swaragini love makes life live (Intro)

Hi guys im chandana i present you with my new version of swaragini .

Introducting characters . Swara: daughter of shekar gadodia and sister of ragini . Ragini: daughter of shekhar gadodia and sister of swara . Sanskar: son of ram prasad maheshwari and sujata. Laksh: son of durgaprasad maheshwari and annapurna . Morning maheshwari mansion a lady is seen doing puja . She turns and gives prasad to all . Its pari sans bhabi . Ap asks pari about swara . Pari: ma swara is taking rest in her room . Ap: is she alright ? Pari: ha ma , she is little tired . Ap: ok let it be . Ap walks towards a pic with garland and says: everything has changed in these 7 months without you and cries . Sujatha consoles her . Just then a girl enters inside . She is none other than ragini . Rags: hi badi ma . Ap: hi beta . How are you and everyone at home .

Rags: ha badi ma they are fyn i came to see swara . Where is she . Ap: she is in her room you can go and see her . Rags:Thanks ma . Rags walks up where is collides with a man . Its sanskar . Sans tries to talk to rags but she avoids him and moves . Precap : swara is shown as 7 months pregnant . She slaps sans . On road a man runs behind swara’s car yelling shona πŸ™‚

Credit to: chandana


  1. Kayra

    Chandana..may I say something? Dear…I read a ff two days before…its exactly the same…..its name is samjhota….Swaragini ka…I clearly remember the first episode….Pari doing arti..Ap asking her about Swara…Rags colliding with Sanskar..Swara being pregnant….6 or 7 months….sorry dear if my words hurt u…..

  2. Anu

    Plz reveal the pair nd plz make it swasan nd don’t show that ragsan love each other in past or like that if the couple r swasan plzzzzzzzx

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.