episode starts with a voice calling prince c’mon get up v r getting late for our college ready (here prince is the nick name of ragini).
Ragini:shona plz I want to sleep more let me sleep n(shona as u all know our swara).
Swara:Noooo……c’mon get up otherwise
I’m going to told baba.
Suddenly ragini gets up nd run towards bathroom

Later swara is seen wearing a long pakistani kurti on dark blue denim jeans nd ragini is wearing a black shirt with a cream color jeans.After some time they are rushing as they are getting then a voice came it is sarmishtha their mom.
Sharmishtha:as usual today also both of u r getting late can’t u both can be ready quick.
Swaragini(together):sry maa!
Sm(I will use sm as Sharmishtha):Ok now b quick nd have your breakfast.
Swaragini:no maa v r getting late v vil have our breakfast in college canteen byeeeeee…

At sanlak home
Sanskaar is seen in the Jim when suddenly Lakshya comes nd says c’mon bhai maa is looking for us if she will get us not ready for college she will surely scold us then v have 2 hear a long lecture.Then they hurriedly run towards their own respective rooms nd get ready in a minute.After awhile they came to dining table nd do their breakfast.

At college
On the main entrance a Jaguar car stops this is swaragini’s car.
They step out from their car.
At the same moment a BMW stops at the gate this is Sanlak’s car.They step out nd say:hey girls this is our parking area.
Then ragini step out nd says:oh!hello there is no name written here that u r saying this is your parking area this is for all.
Lakshya:oh ya u r right (he eyes towards sanskaar who is at the driving seat).

At this sanskaar moves the car nd park it.Laksh laughs.Ragini fumes nd swara says :c’mon prince we are already so late nd I don’t to miss the class by quarelling these dumbos, after saying this they head towards their class.SanLak fumes nd says v have to do something to teach them lesson.

(sorry guys I know this is short but I’ll try next time actually I can’t write for sometime as I am a ninth grader nd my exams are coming nd you all know the hard subjects so I have to study alot that’s why I’ll not be able to write for some time….sorry again)

*nd sorry for the mistakes

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