Thanks for your support friends and sissies… Now, The story mainly revolves between RagLak,Swasan and Kavhil’s past as the countdown for end started. 10 … The confusions, I will clear with in three episodes.Read the A/N last and give me your answers… Raksha, Ragini will be Laksh’s first priority but for some episodes , please bear it… Laksh will also work hard to get his love. sorry.Chandana- Raglak’s hardships will be over in next episode.

Episode 42:
Ragini looked at Laksh while his words ringed in her ears.
“He is my life,Ragini…”Ragini stared Laksh’s face which supports his sentence… The love… the concern he has for Sahil…
Ragini smiled at her realization. There was nothing same as before other than their love for each other.Ragini looked at Sahil’s face… the little boy who smiled innocently… his possessiveness reminds her important person…
“After you left, Laksh went near to death bed.After a lot of struggle, we saved him. But, everyone needs a reason to be alive… Sahil is Lakshya’s reason to live,Ragini. He is Lakshya’s son and Laksh can’t live without him.”Amrit said.
“Since He is my Laksh’s son, He is also my son, bhai. I tell this with my whole heart. Sahil is my son and he will be our son forever “Ragini said.
Ragini put a smile in her face as she understood Amrit’s word now.
“Papa, maa… we are getting late”Sahil hurried by pulling Ragini’s saree pallu lightly.
“we will leave now”Ragini said with a smile by taking Sahil in her hand.
Sahil smiled by her action while Laksh took Sathya in his hands.
“So champ, Can we go?”Laksh asked by pulling Sathya’s nose.
“hmmm…”Sathya nodded his head fastly.
They came out of house and locked the door.
The people who knows Ragini and Laksh started to talk with them while Ragini handled the situation.

In the market,
Ragini was buying vegetables , pulses and rice while Laksh was looking at the surrounding.
“Ragini, I will come in few minutes…”Laksh said , took Sathya in his hands and left.
“where is he going? He don’t know any place here.”Ragini worriedly looked at the way Laksh left.
“Maa, where did papa go?”Sahil asked while Ragini nodded negatively.
Both looked at the way worriedly and sadly.
After half an hour,
Laksh and Sathya returned while Sathya was smiling broader.
“Maa, Papa bought this for me.”Sathya shown a gold bracelet in his hand.
“It’s superb,Sathu”Ragini said.
“you should have told me laksh, we would have come with you”Ragini added.
Laksh just returned a smile.
“Let’s go back to home”Laksh added with his smile and took the bags in one hand and sahil in another hand.
Ragini took Sathya in her hand and started to walk along with Laksh.
In Kolkatta,
Aadi woke from bed and then started to search his drugs.
“Aaah!”Aadi screamed when he felt a unbearable pain in his head which didn’t let him observe his surroundings.
Uttara entered the room .
“Aadi… Aadi…”Uttara’s voice didn’t give any effect on Aadi.
“Thud..!”Uttara slapped him to get him into reality.
Aadi looked at Uttara shockingly.
“Uttu..!”Aadi raised his hand to touch Uttara’s face.
“How is Uttara?How is my baby?”Aadi asked his PA to know about Uttara’s condition.
“Sorry sir. Your baby died during the delivery though Uttara mam risked her life to save the baby”His PA said which shook Aadi to his core.

