swaragini- LOVE ME OR NOT (episode 4)

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Laksh is shocked by seeing Ragini in unconscious state.
Laksh: ragini rago! See me rago Doctor(yells)
Laksh admits Ragini and calls manik.
Laksh: Manik, can you come to xxx hospital?
Manik: ok. Laksh
Doctor comes out of Ragini’s ward.
Doctor: she is now ok. she was extremely shocked by seeing his brother’s accident.She will wake up in two hours.
At that time, Manik come to near Laksh.
Manik: what happened Laksh?
Manik touches Laksh’s shoulder by seeing tears in his eyes.
Laksh: Vicky, Ragini’s brother met with accident.
Manik is shocked.
Manik: what are you saying Laksh?
Laksh describes the accident.
Laksh: Ragini is in this ward. You take care for her. I want to take care of Vicky.
Manik nods and his eyes are welled with tears.
Manik is an orphan and he always likes Ragini and Vicky.
Manik calls shekar and inform about Ragini and Vicky.
Shekar and sumi are arrived to the hospital.
At that time, doctor is coming out of operation theatre.
Laksh: Doctor…
Doctor: operation successful. Now, he is fine. He will wake up after 6 hours. Only one can see him at a time.
Ragini wake up and try to walk.
Manik: ragini, nothing happen to our Vicky .please calm down.
Ragini sobs badly.
Laksh come to ragini’s ward.
Laksh: ragini, Vicky is now alright. Operation successful.
Manik is happy.
Ragini smiles by hearing this but again become sad.
Manik:why are you sad ?
Ragini: because of my carelessness, it’s all happen. I am the reason for his condition. And cries.
Ragini: I want to see him now.
She is so stubborn so Laksh and Manik takes her to ICU.
At that time, sumi and shekar stands before ICU .
Sumi sobs by seeing Vicky’s condition.
Ragini sees her parents.
Ragini: mama
Sumi hugs ragini and cries.
After 4 hours , Vicky is wake up.
Sumi and shekar rushed to enter ICU.
Vicky: bade papa, Bade maa
Sumi and Shekar is shocked because Vicky always call them as papa and maa.
Vicky: bade papa, where is maa? I want to see her. Nothing happen to my maa na. and then he faints.
Sumi and Shekar hell shocked because Vicky’s real mother and father died in a accident before two years.
Sumi: rago, why did Vicky speak like this? Why he calls me bade maa? He always call me maa na.
Manik observed Vicky’s condition he forgot his memory. They went doctor cabin.
Sumi and Shekar explains Vicky’s condition to Doctor.
Doctor: he is suffering from partial memory loss. He can remember within a month, or some time it can take many years. Don’t give stress to him and don’t force him to remember.
In outside
Laksh: why Vicky calls them as Bade maa and Bade papa?
Manik: Vicky mother is died in a accident. Vicky’s father is cousin brother of Shekar. So they adopted him as their son and they loves him very much.
After one hour, Vicky is shifted to normal ward.
Vicky: bade maa, where is my mom?
Sumi:beta, mom went to foreign. So she can’t come immediately. We can’t able to inform them.(lied)
Sumi(in mind): kali maa how many days I can lie like this?
Vicky: Ragini didi, they are your friends naa.(points Laksh and Manik)
Ragini nods.
Manik(introduces): I am manik and he is Laksh.
Vicky(puppy face): can you both stay with me until my mom come?
Manik sees Shekar and Shekar agrees.
Laksh: kk. We will stay with you Vicky. Now you have to take rest.
Vicky smiles to Laksh.
Laksh come outside of the ward and calls Suji maa.
Laksh: maa, meri friend ko accident huah. I need to take care of him. So, I can’t come to home.
Suji:kk beta. Take care of him as well as take care of yourself.
The next day ,
Ragini stayed in hospital to take care of Vicky.
Manik and Laksh goes to Shekar’s house.
Shekar(holds Manik’s hand): manik beta. Thank you very much. You are the reason that Vicky is alive.
Manik: no uncle. My friend Laksh saves Vicky’s life.
Shekar holds his hand before” thank you beta”
Laksh holds shekar’s hand” uncle, there is no need for this. Vicky is my friend”
Shekar gives confused look.
Laksh: I met him in park. He is so naughty.
Shekar arranges guest room for Laksh and Manik stays in Vicky’s room.
At evening, Vicky comes home and takes rest in his room. Manik take care of him.
Laksh didn’t get sleep so he go to topfloor.
When Laksh enters topfloor he sees Ragini.
Laksh adores the beauty of Ragini in full moon light and sees tears rolling from her eyes.
Laksh: ragini
Ragini:Laksh ji are you here?(hides her tears)
Laksh: It’s new place to me. I didn’t get sleep. So I came here.
Laksh: why are you crying Ragini?
Ragini: I am ?
Laksh: I know ragini you thought that you are responsible for vicky’s condition.
Ragini starts to sob.
Laksh hugs Ragini and console her. Ragini not feel that Laksh is hugging her.
Laksh: Ragini, I accept that. But, now Vicky is suffering from partial memory loss. You should support him now. And I also know you get hurt whenever he calls you as Ragini didi instead of di.
