swaragini – love: it just happens (Episode 4)


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The next day
Swalak return to Bombay they r in controversy because of raglak frndship some claim that they r relation but laksh has cleared that they r frnds (remember laksh is a big celeb and swara a famous designer)
Ragini go to paris sanskar too comes their for some meeting their ragini’s company and sanskar’s company r rivals they both r in same hotel ragini was walking in corridor sanskar was busy in his phone talking to laksh who was irritating him sanskar was not in sense unknowingly he bumped into ragin

Ragini’s prov
I was walking in corridor when suddenly someone hitted me I was about to fall I inn fear closed my yes when I opened my eyes I found myself in strong embrace of someone I don’t know why but I was feeling safe in his embrace his eyes were so deep as if they r telling something I was lost in his brown eyes as if he had hypnotised me an unknown feeling started in me

Sanskar’s prov
I unknowingly bumped into a girl all that happened because of my idiot brother he was telling me to come to Mumbai such an stubburn because of me this girl was going to get hurt before she could fall I held her she in fear had closed her eyes when slowly opned her eyes in was lost in them her angelic eyes as if they were telling something to me her angelic face I was feeling some connection with her she was continuously seeing towards me oh god what has happened to me
I immediately left her

Ragini’s prov
Before I could ask him to leave me he really left me I fell down with sudden hud I was very angry how can he first he saved me form falling and know he only left me how can he
I saw towards him with angry and shocking expression

Sanskar’s prov
What have u done yaar u left her she must have got hurt the way she was seeing me form that it was clear that she was angry for my behaviour so in immediately kneeled down and asked he” r u fine” she was very angry he shout at me” how dare u because of u I got hurt” she said this by rubbing elbow as she got hurt
I tried to help her but she refused she stood up
I decided to ask sory
Before I could speak she again shouted at me” because of u see I got hurt and u not at all thinking to ask sory when all mistake was urs dumbo…………. ah……….”
What how can she shout at me I was going to ask sory but when she called me idiot I got angry
Sanskar: how dare u it was all u r mistake
Ragini know got angry
Ragini: it was ur mistake who told u to come in btw
Sanskar: I came or u intentionally bumped into me
Ragini: ah……….. as if u r any great personality and I am dying to be in ur embrace
Sanskar: what do u mean by that ha
Ragini: see mr in am in not in a mood to fight with u
Sanskar: who wish to wate time with u………………..
Saying this both left in opposite directions

Sanskar ‘s prov
What a girl so arrogant I know it was my fault but before I say anything she was shouting at me I don’t know why I am thinking about her
Ragini’s prov
Such a stupid man first u do mistake and not as if ask sory but shout o others how dare he I hope I never see him again

At meeting hall
Ragini’s prov
I was happy finally my dream project If I got this I could go to Mumbai to my shona nd ma laksh I was really very excited until I saw him again I was shocked to see him what was he doing here seeing his face expression after seeing me was clear that he was shocked in same way as much I was seeing him
our clinets made our introduction I was shocked to know that he was sanskar maheswari the great bsniess tycoon most importantly my best frnd laksh brother oh my god after that introduction only one thought was running in my mind what must he be thinking about me………… oh god

sanskar’s prov
I was shocked to see her and more shocked I came to know that she was ragini gadodia CEO of my rivilary company and yeah my brother laksh’s best frnd laksh has bored me so much by speaking about her she was totally opposite form that seeing her face expression it was clear that she was nervous why was I feeling restless ok It was my fault so I thought to clear confusion that I am not remembering what happened I forwarded my hand to her and introduced my self
Sanskar: sanskar maheswari
She was scared she shaked hands with me
“Ragini gadodia”
Sanskar: nice to meet u ms.gadodia

Ragini’s prov
I was really scared when he forwarded his hand and introduced himself I was bit nervous but I too introsuced myself and shake hands with him by hiss behaviour it was clear that he was not in mood to discuss what happen in moring he was trying to behave normal so I too did the same
Ragini: nice to meet u too mr.maheswari…………………..
After that we took our seats it was know my turn I tiered my best to present well during whole presenatation he was seeing me when ever I saw towards him I don;t know why but I was not feeling nervous but I was gaining strength I was becoming strong I was feeling as if he was with me whole time we both had eye contact truly speaking we try to make eye contact with all during presentation but his eyes were different I was feeling to not move my eyes form him with great difficulty I was controlling my emotions I was trying hard to present well

Sanskar prov
She was presnting her presentation her voice was sweet and adorable I was continuously staring at her he words she really presented well wow after the way we met I had different opinion about her but after this I changed it she was really good
Scences shift to Mumbai
Where laksh is busy in shooting swara in her fashion house

Percap: some sweet moments btw swalak………………………..
Sanlak bonding………………..

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