Hi guys I am back with new Ff and it is totally different then other ff’s.

Sanskar Mehra:He is a rude and arrogant actor but he have many fans.

Laksh Malhotra:He is a hot and handsome TV actor and is famous for his acting and his looks.

Ragini Gupta:She is a actress of TV and is very nice person.

Swara Mishra:She is too a TV actress and have many fans.

The episode starts with a boy seen with girl laying on bed without cloths and there is a blanket over them.

The boy is Sanskar.

The girl is his fan.

They both wake up.

Girl:Thanks for that night

Sanskar:If I will have hot fan like you then I will of course do all this.


Sanskar is sitting in his home when one of his servant comes and says

Servant:Sir one girl have came and she is saying that she is your big fan.

Sanskar:Okay I will go to her

He takes he bottle of wine with him.

He goes to the girl and sees she is wearing short dress.

Girl:Sir I am your big fan.

Sanskar:Okay but you have to prove it.

Girl:How sir?

Sanskar:By drinking the whole bottle of wine.

The girl agrees and drinks the whole bottle of wine.

She is out of control so Sanskar takes her to his room and pushes her to bed and removes his and her cloths and haves s*x with her.

Flashback end

Sanskar:Now go I have some work.

The girl takes her cloths but before wearing she comes in front of him without cloths and Sanskar kisses her all the body parts and then he throws the cloths and throws her out of his house without cloths.

He wears his cloths and goes to girl and says

Sanskar:After having s*x with me you have to Rome everywhere without cloths.

His Servant throws her to public and all people arrive there and the girl tries to cover her body.

Sanskar laughs and goes from there to studio.

Laksh is seen in a studio doing a scene when the director asks him to take a break.

Laksh goes to his vanity.

Laksh:I am a big TV actor only because of my family.

He smiles.

He hears a knock on door and opens it and sees the heroin of the serial.


Ragini:Come one shot is ready

Laksh:Come let’s go.

Laksh and Ragini goes for the shot.Thursday director ask them to do a romantic scene.

So Laksh and Ragini to the acting of eyelock but in real they share a eyelock.

The director gets happy with their work.


Still both are lost in each other.

Director:Laksh and Ragini

Both come in sense and thanks the director.

The scene shifts to Swara who is wearing shot dress and is in other studio.

She is waiting for the hero of he serial.She is sitting on chair when spot boy comes there and says

Spot boy:Mam the hero have came.


Swara goes to the hero.The hero is Sanskar.

Sanskar sees Swara in short dress and thinks

Sanskar:Oh yes today I got a girl to have fun for.

Sanskar goes to Swara and says

Sanskar:So let’s get ready for the shot.

Swara:I am ready Sanskar you get ready.

Sanskar agrees and goes to his vanity.

After sometimes he comes out and goes to the studio.

The director says them that Sanskar will seduce her and Swara too will be happy.So Sanskar agree and starts the scene

Sanskar touches her body and Swara feels uncomfortable but to do the scene she doesn’t says anything.

Precap:Rumor on Laksh and Ragini that they are dating…………Sanskar to force himself on Swara and to rape her?

Sorry guys if you dint like Sanskar’s character but soon he will become good but for some episodes you will see Sanskar like this and the rape scene will be explained clearly.


  1. Fairy

    Awwww..raglak r soooo cute here😊😊 …oh god sanky is so cheap feeelng sad for swara….loved ragini…keep rockng n stay blessed😊😊

  2. Anjali

    Omg siddhi it awesome . It’s totally different from others ff. It’s very interesting . Update soon .

  3. Kakali

    Superb dear… loved ur concept…seems really interesting… plzz continue..😊😊.. n next part update soon.

  4. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Diffrnt concept.. loved it… lvd swara n abt sanskar 😲😲.. precap is scary… w8 till sanky chnge want 2 see swasan romance

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