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Episode 50: Her Name, His Life and An Love
Kavya took her hands from Aadi and gave a smile to him.
Aadi stared at her with tearful eyes while she stepped back towards fire.
“Kavya…”Sanskar and Aadi stepped before to stop her but an invisible shield stopped them.
“Kavya…” Sanskar and Aadi were crying while trying to break the shield being unable to stop her.
She turned while the time was frozen at that point.
“Maa…” A voice of a fully grown up girl made Kavya frozen at her place.
The Girl walked towards her while her age was reducing.
The Past memories started to revive on her mind again.
The Night Sahil lost his siblings,
“Aaahh!”Sahil screamed loudly by kneeling on the ground and then stood, walked towards hole to go where his siblings ended.
“you have to live for him… For this Tanishkant, Sahil…”Vishnu’s words didn’t stop him.
Chotu’s crying voice stopped him for a moment which Vishnu utilized.
“you gave promise to Maharani Ragini Devi that you always protect this nation… She promised our people that she always ensure their freedom… she broke her promise by killing herself for the rival prince’s love. Are you going to follow your sister who is a cheater?”Vishnu’s words echoed inside the cave.
A Sword crossed nearby Vishnu’s face by leaving a mark in his face.
“The words which you have muttered, I won’t forgive you Mahamantri… never”Sahil roared.
“The words which I spelt, tomorrow People may spell the same… what will you do, Senapathi? Will you kill everyone?”Vishnu asked by wiping the blood on his face.
Astra, The girl who helped Swara, stood there as a statue while her memory was not able to register her surrounding.
“No one won’t raise any question about my di… I won’t let it happen… her words, her promises won’t fail at anytime.”Sahil muttered his words in a very deep tone.
“How are you going to keep her words,Sahil? There is a combined army of two Samraj which is standing on the corner just to destroy us.”Vishnu retorted.
“That one will never happen…”Sahil stressed his words while taking his sword from the ground and chotu from Vishnu , looked at Astra.
“Will you be here to safeguard my siblings from rival soldiers until I back?”Sahil asked while Astra just nodded.
“If I am not back before the sun set, put them in this hungry fire .”Sahil said in a hardened tone,then left the temple after glancing at Swara and Sanskar’s body.

Vishni kneeled on the ground.
“Maaf karo Putri! I don’t know any other way to stop him”Vishnu muttered by seeing the fire.
“Aadi! Mera Puttar…”Vishnu cried in a loud voice for his deceased son, who was criticized by him in all his life for accepting crown , to whom he didn’t show his love. His son’s name came first while mourning.
The sun started to rise and Tanishkant soldiers started to assemble in the ground.
“where is Maharani? The Puja should be started by this time…”One soldier said.
“Even Maharani is not there in her room.”Another one soldier said.
The murmuring sounds were heard while Sahil entered into the ground along with Chotu.
The cuts and bruises in Sahil’s arms made everyone raise their eyes.
Soldiers stopped their murmuring and stood straight by keeping their weapon.
Sahil turned towards soldier .
“Our Maharani was back stabbed by our enemies in Kali Temple. She left us .“Sahil muttered which made everyone frozen at their stand while most of them were not able to believe the words.
The sound of air , which was the only sound anyone can hear.
A single tear left everyone eyes in shock. A small girl who ensured their safety from long back… the queen who ensured their happiness and safety… the one who lived among them as one of their family… the one who known for her justice and bravery… The news of her death…
“In the attack, Along with Maharani, Yuvraj, yuvrani and Rajkumari Swara were also died. “Sahil said in a expressionless tone.
The pain over the pain paralyzed their thinking ability.
Sahil looked at the soldiers who were getting broken inside.
“When she took incharge , she made promise to all of us that she will ensure our freedom. Until she was alive, she ensured our freedom. Now, we are in a state to save our freedom… not for us… to save her pride… to ensure her promise whom ensured our safety and happiness… It’s not time to mourn… it’s time to avenge for our losses… for backstabbing us… for our Tanishkant“Sahil raised his sword on the air.
“For our Maharani…”Soldiers raised their weapons on the air on a subconscious response.
The tears were frozen in their eyes which made their eyes red. The Past memories were flashed in their mind… Rajkumari Swara’s state in Kalasamhara moorthy temple… their Maharani’s state After Mahishmati’s attack and breaking marriage proposal… How she stood in all the tough times…The end of the family which they adored… admired… No wonder, The Pain which was bouncing in their heart converted into angry… An hatred towards the rivals.
“Either we will ensure our Maharani’s promise today… or we will submit our life to this ground … it’s my promise…” A soldier said by slitting his palm and let his blood touch the ground.
“It’s our promise…” All the soldiers did the same while the land covered in blood droplets in a moment.