The memories made Aadi back off his hand.
Uttara looked at Aadi’s face while analyzing his expressions.
Aadi put a step backward,”I don’t deserve you. I never deserve you…”Aadi said.
Uttara put a step forward .
“Don’t dare to say that again. you… only you deserve me.”Uttara stressed.
“For what,Uttara?For marrying you when you lost your memory… or for leaving you, when you need me most… when you lost our baby… or for sending Laksh near to death bed… or for separating sathya from his papa… or for becoming a reason to Sahil’s death… for what I deserve you?”Aadi asked.
Uttara looked at him with tearful eyes…
“For loving Rago ma more than your life… for loving me still after I asked to risk rago ma’s life for my Lucky… about Sahil, it’s not your mistake Aadi… you can’t hold yourself for whatever that lady did… you are grandson son of dadu… Rago maa’s brother… my Aadi… she never hold any position in your life… never ever…”Uttara said then hugged him while her mind missed to register about Sathya.
“I want my Aadi back… please leave this,Aadi… I will help you…I will be with you…”Uttara added while Aadi hugged her back but still his heart held him for all the mishappenings.
In a dark room,
A candle spreads light for the whole room.
Kavya stood before a Painting- A painting of Rajkumar Sahil.
“Love is a contradiction.isnt it,Sahil ?”Kavya spoke in a low voice while her past memories got revived.
In Tanishkant,
The Period in which Kavya lived in Tanishkant palace,
Day – The night after the war with Sathagam when Aditya faked his paralysed state.
“Di, Aadi’s right hand fully paralysed” Sahil said with teared eyes while Ragini jerks Sahil hands, slapped him.
“Don’t dare Sahil. Meri Aadi ka kuch nagi hoga. He is alright. I know” Ragini said angrily and shift her gaze towards Aadi, sat beside him.
Sahil looks Ragini with pain , The pain to see his sister breakdown.
“Aadi, say sahil don’t play like this. You are alright. I know…”Ragini said with a confidence while caressing Aadi’s hair . Aadi holds Ragini hands with his left hand.” I accepted the fact Rago maa. You also have to accept this”Aadi said in a weaker tone which makes Ragini rooted the place where she sits, subconsciously her grip on Aadi hand increased. Aadi signs Arjun to help him to sit then signs everyone to go out.
Sahil walked sadly and sat nearby corridor.
“Rago di is in shock,Rajkumar Sahil. Don’t be sad that she slapped you. even she might not notified that she slapped you. You know Rajkumar Sahil how much she loves you.”Kavya said in a low voice which made Sahil look back.
A sad smile shown in sahil’s face.
“I am not sad because of that devi kavya and I know she loves me a lot. It’s not easy for us especially her to accept Aadi’s state.And, I am worried about her how she is going to accept this. And I am sad that I couldn’t help her to recover from this.”Sahil said.

