Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Episode 6

Hey guys its me Heera….Remember I told i that I will change my ff’s name from Sweet revenge story to his love for her and her love for him because revenge was between Ragsan and u would thought that I was being biased……So here we go….

Recap:Ragini went to stay at Gagodia Mansion. Nirbhay married Uttara by force.

Uttara cries.She runs out of house and doesnt meet anyone being angry.Sujata cries and stumbles.Swara consoles her .Sujata asks Nirbhay to take care of her daughter and sends him from there.
Nirbhay sees Uttara outside and fumes.He thinks I am stuck with her now.He drags her and makes her sit in car.
Uttara:R u taking me to ur house? Have u informed ur parents?
Nirbhay looks on.Sujata cries loudly and regrets doing this with Uttara.Swara calms her down.Laksh and Sanskaar return home.Annapurna rushes to them and explains them everything.They get shocked and angry on Sujata
Sanskaar:Mom,she is our sister,how could u do that to her? U could have asked her not to do so again right? U boasts about being modern and…..
Sujata apologizes.Sanskaar and Laksh leave to fetch Uttara.Swara stops them.
Swara:Wait,now she is married and she herself is adjusting how can u go and spoil things there? What if her MIL refuses to accept her? She will have problems? Tomorrow u can go on the pretext of pag phere….
Sanskaar:Firstly I dont accept this marriage and secondly u dnt have any right to stop me when u urself have fallen so low.U boasted about being DIL of this house and forgot ur sister who was with u since ur childhood huh?
Swara looks on shocked and teary eyes.She signs Laksh to stay quiet.Swara asks them to wait she will go with them.The three leave.Sujata continues to cry.

Nirbhay stops the car and pulls Uttara out.She shouts what r u doing? Nirbhay clutches her arm tight and shouts u ruined my life and now u r asking whats wrong? U r the most inauspicious things that ever happened to me.I dont accept this marriage.
Uttara cries:My family has abandoned me.Where will I go huh? U r my life now.
Nirbhay laughs.
Nirbhay:Such a girl like u cant be anyones.U lure boys and seduce them for ur own use and then pretend to be innocent.
Uttara:I seriously love u.I blabbered that u r my pass time as I was nervous infront of Swara Bhabhi.But I wanted to spend my life with u only.Look U can hate me but please let me stay at my sasural means ur house please.This is my house now please.
She folds her hand and cries.He laughs and calls her by bad names.She gets angry and slaps him hard.He gets angry and pushes her on the ground.He shouts rot here now.He drives off.Uttara runs behind the car and shouts Stop.She falls on the road and cries badly.Laksh comes and keeps hand on her shoulder.She says bhai and hugs him cryingly.She says I love him bhai.She sees Swara and tries to speak but she hugs her.They both cry.Sanskaar also consoles Uttara.Sanskaar cups Uttara’s face.
Sanskaar:Being ur brother,we couldnt protect u Uttara.Forgive us.
Uttara:Bhai,unknowingly but I married the love of my life naa and I was happy but i cried because i didnt thought that my marriage will happen this way.
Sanskaar:I promise u, once everything gets alright, i will make u get married with promp and ceremony.
He kisses her forehead.Swara says we should talk to Nirbhay because Uttara really loves him.

They reach Nirbhay’s house and knocks the door.Her mum opens the door.She gets shocked seeing Uttara in bridal dress and asks who r u.Uttara says I am Nirbhay’s wife.Suman(his mother) is shocked.She then smiles and says what a beauty.She calls prem(her husband).Uttara and Swara tell them everything that happened.Suman smiles and says I already accept u as my daughter and not daughter in law.
Laksh:Where is Nirbhay?
Suman:In his room.
Laksh tries to go but Uttara stops him.
Uttara:U trust ur sister naa? Then go and I will handle all this ok.
Laksh and Sanskaar refuse but Uttara explains them.They finally agree and hugs her cryingly.Swara also hugs her,greets Suman and Prem and goes from there.
Suma:U r such a sweet and innocent child, i am sorry that Nirbhay ruined ur life.U r still young then why did u refuse to go home?
Uttara:Even though i am young but my parents gave me good values that i should never leave any relationship incomplete and midway and try to sort out things but if it doesnt work out leave before ur self respect get hurt.
Suman and Prem are impressed with her and bless her.Suman asks a servant to show her the room.

Ragini is in her room and cries.Sumi comes and gives her milk to drink.She sits near her.
Sumi:Rago, Look i know what Swara did was wrong.I am not defending anyone but dont u think that Swara cant do something like that with u ever? Just think about it.
Ragini gets thinking.

On the other side, Annapurna talks the same thing with Swara and says maybe she truly loves Sanskaar by the way she was crying.She asks her to think and goes.Swaragini plays…..She calls Ragini.

Ragini gets happy seeing Swara’s incoming call.She picks it up.
Swara shuts her mouth and cries.Ragini senses she is crying asks her about it.
Ragini:Shona tu theek tho ho na?(Shona r u fine?)
Swara:Faltu cheezon ke liye mere paas time nahi hain.Main tumse milna chahti houn.Ek gante mein Mansion ke baahar ake milon mujhe(I dont have time for nonsense.I want to meet u.Meet me in a hour’s time outside the mansion.
She ends the call.Ragini looks on.