Ragini stares Laksh differently.
Laksh: Ragini I want to say one thing just support Vicky. He always loves you very much.
Laksh turned to go his room.
Ragini holds his hand and says
Ragini: why are you always helping me?
Laksh: I love you very much Ragini. When I see you in temple, I feel that you are very close to my heart. when I see you in your college culturals , I just feel I am your Krishna. I love your smile. I love your care towards Vicky. I just love you Ragini.
Ragini: But…
Laksh: I don’t bother that you LOVE ME OR NOT.I don’t force you to love me. because it’s your wish and it’s your life, Ragini. But I always love you ,care you and help you.
Laksh smiles to Ragini and goes to his room.
Ragini stares the direction where Laksh goes.
In midnight,
Manik wakes up.
He observes that absence of Vicky.
He searches in bathroom. Vicky is also not there.
He comes outside and sees the light in the store room is on.
He goes to store room and sees that Vicky is trying to burn some papers.
Manik go to near manik and drags the paper.
Vicky jumps to get that papers but Manik reads the papers and shocked.
Manik: Vicky, why are you try to burn these papers? It’s so important and how can you get that papers?
Vicky: from papa’s alamira.
Manik stunned by Vicky calls shekar as papa.
Manik:Vicky why are you acting as memory loss patient?
Vicky taps his head and then replied.
Vicky: to save di.
Manik is surprised by vicky’s answer.
Vicky starts to tell something to Manik and Manik is shocked.
The next day,
Laksh ready to go office. Vicky comes to Laksh’s room.
Laksh: (touches his cheek) what you want vicky?
Vicky: uncle, I want to go Kalimaa Temple. Please (makes puppy face)
Laksh is melted by seeing vicky’s face.
Laksh: kk beta. We can go there. But you want to get permission from your badepapa.
Vicky: kk
Vicky runs from Laksh’s room and goes to near Shekar.
Vicky:bade papa, today I want to go KULDEV temple.
Sumi: but you are not well and the temple is far from 50 kilometres.
Vicky: bade maa please for your Vicky
Shekar:kk Vicky get ready in 20 minutes. We will go there.
Ragini, Laksh, Shekar, Sumi, Manik, and Vicky are ready in 15 minutes.
Manik drives the car and Shekar sit in front.
Sumi , Ragini, Laksh , Vicky sit in back seat. Vicky sits in Laksh’s lap and places his head in Laksh’s chest and starts sleeping. Ragini places her head in Laksh’s shoulder and starts to sleep.

Someone kidnaps Aadi in evening.
Sanskar waits for Aadi in Park.
Time starts to roll
Sanskar(in mind): why aadi is not coming today? Why I am feeling restless? If he was not coming , then he should already informed me, yesterday. . Kali maa,Aadi should not have any problem.
At the same time,
Swara enters the house.
Swara: Aadi ! Aadi!
She searches Aadi in entire house.
Swara: (in mind) where he goes? Why did he already informed me?
At that time, Swara receives the MMS. She opened the MMS and shocked while seeing the MMS. The MMS is photo of Aadi in which Aadi’s hands and legs are tied with ropes.
Swara(whispers): “Aadi” and tears rolling from her eyes.
Then she receives a SMS- “ come to this address. If you try to inform police or others , then I will kill your brother”
Swara’s hands starts to shake and just go backside hits in Wall due to shock. She feels that someone takes her breath from her. She rushed go to that address.
While coming out from the Park, Sanskar sees Swara’s scared and worried face. Due to tension, swara left the phone. Sanskar rushed go to near her but she goes in Auto. Sanskar takes Swara’s phone and see the SMS and search for other messages.
Sanskar sees the MMS which have Aadi and stunned.
Sanskar(in mind): is Aadi swara’s brother? Ohh god! How can I save my Aadi and swara? Haan that address.
Sanskar takes his car and go to that address.
At the same time
Someone unlocks the room and come inside with juice.
Aadi is awaken and sees the Kidnapper.
That person come near to Aadi and removes the plaster from his face.
Aadi:ouch! Who are you? Why did you kidnapped me?
Person: my name is Sahil, swara’s colleague. I kidnapped you to marry swara forcefully.
Aadi stares Sahil for a minute.
Aadi: but it seems like you don’t love my di and also i not seen any hatred in your eyes towards my di. Then why you try to ruin my di’s life?
Sahil is surprised by Aadi’s answer.
Sahil: you are so smart Aadi. Yes, I don’t love swara. But, I forced to do this. I have to save my family.
Aadi: who forced you?
Sahil: I don’t know. My behan is in their hands. If I refused to do this, then they will kill my behan. I don’t have any other way to save my behan. Sorry Aadi.
Sahil unbound Aadi’s hands by using Knife.
Sahil: take this juice.
Aadi feels thirst . so he decides to drink the juice.
Aadi takes the juice and drink it. Then Sahil bounds Aadi’s hands with rope in before and put a plaster in his mouth.
Sahil leaves the room and Aadi feels dizzy . he tries to take knife and he takes it. he tried to make his hands free but. he lost his consciousness.