“I am not understanding ,Rajkumar Sahil. But I only know that your sadness will affect her worst in this situation. Help her to recover from this.”Kavya said.
“Don’t worry Devi Kavya. I won’t let her to get affected by my sadness as I always do. There is only one person who can recover her from this shock and he is doing that . And thanks for concerned about me. you can’t imagine how much it’s meant to me.”Sahil said.
Kavya stared at Sahil’s eyes which were telling a lot which she can’t understand.
Sahil gave a smile to her and left while Kavya was just staring the way Sahil left.
“I wish I could have understand what your eyes told me at that day,Sahil”Kavya said while caressing the painting.
“Kavya…”Sakshi singhania entered Kavya’s room which made Kavya wipe her tears immediately.
“Dadu is calling you,Kavya…”Sakshi said by looking at Kavya’s face.
“Haan maa.. I am coming”Kavya said while Sakshi touched her tear marks.
Kavya gave her a smile and then held her hands.
“Two minutes,maa…”Kavya said and came back after washing her face.
They both entered Dadaji’s room where Dadiji was laying on his bed.
“Dadu…”Kavya spelled while Dadaji looked at her with concern and worry.
Sakshi left by giving them privacy.
“I am happy now,Dadu. I made Aadi bhai and Uttara bhabhi together even ragini and Laksh. they will soon resolve their matters .Son don’t worry about Aadi bhai.”Kavya said with a smile.
“then, what about your life,Kavya? How long you are going to live like this… a meaningless life?”Dadaji asked.
Kavya massaged Dadaji chest to help him breath smoothly.
“Dadu, His memories … His memories is enough for me to live.and I know how to make my life as meaningful one. You will never regret for my decisions. Don’t take stress on you dadu”Kavya ended in a pleasing voice.
Dadaji caressed her head while she smiled at his concern.
“Will you make me meet Aadi? I want to meet him. But, My body condition is not cooperating with me to go myself.”Dadu said in a helpless tone.
“I will ,Dadu. Now take your medicines.”Kavya said and gave his medicines.
In Ooty,
In Raglak’s house,
“Then, Prince and princess lived happily…”Ragini finished her storytelling and looked at sleeping face of her children.
Ragini kissed their forehead lightly and came outside by searching Laksh.
“Did he again went to roof top?”Ragini thought and went to roof top.
“Laksh”Ragini spelled by seeing Laksh at the roof top at night time.
Laksh was staring the sky.
“what are you thinking,laksh?”Ragini asked by standing beside him.
“I don’t know,Sahi. But I am feeling more peaceful in this place than usual…”Laksh said with a smile.
“hmmm…”Ragini replied.
“when I woke up, I remember my parent’s death Sahi. And, I can’t remember anyone other than Annu maa and Durga bade papa. even I can’t remember my own face…”Laksh started suddenly while a tear escaped from his eyes by remembering his real parents.
Ragini held his hand supportively.
“There, I have seen Uttara, Annu maa’s daughter and Aman bhai, their son and his wife,Nishu bhabhi. I always felt that they were having rights on me. but I couldn’t reciprocate that. And I had a flash about you and our baby. I couldn’t get any answers properly . Moreover, I felt that I was depending on them. I decided to leave that house to get to know about my past and stand on myself. At that time, I met Kavya who declared herself as my wife. Being confused, I accepted that and while leaving Kolkata, I met Sahil…”Laksh stopped while his smile became brighter.
“when I took him in my hand, he was small.. so small Sahi. He was little rose in colour at that time. When he kicked me with his soft foot, I felt very happy. I felt that he is very close to my heart and I decided to take him as my son. From that day, he became my life… my reason to live… my days started by seeing his face and ended with him. And, My heart told me that Kavya was not my sahi. I confronted her and she accepted that. “Laksh stopped.
“Who are you Kavya? You can never be as my Sahi. Please don’t take advantage on my situation”Laksh said sternly.
“Yes, Laksh. I am not your Sahi. But, I know who is your Sahi. I am searching her to know about my bhai, Uttara bhabhi’s husband. I will help you get your answers.yeah! I lied you because you were so panicked at that time. “Kavya said
“From that day, she is my best friend and guide Sahi. She motivated me and helped me a lot to establish my restaurants while Sahil become my companion also. He is my little prince ,Sahi.I can’t see him sad or hurt .”Laksh said.
“I know purusha”Ragini said by putting her head on Laksh’s shoulder.
Laksh took a box from his pocket and gave it to Ragini.
Ragini looked at him questioningly.
“Open it,Sahi”Laksh said , then Ragini opened it , saw a gold chain and some ornaments to attach in mangalsutra.
“Didn’t you say to sumi maa that I will buy this for you on our own money? “laksh asked while Ragini caressed the chain emotionally.
“Sahi..”Laksh whispered worriedly by seeing tears in Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini hugged Laksh tightly .
Laksh smiled and hugged her back.
After a minute,There was a huge thunder sound which made Laksh realize what he was doing.
Laksh was parted himself while Ragini looked at him questioningly.
Laksh puzzled by his action…
“I went to but a bracelet for Sathya… then, why did I buy that gold chain also? what am I speaking with Ragini now? “Laksh thought and turned.
Shekar’s house came under his vision
“Sahil…”Laksh spelled while his mind flooded with the memories.
Laksh held his head tightly while Ragini observed his changes and hugged him tightly.
Laksh hid himself in her embrace as he was seeking solace in her embrace while Ragini made him came down to their room.
“what happened in our past, Ragini? In my memories, I am calling a boy as Sahil… Sumi maa and Shekar mama..”Laksh muttered being confused.
Ragini made him swallow a sleeping tablet.
“I will tell you,Laksh. Now , take rest…”Ragini said while Laksh unwillingly closed his eyes.
Ragini remembered their moments .
“I will cure you soon,Laksh. I will find all the ways to fix your memories…”Ragini muttered and lay beside him on the bed while Sahil and Sathya was in another side of Laksh.