Beyond Patriotism, Revenge was bouncing in everyone’s heart while Swara’s last letter words were kept ringing in Sahil’s mind.
“It’s time to avenge for all our losses, Rago di…”Sahil said to himself in a very low voice while Chotu was sleeping peacefully in his one hand without knowing what the fate had written on his head.

Meanwhile ,
At the camp of Mahishmati and Mayankpur,
Dadi,Dp and Rp were standing in front of a big Kal bhairav idol in a ground.
Soldiers were already gathered for Puja and waiting for SanLak to start the puja.
A Soldier who escaped from Kali maa’s temple , entered into the ground by shouting, ”SAMRAT..!”
Dp and Rp looked at him while he kneels down on the ground.
“Our Yuvraj Sanskar was killed…”He shouted on his lunges.
Dp and Rp looked at him being shocked.
“Yuvrani Swara killed him…”the soldier continued.
“Swara…”Dp muttered being not able to believe . The things which didn’t reached his ears or which Laksh didn’t let him know, About Swara was one of them.
“why?How?” His mind didn’t pop any questions.
“Mera Putri!” He worried ,“How is she?” Dp questioned in an impulsive response.
“Yuvrani Swara committed suicide…”Soldier started to describe the incident.
After few minutes,
“Yuvraj Lakshya has cheated us, Ram…”Dadi’s voice echoed in the place.
Dp who was completely broken by losing his all children, looked at Dadi in disgust.
“My son is not cheater like you. what did you have done to my daughter?”Dp asked in anger.
“I did the same what you have done to my daughter,Samrat Durgaprasad…”Dadi spitted her words .
Dp stepped back in shock.
A lady’s cry was ringed in his ears… The sins which he committed to a innocent girl by keeping his pride first adamantly…
“I won’t accept you as my husband never ever…” A Self-respected woman words ringed in his mind and then the worst punishment he gave to her by snatching her virginity like a animal. His past deeds came in his mind.
How much he tortured her being not able to punish her brother for his deceive… How she died slowly mentally and physically while having Laksh in her womb… How much he wanted to save her to rectify his sins…
“Please hold back yourself… please live your life atleast to punish me for my sins, Janki… please…”Dp’s pleasing words to Janki who were in her dead bed without knowing the time has crossed already.
“I forgive you…” The last three words which killed him and stopped him to do anything against Mayankpur in the past years even after knowing his own daughter was in danger.
Everything was flashed in Dp’s eyes in a moment.
“Lakshya deceived us , Ram… he deceived Sanskar and us by keeping friendship and relationship… Because of him, we lost Sanskar also today… he did everything to save Tanishkant for his love, … for that , he gave our Sanskar and Kavya’s life as prey.”Dadi’s words fueled the anger in Ram’s mind who was already lost his both children.
“Today, At the end of this war, Tanishkant will be vanished without it’s trace. It’s my promise…”Ram roared.
Dp looked at him with a determined expression.
“ I won’t let you do that, Samrat RamPrasad. You should have punished me . I tolerated when you killed all my children . I accepted that as a punishment. But, Not now; I won’t let you do anything to my Rudra’s nation.”Dp said in a determined tone.
“Today, I will complete my revenge, Durgaprasad. If anyone comes in between, I won’t hesitate to destroy them also…”Ram said and signed his soldiers .
They surrounded Dp with weapons.
Dp looked at the kings who came under his samraj. They kept their heads down then Dp started to walk with the soldiers by understanding his state now.
After few minutes,
Dp was in his camp under the soldier’s vision.
Aman entered as one of the soldier and stood beside Dp.
Dp recognized him as his Prime minister’s son and kept silent.
“Samrat, They are our loyal soldiers only. Please come with us now, we have to escape…”Aman said in a hurried tone by glancing the surrounding.
“No need to save me or worry about me,Aman . If you can , save Tanishkant in this war. Laksh must be had some plans.”Dp said in a low tone.
“But, Samrat…”Aman said in a pleasing tone while Dp turned his face.
“As your order, Samrat…”Aman said then left.
After one hour,
In battle ground,
Sahil was standing in the front after keeping chotu in a safe place.
The memories about the previous battle revived in his heart and the moments with Sanskar and Laksh in Gurukul.
“Concentrate on war, Senapathi. Else,the distraction will result the destruction.”Vishnu’s voice came from his behind.
“Some memories is intended to make us strong, Mahamantri. And, you have to go from this battle ground. At least, you should be alive to take care of our chotu and do our last rites if the situation comes.”Sahil muttered while looking at Vishnu’s eyes.
“when the king is not there, leading a war and nation is Mahamantri’s responsibility then Senapathi.”Vishnu muttered in the same tone and looked at the opposite side where Rp was standing with his soldiers.
Vishnu took the sea shell in his hand and blowed it.
