swaragini – Love: it just happens (Episode 2)

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At Bombay
At swaragini mansion
Its a big house
A girl is seen peacefully sleeping on bed which is round their r some curtains near bed some steps lead to bed her room walls r pink it has some family photos of that girl with her family members and frnds their r some funny photos with sid its beautiful their r some stairs that lead to another room its twirled it leads to another room the another room is full of designing materials some beautiful DRESS hanged their’s a big table colors sketchs all r scattred on table many designs r made on sheets
Sumi comes in she opens the curtains of window the sunrays fall on the girl’s face her face is so innocent she’s like a angle from heaves she slowly pulls the blanket on her face her mothers simile seeing her innocence she moves towards her she cares her hair
Sumi: shoono get up beta
Yes that girl is swara

Swara: ma 5mins more
Sumi: beat u’ll get late laksh would be waiting for u
Swara: let him wait
Sumi: won’t he get bored their alone at ur office
Swara: no I am sure he would be happy seeing me not around him
Sumi: get up know ragini would call
Swara immediately gets up hearing her name
Swara: oh no ma di is going to video chat
She quickly goes and gets fresh

Scences shift to London
Its evening time their
A handsome guy is seen scolding someone very badly he’s full of anger he’s facing wall
guy: how can u be so irresponsible
Employee: I am sory sir
guy: sory my foot I already warned u u r fired
Employee: sir plsz forgive me give me last chance
Guy: no ways u fired don’t show me ur face again
Employee: sanskar sir plsz
Yes he’s our sanskar
Sanskar: I don’t want such irresponsible people in my office for me my work is first

Scences shift to Bombay
At swara’s office
A guy is seen talking with some girls many girls have surrounded him he’s such a flirt yes he’s our laksh all call him lucky
He’s taking selifie’s with them he’s enjoying their company after all he’s a big celeb
Scences shift to new York
Ragini is ready she sees for sid she doesn’t find him she enter sid’s room
Sid also not their
Ragini: where this sid went I wonder where he’s
Suddenly someone comes a closes her eyes with his hand
Ragini: sid what is this
Sid: di 2mins plsz he takes her near his laptop
Sid: ready 1,2,2 go
Swara sid and sumi: happy birthday ragini
Swara nd sumi r having video caht
Ragini: thank u
Sumi: sory beta I am not with u today
Ragini: its ok ma
Sid:ma why r u sory this chipakli should say it
Swara: oh hello mr.monkey I am not chipakalo and why I should be u should be
Sid: ollta chor kowtawal ko date to take ur care ma is with u
Swara: and for ragini di is their
Ragini: oh plsz stop it and not today plsz
Swara: only for di
They have some talks after their talk swara foes to office she sees laksh surrounded by girls
Swara shouts: what’s all going here
All get back to their work

Laksh: so miss why u called me and u r so late
Swara: I thought u’ll enjoy so I came late for u
Laksh: oh aaj koi kass baht kudha merbhan aaj hum paar
Swara: oh filmy stop it and yeah I am in hurry so come fast we have to decide ur outfit
Laksh: why where u want to go
Swara: to new York
Laksh: and why
Swara: buddu today’s di b’day I and ma r surprising her
Laksh: cheater u din’t say me about this plan I too want to surprise her
Swara:ok come with us but how u can u have award show to attend today(simiriking at him)
Laksh: so it was preplanned
Swara: ha everytime u spoil my suprise for di but not this time
Laksh: oh I see someone is jealous ha because of my bonding with ragini
Swara: who jaelaous me oh u r so wrong but yeah I want to be with di everytime when u r with us only u spend time with her but sory not this time
Laksh: how mean swara
Swara: I can’t help………………….. (making pout face) poor laksh(laughing)
Laksh: I can know also
Swara cuts his word
Swara: not this time
They have some nokh jokh swara decides his outfit and leaves for new York with sumi at same time laksh cancles all his meetings and shoot he too goes to new York

At London
At sanskar’s bungalow
Sanskar is siiting at hall
Uttra comes she was in india for a week
Uttra: bhai
Sanskar: uttra
She comes a hugs him
Uttra: I missed u so much bhai
Sanskar: yeah I too missed my princess a lot he kisses on her forehead later she shares her exepreince in India and about laksh’s frnd swara
An unknown simile comes on sanskar’s face by hearing about her and her sis. He feels an unknown connection with the name swaragini but what’s it he’s unaware he feels strange and restless but he ignores that feeling

At new York
Ragini moved to her office sid arranges for her b’day party

Precap: sumi swara surprise ragini
Laksh gives big shock to swara………………………..

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