In Kolkatta,
Sanskar was walking in the Garden while thinking about Swara then Laksh then Uttara. His mind was continuously revolving about his siblings and then his wife.
He took his phone to call to Uttara then dropped the idea by pointing the time.
Aman ,Nishu and Suji entered the house while Sanskar smiled by seeing them.
“How is the movie,Princess?”Sanskar asked.
Suji turned her face cutuely which made Sanskar smile.
“Your friend have spoken with me. wont you speak with your little chachu?”Sanskar asked while kneeling down.
Suji widened her eyes.
“How could she speak with you? she told me that she wont speak with you for the whole day.”Suji said.
Sanskar chuckled.
“you don’t know. Your chachi’s anger on me won’t even last for hours.”Sanskar said.
‘Now tell me,How is the movie? I specially booked that movie for you.”Sanskar added.
Suji came near sanskar’s ears.
“Bribing is bad,chachu. But still, I like the movie…”Suji whispered in Sanskar’s ears and then kissed his cheeks, ran inside.
“Our Princess is so intelligent,Aman.”Sanskar said with a smile while nishu ran inside by chasing Suji.
Aman gave him a why did you do look.
“why,Sanskar?why? what is the mistake I have done? Why did you do that Sanskar that too me?”Aman asked dramatically.
“Huh! What did I do,Bhai? I just booked a movie ticket for you and bhabhi.”Sanskar said by giving an innocent look.
“Don’t look at me like this,Sanskar. Why did you book for a cartoon movie? Nishu is already anger on me. Now you made her angry more.”Aman asked by keeping his calm.
“Don’t worry Aman. I will book another movie ticket tomorrow.”Sanskar said by putting his hands on Aman’s shoulder while Aman made Sanskar’s hand fall from his shoulder.
Aman crossed his hands before, looked at Sanskar then joined his hands above his head.
“I will take care of myself, Sanskar… I will never ever…”Aman stopped by seeing Sanskar’s smile.
Aman kicked Sanskar lightly .
“I am here struggling, you are smiling happily after making me struggle more…”Aman ended with a smile and side hugged Sanskar.
“let’s go Inside”Aman said.
“No Aman. You go, I will be coming in few minutes.”Sanskar said.
“I know what meant by the few minutes. Swara is alone in room.She may get scared.”Aman said which made Sanskar accept easily.
“Let’s go”Aman said and both headed towards their room to see their respective partners.

In Swasan room,
Sanskar stared Swara’s face which was glows a lot in moon light… while mothership gave her a special beauty…
Sanskar smiled by seeing her face while Swara moved a little in sleep.
“I love you Swara…”Sanskar said and kissed her forehead while laying beside her.
Swara put her head on his shoulder after holding it in her hand then wrapped her hand around Sanskar’s waist.
“Swara…”Sanskar whispered.
“Shh!Let me sleep”Swara said in half-sleep and drifted into deep sleep.
Sanskar closed his eyes and started to sleep by leaving his worries temporarily in his love’s touch.
The moon went to her house to take rest while the sun started his duty by spreading his warm rays.
Laksh squirmed his eyes as sun rays started to fall on his face.
“prince wake up”Laksh shook sathya mistakenly without opening his eyes.
“papa, let me sleep just some more time”Sathya said without opening his eyes while Sahil replied the same.
Laksh opened his smile and the smiled by seeing his sons.
He planted a kiss on their forehead and then came to kitchen.
“Have this Laksh”Ragini said and gave a coffee cup to Laksh.
Laksh sipped and then saw ragini was preparing breakfast.
“let me help you,Ragini…”Laksh said and took knife from Ragini’s hands.
Ragini smiled and then sat on the slab.
“Ragini, who is sumi maa and shekar Mama? And about the boy…”Laksh asked while cutting the vegetables.
Ragini looked at his face which doesn’t show any expression other than eagerness.
“they are my parents… I mean my adopted parents… and The boy…”Ragini stopped by remembering Sahil.
“ragini…”laksh spelled by observing ragini’s silence without looking at her face.
“he is my brother,Sahil…”Ragini’s voice broken in her memories.
Laksh stopped his work and looked at Ragini’s face which was lost in her memories… which told him a story of her pain…
“Leave it,Rago…See, I finished my work.” Laksh said.
Ragini smiled by seeing Laksh’s try to distract her.
“He is your friend,Laksh. Not only friend.. he is your companion… your partner in crime… once time moved, he became like your son… the bond, you both shared , sometimes I envied that,Laksh. you both were shadow and body. And His name is Sahil…”Ragini stopped to observe laksh’s expressions.
Laksh nodded thoughtfully while processing Ragini’s words.
“Can I see his photo?”Laksh asked.
“we will speak about this Later Laksh”Ragini finished.
“Ok, I am going to garden…”Laksh said and left.
“I am sorry Laksh.But ,It’s not correct time.”Ragini said to herself.
Laksh started to walk on garden while his eyes fallen on Shekar’s house.
His legs started to walk automatically towards the house.
Inside RagLak’s house,
Sathya and Sahil woke up while Ragini entered their room with milk.
“Sathu,Sahil, have this milk and then go to garden to walk with dad.”Ragini said.
Sathya drank in one go while Sahil made faces.
“Sahil, for maa… please…”Ragini said in a pleading voice.
“Only for you maa…”Sahil said like a big man and drank it by closing his nose by his hand.

