to garden by searching Swara and his son , heard the convo. He stepped forward as he observed Swara’s break down while a hand stopped him.
Sanskar turned and saw Ragini who was stopping him.
“let them speak, Sanskar bhai. Now they need each other than us.”Ragini said.
Sanskar stopped at his tracks.
Sanskar left the place as he couldn’t withstand their pain as ragini.
At Night,
In Swasan’s room,
The room was lightened by small candle lights. Sanskar was bit surprised with decorations.
He heard the closing sound of door and saw Swara, who was closing the door.
“Swara…”Sanskar mesmerized as she was in her bridal saree.
Sanskar felt his heart beat for each step Swara put forward.
Soon, he wrapped up his feelings and crossed his hands before.
“Looks like Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari to be in great mood today after sending her husband to office…”Sanskar asked playfully.
Swara started to play with his shirt buttons.
Swara turned being in his embrace and then looked at his eyes through mirror.
“I wish to start our life again with happy memories, Sanskar. I did mistakes. I rejected you even agreed for marriage for other reasons. But even after that , you love me. you love me this much Sanskar. I want to hold your hands and walk in our life path not only as your wife. When I lost my reasons to exist, you gave me reasons. You became my soul of life .(little pause )Will you accept Swara Shekar as your life … will you be the soul of my life?”Swara asked.
“whenever I think, it starts with you and ends with you. I really don’t know why my wishes, my sadness ,my happiness … my everything looped with you . I can’t sustain your absence in my life Swara even it’s temporary . I just know one thing you are my life…”Sanskar said while looking at the mirror.
Their eyes got locked by looking at each other eyes through mirror. They remained in the same hugging state until Nirmay disturbed them with his giggling sound.
Moon bloomed brightly as it witnessed a new start of a couple.
In RagLak room,
Ragini was caressing Sathya’s head who had fallen asleep.
Laksh entered into their room.
Ragini took his tracks to him after opening the wardrobe.
“Nowadays , Coming late is becoming your habit Laksh.”Ragini complained while giving his track pant and Tshirt to him.
“Fresh up, I will heat the food.”Ragini said and started to leave while Laksh held her hands.
“I already ate in restaurant itself, Ragini. I want to speak with you . Just wait for few minutes, we will go out.”Laksh said and left to washroom while ragini’s heart cringed by hearing her name from Laksh’s mouth after a long time.
Laksh came outside after few minutes while Ragini was hesitating to leave Sathya alone.
Laksh took Sathya in his hands while Ragini just followed him.
Laksh placed Sathya in the back seat while Ragini sat on the front seat.
Laksh stopped his car infront of his restaurant.
“Ragini, That is the way to kitchen. I will come after placing Sathya in my personal room…”Laksh said for which ragini obliged half heartedly.
“why is he behaving so weird today?”Ragini thought and walked towards kitchen.
Ragini started to wait in kitchen for few minutes while Laksh came inside by wearing his apron.
“Laksh…!”Ragini muttered while he made her sit on a table carefully.
“First , I will cook your food. Then, we will speak.”Laksh said.
“I already done…”Ragini lied.
“you won’t complete your dinner until I return .And , you are worst at lying.”Laksh gave a smirk.
“Haan… I am being mad , till now I am waiting for you. You easily told me that you finished your dinner.”Ragini complained.
“Let me cook first…”Laksh said with a smile .
“It’s been ten years now . we eventually became parents of two sons. In all those years, I never opened up about myself until the time stressed me to open up. I always built a wall between us. Though I addressed you as my Sahi, I never kept that in real.Once a time, I thought I was the most strong and carefree person, Ragini. I thought I was independent. But , Time proved all were merely lies. I easily got influenced by others against my own one’s. I am weak and sensitive in that level. I was blind in my anger . I was blind in my revenge. As I was blind in love .Still, I blame my self for the death of my maa and Sahil though I know the truth. My heart was filled with sadness , grief , longings and regrets. Still I carry those in my heart . I made a wall in my heart and dumped everything in that. The smile, which I give, rarely it’s real one. I know Aadi and my Uttu are leaving India to start their life afresh. I will act as strong for not only for them, for supporting myself though I long for our son, Sahil. I am the man whom everyone needs, whom seems like perfect. But, The truth , I am the man who was filled with flaws. I know you won’t like to be called by your name, But I don’t know whether I deserve the right to call you as…”Ragini stopped while Laksh looked at her eyes being shocked.
“Sahi…”Laksh murmured lost his grip on pan while Ragini kept a smile in her face.
“Isn’t the things you want to say but you didn’t , laksh?”Ragini asked , held the pan and then started to toss the pan.
Laksh looked at her with an undescriptive expression.
“ yes, you are the man whom I thought kind and sensitive. A Perfect man who lost his parents . And, you were well succeed in hiding your heart. there were some instances you expressed,’your presence with me is the reason for my smile’. I thought that as a flirty line, couldn’t imagine the meaning behind those words. I was very blinded by your love. I thought life was a simple fairy tale .’ After prince married princess, they lived happily together’. Yes, I believed those words because you were beside me. when I lost my parents, when I worried for my siblings studies and future, you were there with me as my support. You even made me walk in path towards my dreams. The truth , you never thought me as equal to you. you kept me as your thinking. You embraced my worries, my sadness as yours while happiness was left alone to me. I understood what the real meaning of life when you weren’t with me …The 10 years of our married life… which was filled with our losses …our separations… Still, I don’t understand why I left you before five years… when I returned back, you lost your memory. Even in that situation You kept my happiness first. When you got your memory back, you accepted me without any complaints. Your heart burnt in regrets but you didn’t let me know. You made me fallen under the illusion,’once Prince held Princess hands, their sadness went away and happiness enriched their life’. Sometimes, you are a riddle to me Laksh. Being not able to understand my own husband, I was hurt. When I got to know about your struggles, your guilt and regrets, I regretted for leaving you alone. Still, I regret the same. Yes, I accept you are the man who filled with flaws. I am also filled with flaws, Laksh. I took wrong decisions and regretted later. Yes, though we are husband and wife, we lived in an illusion that we know about each other. But the truth, you know about me not I was. In these all years, it was you who kept the relationship alive . Now, you want to tell me that you don’t deserve the right to call me as Sahi. You only deserve to call me as Sahi not because you are my husband, it’s because you are my life while I am your soul .Now, there is no wall between us. Because you broken it long time ago…”Ragini said then put the fried rice in three plates.
“Sahi…”Laksh looked at her with tear brimming eyes then he kneeled down.
“Yes, I wanted to tell these only Sahi. I spent half of my life in misery because of my temper and wrong decisions. Whenever Uttu ,Sanskar bhai or my parents tried to brought the ray of happiness, I refused to accept even I made their life rot in darkness. But, you are irresistible ray which not only brought light in my life even in my family. (looked at his watch) After two minutes, we will be stepping into our 11th year together. I want to start my life … with my Sahi.. with our sons… with our family. I want you to be with me in my happiness… as well as in my sadness. Will you be with me forever?”Laksh extended his palms in which Ragini placed her palms with tearful eyes.
“maa… papa…”Sathya, who woke up, rubbed his eyes as he was still in sleepy mode.
Laksh extended his hands and Sathya ran towards him.
Laksh took him in his hand while Ragini arranged the table.
The trio fed each other, while smile frozen at their face and happiness rested in their moment.