A huge sound echoed at the mountains while Rp had blown the another sea shell.
“For Tanishkant…” Sahil shouted.
“ for Maharani…”Tanishkant Soldier’s shouted.
“For Mayankpur… for our Yuvraj Sanskar…”Mayankpur Senapathi shouted which was followed by his soldiers.
“Agraman…”Ram shouted and signed his sarathi to drive his chariot .
The war went to the high pitch. Vultures were started to circle the place in sky.
The kings who deceived Dp were killed by Aman’s mens according to Laksh plan meanwhile the Mayankpur’s soldier count were reduced drastically by Tanishkant’s soldiers.
“Rajmata, Mayankpur was in the state to lose the war.”The news arrived Dadi’s ear which made her enter into the war place.
Her age didn’t stop her from killing the soldiers who was coming in her way. The revenge which was burning in her heart from the long past, reached it’s peak. Slowly, she was marching towards Sahil while Rp was marching towards him.
The Sun was going to set meanwhile Mayankpur lost ¾ of it’s soldiers and Tanishkant lost it’s ¼ of the soldiers.
Rp and Sahil were fighting with each other by sword while Dadi aimed at Sahil by an arrow and released it.
“Aaah!” A small whisper made Sahil turn and rooted in his place.
Rp swinged his sword to kill Sahil by using the chance while the another sword tackled him and made him lose his sword.
Rp looked at the small girl angrily who made his sword fall. She started to attack him fiercely while Rp was busy trying to escape from her attacks and to get his sword.
“Papa…”Sahil shouted and ran towards Vishnu who took the arrow and saved Sahil.
In Anger, Dadi released more arrows towards Sahil in which most of them were tackled by Vishnu by using his sword and rest of them his body took over .
“Today, The things will end forever, Rajmata. “Vishnu muttered by helding his sword.
Dadi took her sword to fight withVishnu. Rp saw his mother who was going to fight with Vishnu and took his dagger and thrown at the direction of Vishnu.
Vishnu fell down by slipped into a dead soldier body and before he fall on the ground, Sahil kneeled and skated on the rough ground to hold Vishnu. Vishnu’s head landed on his Lap while the dagger stabbed Rajmata Parvati. Everything happened in a moment .
She looked at the direction where her son stood in a shock.
“Ram…”She muttered before falling on the ground.
“Maa…”Ram ran towards her while sun was completely set by meaning the end of the day and war.
Ram took rajmata’s head in his lap and continuously tapping her face. The blood covered his hand made him ashamed for his deed.
“Look at your mother’s face, Samrat. Look at the result what her revenge brought? Look at the disaster which you brought for both the nation and in your family. Observe it, Samrat…”A small smoothing voice made him look at the direction.
The same small girl , who saved Sahil and attacked him, was standing there.
“The Lady, who ruled her nation along with her husband by love and respecting her citizens, who taught only the good things to her son and daughter, how she made herself as a blood sucking demon in her revenge… Even after killing Raja RudraVeer ,for helping his friend to abduct her daughter… Even after killing his wife and sister, who were pregnant at that time, even after killing all other innocent babies of Samragni Annupurna in her revenge… She lost herself Samrat…”The Girl muttered.
Ram sat there without uttering a word.
“Remember Samrat, how much your son loves his wife and Rajkumari Ragini but you wanted him to complete your revenge… are you thinking that your son died today? You are mistaken Samrat! The day he get to know that his wife was marching towards death because of his family, he dead at that day itself… Still he gave her pain just to save his child from your mother… It’s not Rajkumari Swara who killed her husband, it’s you who killed your own son being in blind in your revenge … But , The most pitiful part , you had completed your revenge when your maa killed Tanishkant King and presented worst pain to Samrat Duragprasad… Though you know she was doing wrong, you didn’t stop her eventually you supported her… Look at yourself, Samrat! Now, what did you attain in your vengance finally? “She continued.
“The lady to whom you promised that you will keep her pride… she lost her life … The son whom you wanted to see happy in his life, you snatched his happiness… your daughter… Sorry, I forgot your daughter died a long back ago when you did her Antim Sanskar , Samrat… your sister to whose loss, you wanted revenge, you became one of the main reason for her son’s death… Your life is turned as meaningless, Samrat because of you and your mother’s revenge crossed it’s limits… The vengeance burnt your own people slowly but you don’t want to understand it… And your mother is alive, she will be alive for long years to observe the darkness which she brought in her life and her son’s life… At least now atone for your sins…” She finished her lines and looked at Sahil who was pleading to Vishnu.
“Rajkumar, It’s not time to break down… take him in your hands, we will reach the Rajvaidya… Samrat , don’t be late to reach your camp…”the Girl said.