Ragini smiled at his antics.
“Go.. play with your dad…”Ragini said then Sathya and Sahil ran towards the garden.
In Garden,
“Bhaiyu, where is papa?”Sahil asked while Sathya nodded negatively and looked at the surrounding.
“Sahil, see papa is there… Papa..papa…”Sathya pointed Laksh who was standing before sumi and shekar’s house.
“why did papa is not turning?”Sahil asked.
“Sahil, I am going to papa and you go and tell mumma…”Sathya said and the ran towards Laksh while Ragini started to come towards garden by hearing kids sound.
Laksh entered Shekar’s house and walked inside.
“why did I feel that I stayed here before?”Laksh thought and his eyes fallen on the photo frame which was fully covered with dust.
Laksh swiped the dust with his hands and his eyes frozen at sumi’s photo. The place and Sumi’s face kindled a lot of memories inside him.
His hands started to tremble then photo fallen on ground and the glass frame shattered into pieces as Laksh’s heart.
“Maa, papa went to opposite house. he even didn’t stopped when we called him”Sahil informed Ragini which made her run towards her house and sahil followed her as much he can..
Ragini stopped at the door while her memories with her family freshened up. She slowly put her leg inside the house.
Laksh kneeled on the floor while the shattered glass pieces pierced into his body.
Sathya stopped by seeing glass pieces on the floor then walked towards Laksh carefully.
“ it’s because of me… forgive me Sumi maa, I couldn’t protect our Sahil. I am a sinner,Sumi maa. My hesitation snatched my Sahil from me. I lost my Sahil just because of my mistake…”Laksh cried which made Ragini froze at where she stood.
“I lost my Sahil just because of my mistake…”laksh words ringed in her mind.
“No… it can’t be…”Ragini whispered while Sahil entered the house and looked at Laksh.
Laksh started to fallen down unconscious in the heaviness of memories which made Sathya and Sahil ran towards Laksh.
“Papa…”Sahil and Sathya’s crying voice echoed while they held his face before getting hurt by broken glass pieces.
Ragini came out of her thoughts and looked at the scenario.
“Laksh…”Ragini whispered by seeing Laksh’s state and ran towards him.

Precap:Semi-Climax episode: Confession and confrontation;Shades of truth and an hidden Injustice; An unexpected Solace and an unavoidable promise.

Friends and sissies, i really need your views on this OS. Marriage -Some of already read it before. It’s a series of OS in which some of them complete and incomplete based on marriage.

There is the link.
http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-marriage-part-2/I wish to know other thing also. do you really like the idea about the series? if you dont like the idea, continuing that series it’s not good idea, sissies. happy sunday… Sara is signing off.

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