Swara enters the house and sees sahil.
Swara: sahil are you kidnapped my brother?
Sahil: I don’t know any other way to marry you.
Swara holds sahil’s shirt collar.
Swara: why are you doing like this? I thought that you are my friend.
Sahil: wear this dress you have only five minutes.
Swara takes the dress and leaves to wear.
Sahil wipes his tears” sorry swara. I don’t have any other way to save my behan”
Swara wears the red with green bridal saree and sits in mandaap.
Pandit ji starts the rituals.
Sanskar enters the house and sees Swara and sahil in bridal dress.
Sahil takes sindoor in his hands and raise his hands.
Sanskar just kick him and takes sindoor in his hands and fills Swara’s mang with sindoor and takes Mangalsutra and put it in Swara’s neck. Sahil have a smile but he hides it.
Swara’s is stunned by seeing Sanskar . then Sanskar remembers about Aadi.
Sanskar holds sahil’s collar” where is my Aadi”(roars)
Sahil points a room. Sanskar and swara rushed to go there. Sahil escapes from that place.
Sanskar opens the door and sees Aadi in unconscious state and sees knife in his hands.
Sanskar unbound him from ropes and take him in his hand and make sit him in his car. Swara sits in front seat and Sanskar starts the car. Sanskar gives his phone to swara.
Sanskar: swara, in contacts there is a name RAJ. Call him
Swara makes the call.
Raj: sanskar what happened man?
Sanskar: Raj bhaiya, there is an emergency I come to your hospital
Raj:kk I will make everything ready.
Sanskar enters the hospital. Stretcher is ready in enterance. Sanskar put Aadi in stretcher . Aadi admitted in emergency ward after 15 minutes Raj come outside.
Raj: nothing to worry sanskar he take sleeping pills in very less amount. He will wake up in two to three hours. You can see him now.
Swara goes near to Aadi and holds his hands.
Swara: because of me, you are suffered Aadi. Sorry Aadi.
Sanskar: swara
Swara: sir, I need some privacy.
Later, Swara sleeps by holding Aadi hands. A person who covers his face with mask entered into the room with knife.
Aadi is awaken and sees the person.
The person try to stab swara but Aadi hits him by his leg. Swara is wake up due to sounds. While fighting with person, Aadi have cuts in hand and near Neck.
Aadi: diiii…!
Swara:(shouts) help us help us
Sanskar hears this and come inside and sees the person . The person sees Sanskar and escaped through the window.
Sanskar rushes to near Aadi by seeing the cuts :”Aadi”
Swara is completely frozen. Dr.Raj treats Aadi and says” if the knife has deepen one inch inside, it would be risk for Aadi’s life”
Sanskar: swara , are you having any rivals?
Swara: No sir
Sanskar takes his phone and calls ASP” sir, this is Sanskar Maheshwari. I want to see you . can you please come to xxx hospital? Thanks sir”
Swara is shocked by sanskar’s full name. because he is owner of company where she is working.
Aadi body condition suddenly changes. His heartbeat rapidly changes. Raj is so worried.
Raj shifts Aadi to ICU and swara and Sanskar are so worried. Swara continuously sobbing.
Sanskar(in mind): kali maa you snatched my family happiness from me. please don’t snatch him from me. want him as my friend as my brother.
Tears rolling down from Sanskar eyes.
After two hours,
Raj comes from ICU.” Now, he is well. But don’t give any shocking news to him”
Swara sees her image in mirror and touches her mang. She remembers her marriage with sanskar.
Swara: sir, how would you come at correct time?
Sanskar gives swara’s phone to her.
Swara: sir, please understand I can’t live with you as husband and wife. I don’t trust and don’t love anyone. Please let us live in my way.
Sanskar didn’t tell any thing and then he goes to corridor and calls his Lawyer.
Swara stands before ICU and keep staring Aadi through glass.
The next day , Sanskar goes to Raj.
Sanskar: Raj bhai, I need a help from you.
Raj: what sanskar?
Sanskar: I need swara’s sign in this documents.
Raj reads the document” sanskar, It’s not fair”
Sanskar: I can’t take risk, bhai. please understand.
Raj: kk
Sanskar do not meet swara.
The next day,
Swara discharges Aadi .
Sanskar: where are you going, Swara?
Swara:my house
Sanskar: kk you can go alone.
Swara(irritated): Aadi is my choti. I can’t leave him.
Sanskar: but, now I have his custody rights.
Sanskar gives the documents which states that “due to my financial problem, I handover the custody rights of my younger brother Aditya Kapoor to Sanskar Maheshwari” and swara signed it.
Swara: I never signed it.
Sanskar:it’s your own sign swara.
Swara remembers yesterday she signs in hospital documents to discharge Aadi.
Swara: you…!
Sanskar understands Swara’s thinking.
Sanskar: I promise you swara I never touch you without your permission. I never take my rights towards you. For world only, we are husband and wife. I can’t take risk in my Aadi’s life.
Swara: my aadi?
Sanskar: later we will discuss about that. Aadi is waiting for us.

Precap: someone tries to kill Ragini
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