The Story ends on RagLak and Sathya happy face.

A/NI don’t know whether it is a ending or not. I left a lot of questions to be answered regarding the triangle between Kavya, Sahil and Ragini. If I need to answer, It will take nearly another ten episodes in which I have to concentrate on Kavhil than RagLak. I really don’t know whether you all will like it or not and I am not able to give updates in correct interval. So, I am finishing my story in this point- The refresh  of Raglak and Swasan life which nourished on happiness.

LMON-Season 3 which was merely based on the past- An Unsuccessful love story of Ragini who always kept her nation and siblings as priority and laksh and Sanskar part in her life; The story was based on RagAdi bond , ragLak and Swasan; Initially, there was no special plot for Sahil. But in my life, I witnessed a scenario where a love for one person resulted in ignorance of other in a family. I don’t know which made me compare with my plot. Sahil’s track were started from there. Sahil characterization on past was 20 % of my imagination while 80 % of that person. At my each story end, I ask my reader views and rate it. But, I am not willing to ask for this story.  I don’t know why . It may be because Still, I feel this story incomplete. And , I just want to know whether you like this story or not. I want to know your perception on this story. I will be happy if you pen-down your suggestions and views on this story like the scene you most liked and the scene which you thought as tragic in a level which made you cry . Criticism is most welcome.

Each and everyone’s life , there are some important phases. Now, we  have to move into the   phase which determines our  future. We are not able to continue as a TU writer as now and I don’t know when we will return. Still then, we will be connected through our OS and as readers. This platform introduced me a lot of people like Astra, Asra ,fairy and bharu kutty. And, I want to thank lovely for supporting me in my each and every FF. I thank all my readers who constantly supported me and for being a part of my life. Bye Bye friends and sissy… Hope to see you all again with the sequel if you want.

Sara and Bala are signing out…

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