In Tanishkant camp area,
Sahil was standing outside of the camp in which Vishnu was getting treated.
The Girl was helping the wounded soldiers and directed some of the soldiers to do the last rites of deceased soldiers.
There was a huge noise at the entrance as Samrat Rp was standing with the folded hands.
Sahil started to walk towards him.
“The revenge which you had for the loss of your siblings, don’t let that to control you Rajkumar… Don’t endup like the person who stands infront of you… even Maharani Raginidevi would never like that…”The Girl muttered in a sharp tone.
The soldiers looked at her being shocked as she was advising their Rajkumar while the Name of Ragini made him think.
“Please let me take my son and grandson…”Ram said.
Sahil looked at his eyes directly.
“ I will let you take your son back, Samrat. That’s your right. “ Sahil stopped as the girl to whom he gave the responsibility to keep them safe , was standing infront of him.
He looked at the Girl,Astra.
“They are safe, rajkumar. No one can go inside kalimaa’s temple…”Astra muttered her words.
“Rajkumar, your father is fine now…”Rajvaidya interrupted between their conversation.
“Do the needful for Tanishkant Rajkumari Swara’s last rites… Her son, Tanishkant Rajkumar Rudraveer will do her last rites for his mother”Sahil stressed his words.
“Samrat, come with me…”Sahil said and walked towards Kalimaa’s temple.
In Kalimaa’s Temple,
Sahil entered the place with hardened face. The memories were started to haunt him while he knelled beside Swara’s body.
Ram looked at swasan and then started to cry for the sins he committed in their life.
He slowly took his son Sanskar in his hands again after Sanskar’s childhood. Tears were flowing in his eyes while he walked towards his nation.
“Cry out from your heart for your losses, Rajkumar! Don’t let them burden your heart…”Astra muttered and then touched his shoulder supportively.
“I am not in a position to cry, Kavya. Even if i do , There is no one to console me neither my rago di nor Aadi… Even Swara di left me… They all left me alone ”Sahil muttered unconsciously while supporting Swara’s head in his hand and lost in himself.
“you have, Sahil… Swara and Sanskar bhai’s son…”Astra muttered while her eyes shown her concern.
Sahil just nodded while her words didn’t reach his mind and left the temple after taking Swara in his hand.
At Night,
Ram was walking by carrying his son’s body while the soldiers followed him. A huge storm suddenly attacked their place. Being not able to withstand, Ram knelled down while the soldiers tried to save their eyes from sand.
Sanskar’s body pulled from ram’s hands by an invisible force.
“SANSKAR!”Ram muttered and ran behind sanskar’s body.
In few seconds,
Suddenly, The land took Sanskar’s body inside and ram looked at the scenario shocked.
“Sanskar!” Ram cried in agony.
“Papa, His Last rites will be done by his son. It will be the correct one ,Papa!”A Voice said to him from his back.
“Kavya…” Ram turned happily but dejected to see Astra.
A Thunder falls on the far, In the light of lightning, Kavya’s face appeared in Astra’s face for a moment.
Ram looked at her shockedly and stepped forward but she vanished in air.
At nearby a river,
Swara’s body was put in the middle of logs to complete her last ritual.
Sahil looked at her with moist eyes and took the fire log in his hand while chotu was in his another hand. Dp was witnessing from a far being not having any confidence to look at his deceased foster daughter.
He made chotu touch the fire log , then threw it on logs and turned back. Dp started to walk from the place while  Sanskar’s body appeared beside swara out of no where.
“Sahil…” A voice made Sahil turn in shock.
“Sanskar…”Sahil muttered.
“Please save my kavya…”Sanskar cried while Sahil try to touch him, he vanished in air as a smoke.
The dark smoke from the logs try to reach sky and slowly vanished while Swara and Sanskar appeared in sky.
Sahil looked at them in shock while Swara smiled at Sahil and looked at her baby, extended her hand. Sahil hugged chotu nearby his chest tightly while his mind refused to accept whatever he witnessed. Then,She held Sanskar’s hand and rested her head on his shoulder and glanced at Sahil and chotu once again  while Sanskar’s eyes fixed in a far.  A small smile crept in her face then Slowly, they vanished in air.

“Rajkumar, keeping baby in a cremating place won’t be good for him… Please go to the camp” Astra said while he obliged to her words in shock like a magic and walked towards the camp.
Astra looked at the fire while Her eyes were so calm.
“Rest peacefully, Sanskar bhai . I am here. And Bhabhi,I promise I will take care of our chotu and I will set the things right in our Sahil’s life…”Astra, who possessed by Kavya’s soul  muttered.



P.S:For Sahil, Kavya is the pair.

I thank everyone for supporting me. I will try to complete this by or before feb 14. Only one part is left and sorry for dragging the time line and episodes.

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