Swara comes out of the house and waits for Ragini in the yard.Ragini reaches there in her car.She walks to Swara.She hugs her.Swaragini plays…..Swara cries.
Ragini:What happened Swara?
Swara:Badi maa asked me to ponder upon whether u truly love Sanskaar or not.So tell me truly if u love him.
Ragini:How to make u believe that I truly love him.I didnt before because I didnt know him.But now I assure u that I love him truly.
Sanskaar comes out of house and looks at them.
Swara keeps Ragini’s hand on her head and asks her to swear.Ragini looks on.Swara smiles and removes the hand and says I got my answer.She turns to go.Ragini holds her hand and stops her.Mangalam plays…..She keeps her hand on Swara’s head and says….
Ragini:I swear by u Swara that I truly love Sanskaar…..The few days that I have spent with him, I got to know him better than anyone else….As if i have a connection with him.I always knew what is love but i started feeling it since I married Sanskaar….God gives everyone second chances naa then why cant u give my and Sanskaar’s relation a chance? I will not be able to live without him Swara….
Swara is shocked and teary eyed.She removes the hand off her head and goes in shock.Ragini seez Sanskaar and cries.Sad Music plays…..Swara turns and notices their eyelock.She runs inside the house in tears while Ragini shouts Swara I really love him Swara!!! She drives off.Sanskaar looks on.

Swara goes to her room and locks the door.She remembers what she has done and cups her mouth.
Swara:I have done such a big mistake.I ruined Ragini’s life.She really loved Sanskaar and I…..Without listening to her,I behave bad with her and even pushed her out of house.Maybe she started dreaming her life with Sanskaar and I ruined all ther dreams….How can I do this with my lado!!!
She cries badly.She wipes her tears and opens the door.She seez Sanskaar standing there.She looks on.

Ragini reaches home.She hugs Shekhar.
Shekhar:What happened Ragini?
Ragini:The wound which I was trying to heal….It got fresh again Baba!! Nobody is believing that I really love Sanskaar.When I saw him today, his body was fine but his heart…..his heart was torn into pieces and it was visible in his eyes that he was hurt.But he kept quiet.For me…..
Shekhar and Sumi cry seeing her love for Sanskaar.Doorbell rings. A servant opens the door.Ragini gets shocked seeing Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh standing.She gets more shocked seeing the whole family.She wipes her tears, stands up and comes to them.
Swara:wont u hug ur sister once?
Ragini cries happily and they both hug.Swaragini plays…..
Swara:Forgive me Ragini, I didnt know that….
Ragini shushes her.
Ragini:Its no point talking of the past now.
Annapurna:Sumi ji we came here to ask for ur daughter Ragini’s hand for our son Sanskaar.
Ragini is surprised and says maa.
Swara:Badi maa is saying right Ragini.Ur marriage couldnt happen well.Thats why we have started from the start itself.
Everyone smile.Sumi and Shekhar accept the alliance and they exchange shaguns.
Swara:Since this marriage got fixed Ragini and Sanskaar wasnt able to talk properly so lets leave them alone.
She drags them to the terrace and locks them there.Ragini asks her to open the door.She turns and collides with Sanskaar.They have an eyelock.She hugs him and cries happily.
Sanskaar:Now its not the time to cry Ragini.Its our happiness time.And I promise I wont let any problem come in ur life now.
She smiles and nods.They come downstairs.
Ragini asks Swara where is Uttara.Swara brings her to a room and explains her everything.A fb is shown.Ragini is shocked.
Ragini:Dont know in which state she must be.

Uttara enters the room and smiles seeing Nirbhay.He is drinking.He gets shocked seeing her.She smiles to him.
Nirbhay:Ur such a problem.U wont get rid easily.
He throws a glass at her.She pushes it in the nick of the time and is shocked.
Uttara:I am ur wife okay? And i will stay here with u from now on.
Nirbhay:I will punish u so much that u urself will leave this house.
Uttara:We will see.
Nirbhay smiles and goes closer to her.He pins her to wall.
Uttara:I am not ready for it.
He laughs and says but in ur house…..
Uttara:I am not ready because I know when u will be done with me u will not accept me.But I want to come closer to me only when u accept me as ur wife.
He laughs and ignores her words.He lifts her.She asks him to leave her.He puts her on the bed.She shouts Mummy ji.He shuts her mouth.He asks now to scream and laughs.He forces himself on her and kisses her everywhere.She cries and struggles.He tries to remove her clothes.She gets angry and pushes him.She shouts not to consider her weak.She punches him in the face and his mouth bleed.He gets angry.She pushes him out of the room and closes the door.He falls asleep on the floor.She cries on the bed and falls asleep.

Precap:Swara and Laksh romance.Uttara gets shocked seeing Nirbhay’s friends who are goons in her room and come closer to her.She gets angry.Later,Nirbhay gets shocked seeing his friends badly beaten up.He asks who did this.Uttara says I have done it and smiles.

Hey guys plzz comment how it was….hope u liked it….love u guys….be happy and always keep smiling….Stay blessed guys…..

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